tagMatureMy Halloween Visitor Returns

My Halloween Visitor Returns


This is a sequel to my Halloween story, "Little Old for This, Aren't You?", which told of my adventure on my porch with two college kids trick or treating as part of a initiation prank for a fraternity.


When I answered the doorbell and turned on the porch light, the shadowy figure on the other side of the door became much less ominous looking. It took a second for me to recognize my visitor, because I had hardly expected the lad to actually take me up on the offer I made last night, but there he was.

"Hello - Andy, wasn't it?" I asked, trying to remember the name of the Saturday Night Live character he had been playing when he appeared on my doorstep trick or treating 24 hours earlier.

"Uh - my name is Paul - my real name I mean," my young caller said, mumbling and pawing at the doormat and generally acting like a frightened kid instead of the college student he actually was.

"Well, come in Paul," I said, stepping aside and welcoming him into my home.

"I - uh - I'm sorry for just showing up like this. I won't stay long," he apologized.

"Oh, guess I should have stayed in the murky darkness like last night, so you didn't get a good look at me," I said with a chuckle.

"What? No!" Paul said quickly. "I mean, you're really pretty."

"I am?"

"Yeah. I mean, you look a lot like a relative of mine."

"Who might that be?" I asked. "Your grandmother?"

"No," Paul said. "My Aunt Jessie."

"Okay then, you can stay," I said, not minding being thought of as only a generation older than him.

I brought Paul up to the living room, where he refused my offer of a drink and instead just stood there sweating and fidgeting.

"Have a seat, Paul," I said, practically pushing him down on the couch, where I sat next to him and patted his knee. "My name is Marie. Guess that's kind of odd - introducing myself after what I did last night."

"Um - that's why I came back," Paul said. "I just wanted to tell you - thank you for that. It was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me."

"You should get out more then, Paul," I suggested, looking over the husky fellow who was sweating profusely, clearly intimidated by me for some reason. "I don't know what got into me, because that isn't something that I usually do. I am glad that you took me up on my offer to come back though."

"I knew you were kidding about that, but I did want to thank you," Paul said, looking at the opening where my robe had come apart a bit, exposing the pale pink nightie beneath.

"What makes you think I was kidding?" I said with a smile. "An old lady like me doesn't get young studs like you knocking on their door like that every night. Especially guys built like you."

"Yeah, that Gary," Paul said, shrugging his shoulder upon mentioning the name of the kid that was his co-conspirator the night before. "He's really got a big one."

"I didn't care about - was that his name? Gary?" I informed Paul, referring to his lanky friend with the long slender cock. "I was much more interested in you. I didn't invite him back here. Just you."

My attempt to reassure my husky young visitor only resulted in making Paul sweat even more profusely and begin breathing like a locomotive.

"I never - never did anything like that before," Paul said.

"Neither did I," I assured him, putting my hand on his thigh and squeezing a bit. "I don't know what I got into me. You friend was okay, but you were the one that really fascinated me. Such a shy fellow you are."

"That's - I'm - I don't do well with girls," Paul stammered.

"That's not true," I said, sliding my hand up his thigh towards his crotch. "You're doing quite well with me."

I moved on top of Paul straddling his legs in a move that I'm sure that my 57 year old thighs would regret come tomorrow and ground myself into my young friend.

"I never did that before - last night - I'm..."

"A virgin?" I asked incredulously, and almost expected the sweat to fly off of Paul's face as he shook his head vigorously in response.

"Nobody - no girl ever did that to me before," Paul said, beginning to babble as my hand sought to find what I found so fascinating the night before.. "A man once - he gave me a ride and wouldn't let me out of the car until I let him do that me, but no girl ever..."

"Paul, if you're trying to excite me even more that I already am, you're wasting your time" I said, unable to find what I had brought to climax the night before. "A virgin? I want to change that - oh yeah! There it is!"

I cackled as I found what I was looking for in Paul's trousers, and I had only given the fat cock a couple of tentative squeezes before Paul cried out and began making faces that signaled I had gone to fast with my horny friend.

"My fault," I said, trying to help him complete his orgasm though the multiple layers of fabric until he finally collapsed into the back of the sofa.

I climbed off of Paul and looked down at the expanding wet spot in the crotch of his slacks, shaking my head as I thought of the semen gone to waste. Cum that I could have savored and swallowed again. A virgin's semen - the phrase sounded erotic, and when I recalled the luscious flavor of his load from last night, I knew that I wanted more.

"You want to come to bed with me?" I asked in as coquettish a way that a woman 57 years old can manage, and as I spoke I parted my robe while lifting my nightie up to my hips, hoping the sight of my pouting and prominent pussy lips would not scare him off.

"Oh gee," Paul moaned, acting like he had never seen a pussy before.

"Then follow me," I said, offering my hand to the young man, who rose unsteadily from the couch and followed me down the hall.

"Um... can I clean up first?" Paul asked as we passed the bathroom on our way down the hall.

"I'll clean you up just fine, babe," I said, pulling him into the bedroom before he could get away. "You are 18, aren't you Paul?"

"Yes ma'am," Paul said, moving awkwardly to get out of the way of the door that I was closing behind him. "Gonna be 19 in January."

"I'm Marie," I reminded him. "Not ma'am. Rule 1 - never ever call a woman that you're about to fuck, ma'am. Okay?"

"Sorry - Marie."

"That's better. Now let's get these messy clothes off of you," I said, reaching over to unbutton the short sleeved blue shirt which used to be light but now was dark blue, saturated by Paul's sweat.

"I'm sweating," Paul gasped as the buttons came open one by one. "Sorry."

"Rule 2 - don't apologize - for anything," I said, inhaling the wave of testosterone and hormones that filled my nostrils as Paul's shirt came open. "I love a sweaty man, especially when they sweat all over me."

Paul laughed nervously at that, but it was true. By the time Paul perspiration became sour, he would be home in his own bed. Now, his sweat was like a aphrodisiac that I couldn't get enough of.

"Oh! Love a hairy man too," I chirped after pulling the damp shirt off Paul's shoulders and playing with the half dozen or so little hairs that had grown in the center of his pale chest.

Paul was probably about three inches taller than my 5'4", and while he was a husky lad, it was just a little baby fat that would disappear soon - some of it tonight if I had my way.

I let my robe fall off my shoulders and lifted my arms, telling Paul to help me with my nightie. Grateful that the dim light of my bedroom would hide some of the evidence of the fact that I was three times Paul's' age, I watched his shaking hands take the bottom of my nightie and raise it over my head.

Leaving my arms up as long as I could in an effort to keep my breasts from sagging too much, I reveled in the way this cute kid looked at my aged body like guys his age had done 40 years ago.

His plump hands grabbed my breasts, the little orbs disappearing in his grasp, and when he started mauling them like an amateur I practically swooned at the rough treatment.

"That's it Paul," I moaned, putting my hands behind my head to let him know that they were his to do what he pleased. "Squeeze my tits hard. Sorry there isn't more there for you."

"Love them," Paul grunted, his fingers stroking the outer rim of my aureoles. "Your nipples..."

"The nipples are in the center," I breathed heavily. "The thick pegs are the nipples. The outer part - the wide pink parts around them are the aureoles. See how plump and swollen they are?"

Paul nodded, taking in this sex-ed-on-the-fly lesson I was giving him and then studiously manipulating the aureoles, which dominated the tiny teats they were on.

"Put your hand between my legs," I told him, and he let one hand drop my right tit to explore. "Run your fingers through my pussy hair. Bet you don't see many with fur on them anymore."

After I spoke I realized that while he had probably see plenty of pictures, this was likely the first one he had touched, but he dutifully followed my instructions and let his digits rake through the light dusting of hair around my sex.

"Feel how wet I am?" I asked. "Put your finger in."

As I felt his finger enter me, I let out a groan that startled Paul for a moment, but when I started to grind into his hand he realized that it was okay.

"I want your cock in there," I said, disengaging myself from Paul in order to get at what I had sucked on last night, not really sure whether in fact he was as large as he had seemed in the darkness.

The wet spot in the crotch of his slacks had spread far and wide, and I could smell the musk as I hurried to undo Paul's belt. Yanking his slacks down, I chuckled at the sight of his white briefs which was saturated with his cum.

Peeling them down, I saw the mess I had helped create, which covered the little tuft of pubic hair and his flaccid penis, which sat like a fat toadstool above a pair of balls that seemed immense.

"It's small," I heard Paul say, but after reminding him not to apologize I leaned forward and took the stub in my mouth.

Even limp, the thickness of his cock stretched my mouth out wide. I felt like a pig with an apple in its mouth as I took in the bulbous head. Right away Paul started huffing and puffing as I went down on the short stump, which began to get re-energized as I suckled on it.

I took his cock out of my mouth for a second, and was going to suck on his balls, but they were so large that all I could do was lick the hairless wrinkled sac a bit before going back to his cock.

What Paul's cock lacked in length - and to be sure when it became fully erect his was no longer than the five inches I was used to, but the girth of his organ more than made up for it.

The head of his penis made for almost half of its length, and the skin was so taut that the swollen plum looked ready to burst open as my teeth scraped gently along the surface. A large bead of pre-cum formed on the tip of it, but didn't last long as I slurped it up before forcing my mouth back down the thick monolith.

My jaw was already aching, but it was just as well because I had to have it. I got up and moved back to the bed, pulling Paul and his throbbing cock with me. On my back, I pulled my husky young lover on top of me and told him what I wanted him to do.

"Fuck me," I said, gripping his arms tightly while he fumbled with his cock, trying to put it in. "Stick that fat cock right between the lips of my cunt."

Paul was getting flustered, and so I was I, so I reached down and grabbed his cock and guided it into my sex. AS Paul eased down onto me I felt his swollen cock sink into me like a fist. It felt like the wind was being knocked out of me as his thick manhood opened me up like I was giving birth again.

"AWWW!" I screamed while my legs spread as wide as possible, and I clawed at Paul's back while our sweaty bodies clung to each other. "Fuck me!"

Paul's strokes were short but savage, and his grunting with each thrust only added to the excitement. I came in less than a minute as Paul pounded hard into my pussy, and came a second time while watching his face as he came as well, savoring the look of someone who had just done what he had spent the last 18 years dreaming about.

Paul mercifully eased off of me and we both stared at the ceiling for a few minutes while I caught my breath.

"That was so good."

"Really?" Paul said excitedly and then he started babbling about how great it was for him, and as I enjoyed his boyish excitement I had a warm feeling inside. A feeling not caused by the semen that was now trickling out of my pussy and down into the crack of my ass, but of watching the joy that I wished I had experienced during my cherry popping.

"We'll see," I said as I got up onto my elbow and looked over at Paul after he had asked whether we could do that again. "You've already cum twice, so it might take you a while to get it back up again. In the meantime, if you're interested you might as well get a complete education.

I climbed up onto the bed and squatted over Paul's face. My cunt was full of his semen, but if that bothered my young stud, he didn't show it when I told him what he could do to pass the time until he got hard again.

"That's it," I said after my thighs caressed Paul's ears and my dripping pussy surrounded his mouth. "Lick all over - right there! That's it babe. Eat my pussy."

Paul lapped at my cunt like a eager puppy, and as his tongue soothed what his cock had torn up, I began to think that if he could get it up again, maybe another round would be fun.


I think the clock read 2:30 when I managed to get out of bed and stagger into the bathroom. Closing the door, I leaned up against it and saw my reflection in the full length mirror and cringed at how I looked.

My short blonde locks looked like I had been out in a hurricane, and the red marks around my shoulders, neck and collarbone looked like I had been an appetizer for the cast of Twilight.

"What are these?" I said to myself in a whisper as I looked at my reflection while examining my battle scars. Tooth marks or just something that I hadn't had in decades - hickeys?

My breasts - good grief - the sad little cones had been fondled, squeezed, suckled, kneaded, and then - after I had mentioned how I liked them treated a bit rough - well, I had it coming to me. The dear boy would have tied my banana boobs in a bow if there had been enough there to make a knot, and my swollen nipples ached when I cupped them tenderly.

My knees were rubbed raw, from being on them while sucking on Paul's cock as well as when he had discovered the doggie-style position and had tried to drive me through the headboard. As for my pussy...

I looked at myself, standing there with my legs spread open like I was on a horse. My sparse pubic hair was coated with Paul's dried semen, and there was some of his last load hanging on the lips of my sex, having been coaxed out with my walking to the bathroom.

"You will never get your thighs together again, Marie," I said to myself as I waddled to the commode and let loose.

"You're not 18 anymore," I concluded after gingerly using the tissue around my pussy, which was tender and sore.

Wasn't it about five hours ago that I had been sitting on Paul's face, wondering if he could manage to get that squat little stub erect again? How long did it take that time? Ten minutes.

And that had only been the beginning. The light must have been dim. Either that or he had been storing up years of frustration - endless nights watching the other guys get the girls while he sat alone and lonely. Whatever the reason, - who knows - maybe my body still had some appeal to a man, but he was insatiable.

I had given up counting orgasms, both his and mine. Even when it had become uncomfortable, I was so aroused my Paul's animal-like urges that I found myself wanting him just like he wanted me.

The only time the word "no" crossed my lips was when when I was on my stomach, enjoying Paul's stroking of my back. His hand had slid down my back and then I felt his finger move in between my ass cheeks.

"No babe," I said as his finger probed my anus and he asked me if he could complete his education. "That lesson you will have to learn from another teacher. I'm not that much of a fan of that to begin with, but even if I was, you're way too big."

"Way way way too big," I had repeated after he told me that guys always made fun of his dick in the showers at school. "They're probably jealous. I've seen more than a few in my time, and you're just fine. More than fine."

I washed my hands while remembering all of this, and after clicking off the light and went quietly back into the bedroom, not sure whether I should wake Paul up and send him on his way or not. As it turned out, he wasn't asleep, as I could tell in the moonlight when I got next to the bed.

"I missed you, Marie," Paul said, and I could see him smiling, although my attention was elsewhere.

"You've got to be kidding," I giggled as I watched his hand working up and down his cock, which was hard and standing straight up once more, and I noticed that not even his his man-sized hand could come close to encircle his thickness.

"Can't help it," Paul said, biting his lower lip while looking up at me standing beside him. "You're so sexy."

How could I resist? Either he was demented or maybe he liked his women aged, but in any event, I wasn't able to resist his charm.

"Mind if I take care of this big boy like this?" I asked just before bowing my head and opening my aching mouth yet again, and judging by his reaction as my lips slid down his magnificent manhood, he didn't mind a bit.


thanks for reading

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