tagMind ControlMy Happy Ending

My Happy Ending


"Turn over, please." Nick really hoped Gordo was right about this place, or he was about to embarrass the hell out of himself. Twenty minutes of Jiangyi working on his legs, thighs, and buttocks with warm oil had left his dick so hard he could feel it poking into the massage table, and he couldn't stop his erection from springing up when he rolled onto his back at this point even if he wanted to. He was about to give Jiangyi a faceful of cock, and he'd feel terrible if that wasn't part of her job.

He was pretty sure it was, though. The way Gordo leered when Nick mentioned that he was going to Dallas on a business trip made it pretty clear that his old college buddy was back on his favorite subject, and when Gordo said, "Oh, man, you have just *got* to visit the White Lotus Massage Parlor on Canton Street," Nick was pretty sure that his friend hadn't developed an interest in shiatsu.

Normally, he would have just filed the name away with all the other places Gordo talked about in his self-appointed capacity as Zagat's Guide to Prostitution, but...Nick had to admit, he was in the middle of a dry spell. It was hard to get into a relationship with someone when your job had you racking up enough frequent flyer miles to earn your own airplane, and when Nick's hotel turned out to be four blocks from Canton Street, well, a guy was only human, right?

So after the last round of meetings ended for the night, Nick decided to go looking for a restaurant on Canton Street to eat dinner. And damn if he didn't find himself walking right past a little hole-in-the-wall place with a sign that said 'White Lotus Massage Parlor'. He gave a spontaneous knock on the windowless door (when he said 'hole-in-the-wall' he meant it literally-the door was recessed into an otherwise smooth facade of gray brick) and asked the handsome Chinese woman who answered, Jiangyi, if he could get a massage.

"Um, with, you know, a happy ending," he mumbled, blushing. Gordo was probably smoother at that part, but Nick didn't know how you normally asked for a handjob. Because he didn't normally ask.

And now it was time to see if Jiangyi was up for it. Nick sure as hell knew he was; his cock practically bounced off his belly when he rolled over, wobbling around as if on springs. Jiangyi looked at it with a practiced eye and gave him a small, crooked smile. "Already thinking about your happy ending, huh?" she asked, in an accent that was more Gulf Coast than Guangdong.

"Um, I..." Nick felt the blush spreading down his chest. Between the blood rushing to his skin and the blood rushing to his throbbing penis, he was kind of amazed he wasn't feeling light-headed. "Yeah," he finally said, not trusting himself to say anything more. He felt like a teenager all over again, flirting with Mary Sue Hanover in her bedroom the night her parents went up to Saint Cloud. They both knew what was going to happen, they both knew they wanted it, but somehow he felt so damn stupid saying it out loud.

"Well," Jiangyi said, squeezing out a dollop of oil onto her palms and working it into her skin, "let's just see what we can do about that." She reached down and began to massage his balls with one hand, rubbing the sensitive skin in slow, lazy circles as she gently but swiftly ran her fingers up and off the shaft of his cock. "Cute boy like you deserves a happy ending, don't you?"

"I...hhhh...I like to think so," he muttered, trying to sound suave and decadent. Like he got jacked off by an older woman every day. The effect was probably spoiled by the strangled yelp he let out a few seconds later when she rubbed her palm over and around the tip of his cock, smearing the oil into the tingling flesh. He'd walked in expecting her to just talk dirty to him and jack him off, but this was incredible. He found himself holding back, not wanting it to end.

"Well then, let's see." She cradled his balls with both hands and slowly massaged them, leaving his cock to sway and dribble precum in tiny spurts. "The prince heard Rapunzel's sweet song, and even though he was blind, he recognized the voice of his love. He flew into her embrace, and her tears of joy at seeing him restored his sight. The two returned to his kingdom, where she bore him twins-a boy and a girl-and they all lived happily ever after."

"I, what?" Nick blinked, trying to parse what he'd just heard. "What, I...what?" It was English, he understood all the words, but...it didn't make any sense here. It was gibberish in the context of what he expected to hear from a woman in her forties giving him the most amazing handjob he'd ever experienced. He was completely bewildered, but at the same time he couldn't stop paying attention to the incredible sensations she was stimulating in his cock and balls. It was a strange, perplexing feeling, like he was supposed to be losing his erection but at the same time he'd never been harder in his life.

"Oh, sorry, not happy enough?" Jiangyi grinned wickedly, running one hand then the other up his shaft in an endless waterfalling motion. "Let me try again. Peter made it to the fence safely, but he was too full from all the carrots he'd eaten. Just when it looked as though Farmer McGregor was going to catch him and make him into a savory pie, Peter realized he could wriggle through if he left his coat and gloves behind. He made it out of the garden just in time, and his mother put him to bed with a cup of chamomile tea to settle his tummy."

"Tum...wha?" Nick started to sit up, but Jiangyi added a rolling motion to her strokes that sent him lolling back onto the massage table with a groan of ecstasy. He couldn't believe how good this felt, but he couldn't really get over the edge to climax to the sounds of Peter Goddammed Rabbit. It was weird and unsexy, and it was really messing with his head that he couldn't stop squirming in uncontrollable desire despite all that. "Look, can we just-"

He broke off with a tortured groan as Jiangyi slid her thumb over the slit of his cock again and again, teasing him until his balls began to tighten in her other hand. "Of course we can," she purred, her voice warming him like a shot of single malt. "Of course we can, my darling boy. I know just what you need. You just lie back and listen and let Jiangyi do all the rest."

Just as Nick lay back again, nodding absently and sinking into the hot, tingling sensation of incipient orgasm, Jiangyi said, "I'll tell you all about the huntsman who came along, just as the wolf swallowed Little Red Riding Hood. He heard the commotion and raced into the cottage, and he took the wolf's head off with a single swift stroke of his axe. Red Riding Hood and her grandmother came crawling out of the wolf's belly, none the worse for wear, and they weighted the wolf down with stones and threw him down the well."

It was bad enough that she didn't stop playing with his cock the entire time, constantly varying her grip and her speed and her motion to keep him continuously focused on the intense pleasure coursing through his whole body. But what made it all the harder to cope with was the voice she used. She purred out the story of Little Red Riding Hood with the same seductive, honeyed tone that she used to tell him to lie back and let her get his rocks off. He couldn't deal with that.

"Oh, come on, please," he moaned, feeling his balls tighten and loosen as he tried to get over the hump only to have Jiangyi shift her hands to leave him to idle in aching desire. He halfway wanted to just shove her out of the way and finish himself off, but every time he made even the tiniest motion that wasn't an involuntary wriggle of pleasure, she stroked him with a sudden urgency that slammed him back onto the table with bliss. He felt like his thoughts were flying apart into a dizzying whirl of confusion. This couldn't really be happening, could it? Every time he tried to make sense of it, she jacked him off until he couldn't think, and every time he got ready to cum, she distracted him with another fucking fairy tale. It was practically breaking his goddamned head.

Jiangyi responded to his frustration by giving his cock another sensual tug. "Oh, alright," she said, circling her thumb and forefinger around his sack and applying just enough pressure to keep him achingly hard and unable to cum. "Since you're such a very good boy, I'll give you a happier ending. You want to be a good boy and get your happy ending, don't you?"

"Yes," Nick whimpered, feeling his cock strain up to the ceiling like it was being drawn by a magnet. "Oh, fuck, oh God yes..."

Jiangyi's eyes glittered with excitement, almost triumphant in their exultation. "Well then," she cooed, ignoring his wail of frustration, "let's talk about Snow White. The prince lifted up her coffin to carry it away, and when he did, the bite of poisoned apple fell from her mouth and...no? Not happy enough? This one ends in a wedding..."

"Please," Nick moaned, trembling helplessly as she teased the tip of his cock to the very edge of release before returning to the base of the shaft. "Oh God, please just let me cum, please." His brain was on fire, the constant waves of electric pleasure fogging up his sight with mindless bliss and shutting down his ability to think. He felt too weak to get up, his muscles felt rubbery with the constant convulsions of arousal that passed through him every time Jiangyi stroked him to the very limits of his ability to withstand before breaking his erotic fugue apart with another distracting monologue. He would do anything if she would just let him cum. Anything at all.

"Oh, you wanted a happy ending!" Jiangyi said, rolling her eyes as if in exasperation with her own foolishness. "Well, that's an entirely different story. You should have said." She gave him a smile that was almost tender, and said, "Let's talk about Sleeping Beauty, shall we?"

Nick tried to control his resentment, but he must have failed because Jiangyi's smile turned to sudden sternness and she stopped playing with his cock entirely for a moment, leaving him with nothing but the slow, tormenting stimulation of her hands on his balls. "I can make this last much longer if you're naughty," she said. "We can be at this all night if I have to."

Nick shook his head, a strange and defenseless terror washing over him at the thought of not being allowed to cum. "No, I...please," he whimpered. "I'll listen."

"Good boy!" Jiangyi said, giving him a fluttering sequence of strokes up and down his cock as a reward. "Now, Sleeping Beauty was returned to her parents, but of course by then she had grown accustomed to the discipline of the palace life. When she came back to her kingdom, she was restless, bored, and aching with desire. Her suitors could not please her. They could not dominate her the way she longed to be dominated and enslaved. One prince, though, said that he would do anything to make her happy. Anything at all."

Jiangyi's voice became a low, hypnotic whisper as she stroked him in a mechanical rhythm, just the opposite of the constantly shifting stimulation she had employed before. "She looked at the prince and ordered him to take off all his clothes. He gasped, uncertain as to whether to comply, but she raised a single cruel eyebrow at him and he knew he had no choice but to obey. Within moments, he was naked for her. Alone. And oh, so incredibly hard."

Nick let out a lazy sigh, his attention entirely focused on the suddenly erotic narrative and the gentle tug of her hand on his cock. She moved in such an easy, graceful repetition that it lulled him into a thoughtless reverie; his eyes drifted shut and he let himself sink into the pleasure without even noticing the way that he was still stuck in a near-orgasmic state of bliss. It didn't feel frustrating to him anymore. It felt wonderful, like he could float on this dreamy plateau of blank euphoria forever without a care in the world. All he wanted to do was listen to her voice.

"Beauty showed him how to assume the slave position, with his hands behind his head and his feet spread apart so that she had total access, total control. She played with his cock, watching him squirm and wriggle in need and desire, seeing him give in to her power over him. It felt so good, so good for both of them to know who was really in charge. Who was in command." Jiangyi's voice swept over him, pressing into his mind like a stylus into soft clay.

"And she demonstrated that power," Jiangyi continued, her even strokes blurring Nick's mind with helpless arousal. "She showed that she controlled his pleasure, that everything he desired depended on pleasing her. She took him, mind and body, and he was so helpless to resist. He knew in that moment that he would do anything she asked, that he would never be free of the power she had over him. That was the happiest ending of all for him, the moment he came to the understanding that he was born to be an obedient, mindless slave and he loved every second of his surrender. Doesn't that sound so good? Doesn't that sound so wonderful?"

Nick wasn't quite sure how to respond, but Jiangyi's fingers seemed to pull the answer out of him, drawing it up out of his cock with every sensual touch. "Yes," he whispered, already losing track of exactly what it was he was agreeing to. He was too lost in the pleasure, too distracted by deep and mindless arousal to think about Jiangyi's exact words. She was describing something wonderful, that was all. She was promising him something beautiful and amazing and delicious and of course he wanted that so much. He couldn't not want it anymore, not when he could feel his body coursing with ecstasy with every touch and every word.

He heard, as if from a great distance, his own voice telling Jiangyi that he was in town for four more days, that he had no girlfriend and no wife. He heard himself agreeing to come back tomorrow, hard and ready to listen to her sweet and sensual voice some more. Then he heard himself agreeing to forget what he heard. It felt so good to agree with Jiangyi. Everything felt so good right now, and everything felt so peaceful and happy that whatever he was doing must be the best thing to do. The very best thing possible.

Jiangyi must have agreed with him, because suddenly her strokes built into a frenzy of swift and relentless stimulation that milked his cock into a gushing explosion of mindless bliss. Nick felt his cum splatter all over his chest, his belly, his hips as she forced his orgasm out. "That's my good boy," she whispered, cooing in delight as he strained to give her every last drop of his semen. "That's my good, good boy."

She helped to clean him off then, and walked him to the door after taking her well-earned money. "And so," she said, her voice falling into the same measured tones she used when telling him stories earlier, "the handsome young man found his new purpose in life, submission to the beautiful and sensual Queen Jiangyi. He knew that he didn't need to think about any of his glorious adventures at her side, because it was always so much nicer to obey than to think. He would always return to her, whether in body or simply as a voice on the phone, for deeper conditioning and stronger obedience, because all he had ever wanted was surrender to her will. And they all lived...happily ever after." As she showed him back out into the street, Nick heard her say two last words to him, words that washed away the fog of trance and snapped him back to reality.


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So supremely erotic, one of your best imo

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Good story

Good story but not as awesome as your usual material. Very much looking forward to your next story!!

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