tagErotic CouplingsMy Halloween Treat...

My Halloween Treat...


Thanks to J. for the inspiration.


Usually I would not be caught dead at a high school dance. (Prom excluded.) Only kids that go to these cheesy things are underclassman. But here I am dressed in full Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz attire. Pigtails, checkered dress and ruby slippers. Big difference is my dress is only inches below my ass and I am not wearing anything underneath. I am at this Halloween dance for one reason only. That is to have my way with Mr. Douglas.

I have been drooling over him since the first day of Junior year when he was my history teacher. I was ecstatic when I got my senior schedule and saw that he was teaching government this year. I wore my vibrator out that night thinking of his manly body over mine. Thrusting his huge cock into my younger core. I say huge but really have no idea. Although I did catch him trying to hide his hard on one day in class. It could have had to do with the fact I was wearing no panties and flashed him from my desk in the front row.

I just turned eighteen a month ago and since then have been trying to figure out a way to seduce him. When I found out he was chaperoning this dance I formulated my plan. I am so nervous as I walk into the gym. Not about what anyone else will think. I know I am hot. I'm 5'6", nice legs, tight ass, decent C cup breasts. My brown hair usually hangs below my shoulders but I curled it into two perfect pigtails just for tonight. As I suspected most of the freshman's jaws hit the floor. Likely they will be jerking it to this image in their beds tonight. I do a quick scan and spot Mr. Douglas standing on the left side talking with another teacher.

How does such a sexy man tend to look like such a dork. He is probably about six foot. Short blond hair, green eyes, runners build. I can guess his age to be about late thirties, early forties. He is always wearing a suit at school with a tacky tie. Tonight he is in jeans and a plaid button up shirt, tucked in of course. Looks like his belt matches his brown leather shoes. I can't help but smile thinking about what I will find under them.

I do a tour of the gym waiting for the other teacher to get away from Mr. Douglas. End up having to fend of stupid guys asking me to dance. Half the kids here aren't even dressed up. What is the point of going to a costume dance and not. So lame. On my second pass I look over to see if he has noticed me. The way his eyes are traveling over my body, I think so. I give him a naughty smile over my shoulder and continue on. Finally after another fifteen minutes the other teacher walks off. I waste no time wandering over.

"Hi there. Mr. Douglas." Giving him a blatant once over.

"Hi Christy." Trying not to look at my chest.

"I hate to ask but is there anyway you can do me a big favor?" Giving him my sweetest smile.

"Anything to help a student." Returning my smile.

"Well, I kind of left my notebook in your classroom. I really need it to finish the paper that is due on Monday. I was hoping you could let me go get it."

"You know the classrooms are locked after hours."

"Yeah." I answer sheepishly. "That's where I need your help."

"Well..." Looking around the gym. "I guess they won't miss me for a couple of minutes."

"Oh thank you." Bouncing up and down. His eyes go straight to what else is bouncing.

He holds the door for me as we walk out into the hall. I notice he looks back, probably making sure no one notices us walking out together. I walk beside him most of the way but then do a quick trot to get ahead of him before we make it to his room. I make sure to put a sway in my hips. I turn to smile back at him when we get to his room. He unlocks it and walks in. I follow right behind, shutting the door. He goes to his desk and pulls the notebook out of his drawer.

"Here you go." Holding it out to me.

"Thank you so much Mr. Douglas." Not taking it. I walk up close to him. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure." Laying the notebook on his desk.

"What are you doing chaperoning on a Saturday night?"

"I didn't have anything better to do."

"Come on. You can't tell me a sexy man like you is single." Reaching out to walk my fingers up his shirt.

"Well.." Watching my fingers. "My girlfriend and I broke up last month."

"I'm sorry." I answer as my fingers reach the collar of his shirt. I trace it with my finger before unbuttoning the top button.

"Umm." Clearing his throat.

"Is something wrong?" I ask as I continue unbuttoning his shirt.

"I think we should go back to the gym..."

"I want to see the sexy body you are hiding under here." Pulling his shirt out of his pants. Sliding my hands up his hairy chest to push it off his shoulders.


"Call me Dorothy.." Dragging my nails back down through the thick hair.

"We shouldn't do this.." I cut him off with a finger over his lips.

"Another part of you is saying something else." Running my other hand over his bulge. His eyes close and a soft moan escapes him. Before he can say anything else I am on my knees before him. Undoing his jeans I reach in to find his semi hard cock. Looking up, I give him a wicked grin and snake my tongue out. Starting at the base I run it up his shaft, swirling it around the head before wrapping my lips around it.

"Really...We shouldn't..." Gritting his teeth as I take more into my mouth. Stroking the rest. I pull off, flick my tongue against the slit, then stroke the underside of the head. "Oh... wow...." He sighs. Knowing I am in control I put my mouth back on him. My hand and mouth begin bobbing up and down his cock. His hands grab my pigtails and he starts pushing more of his meat into my mouth. I relax my throat and let him push all of it in.

"Fuck!" He breathes. Grip tightening on my hair he begins trusting into my mouth. I look up to see him watching his cock being sucked down my throat. I slide my hands up around his hips and let him fuck my face. Using my pigtails to pull my mouth to him hard. "I'm going to cum...." Thrusting forward harder. I let his hands guide me along him. "Ooohhh...." his breath catching in his throat as his member jerks in my mouth. Swelling and then exploding. I push him back enough so I can swallow the load. Spurt after spurt of hot cum shooting into my mouth.

"Mmmm.." I sit back and lick my lips.

"Holy shit." Running a hand through his hair.

"That made me so hot." Reaching between my legs to run a finger over my wet lips. His eyes are locked on where my hand disappeared. I pull my wet fingers away. Then slowly bring them to my mouth and lick them clean. His eyes grow huge.

Suddenly he reaches down, pulls me up and sits me on his desk. His big hands pushing my thighs open. His mouth meets mine at the same moment his fingers find my wetness. Tongue sliding against mine in tandem with his fingers driving into me. I moan into his mouth as they slip out and rub along my clit. He begins working his way down my neck. Hand tugging at my shirt. I help him get it off. He just stares as my naked breasts come into view.

"You're so beautiful." He says. One hand caressing my breast, his lips attack the other. His fingers below have not let up the assault. My nipple is rock hard as his tongue circles, then flicks it. Teeth gently biting before moving to give the other one the same attention. I run my hands through his hair, along his shoulders lost in sensation. I have never been touched so right before. All my previous boyfriends thought a five minute fuck in the back of a car was good enough.

My whole body is tingling as Mr. Douglas manipulates my key areas. It's not enough. I want to feel every part of him. Running my hands down his hairy chest I find his cock. Hard again already. He lifts his head and I can see the desire in his eyes. I push his hand away as I stroke him. Reluctantly he removes his fingers, then brings them to his mouth. Smiling as he sucks all my juices off them.

"You taste so good."

I rub his hard tip along my opening, coating it. His hand covers mine as he pushes the tip into my hard bud. My whole body convulses and he smiles wickedly. I remove my hand and grip his shoulders as he begins to push in. His thick cock stretching and filling my tight hole. We both moan as he slowly works the whole length in.

"This is so wrong." He says looking to where we are joined.

"But it feels so right." I respond. Squeezing my muscles, gripping his cock tighter.

"You're playing with fire little girl." With another wicked grin. He pulls out and slams all the way back in. Swallowing my gasp in his mouth. Tongue slipping in as he begins to move inside me. Slowly at first. Long and deep, sliding almost all the way out then back in. "You are so tight." He groans against my ear as he picks up the pace. My head thrown back as his mouth moves along my neck, down to my tits again.

"You feel so good, Mr. Douglas." I moan, hanging on as he pistons into me.

"So do you." Lips meeting mine again. Moving his hand down to where we are joined. His finger begins to rub the bundle of nerves there. Rubbing in speed with his thrusts.

"Oh my god." The warm feeling starts in my belly, quickly spreading through my limbs. I come apart at his hands, convulsing through an orgasm. He doesn't let up the dual assault, drawing out my pleasure. Taking it to an all new height.

"Thank you." My voice as shaky as my body.

"You're welcome." Just holding his cock inside me. His arms gently stroking my back. "Are you ok?"

"No one has ever given me an orgasm before."

"You've been with a man before?" Sounding concerned.

"Just boys."

"Well let this. Real. Man. Teach." Emphasizing each word with a deep thrust. "You. A. Lesson."

"Teach me Mr. Douglas." Gasping with each forceful thrust.

"My name is Jay." Pulling me up and spinning me around. "Put your hands flat on the desk." His says with authority. I do as I'm told. My knees are weak but he wraps an arm under my stomach for support. I feel his hairy chest against my back. He leans down near my ear. "Prepare to be thoroughly fucked." He whispers. I feel the tip of his cock against me. Slowly moving up and down my slit. He lines up and using the arm holding me pulls me back fast.

"Oh god." Moaning loud.

"That name is good too." I can hear the smile in his voice. His other hand moves up to squeeze my breast. Developing a quick rhythm, he alternates between short and shallow. Then switching to hard and deep.

"Holy shit." I am cumming again already. My pussy spasming around his steel rod.

"That's right. Cum for me." I feel a hand on the small of my back, pushing my whole body flat on the desk top. The cold wood stimulating my hard nipples. His hands slide up my back to my shoulders. Holding me still as he begins to pound me faster. "I'm going to fuck you hard now." I'm not sure if it's a threat but all I can do is moan. He grabs my pigtails. Jerking my head back he jackhammers into my core. The next orgasm is right on top of the last one.

"Oh fuck Jay. I'm cumming."

"Mmmm. Yeah say my name again."

"Fuck me Jay. Pound my pussy."

"Yes." He hisses.

"It's all yours Jay, ruin it."

"I'm going to cum inside you." Slamming in hard and holding it.

"Cum deep inside me. Oh yes. Fill me up Mr. Douglas." He pulls out and rams it home a few more times before swelling inside me. Still gripping my hair tight as he jerks and explodes. Feeling his hot seed causes me to go over the edge once again. My pussy milking his spent cock for every drop. He collapses against my back, panting. Hands on the desk for support. I can feel the sweat dripping onto me.

"I hope I get an A." I smile back at him.

"You definitely passed the lesson. We'll have to see how good you do on the exam."

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