tagIncest/TabooMy Hot Mother Ch. 01

My Hot Mother Ch. 01


It has been a very long day at school. More assignments this coming week mean that there will be no late night parties and drinking sessions with my friends. It was almost summer and nearing end-of-term exams. Dad is away on a trip and my older brother is attending a seminar for managers somewhere. That left Mom and me alone in the house. As I walk home, I'm thinking of a grueling weeks ahead. We live in a suburban area, a two-story building of Victorian design and a large pool at the back. My dad is an architect of a big construction firm and I am planning to follow his footsteps. As I made my way to the backyard, I am sweating like a pig and I badly need a dip at the pool. However, when I reached the fence, I was stunned at the brunette lounging at the poolside. She's wearing a two-piece white, string bikini, cut high at the hips. The cups of the bra pushed the breasts upward to gravity-defying levels. Her chest is heaving and she's glistening with suntan lotion. Damn she's so hot. It didn't help me at all as I am perspiring more profusely at the sight before me. Then suddenly I realized: it was my Mom! She never looked hotter, hotter than those women in my magazines stashed upstairs in my bedroom. As it was, I never entered our backyard and contented myself looking at this revelation before me. You can say that I feasted my eyes on this gorgeous woman before me.

My name is Peter and I am the youngest of two. I am 19 years old, my brother is 24 and already graduated college last summer. My mother, Joanna, is 44 years of age and works for an accounting firm. She's part owner of the firm that's why she can take some days off and laze around, and this is one of those days. Also, she regularly goes to the gym and runs the treadmill she owns located inside their bedroom. Regular workout keep her body trim and fit, some of my friends commented that she look like their older sisters. Once I noticed her bra in the laundry and curiosity got the better of me, it says 36C. I looked at the waistband of her pants and its written there 34 inches. Wow, my Mom is a babe.

One day while she's getting ready going to the gym, she asked me to come with her.

"Why don't you put down your notebooks and come with me to the gym," she asked me.

"Mom, I got exams on Friday and I need to prepare," I answered back.

"Well, it's only Tuesday and you still have 2 days to prepare, so why don't you stretch your muscles for a while and accompany me," she insisted.

"Okay, but we have to be back by 5 so I can finish reviewing," I conceded.

"If you say so," she replied with a big smile on her lips.

You see, I regularly accompany her to the gym and workout myself. I'm 5' 11," and I have a well-toned body. Mom is 5' 7" and she possesses a body you would kill for.

As she stood up from the lounger, she pulled the strings higher up her hips and I could just make out her pussy lips covered by her bikini. My dick got so hard and it got painful within the confines of my jeans. I never looked at her this way before and boy, I will replay this scene in my mind over and over. My Mom standing there in high cut string bikini and she just looked like a goddess. She then dove at the pool and swam some laps and when she surfaced, she might as well have been naked the way her bikini clung to her body and is almost transparent. She looked so heavenly I needed some release or my balls will burst. Then she dried herself with the towel nearby and made her way inside the house. I guess my peepshow is over. I waited for a few minutes for my boner to calm down before I made my way to the front door. There she was dressed in yellow shirt and denim shorts, which did not diminish her beauty in any way. "So how was your day, Pete?" she asked.

"Well, I've got loads of school work next week I think I might not have a vacation," I lamented.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" she offered.

Don't dress sexily and give me a hard time, I thought.

"Nah, I can do it myself, nothing much to worry about Mom," I told her.

She smiled. "That's my boy," she said. "After your exams through, maybe I can even let you party with your friends. Or maybe, give you a present or something." She said winking at me. "Go to your room and get yourself washed, I'm getting dinner ready," she said moving to the kitchen.

Joanna is a very happy wife. Her husband is a successful architect and her eldest son, Mike, just graduated from college and got hired by a top marketing firm. Her youngest son, Peter, is finishing high school and may graduate at the top of his class. In short, she's a very contented woman. Lately however, her husband has been paying less attention to her. What with all those conferences and seminars occupying most of his time he's been spending less at home. He repeatedly asked her to go with him in his trips but she always say that there will be nobody left to tend to their son, Peter. She's at her sexual peak and needed a man to satisfy her needs. She just focused her sexual energy to aerobics and working out, it left her with a body that turns most men's heads whenever she passed by. At her age, who would've thought that she can achieve this youthful looking body. Her youngest son, Peter, is growing up to be a pretty good-looking man. His well-defined frame is the result of her prodding him to accompany with her to the gym. Some girl will be so lucky someday, she thought, although she's confused why he haven't introduced a girlfriend to her.

The following day, Peter came home from school earlier than usual. He just came from a friend's house to finish a school project and he badly needed some rest. He went straight to his room, took off his shirt to doze off when a few minutes later their front door opened and closed.

Joanna just came home from work and she's very tired. She noticed Peter's school bag on the couch and she thought he must be home. She went to his room to peek and he sure was there lying on his bed. The sight that greeted her stopped her on her tracks. His son lay there, his bare chest heaving and his shorts tenting up. My, he surely have grown, Joanna thought. Then a wicked idea formed in her mind. There lay her son, obviously virile and grownup. Lately, she's been noticing the way he looks at her, especially when she's wearing tight tops or short shorts. What was it with young boys? Is her son lusting after her? The thought suddenly aroused her feelings and excited her at the same time. Hmm, maybe...

She slowly approached the bed to wake him up and tell him to get ready for supper. She laid her right hand on his chest and with her left she stroked his face. "Honey, wake up. I'll be preparing our dinner soon," she whispered to him. He opened his eyes and mumbled "okay Mom" to her. She then walked to her room without bothering to close the doors. Her room was just directly in front of his and if he opens his eyes, he will see her undressing in front of him.

First, she took off the ribbon on her hair and placed it on the dresser. Then, she turned around directly facing the door and unbuttoned the blouse one by one. When she unbuttoned the last one, she just let the blouse hang there and reached back to slowly unzip her skirt. When the skirt fell to her feet, she took her blouse off and was left standing there with her matching black lace bra and panties, stockings and high heels. She closed her eyes and ran her hands on her butt, then to her stomach, then to her chest, feeling every inch of her curves, imagining it was her son running his hands all over her. Then she bent over at the waist and slowly unstrapped her right shoe. She did this again to the other shoe, affording Peter a good look at her shapely buns. Then she put one foot on the bed and teasingly slowly took off her stockings. The same thing she did to the other leg, making sure she passes every inch of her mile-long legs. At the corner of her eye, she could see him looking at her and she guessed he must have been having a hardon right now. She smiled to herself, feeling relieved that she can still turn on any man, even her own son. She gently pushed the door closed, but after letting her son see her unsnapping her bra. She has not shown him much tonight, after all they still have much time for themselves.

Peter's mouth almost hit the floor. He can't believe what he saw. In his dream he saw his Mom wearing the white bikini and waving at him to join her in the pool. Then when he woke up, he saw her with her hand on his chest and the other stroking his face. He was not yet totally coherent until he saw his mother undressed in front of him. Well, not totally but it doesn't matter. The way she slowly undressed he thought she might be seducing someone - him, her son. He had such a huge hardon he went straight to the bathroom and jacked off to an earth-shattering climax. Meanwhile, Joanna went to her room thinking of her naughtiness and she got so wet and aroused she fingered herself to climax. This summer would be fun - for her and Peter. She still has more things in store for both of them and she made up her mind - she's going to have him. Well, tomorrow is yet another day.

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