My Halloween Party at the Mortuary


My brother with a stutter said, "Your tits are beautiful, Cindy never had tits like that!"

"Thank you, now let's get this over with!" I said, I then reached over with my right hand and ran the tips of my fingers over my brother's hard penis.

"Ah, oh my God sis!" my brother blurted out, as my fingernails ran over his penis.

Giggling, I said, "What the fuck, I shouldn't be doing this, brother you owe me big time for this!" Giggling, I braced myself, with my right knee on the car seat and leaned over. I wrapped my hand around his penis, then leaned down, then started gently and slowly sliding my hand up and down the shaft of my brother's penis, as I continue giggling.

My brother started breathing heavy and moaning out my name, "Tara, Tara!" over and over. After a couple of minutes, of me leaning down into my brother's lap, trying to keep my head down. So no one would see me, with my face only a few inches above his penis, as my hand slid up and down on his penis. I started jerking my hand up and down faster, trying to get him off quickly. I said giggling, "Are you ready to get off!" Because my arm is getting tired, my dear brother!"

"No not yet sis!" my brother managed to stutter.

Then, I felt my brother placed his hand on the top of my head, and started running his fingers through my long raven black hair. A few seconds later, I felt my brothers hand trying to push my head down to his penis. I yelled out giggling, "Seriously, what the fuck, REALLY!" hesitating for a second, as I thought to myself, "I've got a good Buzz going and feeling good from the alcohol, so why not do it. My brother wants me to suck his penis off, well I'm going to suck him off real good, he's going to remember this." I said out loud to my brother, "Okay I'll do it, to make you feel good! I'll suck my brother's penis off and give you pleasure." And taking a deep breath, I let my brother push my head down and my lips to his penis. I slowly parted my lips, the head of my brother's penis slid between my lips and into my mouth.

My brother howled out loudly, "OH SHIT YES!" as my lips slid over the head of his penis.

I started giggling with my brother's penis between my lips, I was in shock, I never heard a man howl so loudly, as my lips lid over the head of their penis. I slowly slid my lips all of the way down the shaft of his penis.

My brother blurred out, "Tara, you're an angel, your lips are as soft as silk, the way you're moving your tongue around. It is driving every nerve in the head of my penis crazy, please don't stop sis."

I slowly slid my lips back up the shaft of his penis and paused for a second to brush my hair out of the way. I wanted my brother to see my face, as I sucked on his penis. Then I started bobbing up and down, and swirling my tongue around the head of his penis every time I bobbed upward. I was giving my brother the best blowjob, I could. My mouth was filled with the taste of my brothers pre-cum that was seeping from the head of his penis onto my tongue. I reached down with my left hand and started gently massaging my brother's balls. I felt my brother tensing up, I knew she was getting ready to ejaculate soon.

So, I started bobbing up and down even faster, sucking on his penis, as fast as I could, to get my brother off. When my brother pulled my head up off of his penis. I yelled out, "WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT'S WRONG! WASN'T I SUCKING YOU OFF GOOD ENOUGH! As I was leaning back. I looked up at my brother and continue to say, "I was being careful that my fangs did not hurt your penis. I was going to wait until you were finished ejaculating, before I sunk my fangs into it, for some blood."

My brother quickly said out, "I hear someone coming!"

I blurted out, "Oh shit!" as I pulled my top up in front of me to cover my breasts, I looked around and said, "Nothing to worry about, it's just a couple of our friends at the far end of the parking lot, getting in their car and leaving." So, letting the front of my top go, I leaned back down and slid my lips back over the head of my brother's penis and started sucking on it again. I was bobbing up and down quickly, the car was filled with the wet slurping sound of my soft lips pleasuring my brother's penis.

After a few minutes of my soft lips sliding up and down the shaft of his penis. My brother tensed up and grunted out loud and a warm thick rope of semen squirted on the roof of my mouth. My brother started ejaculating, very thick, Long ropes of semen, it was filling my mouth quicker than I could swallow and it was running down my chin. I was swallowing, as fast, as I could, but it was obvious. He hadn't had sex in a long time, because the semen just kept flowing and flowing, out of his penis into my mouth. After about 10 or 15 seconds, my brother was done ejaculating in my mouth. just then there was a loud knock at the car door window, it startled me. I looked up quickly to see my uncle Mike, knocking on the glass of the rear passenger door, where we were at in the backseat. I was frozen like a deer in the headlights, as he motioned for my brother to roll down the window.

As I was kneeling on the seat frozen in shock, with my bare breasts fully visible and a long thick rope of my brother's semen going from the front of my bottom lip my, running down and hanging about an inch off my chin. My brother rolled down the window.

Staring at my Uncle Mike, in shock, he said, "I see you two are partying, Tara, damn you have a great set of tits!"

I quickly pulled my top up and covered myself, as my Uncle Mike, proceeded to say, "Any of you have a light? I see you're a swallower Tara, you have cum hanging from your chin girl."

I didn't want to draw attention to us and anyone else to come over, so I dropped my top, giving my uncle Mike, another view of my bare breasts and quickly grabbed my lighter. I leaned forward to hand him the lighter and my Uncle Mike grabbed my breast with both of his hands and squeezed them gently. I didn't yell or pull away, because I didn't want to draw attention, to anybody else that might have been around. So, I held still and let my Uncle Mike, fondle my breasts, after a couple of minutes. He let go of my breasts and took the lighter out of my hand. I said to him, " thank you Uncle Mike, and you can keep the lighter."

My Uncle Mike, replied back, as he staggered away from the car, "Okay thanks, Tara, you and your brother have a good time partying."

Well, my brother rolled the window back up, while I fixed my top.

My brother said to me, "Calm down sis, Uncle Mike, is blitzed, he won't remember shit. You know when Uncle Mike, gets blitzed, he never remembers anything the next day."

Giggling, I replied back, "Yeah you are right, thank God for that!" Well, I wiped the semen from my chin, as my brother put his penis back in his pants. I said to my brother, "You better not tell anybody about me sucking your penis off. Now, this is, as far as I go, I only did it to make you feel good and give you pleasure. So don't betray me and tell anyone what went on here, because you want to act like a big shot and brag. We got out of the car and my brother put his arm out for me to take, so I took his arm and said, "Aren't we being a gentleman tonight." We went back into the party, While my brother wandered off somewhere in the party. I went and informed my sister Toni, that if she sees Uncle Mike, grab his car keys off of him, because he's drunk as a skunk.

Well, over the next couple of hours, I went and helped my sister wives, making sure there was enough food and drink out for the guests. While occasionally going out to the car for a quick cigarette, it was about 20 minutes to midnight, almost the bewitching hour. Me and my sister Toni, were both looped and decided to take our drunk selves out to the car, for a quick cigarette. My sister hopped in the front seat and started the engine for some Heat, while I hopped in the back. We lit our cigarettes and I scooted over in the middle to lean up and talk to my sister. Well, we started laughing and giggling like crazy at our drunken friends and relatives, as we watched then go in and out of the mortuary. Of course what room did we have to laugh, were drunk ourselves, but we laughed at them anyways.

A few minutes later our brother hopped in the the backseat of the car and lit a cigarette. He joined in on the laughter, then my sister got a text from our sister, wife Kathy, that she needed one of us inside to help. Everyone just seemed to suddenly get the munchies, I said, "I'll go in and help her Toni."

My sister Toni replied, "No I got it Tara, you worked hard this morning putting everything together. Take your time and relax, before you have to go back inside and everyone jumps on you for everything!"

Well, my sister hopped out of the car and went inside, while I sat in the back seat beside my brother giggling and laughing like crazy at everyone, as we drank our beer and finished our cigarettes. As I was giggling watching my uncle Mike, peeing against my father in law's car, and on himself. When my brother leaned over and kissed me on the lips, well being drunk and giddy. When he did that, I thought to myself, "I guess my brother wants another blowjob and he's kissing me, hoping I will give him one. Oh what the hell, I sucked his penis off once already and now that I think of it. It's only a harmless little blowjob and the younger generation say. It's the two thousands and oral sex is no big deal, I'll do it one more for him tonight." So I kissed him back, then we started French kissing and I enjoy French kissing. Especially when I'm drunk, so I didn't mind it.

Then my brother started grabbing my breasts, his hands moved up behind my neck under my hair. He kept trying to find the string to my halter top, but all he kept doing was pulling my hair. So I stopped kissing him and said, "Down boy! hold on a minute, let me do this." I reached up behind my neck under my hair and untied the strings to my halter top, and the front of my top dropped letting my brother see my breasts again. I then said to my brother, "Now, don't think this is going to be an everyday thing, I'll sucking your penis off, tonight but after tonight, that's it and you better not tell anyone."

Then I started French kissing him again and it was starting to work me up, I could feel the crotch of my panties starting to get wet. I thought you myself, "After sucking my brother's penis earlier and French kissing him now, I know after I get done sucking his penis off again. I'm going to really need to get laid tonight, my husband better not be passed out drunk or I'll kill him." As we French kissed my brother squeeze my breast and was pinching my nipple. with my right hand I reached down and undid the button to his blue jeans and pulled the zipper down I then suck my hand in the opening to his boxers and started rubbing my brother's hard penis. as I rubbed his penis, he worked his way over and started kissing my neck. I said "Are you ready yet?" when my brother didn't answer me and continued kissing my neck, I said, "I guess not!"

Then my brother stopped squeezing my breasts and his hand slid down my waist and on to my knee. Then his hand slowly went up the outside of my thigh under my short pink skirt of my Halloween costume. I didn't say anything, I thought to myself, "My brother just wants to kiss me and feel me up, before I suck his penis off. Then my brother's hand slid under my skirt off of my thigh to the crotch of my panties, he started rubbing it. I was grinding my little pussy against his hand, it was feeling good. After a few minutes my brother moved his hand off of the crotch of my panties and over my thigh, and to my ass. He started rubbing and grabbing my ass, then seconds later, he moved his hand to my hip and grabbed the waistband of my panties. And started to pull it down, I thought to myself, "OH MY GOD, My BROTHER TRYING TO FUCK ME! I pulled my hand out of my brothers and grabbed his hand, that was pulling at my panties.

I leaned back and said, "Down boy, just wait a minute, I said, I would go only, as far as sucking your penis off!" I thought to myself, "What should I do? Oh what the fuck! I'm too drunk to care. I'm going to let my brother have a go at me!" Giggling, I looked at my brother, " You're my brother and this is so wrong, but I'm too drunk to care. So, I'm going to give you some pussy, DOWN BOY, WAIT A MINUTE. This is a one-time thing, you better not tell anyone. SLOW DOWN! let me take off my panties and then I'll let you fuck me!

With both hands reached up under my the short pink skirt of my Halloween costume. to my hips. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband, of my little pair of shiny black satin bikini panties. As I slid my panties down and took them off, I said out loud, "OOH THIS IS SO WRONG! Then, I threw my panties on the ledge of the rear car window. Giggling profusely, I laid back on the seat and lifted my skirt up my short little pink skirt to my Halloween costume. Then I spread my legs letting my brother see my smoothly waxed little pink pussy. I said to my brother giggling, "Come and get some pussy off your sister!" My brother got up on the seat between my legs and slid his pants and boxers down. Then leaned down over me between my legs, he reached down between us and was fiddling around trying to find my opening, giggling, I said to him, " Having a little trouble finding your sister's pussy!" So, I reach down between us and grabbed a hold of his penis, as I placed ahead of it between my pussy lips, giggling I said, "Now fuck your sister!"

The head of his penis between parted my pussy lips, the head of his penis slid in to me easily, as my pussy was wet from sucking his penis off earlier and all the French kissing. The shaft of his penis slowly slid up inside of me. I could feel the head of his penis rubbing against the walls of my pussy, as it slowly slid into me and getting coated with my pussy juices. At that moment, all I could think of was, "I can't believe, I'm letting my brother fuck me!"

My brother said to me, "Tara your pussy is so warm and tight!" as he slid his penis all the way into me.

He paused for a second and I yelled, "WHAT'S WRONG! I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO FUCK ME!" My brother slowly withdrew his penis, then he plunged it down into me so hard my legs went straight up in the air. Yelled out loudly, OOH MY!" as my black leather boots banged off the roof of the car. My legs and black boots jiggled high in the air, as my brother withdrew his penis and plunged it into me again like a spear, I yelled out again, "OOH MY!" My brother started plunging away at my small little smoothly waxed pussy. My brother's big fat belly slapped against my pelvis every time, he thrust his penis into me, it was like getting speared by harpoon. I yelled out to my brother, "JIMMY TAKE IT EASY, OH, OH, OH!" It felt like, he was going to drive me through the seat of the car. He was fucking my little pussy like crazy, as I was yelling out loudly, "OH, OH, OH!" with every hard thrust. My brother may not have had a very big penis, but he was really giving it to me. I could feel the car bouncing and hear the loud sound of squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, as my brother fucked me like crazy. As I laid in the backseat, with my leg straight up in the air and the car bouncing.

My a few minutes later my brother stopped plunging his penis into me and said "Tara.... here it comes!"

Then, he granted out loud, I felt his warm thick semen ejaculating out of his penis into me. I finally was able to lower my legs, so I wrapped them around my brother, as he laid on top of me between my legs.

Then I felt it Building inside of me like a volcano bubbling, suddenly I gasped and snapped my head back, my jaw dropped open, and moaning "Ah!" As I dug my nails into the car seat and started to orgasm, the ripples of pleasure flowing through my body. The muscles of my pussy were contracting, I moaned out loud, "Oh yes, Jimmy!" I laid there on the car seat glowing from my orgasm, I could feel my brother's warm semen flowing down into the opening of my cervix and into my uterus. While my brother laid on top of me between my legs, with his penis buried in my smoothly waxed little pussy.

After a few minutes my brother got up off of me and put his penis back in his pants. I then sat up, still in a haze from having an orgasm, I reached down and grabbed the strings to my halter top pulling the front of my top up and covering my breasts. As I lifted my long raven black hair and tied it behind my neck, my brother lit me a cigarette. After doing that I turned and grabbed my panties off of the ledge of the rear car window and slipped them on. I took the cigarette from my brother, while I was fixing my skirt and adjusting my halter top properly over my breasts. As I fixed myself, with my cigarette hanging in my mouth, I said to my brother, "Well all day you drooled over me and now you're quiet and haven't said a word or even kissed me. Are you disappointed, my pussy what you thought it would be. If you're feeling guilty, I'm not! we're two consenting adults, it's no one's business what we did. And as far as my husband goes, I don't feel guilty! he's cheated on me and my sister wives with our cousin Kelly before. If you're feeling guilty, I'm not! I wanted to give you pleasure and make you feel good, GET IT!"

My brother rolled down the car window and chucked his cigarette butt out it. and said to me, "Are you sure you're okay Tara, I thought you would hate me. Thinking I pressured you into doing it, I'm worried about tomorrow. When the booze wears off, that you might regret what you did and really hate me."

"No, you did not pressuring me into doing it, I know you haven't had sex in a long while. So I did it, because I wanted to make you feel good and give my brother pleasure. I promise! I will not hate you tomorrow, now we better get back to the party Jimmy, before people come looking for us."

As my brother walked me to the door I thought to myself, "If I get caught, I will just tell them I was drunk just like most people do in the world. We went back inside to the party, like nothing ever happened. It was about an hour and a half later, I was in the kitchen making another tray of sandwiches.

My sister Toni came in and said to me, " I heard from a number of people that our brother Jimmy, was out in the parking lot fucking some girl in the backseat of a black car.

Casually, I said to her, "Who was it?"

My sister replied, "They don't know, all they had seen was a pair of women's legs straight up in the air, with black stockings and long leather black boots on. With our brother between her legs, he was banging the hell out of her and the car bouncing and squeaking.

I said to her, "Did you go ask him who it was?"

My sister said, "Yeah, all he said, it was some girl at the party,, Tara you are so bad."

My sister winked at me and grabbed the tray of sandwiches, then out of the kitchen. Then a couple of seconds later my sister came into the kitchen, as I was grabbing a tray of cookies to take out.

"Tara, don't feel embarrassed or awkward around me I'm your sister, it's our secret, if it makes you feel better. Do you remember, this last 4th of July, when we were up at Pymatuning Lake. Having our family weekend picnic and like usual everyone is drunk that weekend. So, you remember, when you seen me coming out of the bushes with Daddy. Well, I was in the bushes giving daddy a blowjob and that weekend, he also banged me a couple of times. Before you ask, I never did anything with Daddy before, that was the first time. Me and Daddy hasn't done anything since then, he was so drunk that weekend. I don't even think he remembers it, because he hasn't said anything to me and when people bring up what happened at the picnic. He doesn't seem to remember anything, Oh hi Kelly, I'll talk to you later Tara!"

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