My Gym Partner Ch. 01


When I wake up the next morning I roll over to find Dave, but he's already up. I smell coffee, so he's been up for a few minutes, at least. I wrap my robe around my nakedness so Alex won't have a reason to roll her eyes at me first thing this morning and make my way to the kitchen. I hug Dave from behind, nuzzle his ear, and thank him for last night. I'm feeling a little sore. It must be from my workout yesterday. It really has been a long time since I stretched. I fill my mug and sit across from my husband. He's buried in the paper, so I'm left with my thoughts while he reads.

I'm wondering if I have any new emails from Mitch. I'm wondering if Michael will be at the gym today. I'm wondering what color panties Jill will be wearing. I'm wondering where all of this is coming from. Is it just middle aged hormome shifts? I can feel my nipples tingling. I reach across the table and tap Dave on the hand, invite him to the shower. He tells me to go ahead, he's got a few phone calls to make before he heads to the office. So much for getting laid before I go to the gym. Michael and Jill had better beware, I think to myself. I hear Alex yell bye, and she's off to school. I won't have to worry about taking too long in the shower or using all the hot water.

I love a long hot shower when I'm worked up, and I know it will feel good on my sore muscles, too. I adjust the temperature and step into the stall. The water is amost too hot, but it feels wonderful coursing down my back and legs. I stand there for several minutes and enjoy the sensation, feeling the soreness dull. I stretch my arms over my head and turn to let the spray hit my chest. Tiny needles poking me as the water hits my sensitive nipples. I shiver, even though the water is hot. Now it's time to take the nozzle off the wall and adjust the spray to a steady stream, and lean back against the wall. I spread my thighs so the stream of warm water is pointed directly to my pussy. "Ohhh", I can't help it, it feels so good. I move the nozzle in small circles so it's teasing my swollen clit. I use my free hand to pinch one of my hard nipples. My thighs want to close, but I make myself stay just like I am, until I feel an orgasm ready. I reach behind me and hit the hot water knob, so suddenly only cold water is hitting me. The sudden change in water temperature causes me to breathe in sharply, and that's when I climax. I drop the nozzle and push my hand against me, hard, and enjoy the spasms. That should hold me until I get through my trip to the gym. At least I hope it will.

Dave's in the bedroom getting dressed. I lie down on the bed and watch him. He might be a little soft around the edges, otherwise he's the picture of the man I married 15 years ago. I love every part of him but my favorite part of his body, besides the obvious ones, has got to be his calves. He has the most incredible looking legs. Muscled, just the right amount of hair. Masculine without being ridiculous. He senses my stare and turns around. I tell him I'm just enjoying the view and to carry on, I know he has to get to work. He walks over to the bed and gives me a sweet kiss and promises he will be home on time tonight.

When Dave is gone and I have the house to myself, I go to the computer. My fingers tremble slightly as I open my email. Four spam messages about my credit report. A forwarded joke from my sister. An email from Mitch:

Good Morning Goddess.

I smile, and then I'm kicking myself for it. I so should not be excited to be getting email from some anonymous man. It could even be a woman, I remind myself. Still, I am dying to see the words. I open the mail:

Have a pleasant day. I hope to hear from you.

"That's nice," I think to myself. I start to to reach for the phone to call Jill when I remember I can use my messenger. I open the window and see Jill is online.

"Hey Jill, still on for the gym today?"

She says yes, and asks if we can go a little early. I reply I am free any time. I am fortunate that my husband supports us so I can "write" for a living/hobby. She asks if I can meet her in an hour. I've already had my shower, so that's totally possible, I tell her. We make plans to meet in front of the gym in an hour. Oh, should I respond to that email? I decide to wait until I get home.

I dress in the better looking sweats I own and a new t-shirt. Not as cute as Jill, but certainly a step up from the day before. I put some clean things in a tote bag and head out the door. It won't take me an hour to get there, but I want to get there a little early and pay my membership. Oh, who am I kidding? I am anxious to see if Michael is there. I walk as slow as I can, but I'm still there in under thirty minutes. I pace around outside a few minutes to build up my nerve. I'm not paying attention to where I am walking and walk right into Michael. I stumble back but he grabs my arm so I don't fall down. I look up into those eyes, at that smile with the dimple on just the left side. There is no graceful recovery.

"Oh, hey, glad I ran into you," I say. "I am meeting Jill here, she talked me in to joining up."

His smile lops to the side as he raises an eyebrow.

"So, it was Jill, not me, that got you to join?" he asks.

I tell him not to worry, I'll make sure he gets a good word from me. He's about to say something whe I feel an arm around my waist. It's Jill. She gives me a squeeze. stands so close I can smell her hair. Mmm, vanilla.

"Trying to get a head start?" she asks with a teasing little wink.

I feel my face getting warm as my mind goes with Jill's in a dirty trajectory. Michael doesn't miss the remark.

"I don't want to interfere with that," he says. Come see me when you are done and we'll do you..your paperwork."

He holds the door for us and we all walk in.

Michael turns right and we watch him walk away. I think I've mentioned already he has an amazing ass.

Speaking of amazing asses, Jill's is right up there. She's in white yoga pants and a red tank top today. The pants hug her cheeks and I can almost make out the pattern on her panties. It looks like thumb print sized red hearts. If she's gonna let her undies show, at least she matches. Her red tank top dips low in the front, her cleavage on view. I feel myself getting turned on by her and again I'm turning red. We find a couple of bikes open next to eachother and set the timers. We chat until we pick up speed, and finish our time in silence. I glance over and watch her breasts as they sway and bounce along. I think the sweat underneath them would be so good on my tongue. I think she saw me staring, but if she did, she didn't say anything.

Jill is familiar with the routine, so I follow her around the machines. I remember how to use most of them, but I have trouble on the last one. I'm sitting on the bench struggling when I feel hands cover mine. I recognize Michael by his scent. Oh, how does that happen so fast?

"Arms go this way," he says, and guides me through the first few reps.

He lets go to let me finish on my own, but he doesn't back up. I can sense him standing so close. Again, I am struggling to not lean my head back into him. I go slowly so he will stand there longer. I don't drop the bar this time. He leans forward ever so slightly and I feel his thighs graze my shoulders, and I I shiver involuntarily. Bless him, he lets that go. Jill walks up just as Michael is stepping back.

"Hey, what's going on here?" she asks, with a teasing look on her face.

Before I can stammer something stupid Michael tells Jill he's just making sure I put in a good word for him at the front desk today. Jill laughs out loud.

"Oh, I don't think you've got any worries there, doll. She already told me she thinks you have a great ass."

No quick comeback; oh why oh why am I only clever when I'm alone?

"So much for secrets among friends," I mutter under my breath. Michael laughs, oh, that musical laugh.

"You ladies go get cleaned up and come by my corner before you go," he says, and he's gone.

Unfortunately, there are several empty shower stalls today. Jill and I choose adjoining stalls and start to undress. Jill is her usual uninhibited self and strips down quickly. I'm a little slower, but it may be because I'm slowed down by watching her. When she's completely naked she bends over to pick up her clothes. That amazing ass is just inches from my face. I want to touch her so badly I'm afraid I may just do it. I'm relieved when she stands up and walks into the stall. I finish undressing quickly, get in my stall and turn on the water. Cold at first, makes my nipples even harder than they were already. When the warm water blends in it feels good. I pour out some body wash, that minty, lavender scent, and rub it into my arms, down my chest, under my breasts. I think I can hear Jill humming in the next stall. I close my eyes and imagine her rubbing herself in the next stall. Pinching her nipples, hands snaking down her abdomen to that perfectly trimmed blond pussy. Humming as she rubs herself.

"Hey Helena," I hear over the shower. "Got any extra soap over there?"

I grab the bottle from the shelf and reach my arm outside my stall to hand it to her. She leans out far enough I can see one of her nipples, since that is where I look first. Did she notice? Don't all girls notice when someone looks at their breasts? I duck back into my own stall to finish rinsing. I feel between my legs and find my clit swollen and sensitive. It only taks a few fast, furious strokes to bring me to climax. That should hold me off Michael, anyway. Jill steps out just a few minutes after me, looking a little flushed in the face. I wonder if it was the water temperature or if she was doing what I was doing. We get dressed in silence. I sneak a couple of glances at those gorgeous breasts before she has them covered. Her nipples are still semi-hard from the shower and make slight bulges in her shirt. Low beams, I think to myself and smile.

"You must be thinking about Michael," Jill teases. I accuse her of having as big a crush on him as I do.

"That might be true" she says, "but he's paid more attention to you these last two days than he has me since he got here. I think he may really have a thing for you."

I laugh out loud. "Yes, the middle-aged mom with saggy boobs turned his head".

Jill shook her head and smiled at me.

"You really don't think you are attractive Helena? Dave thinks you are a queen, and I think you're pretty hot, too."

What was that? She went on about intelligence and sense of humor, something like that. I couldn't get past her saying she though I was hot. Pretty hot, so not totally. But hot. Oh, wow.

"I wasn't digging for compliments, really," I tell her.

She smiled at me. "I know, sweetie, I just don't think you should sell yourself short, that's all" she says.

She grabs my hand and pulls me in close for a hug. I take a deep breath so I can inhale her. I love feeling her pressed against me like this. I don't want to be the one to break the embrace. I'm beginning to think maybe she doesn't either. Another kiss, this time on the cheek, and she steps back.

"Let's go get you registered, then" she says, and we walk off toward Michael's corner.

Michael is sitting behind a minimalist desk, not more than a table, really. He's in black shorts and a gym t-shirt. He's a little formal while we're doing the business transaction. He nods his head to the right, denoting someone nearby listening. I catch his signal and we complete the necessary paperwork.

"That ought to do it," he says as he stands and extends his hand in a very business-like manner. "Let me walk you ladies to the door," he says.

He puts his hand on my back to direct us toward the door. He didn't have to do that, I know where the door is. Still, I like the way his hand feels there, right above my ass. His touch is brief, though. He takes his hand off my back and steps in front of Jill and me to open the door for us.

"See you ladies soon, I hope," he winks as he says this, then turns and walks back inside.

Jill is grinning ear to ear when I look at her.

"I told you he likes you!" she says. I have no idea why she would say this.

She tells me she noticed his hand on my ass.

"It was my back!" I say, a little too forcefully.

It might have been true, but the tone of my voice said I wouldn't have minded if it was on my ass instead.

"Oh Helena, it's fine to flirt!" she tells me. "It might even be good for you, you never know," she says.

"Really, how could flirting with a single, handsome man be good for me?" I wonder.

Dave would probably be fine with it. He's so reasonable. I know he's a bit of a flirt himself, but I trust him completely. It isn't just blind trust, either. Dave and Jill were an item before he and I got together. They had only gone out a few times, but he still asked her if it was okay before he even raised an eyebrow my way. That's just the kind of guy he is. I wonder what he would think of me wanting to touch and taste her in the same ways I know he has done already? Would he be turned on? Or would it just be awkward? I think it would be easier to discuss with him than my crush on Michael. I know he would question my choice to take up working out if he knew. I can't help but feel a little guilty.

Jill breaks me out of these thoughts by asking if I want to join her for lunch. I've got a bowl of fruit at home getting ready to make a salad.

"Come home with me instead," I tell her. Dave's taking Alex to the museum after school, so I'll be alone until at least 5pm. I could use the company."

We walk the blocks in comfortable silence, arm in arm. I get a little warm when we walk by the coffee shop from yesterday. Jill's breast rubs my arm, bounces slightly as we walk. I find myself just as turned on today.

When we get to my building the elevator is waiting open, a few people already inside. We step inside and the doors close. I instinctively put my arm back through hers and she doesn't resist. In fact, she squeezes my arm close. I'm afraid if I look over at her I'll not be able to keep from kissing her. It seems to take forever to get to my floor. I think we stopped on every floor on the way.

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