tagErotic HorrorMy Halloween Visitor

My Halloween Visitor


It was Halloween and a huge day for the bar business. I knew it was going to be a long day and night before it even got started.

I own a bar in an old downtown building. The building was built in the 1880's and is a three-story building with a very creepy basement in it. The building has a very colorful past with many stories of past inhabitants and activities.

There have also long been rumors that it was haunted. The whole town knew of the rumors and various sightings and experiences of people while in the building.

I knew of the rumors when I leased the building but thought that the wild rumors would add to the charm of the place. I was not a believer in ghosts or things like that or at least not until I rented this building.

On the third floor of the building there was a huge dance floor with a stage at one end. To the side of the stage there was an apartment with a bedroom, bathroom and a sitting area. The story went that for many years a lady named Wilmena owned the building and operated an illegal card parlor/brothel on the third floor. She also lived in the building in that apartment. The third floor we did not utilize, as there was no elevator to it. It had not been used for many years and the apartment still had ballerina wallpaper on the walls in the bedroom. It was a very creepy place. Every time I went up there I always had the hair stand up on the nape of my neck.

You always had a feeling of not being alone or as if someone was watching you when you were in the big old building by yourself. Being that it was so old there was always lots of noises and many creaks and groans.

My first experience was one evening when we had closed down I was sitting at the bar relaxing after a long night. I had the TV on and my feet kicked up on another bar stool. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. It was just a brief almost wisp of white. I quickly turned to look in the direction of the movement and saw nothing. It still put chills down my spine to this day.

That night I had decided to sleep in my office, as I had to be back very early and it was already 3am. After seeing the movement I thought to myself you are being silly. I got up and went to the office. I had private bath and shower in there. I took a shower to clean up before turning in. While in the shower I could not get rid of the feeling that someone was watching me.

I again got it out of my mind and pulled out the cot and went to bed. I lay there for a while and tried to not listen to the sounds of the building and soon fell asleep.


Where was I?

Oh yah, it was Halloween Day and I was ready for a very busy day. The partiers come out on Halloween and want to be entertained. We were having a costume contest that evening along with a live band.

It was 5pm and we were set for the big night. The happy hour crowd was beginning to roll in and soon there after the costumes and holiday revelers were on their way.

It was now about 8pm and the crowd was heavy and the place was packed with ghosts, vampires, French maids, naughty nurses and all sorts of spooky and some very sexy outfits. The liquor and the beer were being consumed at a record pace and I was thrilled to see the cash register ringing.

At 10pm we held our costume contest and naturally the three top finalists were girls in very sexy and skimpy outfits. What did you expect after all it is a bar.

The girl that won the grand prize and the $500 cash money was a beautiful, tall blonde who was dressed as a naughty nurse. Her skirt barely covered her high, tight ass. She had on white thigh high hose with lace around the tops of them. The front of her outfit was unbuttoned nearly to her navel and did little to cover up her firm and very full breasts. Her name was Linda.

After she enjoyed her moment in the spotlight I pulled her aside and ask her to follow me so I could get her the money she had won.

We went into the office. I leaned over to get into the safe and suddenly felt a hand on my ass.

Linda purred, "You have got the finest ass I have ever seen on a man."

I quickly turned around and Linda was so close her large breasts were rubbing against my chest. With the heels on she was looking me straight in the eyes and I'm 6' 1" tall.

I kind of choked and said, "Thank-You."

She reached for my crotch and rubbed her hand on my stiffening cock.

She then leaned even closer and said, "Standing in front of all those people in such a sexy outfit has my pussy aching for some cock."

I looked right back at her and said, "Damn the luck and here I am."

She leaned in to kiss me and immediately unzipped my fly and inserted her long manicured fingers into my pants. I reached up and unbuttoned the few remaining buttons on her outfit and it fell open to reveal the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. Her stomach was flat and firm. I ran my hand around to her ass and found a thong running along the crack of her tight ass. Her ass was so firm and tight you could have bounced a quarter off it.

She then reached for my belt and unbuckled my pants so she could have better access to my now rigid cock. She then pulled my shirt over my head and I reached for her shoulders. I pulled the dress from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I kicked off my shoes as she pulled my slacks down to my ankles and then over my feet.

She stood back up and I had to admire the absolute beauty standing in front of me. She looked at me questioningly and asked, "What's wrong?"

I replied, "Absolutely nothing I just had to stop for a minute to admire you."

She jumped back at me and kissed me passionately with her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. She slid down my body to kiss each of my nipples and slightly bit on one of them. She then kissed her way to my stomach then on her knees to my cock. She sucked my cock into her mouth while she held my balls in one hand.

Then I felt a chill run up my spine. There was that feeling again of being watched. I looked around the room and nobody was there. Linda and I were the only ones in the office. The temperature of the room seemed to cool down suddenly and I could not shake the feeling until I felt my cock hit the back of Linda's warm throat.

"Wow!" was all I could say and looked down at the Goddess with her red lips circling my hard cock. Her eyes smiled back up at me and she began stroking my cock in and out of her mouth. I tilted my head back and enjoyed the wet, warm sensation enveloping my cock.

I let her suck for a bit longer then reached down and pulled her up to me. We kissed again and I bent over to suck one of her nipples into my mouth. Her nipple quickly hardened in my mouth and I let my teeth brush across it slightly. This caused a "MMMMMMM" to escape from her. I put a hand on the damp thong that was covering her pussy. I found her slit and rubbed her clit through her panties causing her to again moan with pleasure.

I reached for the waistband of her panties and pulled them down those long beautiful legs. When they hit the floor she stepped out of them. I reached for her waist and turned her toward the desk. I bent her over and guided my cock to her pussy.

She was so turned on that my cock slipped right into her velvety warmth. There is nothing like the feeling of your cock sliding slowly into the depths of a silky smooth hot pussy. I let it in slowly until my crotch was against her sweet tight ass. I withdrew all but the head and then plunged back in and when I hit bottom our skin slapped together making a clapping sound. I withdrew and plunged again.

Linda said, "Damn it fuck me and fuck me hard!"

I needed no more guidance and relentlessly plowed in and out of her pussy. She had her hand between her legs feeling my cock sliding in and out of her pussy and fingering her clit. She quickly stated to tremble and laid her head down on the desk and groaned, "YESSSSSSS I'M CUMMMMMMMMING!"

I also was ready to explode and pulled out of her pussy and slid my cock along her lower back and shot a load onto her back!

She reached around to her back and ran her fingers through my cum and then stood up and licked her fingers. "MMMMMM, I knew you would taste sweet. Maybe we can do this again sometime and I can get the full load on my tongue."

I replied, "I'm almost always here. Anytime you want just let me know."

Linda stepped into my private bath and cleaned herself up and put her dress back on. She was ready to leave when I said, "Don't forget your money!"

She smiled and said, "I had almost forgotten about that."

She took the money from me, kissed me one more time and then went out the office door.

I stood there thinking damn you're a lucky man!

I then went back out to the bar to be sure everything was going ok.


After the costume contest things had slowed down a bit and a lot of the crowd had gone home. It stayed steady though up to closing time which was 1am.

We got everyone out of the bar and the staff was busy cleaning things up while I went to the office to count the money from the day and make the deposit. I sat down at the desk where only a few short hours ago I had Linda bent over and was pounding my cock into her pussy. It made me smile again thinking back on it.

I was extremely tired and decided to stay at the bar again tonight and get some sleep. The commute home was 45 minutes each way and that was an additional one and a half hours of sleep.

The last of the staff came in and said they were done and they were headed out. I followed them to the front door thanked them and said goodnight. I locked the door behind them and set the alarm. I had the place set so that I could set the alarm and still move around in the office.

I stripped down and got into the shower to wash off and then jump in bed. I turned off the lights and laid down. The building was doing it's normal groaning and creaking and I guess because it was Halloween it bothered me more. I then got that feeling again that there was someone in the room watching me. I opened my eyes and looked into the darkness to see if anyone was there. Nothing. I then thought, you are a grown man grow up there are no ghosts or bogeymen. I drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly, the sheet covering me was being pulled off me from the bottom of the cot. I grabbed it with my hand but to no avail as it just kept being pulled off. Soon the sheet was gone and I was lying there naked in the darkness shivering with fright as to who or what was in the room. I was franticly looking around in the darkness to see who was there and still nothing.

I then felt a slight breeze as my cock was grabbed by something very cold. I reached for my cock and it was cold. In the darkness there was something stroking my cock. I started to get up and was shoved back onto the cot and the feeling of being held down by my shoulders was evident but yet there was nobody there. I reached for my cock again to try to take control of whatever was stroking it and my hands would not move. My arms were also pinned down at my sides.

Without a doubt something was stroking my cock and although I was scared my cock was getting hard. When I was fully erect it felt as if there was a mouth on my cock and I was getting a very good blowjob. The sensation continued for a while and I was struggling to move but to no avail. The blowjob continued and I soon was feeling the cum rising again. When I thought I was going to cum it stopped. There was nothing for a moment and I tried to move but could not yet.

I then felt the familiar feeling of someone straddling me to fuck me. It was just like a woman getting on top and ready to fuck. There was pressure on my groin and thighs. Then I had the sensation of my cock sliding into a pussy.

"What the fuck is going on" I yelled into the darkness and was still shivering.

There was the unmistakable feeling of fucking someone who was on top of me. Suddenly there was an ungodly moan that rang through the office and it sent chills over my body.

I looked down as my eyes had adjusted slightly and I could see my cock sticking straight up in the air and the foreskin was sliding on my shaft. I again tried to move but could not. I was completely frozen to the bed and at the mercy of whatever it was molesting me.

Again another loud moan and despite my fear my orgasm was approaching. I felt the cum rise into the shaft and explode out the end of my cock. I looked down and my cum was flying through the air and splashing onto my groin. After I had finished cumming I felt the weight leaving my loins and was suddenly able to move again. I lay still for a moment then jumped out of bed and turned on a light. There was nothing there and I looked down at my cock to see it covered in my own cum.

Suddenly I jerked and woke up.

"Whew, it was just a dream" I said out loud.

I had to piss so I got up to go to the bathroom and then returned to bed. I was lying there thinking what a wild dream.

Then suddenly something was pulling at my sheet from the bottom of my bed.

My mind was reeling and I thought, oh fuck I'm awake!

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