tagFetishMy Hirsute Fantasies Ch. 1-2

My Hirsute Fantasies Ch. 1-2


Hirsute Fantasy Ch. 1

I was sunbathing in the backyard with my girlfriend Bobbi. Me and Bobbi had only been dating for the past couple of weeks. Hell, I hadn't even gotten her in the sack yet! Anyhoo, me and Bobbi were laying out on a towel next to each other in the middle of the backyard. I had on a white T-shirt and a pair of shorts and Bobbi was wearing a one-piece bikini. Bobbi was lying spread-eagled on the towel and, when I turned over, I noticed something very different about her . . . and it wasn't a suntan!

I saw several of Bobbi's pussy hairs sticking out the bottom of her bikini in clear view. Her twat was so thick and bushy there was even hair growing on the inside of her thighs that was also sticking out her bikini. I felt a boner growing in my shorts the more I kept staring at her bushy cunt. I guess I was staring at Bobbi's furry coochie longer than I thought because, when I eventually did look up, Bobbi was glaring down at me.

"What the hell are you starin' at?" she asked me in a not-so-gentle tone of voice.

I motioned with my eyes down toward her pubic area. She looked to see what the hell I was staring at. Her eyes got real big when she saw her own cooch hairs poking out of her bikini. Apparently thinking the same kinky shit as I was, Bobbi smiled suggestively at me as she pulled back the bottom of her bikini so I could see her cunt in all it's furry splendor. Her bush was a few shades darker than the brown hair that was atop her head. I lowered my head and sniffed her cunt hairs while I reached into my shorts and started jacking myself off furiously. Luckily there was a big fence around the backyard so there wasn't a chance of the neighbors seeing what we were doing (at least I hope there wasn't, and, if they were watching us, then what the fuck, right?). I stuck my nose all the way into her fur so I could get a good whiff of her musky, dank twat. I jacked myself faster as I ran my lips and tongue through her pubes. I bent my head down some more so I could bite and nibble on the hair that was growing out her thighs. Bobbie giggled as I did this to her.

"That tickles!" she squealed.

I started licking and munching on her unshaven mound again while I kept beating myself off. It didn't take long for the cum to build up in my nuts until it spurted out of my cockhole in gushes. I pointed my dickhead at Bobbi's pretty pussy so I could coat her bush with my spuzz. When I was done shooting off, her pussy hair had changed color from a dark brown to a snowy white. Bobbi surprised me when she ran her hand through the hair and slurped my spizz off her fingers. Shit, I thought to myself as I watched my new girlfriend licking her fingers clean of my spunk like she was licking chocolate, this girl was as kinky as I was, probably even more so!

Hell, no wonder I was dating her!

Hirsute Fantasy Ch. 2

She was standing naked before me, her body almost completely immersed in hair. There was not only thick hair covering her pussy but there was also hair covering her arms, her legs, her armpits, there was even a little treasure trail leading from her navel down to her bush. My cock throbbed and ached as I stood there gaping at her hirsuteness. I fell down to my knees in front of her and began licking her woolly legs above her ankles taking turns with each, my tongue slathering the hair on her legs as I slowly moved it up her calves past her knees to her upper thighs until my tongue was resting on her bush. I slathered her pussy hair with my insatiable tongue until it was completely it was completely coated with my saliva.

I licked up her waist, which was also covered with small hairs, to the treasure trail that extended from her waist to her bellybutton. She giggled a little as I swirled my tongue around her soft, fuzzy navel for a bit then I stood farther up and, as she raised her arms, planted the tip of my tongue on one of her furry armpits. I ran my tongue around her fuzzy pit for a while before turning my attention to her other armpit, which was equally hairy. I licked that pit for the same amount of time before she turned her back to me so I could bend down and lick her asshole that was, like the rest of her body, also immersed in hair. I licked the hairy crack between the fuzzy cheeks of her ass and then rimmed her asshole for a seemingly long time until she turned back around to face me again. She grabbed my erect cock in her hand and dragged me closer to her. She jacked me off until I showered her with my semen from the waist down. I gazed down panting to see my own come glistening on her body hair. I dropped to my knees again and repeated licking her hirsute body over . . . and over . . . and over . . .

And over.

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