tagErotic CouplingsMy Gym Partner Ch. 02

My Gym Partner Ch. 02


When we get to my building the elevator is waiting open, a few people already inside. We step inside and the doors close. I instinctively put my arm back through hers and she doesn't resist. In fact, she squeezes my arm close. I'm afraid if I look over at her I'll not be able to keep from kissing her. It seems to take forever to get to my floor. I think we stopped on every floor on the way.

Jill and I disentangle our arms so I can dig out the keys from my oversized bag. She walks in front of me and tosses her bag on the sofa before settling on one of the bar stools that faces the kitchen. The sun shines on just that spot, so she's illuminated from the side. It almost looks like she's wearing half a halo around her pretty blond curls. There's nothing angelic about the thoughts running around in my mind, chasing after her, though. I'd better get my attention back to the task at hand. I don't want to end my day with a trip to the ER. How did this happen? Well, I was cutting up fruit and thinking about what I could do with it that would make it taste even better like eating a big juicy berry out of my friend's navel, licking sweet sticky juice off her skin, and the next thing I knew, I was bleeding. If Jill accompanied me to the hospital, the doctor wouldn't be able to help but understand.

"So, have you heard anything more from your new friend, what was his name?" Jill asks.

She is picking at the blueberries in the bowl I had put out for out salad. The dark blue juice stains her fingertips, and as she sucks it off I feel a twinge in my belly. I look down at the pineapple I'm cutting, paying special attention to the sharp brown ends to avoid tossing them in with the fruit.

"Oh, there was an email this morning, but I haven't answered," I try to answer nonchalantly as she poses the question.

I know Jill won't miss the hit of excitement in my voice. That's what best friends are for; to read between the lines and find the good stuff. Jill never misses a thing.

"You're still worried about Dave, aren't you?" she asks. "Have you considered telling him? It might lead to some heat where you least expect it," she smiles slyly as she says this, almost like she knows something I don't.

I laugh out loud. "Oh, hey honey, guess what I did today? I had a little email exchange with a complete stranger and now I am so hot for you I can't stand it! Get naked and get over here right now!"

"What's the difference than say, having a little flirtatious encounter with a stranger on the subway? Or a knowing smile shared with a stranger when you both admire a sexy guy walk by? Just because it was online flirting doesn't make it any worse, does it? Do you really think Dave doesn't flirt with strangers? " she asks.

She is most certainly right about Dave. He never crosses any lines, but he usually has some playful jab for Jill when she was around, and they occasionally share a short embrace, even a kiss with me standing right there. It never bothers me; they are so out in the open with any affection it is impossible to imagine them sneaking around for more. Yet here I am, contemplating much more than a kiss between friends. Is it all that different that it is a woman instead of a man? But wasn't I having those very same thoughts about Michael, too? And Mitch, my anonymous email man?

"You make it sound so normal, justifiable, Jill," I answer.

I set the bowl between us and hand her a fork. We eat in silence for a few moments while I consider Jill's opinion. Maybe brought up at the right time, in the right way, it could lead to that heat Jill mentioned. If I told Dave how much it turned me on to be so close to Michael while he showed me what to do, then how my shower with Jill had warmed me up even more, how would he react? Yeah, maybe I could mention that to Jill too, and see where that went.

"I'm not trying to cause trouble for you and Dave, I'm just saying sometimes a little teasing can lead to good things," she put her hand on my knee when she said this.

I sit here for a moment, just enjoying her simple touch. Is she giving me some friendly reassurance, or is she inviting me to tease her back? It's hard to tell, with all of my emotions in overdrive. The last two days with her have me thinking things I never would have guessed would turn me on before. My nipples tingled and my thighs ached. That could be from the work outs, but I know better. I am having incredibly lascivious thoughts about my beautiful friend, here in my kitchen, over the remnants of lunch. I feel like I'm back in junior high all over again, pining for the quarterback of the football team, only this time, I want the pretty head cheerleader instead.

Jill keeps her hand on my knee until I stand to clear our bowls. I hand her a bottle of water and motion to the sofa. "Sit and enjoy the sun with me for a little while, before Dave and Alex get home?" I ask, hoping she will agree. I want to keep her talking, see if she is feeling what I am, or if I am just projecting my new found interest in her direction because she is close. I didn't have any plans to make a move on her; I would never be so brazen. I do, however, want to be near her. I hope she feels the same way, right or wrong.

The sunlight plays on her features and gives her a glow. There is a lot of room on the big sofa, but we gravitate to one end and sit close enough for our thighs to touch lightly. Jill puts a her hand on my knee and leans her head on my shoulder. I can smell her hair so close to me, tickling my nose with a few errant strands. I may not feel brave enough to make my desires known, but I am feeling brave enough to ask a few less pointed questions.

"You don't have to answer, and maybe it's none of my business, but have you ever, you know, been with, a woman?" I ask, doing my best to sound nonchalant, like this is a question I ask all my friends.

Jill raises her head off my shoulder, and for a moment I think I've gone too far. But she smiles and rubs my thigh softly. I look down at her hand, and fight the urge to put mine over it, squeeze her fingers, pull them to my lips. But I want to hear what she says more than I am ready to make a move like that. If it is something she has already experienced, maybe if I asked her to be my first, she would. Unless the whole thing about Dave would make her uncomfortable. I think it might be awkward enough without knowing they had been intimate.

"You know I'll share anything with you, Helena. You're my best friend," she smiles as she turns her body to face me. "I've been with a few women, though I don't think I'm a lesbian, or even really bi. I just like the feel of a woman sometimes, they are softer, gentler, more in tune with me, I think," she says, like we are talking about nothing more intimate than the weather.

"What about you Helena?" she asks. "Have you ever made love to a woman?"

That is Jill, never afraid to ask or say what was on her mind. It had taken me two days to work up the nerve to ask her what she just asked me. I haven't been with more men than I could count on one hand, and have certainly never been with a woman. I hadn't even really thought about it until yesterday in the shower. But something made me start thinking about Jill in a different way, wanting to touch and taste her in ways I never thought I would want to do. Was it the atmosphere of the gym wreaking havoc on my sensibilities? Between Jill and Michael, I am feeling all sorts of things I'd never felt before. Dave is my all, my better half, my solid rock. Yet there is something hot, wild, very unlike me driving me to want to explore more.

"No, I've never been that brave, I guess, to approach a woman. I've never even been that comfortable approaching a man. Dave's the one with moves here," I laugh, thinking Jill already knew all of Dave's moves, at least the ones he had used on her, before me.

I've never felt any jealousy over Jill and Dave having been an item, and it didn't feel exactly like that now. It is more a sense that I want what he has already experienced with her. Or maybe it is just my middle aged hormones running amok. Whatever it is, it has me wanting to touch her and kiss her and do all sorts of things to her I had never imagined before. I think I am actually more jealous of the women she has been with than Dave at the moment. I want to experience her like those other women had. Would she think I was crazy if I admitted that to her?

"Would you like to, sometime, do you think?" Jill asks, her expression not changing, just asking a question in her usual frank way? Or was she offering?

"I don't know what Dave would think," I answer, her after running the possibility of making love to her through my mind.

Again. I have already thought about it a few times in the last couple of days. I wonder if now is the time to share. I don't want to risk my friendship with Jill anymore than I want to risk breaking Dave's trust. I'm not 100% sure how either of them would respond. I think it might be better to start with Dave. That didn't mean I couldn't ask her some more questions, or that I couldn't snuggle up a little closer to her while she talks. Her scent beckoned me, come on, just a sniff, that's not going to hurt anyone. I did lean a little nearer and breathe in slowly. I hope she didn't notice, or at least didn't take offense.

"When was the last time you were, um, well, intimate, with another woman?" I ask tentatively.

"It's been oh, six, seven months ago," she answers, her voice as even as if we were discussing recipes or something else as mundane.

"I suppose you wouldn't mind a few more details?" she smiled and licked her lips lightly.

Oh, now that was uncalled for! I think she is beginning to enjoy the tease. She sat back on the sofa and let her knees fall slightly apart. I glance down and can almost make out the line of her panties under her yoga pants. Those pants were just made for her firm thighs and slightly puffy mound I can almost see outlined in the stretchy fabric. She rests one hand on her tummy and rubs in slow circles as she talks. Her light pink fingernails scratch the smooth fabric and mahe a soft "shh" sound that makes her voice sound softer, farther away.

"I was out with a few friends, the only reason you weren't there was because Alex had some school function that night," she starts. I don't think you know Kat; she's one of my old friends from work. She quit when she got pregnant, and I hadn't seen her since she had the baby. She's still got a bit of a tummy, and as you can imagine, her breasts are just beautiful right now, all round and heavy looking. Kind of like yours looked when you were nursing Alex. I never told you, but I sure wanted to taste you when they were full like that. You were the hottest pregnant woman I've ever seen, by the way," she adds.

"Anyway, it was just us girls, drinking a little too much, dancing together, laughing, being a little touchy feely with each other. It was summer and we were all dressed a little scantily; hands landed on bare skin, fingers toyed with nipples, hips moved together to the music. Kat was flirting with all of us, but when she turned to me, I could feel she wanted more than just flirting. She rubbed the front of her body against me and I could feel her big nipples against my chest, and suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to suck on those nipples, Helena. I couldn't stop thinking about them all big and hard, dripping milk, tempting me. When Kat asked if I wanted to share a cab home with her, I practically ran out of the bar, dragging her behind me. We were making out right there on the street while we waited for a cab. I pinched her nipples and felt them grow warm and wet in my fingers. She was leaking, right there in the street, not caring who saw. When the cab finally pulled up I threw a handful of bills in the direction of the driver and told him to drive slowly to Kat's address. Then, I turned to Kat and pulled her shirt up to expose her gorgeous tits. I licked the wetness from the areola first, then wrapped my lips around one of those big juicy nipples and started sucking. At first I wasn't sure I was getting anything, then she let down and my mouth was full of her warm milk. That made me orgasm right there, without even being touched. By the time we got to her place, I was soaked. Her milk was running down my neck, my pussy juice was flowing. It was one of the most erotic moments of my life."

I try not to look shocked. This was a side I had never expected from my friend. Not so much that she had been with a woman, but that she had shared such an intimate moment, and the description, with me. If I was turned on before she told that story, I was practically salivating for her now. Her nipples are erect against her thin t-shirt, all but calling to me, begging me to reach out and touch them. I am so aroused I barely hear the door, keys rattling, faint voices. Dave and Alex are home. Is it really 5pm already? Damnit! This was just getting good!

I stand up, suddenly afraid of being caught. Caught doing what? Sitting, talking with my best friend? Nothing suspicious about that, is there? My flushed face and slight breathlessness are going to give me away if I don't relax, I think to myself. Dave walks over and gives me a hug and a kiss, says hello to Jill. Alex disappears into her room before she has to spend one more moment with the adults. No one seems to notice my slight discomfort, and I am relieved to not have to answer any questions about my rosy glow.

"I'm taking the day off tomorrow, from the gym, so if you go, you're on your own," Jill says as she stands and heads for the door. "You two have a good evening," she adds with a grin in my direction.

With that, she's gone, taking a little bit of heat with her, but leaving plenty for me to think about. Dave walks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist, pulls me close, nuzzles me behind the ear, where he knows I love to be touched.

"So, what did you girls talk about over lunch?" he asks, running his hands down my hips.

"Oh, just girl stuff, you know," I answer, thinking better of telling him the topic of conversation just yet.

"Mmm, girl stuff, my favorite kind of stuff," he whispers in my ear, using his tongue to trace soft circles against my earlobe before gently sucking it into his mouth.

I'm already warm, and now, I feel the wetness between my lips, the ache in my belly. I moan softly, push back against Dave's growing hardness with my ass. All of the stimulation from the past 48 hours has me ready to go. I want it hot and hard and loud. Alex will simply have to turn up her headphones for awhile. There are worse things for a kid to hear her parents doing.

"I think you said something about being home on time tonight? Well, let's use that time wisely," I turn to him and say as I grab him around the waist and pull him to me.

So I've been flirting, not exactly fooling around, but certainly getting myself worked up. Now, my husband is going to reap the rewards. After all, he deserves it more than anyone. Maybe Jill is right, I think to myself as I lead my husband to our bedroom.

Dave is the only man I've been with who insisted on leaving the lights on. The first time we made love, he spent the better part of an hour simply kissing me, from my head, to my toes, back up again, and all around. By the time he had touched every inch of me, I was in a place I'd never been before. Since that time, I've always made sure light was a part of our space. Our bedroom windows have soft, gauzy curtains that allow the sun to illuminate our big bed until the last rays are all but vanished from the sky. Dave likes the early morning light, but I prefer encroaching dusk. Now is my time; I feel softer, less defined, but so very awake.

"Let me," he says as he pulls me close enough to undress me.

He starts with my t-shirt, slides his hands under the fabric, encourages me to raise my arms to allow the shirt to follow his command. His fingertips brush softly against my ribs, then the satiny material of my bra, before lifting the garment off my body. He doesn't hesitate to reach behind me and free the clasp on my bra, moving quickly, deftly, the cups release my breasts from their hold. My nipples harden instantly in the air, at the anticipation of his touch.

"Simply delicious," he whispers as he lowers his head to my chest and buries his face in the warm space between, kisses up my neck, to my ears.

I reach for the hem of his shirt, starting to feel that sense of urgency I always feel at his touch. My hands glide over his ribs, wrap around his shoulders for a moment before easing his shirt over his head. His hair, a little thin on top, but still soft, cut boyishly long. falls around his face as the shirt gives way, reminds me of the first time we undressed each other. He will always be that Dave to me, I know.

We stand close, embrace, he kisses my head, I feel his breath in my hair. I want him with every cell in my body. I positively ache for his weight on me. His cock in me. His lips taking the breath from me.

The bed is just a few steps away. I take a step back, causing our embrace to loosen, but giving him the message that I'm ready for more. I feel him stand his ground, for a moment, and I know he is toying with the idea of teasing me, making me wait. I take advantage of his hesitancy and put my hand over the bulge in his pants, rub at first, then grip.

"You know you want it as much as I do, Dave," I say, smiling. "Come get it."

I take another step back, feel the bed against me calf, lean back, fall onto the bed. My sweats are still on, but bunching lower on my hips, so when he reaches down to pull them off, they give easily. He takes my panties with them, leaves me naked and exposed. Just exactly the way I want to be at the moment. I watch as he lets his pants fall to the floor, think about scolding him for leaving them there, then decide against it. I don't want any delay. At least, I think I don't want one. Dave changes my mind. Quickly.

"Not so fast," he teases. " I want a taste first."

He kneels between my thighs and kisses all around my pussy, but not exactly where I want. He nibbles at the soft skin of my inner thighs, I feel the sharp pull and cry out, but he just keeps tasting. I want to reach for his head and put his mouth over my clit, say here, that's what you need to be biting, but I know anything I do will just make him taunt me more. I moan loudly, bite the corner of a pillow, force myself to keep from squeezing my thighs around his head so tightly he can't breathe. I need him breathing.

When his tongue does finally meet that swollen bud, I can't control my thighs. Dave has to grab me and push against me to keep me from suffocating him. but he's man enough and then some for the job. He lets his tongue trace slow circles around my clit, lets the tip dip in and be embraced by my slick walls. The tip of his nose rubs against the split of my outer lips, where the soft hair curls in the dampness of my juices, all there because of him, and maybe started by some other thoughts. Jill's face, her hot body, are responsible for some of this heat. I think about telling Dave, and that's when I feel the edge disappearing. I'm going to come and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Dave knows my signals, and instead of increasing the pace, or pressure, he stops.

"Oh fuck, oh god, please baby oh please..." I can't tell for sure if these are the words I'm saying, but they are the words screaming in my brain. "Don't leave me here!"

That's when he pushed me back so my feet were off the floor, leaving him room to lie over me, push my thighs apart, enter me fully, completely with one hard stroke.

"I'm never gonna leave you babe," he says as he thrusts into me again, finds that hard rhythm I crave.

Groans, unintelligible cries, curses are flying. I look up and see Dave's face, that half smile, half grimace of satisfaction on his face. The look that lets me know he is not just fucking my body, he is reclaiming my soul, my heart, asserting his ownership. Yes, he owns me. Right now, more than any other moment before. Until the next time. But this time is all that matters right now. This time with him.

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