tagIncest/TabooMy Gothic Sister Ch. 02

My Gothic Sister Ch. 02


Jane Black laid on her bed and recollected on her first kiss. The kiss that came from forbidden fruit. She had kissed her brother and felt remorse. But she had felt aroused for the first time in her life.

Jane thought about the world and wondered how many people had been in her situation. Had they explored with their siblings too? But why would they? When there are so many strangers to explore? But she herself never felt attracted to another human being; Jane sighed and answered her own question. Maybe some people only found their siblings attractive (like she did). With that in mind, why should she feel bad? She thought.

Incest has been around throughout human history. Yes, it was gross to some and probably traumatic if the siblings were repulsed by one another or if it was one-sided.

But this wasn't the case, Jane liked her brother and she knew Shawn wanted her too. But something still kept her away.

Shawn had always sheltered her from all things that might hurt her or corrupt her mind as he liked to say. Jane wanted to go to him but she needed distance at the same time.

Jane had a job interview today and she had to get ready. She played goth-industrial music and danced around as she got dressed. Jane danced to the beat of the song and ran her hands down her body. She pictured Shawn watching her and started to move more seductively, but got shy and stopped after the first sexy hip move.

Jane wanted to dress comfortable today, she wore a black long sleeve hoodie that had bat wings on the end of the hood. The sight was quite precious when she wore it over her head. She finished the look with black non-see-through tights, above the knee black skirt and black Converse shoes.

Jane felt pretty good and wanted to nail the job interview. She opened her bedroom door and a wave of vibration coursed through her as she looked at Shawn's face in the doorway. "Oh!"

"Sorry! I was about to knock when you opened the door." Shawn smiled.

"Ah, it's cool. Well, I have to go."

"Where?" Shawn sounded worried.

"Job interview."

"They called you back? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't know..."

"I know you've been wanting your space lately, but I'm still your best friend."

Jane rolled her eyes. "I know," She crossed her arms. "But I don't know how to act around you. I mean, we almost fucked!"

Shawn got upset. "Don't say it like that...I love you."

She saw the pain in his eyes and Jane hugged him. She felt his hard body and her body quickly responded. Jane felt overheated everywhere. "I love you too. But I have to go." She wanted to wash the urges away and concentrate on her interview.

"Yeah, let's go. I'm giving you a ride."

"I can take an uber."

"No need."

Shawn waited in his car for Jane. About an hour later Jane came back with a big smile on her face. "I got it! I got it! I got it!" She jumped up and down.

"That's fucking awesome!" Shawn opened his arms and embraced his sister. He loved seeing her get excited. "What's the job again?"

"Kennel Attendant. And the boss said I can look however I want since I'll be working in the back. I want to bring blankets from home and buy some chew toys for the ones that seem sad." Jane loved animals and she wanted to help as many shelter dogs as much as possible. "I just want to help them all." Jane got a little teary-eyed over the abandoned dogs.

"Man, how did I end up with a sister that has such a beautiful soul?" Shawn smiled lovingly and held her to his chest. Shawn removed her hood and petted her hair. "I fucking love you so much." He inhaled her hair scent.

Jane wanted to be affectionate, but there were those pesky feelings again. She was scared of going further with her brother. "Thank you for your kind words." Wow. What was that? she thought. Was she writing a thank you letter or something? She got back in her seat and looked straight ahead.

Shawn got the message and drove back home without saying another word.

"Hey, kids! Where were you guys?" Their parents had arrived. And they had opened the front door to greet them. "We missed you." Paul and Jocelyn said happily.

The family united and discussed Jane's new job and plans for dinner that evening. They had all decided to go to a family restaurant and then a movie afterward.

The Black family got into their vehicle. Mom and Dad were paired up and Jane felt that Shawn was her unofficial date. Shawn tugged on Jane's hair playfully which made her nervous and gave her brother a 'don't do that look'

Her nerves shot up when Shawn held her hand in his. "What movie should we watch tonight?" He spoke to everyone in the car. Jane wondered why he was being overly touchy in front of their parents Or had he always been this way? Had she been that blind to his affections?

"It's up to you kids. We are down for anything." Paul said.

Paul and Jocelyn ordered margaritas as soon as the hostess sat the family down. "Too bad your twenty son cause I would order you a drink as well." Paul smiled. "But in a couple months, you'll be hitting clubs and bars though."

"Yes, my baby will be having one-night stands and breakin' hearts," Jocelyn said with an air of sadness. "Well honey, just be safe. Please don't raw-dog anyone."

"Mom, seriously!?" Shawn instantly felt awkward and looked at Jane because he always cared about her feelings first before his own.

A cold shiver ran down Jane's back as her mom's words entered her head. Jane made no expression. "I'm ready to order." Was all she said.

After a few minutes, Shawn excused himself to go use the bathroom. He opened the single bathroom door and felt hands shove him into the restroom. Jane had entered and locked the door behind her. She pushed Shawn against the wall and kissed him. "I don't want you to date, other people. I don't care if that sounds crazy or selfish." She kissed him again and stuck her tongue in deeper.

Shawn wrapped his arms around Jane and savored her words. The siblings kissed and enclasped each other. Was this true had Jane come around and accepted that she loved her brother in a sexual way?

"I don't want anyone else. I'm so hard for you right now." Shawn said excitedly.

"We should stop mom and dad are waiting." And just like that she unlocked the door and walked out.

Shawn didn't know how to react but he needed a few minutes to calm down.

"Was there a line for the bathroom or something?" Paul asked Jane. "And is your brother still in the restroom?"

"How should I know?" Jane snapped. This wasn't like Jane at all. She was always polite and respectful towards her parents. She had realized that her response was uncalled for. "I'm sorry dad, I think he's still in there."

"That's ok hun. Is something stressing you out?"

"Ah, kind of..."

"Well, what is it, honey?" Jocelyn asked.

And without a second thought, Jane blurted out her thoughts. "How do you know when you are in love or just lusting over someone?" What had she done? Why in the world did she ask her parents? She thought. This is what her diary was for, to purge out her feelings. But she had a great relationship with her parents and has had good advice from them before. Why should this be different? She calmed herself with that thought.

Both parents were a little shocked by the question but seemed ready to answer. "Well honey, lust is just that, lust. It goes away especially if you act upon it." Jocelyn said.

"Whoa whoa...hold on a second. Jane doesn't have to act upon it." Paul interjected.

"You don't really expect her to stay a virgin forever do you?"

"Well, why not? She's a very conservative girl and maybe she doesn't want to be a used up hoe like every other twenty-something girl." Paul caressed Jane's cheek. "I'm very proud that you are still a virgin Jane. Pure girls are always valued highly. And YOU are very valued." Paul said with conviction. "I want you to marry in a nice white dress or black but I want to walk my virgin daughter down the aisle."

Jocelyn got angry. "What century are you in?"

Shawn appeared at the table and noticed that his mom was upset. "What did I miss?"

"We were just talking about Jane's virginity," Jocelyn said with a slur in her voice. The margaritas were at work.

"WHAT!?" Shawn yelled.

Jane laid her head down on the table and put her hood over her face. Not only was she embarrassed but had regretted saying anything. Her family kept arguing amongst themselves about why she should or shouldn't or how and how not to lose her purity. If only she was a true Asexual than none of this would affect her. How do people do it? She wondered. How do they manage relationships, fuck buddies, one-night stands, marriage/kids and whatever else is out there?

This was too much for Jane. Why did she have to feel anything? Couldn't she just cuddle up with a dog and be happy forever? She pondered. She wasn't the jealous type and yet she had told her brother not to date anyone. What was happening to her? Was she insane? Why was everything so complicated? She questioned herself.

Paul and Jocelyn were too drunk to drive and so Shawn drove home. He kept an eye on his sister through the rear-view mirror. She had her headphones on and her eyes were closed. When they returned home Jocelyn and Paul went into their bedroom and Jane walked into hers. Shawn took a shower and when he got out he could hear his parents fucking. Moans and bed squeaks could be heard; that made Shawn sick to his stomach.

He put some boxers on and got into bed. He opened his laptop and watched porn. He scrolled through some videos but nothing made him stay hard. He felt restless and confused. Jane had kissed him back and acted like she didn't want anyone to have him. But yet, she left without a single word. He knew he needed her more than she did. He had to see her.

He opened her bedroom door without knocking. Her room was pitch black. He closed the door and locked it. His eyes adjusted to the dark and he could make out her body. Jane laid in bed with her headphones on and she had no idea Shawn was watching her. He stood over her bed and could see her bare pale legs. Jane had black panties on and a black t-shirt that stopped at her belly button, it exposed her belly button piercing. A pink heart hung from the jewelry of the piercing.

Shawn was hard and wanted to lay on top of her but he didn't want to scare her. He imagined that he would start with her feet. Her black painted toenails going in and out of his mouth made his mouth water. He licked his lips when he noticed that she wore a silver toe ring on her left foot. Fuckkkk shit could she be any cuter. Shawn thought.

From her feet he would move to her legs, he'd massage and kiss her smooth legs until he reached her hips.

He would slither his hands to her flat stomach until he reached her small untouched breasts.

Shawn was on the verge of cumming as he stroked his rod near Jane.

Jane felt warm drops hit her face and she opened her eyes. All she saw was a tall board figure standing before her. She screamed. But her scream was muffled by a warm wet hand. Shawn had cum on his hand and on Jane's face. Jane screamed under his hand and struggled to get out of bed. Shawn ripped her headphones off. "Shhhhhh... it's me, it's me!" Shawn got on top of her and restrained her. "Jane it's me!"

Shawn removed his hand from her mouth. Jane's fear vanished but she felt unnerved. "Yuck! What was that gooey stuff on your hand? It smelled weird."

Shawn started laughing. "I'm sorry," He kept laughing. "That's my cum. Sorry..."

Jane was confused. "Ugh..." She sat up and wiped her face. "You were jerking off on my face!? Why?"

"Because you're beautiful Jane. And you know how I feel about you."

He touched her cheek. "I wasn't planning on cumming on your face though." His hand went from her cheek to her stomach. Jane flinched. But Shawn didn't take his hand away. "You kissed me today what happened to that?"

"Everything is so complicated... and you creeping around in the dark doesn't help."

"But it's not complicated. Put your thoughts away, Jane. I will love you forever. Other people have drama in their lives because they don't have real love. They have fake people around that only want to use them. Nothing is real to the world except unconditional love. And that's what I have for you." Shawn kept caressing her stomach and it gave Jane goosebumps. "Real love is very hard to find and here we are sharing nothing but love."

Jane wished that he wasn't good with his words, but he was and it made her want him. A vile thought entered her mind; she wanted to taste him. Jane felt filthy for thinking of such a thing, but maybe life was this foul and she was fighting an unsustainable battle. She licked her lips in hope that there was still a trace of his juice. "Hmm...So that's what cum tastes like."

"Well, every guy is different. Just like every girl smells and tastes different too. But some are better than others. Do you like the way I taste?" Shawn anticipated her answer.

"Yes, its sweet but a little salty at the same time. The smell is kinda bleachy..." Jane laid back down. "Not too sure how I feel about this. Body parts should taste and smell better than that."

Shawn giggled. "We are made out of flesh, bones, blood, and other shit. None of that sounds tasty," He hugged her and Jane laid on his chest. "But thank goodness for showers and products right?"

"Yeah, I mean, you smell nice. I can smell your body wash, which makes me kind of horny. I hate that word by the way." Jane tucked her face in her brother's armpit. "I'm embarrassed."

"Don't be, baby sister, you're growing up and I love you. We are just exploring." Shawn leaned into his own armpit and kissed her forehead.

"You have so much armpit hair." She laughed. Jane felt comfortable in her brother's arms and started to warm up to him. "I love your tongue and soft lips." She whispered.

"What else do you like?" Shawn got hard again.

"Your chest and stomach." Jane licked her lips again and began to touch Shawn's body. She touched him gently and played with his belly button for a second. That made Shawn giggle. They locked lips and kissed without restriction. Jane let go of her thoughts and for once she loved her brother fully.

They kissed in the darkness of her room feeling each other's bodies. Jane placed Shawn's hand on her pussy. No one had ever touched her there. "Are you sure?" Shawn asked.

"I don't want to have sex, but maybe you could show me how to masturbate?" Jane said with a shy tone.

It was heaven for Shawn's ears. He knew that this was going to take time and he liked it. Women aren't a challenge anymore they'll put out for any dick as long as the guys pretend to want them at least for the night. Shawn was lucky to have a sister that presented the chase. The end goal was to deflower Jane and possibly begin a secret relationship with her. But that fate rested on Jane's hands, and Shawn was up for the hunt.

"Well, I can pleasure you in two ways. One is with my mouth and the other is with my fingers. Which one would you like?"

"I am definitely NOT ready for cunnilingus. We can try your fingers..." Jane was extremely nervous. A part of her wondered why she should do this in the first place. She liked being a virgin. But she also wanted to know what it felt like; to feel sexual pleasure.

Shawn placed his hand on her mound and moved down to her lips over her panties. Only a thin fabric was between his fingers and her pussy. He ached for her. "Can you spread your legs a bit? And may I remove your underwear?"

"No, I want it over my panties. Is that doable?" Jane asked and separated her legs a little.

I love my virgin sister. Everything will be slow and new to her. My dream has come true, I wanted Jane and her purity, she is perfect. Shawn thought. "Of course it's doable.

Jane held her breath and waited to feel her brother's hands. He placed his index and middle finger on her clit. Jane exhaled and closed her eyes. Shawn rubbed her little button clit. Jane's clit wasn't big at all; it was tiny barely noticeable. That thrilled Shawn; he thought that giant clits were gross and undesirable. He rubbed her gently at first then he started to move a little faster. He could tell that Jane had a difficult time letting go of her inhibitions. "Let go Jane and feel your body. Let go..." He whispered.

Jane's eyes welled with tears, and her panties grew damp. She let go and part of her innocence escaped her. She split in half and choose pleasure over pain. Jane blocked out her mind and all the thoughts that screamed at her not to do it. She focused on her body and felt her pussy lips get puffy, that had never happened before. She soaked through her underwear and Shawn felt his fingers get wet. He smelled his fingers. "Oh my god...sweet virgin scent." He put his fingers in his mouth and like a pleasurable drug he was hooked on Jane's taste. The taste of his unclaimed forbidden sister.

Shawn kissed Jane and made her taste herself. Jane breathed heavily and stuck her tongue in and out of his soft mouth. She had never tasted herself, but she liked her own sweet tang. Jane felt a new sensation growing from sex. Was this it? The big O? She wondered. Yes, it was. Jane clutched her blanket and tilted her head back into her pillow and felt the hot waves of pleasure eating its way into her head as Shawn rubbed her clit harder. "Mmmm...fuck." She moaned. It hit her hard and fast.

Jane opened her eyes when the moment of satisfaction ended. "I love you. Welcome to your first orgasm." Shawn said.

Jane's underwear was soaked. She got out of bed and took her panties off. She placed them in the laundry hamper. "I'm going to take a shower."

"Okay, but how do you feel?"

"Not sure. I mean, it was really intense and it felt good. But...I don't know." Jane sat next to him without any underwear, but it was so dark that he couldn't see her pussy which made Jane feel okay. "This is all new for me. I'm eighteen and I feel too young for this. There are people out there that get started way younger than me. How do they cope with not being pure anymore?"

"Awww Jane, you are special. Not this new age bullshit every snowflake is, as in every person is special. No fucking way! Most people are shit! And they know it. You are truly "special" you care about your purity. Most people just do what the rest of the world does without taking a second look at who they are or who they want to be. You don't follow anyone and that's one of the many reasons why I respect and love you."

"Thank you, Shawn. That was very beautiful for you to say."

"You are welcome. Remember we aren't doing anything wrong. I love you. You are safe with me."

"I love you too." Jane grabbed her bathrobe that hung behind her door and walked out.

Shawn stayed in her bed for a bit. He was over the moon for Jane and couldn't get enough of her. He hugged her pillow and whispered, "One day you will be completely mine."

Jane turned on her bedroom lights when she returned. Her bed was empty. She opened her diary and began to write. She looked at her zombie teddy bear that sat on the corner of her bed and held him tight.

"My brother masturbated me for the first time tonight. It felt good. I let go of my mind, but my heart wasn't in it. It was just lust for me. Shawn is in love with me and I love him too, but I am not sure if I'm 'in love' with him.

I guess I entered the sexual world tonight. Maybe I'll try it on my own next time...I don't know. I want to explore more, but I don't want to hurt Shawn in the process. The guilt of fooling around with my own blood still gets to me. Shawn is gorgeous and it's difficult to stay away from him. He knows what he wants and understands me so well. I am the one who is still so confused. I have to sort out my feelings before I do more."...

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