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Another day, my lover is already on his way to work as a locomotive electrician for the railroad. The sun shines through the curtains of my bedroom and the birds are chirping. I am in a great frame of mind today, last night my lover told me what my heels do for him.

The way he told me he, was getting me turned on! and his husky voice had a lot of feeling when he said,"Oh Sally, what would you say if I told you that those dress heels you wear at times, the black glossy ones with the bows, that they look so sexy and dressy on you, that somehow they turn me on?"

So I am thinking, Geeze is it true that guys can get or have a fetish for womens shoes? I have to assume he he meant they get him hard.

I am a good looking woman and I have a good amount of self respect and secure in my womanhood to not be jealous if he looks at or talks to other women My attitude being "Look but don't touch. I never had a problem using a vibrator to satisfy my needs but there have been times when those AA's were deader then the proverbial door nail but it never dawned on me to use my own heels. What the hell right? They could turn me on and they will never nedd batteries.

Well it is time to get up and make some coffee. We had some great pizza last night from Samz club. A big 16 inch vegie for ten dollars and there were a few slices left so I put them in the fridge and will have them with my coffee.

Somehow the idea of doing myself with my heels loomed in my mind as I sipped my coffee. I was reading the Boston Sunday Globe through a pair of gold half-rounds perched at the end of my nose with a nice glass beaded neck chain slung over the back neck. I found my right hand going down to my glory hole and thought I would finger myself. Damn, time to do some nail work as I could cause some trouble down there.

I read Dear Ann Landers, That was funny.A son got turned on by wearing his moms clothes, skirt, bra; blouse;and heels! What is it with heels today? well my hole was getting wetter and I knew something would have to be done about it.

Gus made a remark a short time ago about my black patent heels looking nice on me but that a newer pair would look much better as what I was wearing was starting to show their many years of good use.

I had just bought the pair of black patent heels with bows that Gus, my lover was so turned on about, had not even worn them yet. But he, it seems could hardly wait to see them on me or perhaps try them himself . Well I could use them only for the bedroom and buy another pair for regular use. Yes this would would be my fetish pair or maybe Guss's.I giggled and that made me And that made me wonder, if he wore my heels and liked the way they fit, would he go further? like undies; a dress; skirt; and blouse?

So I went back to my bedroom and grabbed the heels from the closet, oh how dressy they look, what I will do to Gussy with these will blow his mind. I took those heels and started to touch my boobs with them, rubbing them all over my nipples and the feelings I was getting was very different then I have had for some time now.

Is it the exitement that Gus is turned on by them? their sparkling blackness? so serious like? . I don't know. What I do know is I am getting aroused in a way not often occuring and I like it. I kept rubbing that sparklin' black heel over my left nipple, waves of pleasant feelings radiated from my tits down to my sex parts and I was enjoying myself on a higher level than I was before.

The other heel went down yonder, I could feel my wetness and the heel seemed to find its way in with no trouble what-so-ever and I began thrusting it and soon found miss Clitty.Oh Gawd I am so loving this! I was sweating like a boiler tender filling the massive firebox with coal. Waves of pleasure coarsed through my body, making me shudder as one orgasm overcame the other.

By now it was eleven a.m. and my lover called.

"Sally, how is it goin?"

"Oh pretty good Gus, whats hapening?"

"Gonna be late tonight, gotta go to Acton and work on the 1058 as the aux. gen. is not charging the locomotive starting battery."

"So Gus, are you really turned on by my new heels?"

"Hell ya Sal, so serious looking, you could be my dominatrix!"

"You wanna be tied up?"

"Whatever! you can decide that Sally, I gotta get going, see ya tonight!"

"Whoa Nellie! he wants me to be his dom? Where in hell did that come from?"

So I am lying in bed thinking of this whole new line of ideas Gus has, and I had to wonder if I did not get those snazzy new heels, would he have thought about wanting me to be his dom?

Do I care? Hell no. I am a woman in her early sixties who loves sex with a good man and if being a dom turns him on, so what. I will show him what a shoe fetish can be like. I'll tell him to cum my heels and if he does not listen to his dom, well I will not be his dom. I will tie him up to the headboard and footboard with all those long white belts with two rows of holes, touch him with my heels get him hard, then go make a cup of tea and have some crumpets.

I had just gotten back from grocery shopping when Betty called.

"Sally, long time no hear, whats going on?"

"Oh just the usual, and you?" "Same here, well sort of. I have been going outa my mind as clothes are not where I hung them up, heels are missing, brassieres, like wtf?"

"Oh Betty, NOT your heels?"

"Yes, a nice pair of black patent."

"And you have no idea where they or your clothes are?"

"I do now!, there at my sons house."

"Damn, are you serious?"

"Uh huh, went there to feed his cat, he must have forgotten he asked me. And there they were, my almost new heels, the box too. So I took a look in his closet and there are a few of my best dresses, The dresses I have been looking all over for and I never would have suspected my son grabbing them.

"Seems like he washed my bra's, whiter then ever and hanging up in the shower."

"So Bet, think he is a crossdresser?"

" I know I am cross about my dresses, hell if he asked I might have had a few I could give him, but to just snag my clothes. So I got even, I took my clothes and all of his!, let me see how he deals with that!"

After I hung up with Betty I figured it was time to make that meatloaf but somehow the thought of those heels came back to mind. I had orgasms this morning that were mindblowing, I mean I have been taking care of my needs for sometime but what I had this morning was way over the top and my nipples started to harden and within minutes I was getting wet again.

I was back on the bed with my heels and I did not bother taking off my bra, my nipples were straining the fabric as I rubbed the side of my new heels over my nipples. Waves of pleasure once again sprung from my tits down to my clit. The late afternoon sun glistening on these heels and I liked the way the sunlight was bouncing on the wall as I furiously shoved the toes end of my new heel up into my puss where the vamp ended.

I could not believe it! the top of the toes was rubbing against my clit and the orgasms I was getting! thundering orgasms! I never got that from my vibrator and it costs me twice as much as my heels.

I laid in bed for awhile thinking about my new role as a dominatrix and what could be done to Gus. Yeah tying him up to the headboard and footboard as he is wearing my clothes, teasing him with my heels. This could be a whole new means of foreplay. I called up the shoe shop where I bought these and inquired if anything new in black patent size ten came in. When the clerk said they just got a whole new load of womens heels, I was there within an hour. I bought two more pair, one pair known as 'Spectators.' black patent at toes and heels white between. these have a three inch skinny heel, these would also be for fetish use. The chopped pumps in black patent would be for regular use in and out of the house but not in bed.

Guss called back around six and told me he was heading back from Acton, as the auxiliary generator or mgm139 generator/exiter was now working. The loco was buttoned up and Guss was on his way home.

"Sal, are you gonna tie me up and tease me with your new dress heels?"

"Geeeze Gus, how come you never asked about being tied up before?"

"Don't know, ask your new heels, I just know they turn me on."

"Yeah I will turn you on Guss, in ways you never imagined."

"See you in a few Sal, love ya."

"Me too Gussy."

Well Gussy is really looking forward to me being his dom, and ya know, I like that. Same ol' same ol' gets stale after awhile and a new spice is needed for the sex dish.

I bet if he saw my moms heels, he'd want to do things with those.Would she ever know?" What would mom think if she found out her daughters lover came in her heels? Could Mom be interested in a three-some? One way to find out.

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