tagIncest/TabooMy Halloween Surprise

My Halloween Surprise


About Robin: She’s 25-years old, 5’6, and weighs 115 lbs. She has light-brown hair with blonde highlights and dark-blue eyes. Her measurements are 35C-23-35. Since the very bad breakup with my boyfriend, she’s been extremely sexually active.

After my trip to Chicago, I took a few days off from the office. It felt great to sleep in. I decided take advantage of the nice fall weather with a bit of exercise. I laced my running shoes, and headed out for the nearby woods.

The cool October air felt wonderful. I passed other runners and noticed a few of the guys checking me out (I guess you could say my running tights accentuated one of my best features). I ran deeper into the woods where it was much more secluded. As I rounded some large trees, I was startled when someone stepped in front of me and grabbed my shoulders. I let out a yelp before I realized it was my ex-boyfriend Michael.

“What are you doing?” I practically yelled. “You nearly scared my pants off!”

“I’ll have to try harder next time,” he said smugly. He looked handsome in his dark suit and sunglasses, like he stepped off the cover of GQ. “You haven’t returned my calls.”

“So you’re stalking me?”

“I had to see you, Robin …”

“Wait, we broke up, remember,” I said. “I’m not at the point where I want a boyfriend, and to be honest, if I were it wouldn’t be you.”

“Obviously by your actions at the bar, you’re not interested in a boyfriend,” he said with a smirk. “You’re more interested in multiple boyfriends, right?”

“Save it, Michael. I don’t need a lecture from you.”

“You know you really embarrassed me at that barroom, Robin,” he said, removing his sunglasses and looking me square in the eyes. “I was steamed for days, but I don’t let those kinds of things interfere with business.”

“I’m not sorry about that night, Michael,” I said firmly. “But as usual, I’m not following you. What do you mean about business?”

He smiled slightly and took at step towards me. He stroked my hair as he spoke. “You know I still go golfing with your brother and sometimes your dad?”

“Mom’s mentioned it. So?”

“It would be a shame if your family knew of your recent exploits.”

I suddenly felt a knot in my stomach. “I know I embarrassed you, Michael, but you can’t say anything to them.”

“I can’t?”

“No,” I said. “Besides, they wouldn’t believe you.”

“What about the videotape you made at work, Robin?”

This shut me up. I thought for moment of bluffing, but it was obvious that he at least knew something about the tape the guys at work made of me. How did he know about it?

“I’ll take your silence as an acknowledgment that we’re on the same page,” he said, running his hand slowly down my neck to my breasts. He teased one of my nipples with his fingertips as he continued to speak. “I did a little digging, and bought a copy of that tape--for a modest fee, I might add. It was quite a performance, Robin.”

“My parents can’t see that tape, Michael,” I said, fighting back tears. “Please, don’t do it.”

“Well, Robin, this is where it comes down to business. I need you to help me with a certain business matter,” he said, pulling my shirt up over my head; I didn’t dare resist. “You do this for me, and your folks won’t know what a bad little girl you’ve become.” He then pulled my sports bra over my breasts. He cupped the sides of my boobs and squeezed them together. “I’ve always thought the world of your body. Now it’s going to help me more than I’ve imagined. So I assume we have a deal.”

“What do you want?”

“I have a prospective client, a CEO of a major corporation,” he said. “This guy’s into young women. From what I gather he’s pretty kinky. Anyway, I told him about you, and he wants you to pay him a visit. You make him happy, and I promise I won’t use the tape.”

“OK, you’ve got a deal, Michael. This guy isn’t into any rough stuff, is he?”

“Nope,” he said. “But he likes young blonde girls, so you’ll have to dye your hair. I’ll give you the details later.”

Michael told me to meet him at the Ritz on Halloween night. I should dye my hair and make myself presentable. He’d have everything else I’d need there. Given our history, I didn’t want to do anything that would benefit Michael, but I had always fantasized about being a call-girl. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I just thought of it as role-playing. It’s just one night, I told myself.

On Halloween, I was very nervous and admittedly somewhat excited. Michael said he’d be nearby and wouldn’t let me get hurt. This much I believed from him. I went to the hairdressers and got a cut and a dye job. With my fair skin, the platinum blonde hair looked natural on me. Since the guy I’m meeting is into young chicks, I shaved my public hair off, and I wore my hair in ponytails on the sides of my head. I met Michael in his luxury hotel room at about a quarter of ten.

“Nice room,” I said.

“Nice hair, Robin. My client’s room is right next door. There’s something laid out for you on the bed; put it on.”

I went to the bedroom and changed into the outfit I was to wear. I slipped into a baby-doll teddy. It was red and see-through. The front cups were snug and displayed my breasts nicely. It tied closed with a silky red ribbon and opened to expose my firm belly. The teddy’s shear fabric ended just below my bum. It had tiny matching thong panties. The outfit was complemented with red pumps and a red mask, the kind that covers just around your eyes and forehead. It tied with a red ribbon. I applied bright red lipstick. I hardly recognized myself in a full-length mirror. I definitely looked the part of a sexy call-girl and, just as Michael had requested, I looked much younger. I could’ve probably passed for 17. But with the blonde locks and the mask, my own mother wouldn’t recognize me.

“You look fantastic,” said Michael, grabbing my ass. “If I didn’t have so much riding on this, I’d throw you on the bed had have you for myself.”

“Thanks,” I said sarcastically. “What’s with the mask?”

“I told you, this guy’s a little kinky and it is Halloween,” he said. “Just leave it on. By the way, he’ll be in costume, too. He’s the CEO of major firm and worried about being recognized.”

I just smiled and rolled my eyes.

“Lastly, he wants you to call him daddy,” he said.

“Give me a break!”

“If you’re not going to go through with this I’ll have to pay a visit to your folks!”

We looked at each other awkwardly for a moment. Finally, I broke the silence, “Whatever, Michael!”

“He’s ready for you.” Michael check that the hallway was empty, and I went next door. I was filled with nervous excitement to the point that my hands were shaking slightly. I took a deep breath and knocked tentatively on the door.

I was somewhat shocked by what I saw. A man opened the door wearing only black silk boxers and an old hockey mask, like the one Jason wore in Friday the 13th. I fought back my laughter. What a kook, I thought. He was a big guy, probably 6’2 and over 200 lbs. The salt-and-pepper hair on his chest made me guess that he was probably in his mid-50s. But he had an impressive, muscular body for an older man, with just a touch of love-handles.

“Trick or treat,” I said with a sexy smile.

I could see the man’s eyes bulge at the sight of me. “Michael sent you, right?” His voice was muffled through the mask.

“That’s right,” I said with a giggle, playing my part. “Are you my daddy?”

“Come in, come in,” he said, nervously pulling me by my waist into his room. The room was dimly lit with several candles. He just stood there for a moment, admiring me. He ran a hand through one of my ponytails and then softly down my cheek.

“Are you a good girl or a bad girl?” he said.

“I’ve been a very naughty girl, daddy,” I said, placing my hand on his chest.

He sat down on a nearby sofa and lifted the back of my teddy. I stuck out my bum and wiggled it teasingly. Eyeing my bare cheeks he said, “Maybe daddy needs to give you a spanking then.” He pulled me close to him and slid his large warm palms up the back of my legs until he was squeezing my bottom.

“Oh daddy, I’m sorry,” I purred; my slit was becoming moist. “Please don’t spank me.”

“You’ve been a very bad girl,” he said. “I have to.” He pulled me down forcefully, bending me over his knee. With one hand on my lower back holding me in place, he lifted the back of my teddy, exposing my near naked bottom. With his other hand he rubbed my soft skin for a moment. I was panting in expectation. Finally, his big palm came down across my cheeks with a sharp crack.

“Ouch! Please, daddy, I’m so sorry!” He spanked me again. “I’ll be a good girl from now on,” I said. Crack again. “Please, daddy, I’ll do whatever it takes to be a good girl for you.” He gave me one more stinging slap and held his hand against my reddened skin.

“You’ll do what daddy says from now on, huh, sweetie?” he said, slipping his fingertips into the crack of my bottom.

“Yes, daddy,” I played along. “I’ll do whatever you ask.” Pushing the thin material of my panties aside, his fingers lay against my wetness. He eased two inside of me. I moaned softly, letting him know I was eager for more.

“You’re soaking wet for daddy,” he said. “Taste how excited daddy made you.” He held his fingers to my lips, and I enthusiastically licked them clean. Any apprehension I had melted away as I lost myself in the desire to be taken by this masked stranger.

He told me to stand in front of him. He looked my body up and down. Softly touching my fleshy hips, he peeled my panties down to my knees. “I love a clean pussy,” he said, running his fingertips across my shaved pubic area. He glided his hands up my belly and brushed across my breasts. The fact that this stranger was taking his time so aroused me. He pulled on the ribbon between my breasts, causing the teddy to fall open. My breasts sprung loose with a jiggle. He slipped the teddy over my shoulders. Cupping my breasts in his hands, he squeezed them together lightly. My nipples were standing erect, and I wanted nothing more at this moment than for this man throw me down and have his way with me.

I ran my fingers through the back of his thick hair and straddled him. I sat on his lap, feeling his throbbing cock through his silky shorts, pressing against my wetness. As I pulled his head towards my waiting breasts, I slid his mask off of his face. He took my nipple to his warm mouth, sucking softly. Seeing his face in the candlelight for the first time, I was suddenly filled with horror.

“Daddy?” I yelled. “Daddy!” He looked up at me with a shaken expression and yanked my mask off.

“Robin?” he said in disbelief. “Oh my God!” I sprang from his lap, and he stood straight. We stared at each other for several seconds before I burst into tears.

“Don’t cry, sweetie,” he said, placing his hand to my bare shoulder. “It will be okay.” The warmth of his gentle voice made me feel like a little girl again. I fell into his chest and hugged his broad shoulders. “There, there,” he said.

“I’m so sorry,” I cried. “I had no idea. Please believe me.”

“I believe you, honey.”

“Please don’t tell mom.”

“I won’t, Robin,” he said. “I promise that I won’t.”

His embrace felt so comforting, but as my sobbing began to subside I noticed that my father still had a giant erection, pressing against my belly. I breathed in the scent of his bare chest as daddy’s warm hands rubbed lightly across my lower back.

“I’m really sorry,” I said, breathing into his ear and softly kissing his cheek. “Daddy, am I still your princess?”

“Of course you are,” he whispered. His hands moved down the small of my back as I continued to give his cheek and neck tender open-mouth kisses. When I kissed down to his manly chest, I felt his hands press firmly against my bare bottom. Our bodies felt so natural pressed against each other. I moaned deeply when I felt his fingers probe closer to my slick vagina.

“This is so … bad,” he said. “We can’t, princess.” But it was far too late to convince me. I’ve learned by now that it’s no use trying to control my urges. Besides, it didn’t feel wrong at all.

“Don’t worry, daddy,” I said, reaching into his boxers and wrapping one hand around his thick cock and massaging his large balls with the other. “No one will know. It will be just this one time.”

“I don’t know about this,” he said.

But I know when I have a man where I want him. Holding his penis, I guided him to the bed. I pushed on his chest so that he would lie on his back. I straddled him and looked into his eyes. “How long have you wanted me, daddy?” I asked.

“I don’t know what you mean, sweetie,” he said uncomfortably.

“Yes you do,” I said, moving closely. I kissed his lips softly, but soon our tongues were sliding together. He palmed my bottom, and I licked his ear. “Tell, me how long you’ve wanted this.”

He didn’t reply. I kissed down his chest and his stomach. I pulled his boxers down. Looking at my father naked, I couldn’t believe how large he was. He had the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen. I licked up his inner thigh to his hairy balls. I ran my tongue up the length of his thick cock. Holding its base, I pressed it against my face and said. “Look at me, daddy. Watch me pleasure you.”

When he looked down, I teased the tip of his throbbing penis by licking it all over. Wetting my mouth, I gave daddy a sexy smile, and then I slip my full red lips down his fat cock. “Mmmmmm, mmmmm,” I moaned. Sliding it out with a slurp, I looked up at daddy again. I squeezed his big wet shaft between my engorged breasts and asked him again, “How long you’ve wanted me?”

“Oh, princess,” he said, breathing heavily and pumping his cock into my chest. “I’ve thought about this since you were in high school.”

“Me too,” I admitted. “Tell me what you want right now, daddy.”

“I want to taste you, baby.” I spun around and straddled his face. I pushed my bottom into until I could feel his lips against my pussy. His hands spread my ass, and he began lapping up my dripping juices. His warm tongue felt incredible on my sensitive slit. I moaned deeply with pleasure. Daddy’s long cock was pointed at my face, so I slid it into my watering mouth. Relaxing my throat, I swallowed his entire length. I could here daddy groaning as he drove his tongue deeper into my pussy. I tasted his precum as he began to push his hips quickly into me. I could tell he wouldn’t last long, so I glided my swollen lips up and down his shaft faster, fucking daddy with my mouth.

“Oh, baby, it’s been so long since I’ve had this,” he said. “That feels so good.” I slid my mouth down on him until my nose was pressed into his balls. Daddy’s salty sperm gushed out. His hips twitched beneath me, and I swallowed as quickly as I could. After three big gulps, daddy finally came to a rest, and I gently sucked the last drops from his swollen tip. Tasting daddy’s yummy cum really got me going. I bounced my pussy into his face as he tongued me deeply.

“Yeah, that’s it, daddy,” I yelled. “Kiss your princess!” I rubbed my fingers across my engorged clitoris as daddy licked me all over. While I was sitting on his face readying for a fast approaching climax, daddy spread my cheeks wide and drove his tongue deeper inside of me. Feeling him invade my sensitive little hole, sent me over the edge. I was instantly awash in a mighty orgasm. I let out a scream of pleasure as my hips twitched uncontrollably. When I couldn’t take anymore, I fell off of daddy and lay on my side.

Breathing heavily, I listened to my racing pulse. Just as I was nearly recovered, I felt daddy’s hand slid up the length of my outer thigh to my soft, round hip. He positioned himself behind me, holding me close to him. His warm skin felt wonderful against my back. His hand glided up my stomach until he was holding a breast. Daddy kissed my ear and squeezed my chest, drawing me closer into his body. I felt his long penis pressed against my bottom. It began to grow longer and firmer. I rocked my bum into it, and daddy let out a sigh.

“You okay, princess?” he whispered.

“I will be,” I said, turning to look into his rugged face. “I will be when you put it inside of me, daddy.”

With those words, his face changed. He became very serious, almost angry. He rolled me to my back and kissed me hard. “Tell me again what you want, princess,” he groaned.

“Fuck me, daddy!” I demanded, wrapping my shapely legs around is waist. “Fuck your little girl.” I’d never wanted it so badly. My waiting pussy spread open wide, as my daddy shoved his fat penis inside. “Oh, God, daddy, give it to me!”

Grasping my tits, he jolted me with every massive thrust. I hugged his strong shoulders, and I kissed his neck between howls of pleasure. “How is it, daddy? How do you like fucking your little princess?”

“It’s so good, sweetie,” he groaned. “You have such a beautiful little body. I love fucking your little pussy. Oh God, it feels so incredible.”

“You don’t have to pretend anymore, daddy. You can fuck me anytime you want. I’ll be such a good girl for you.” With that, I began feeling the warm waves of another orgasm. “You’re going to make your princess cum again, daddy …. Oh, oh, oh, fuck me, daddy! FUCK ME!” I lay back squirming, as he pulled my knees above his shoulders, lifting my bottom off of the bed. He gripped my curvy hips tightly and delivered tremendous thrusts within me. He was so strong and so deep that I had tears in my eyes just as the hot flash overwhelmed me. My tiny body quivered beneath daddy. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I yelled out.

“Oh, princess, you’re going to get me soon,” he gasped, shoving his thick cock all the way in. He held it deep inside as he collapsed on top of me. He was showering my face with soft kisses, when I felt his throbbing shaft gush hot sperm inside of me.

“I love you, daddy,” I whispered in his ear.

“I love you too, princess.”

We laid there in a naked embrace, with daddy’s penis still trickling inside of me, when the lights came on. Michael was standing at the end of the bed with a giant grin on his face.

“This worked out even better than I expected,” he said. “I knew you were a couple of sex freaks, but I didn’t expect you to actually go through with it.”

“Get the hell out of here, Michael!” I yelled.

“Shut up, Robin,” he said. “I’m through with you. Howard, on the other hand, I’ll send a new contract to your office next week for your signature. I’ve got the good on both of you, and I’ll be in touch.”

Michael succeeded in getting an exclusive deal with my father’s company. I hadn’t heard from Michael since, but I’m sure it’s a matter of time. Daddy and I haven’t seen each other in nearly a week, but mom asked me to come by this weekend. I’m nervous, but excited to see him.

If you like this story, be sure to read others about Robin. Also, I appreciate feedback about my stories. Please send me your comments or suggestions.

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