tagLoving WivesMy Hot Wife Ch. 02

My Hot Wife Ch. 02


I am a sixty one year old man with a forty six year old wife. Lately our marriage has been suffering do to our sex life or the lack of it. My wife has taken a lover to satisfy her desires. To my surprise, this was not only upsetting but at the same time arousing. Our love life has actually improved since I caught her with her lover, something she is still not aware of. My love for Cindy is unquestionable but the thought of her having wild sex with another man is alright with me, even more than alright. Recently I have tried to arrange for circumstances to arise where other men will flirt with her. At first she always acts proper and rejects them but usually if there is any attraction on her part she will surrender to their advances, even if I am there with here.

Since Cindy started her adventurous ways, she has been dressing much more provocatively than before, shorter skirts, skimpier tops, etc. Last weekend was no exception. Two of my friends had come over to watch the football game with me. Cindy had been upstairs when they arrived, she came down to greet our guests dressed in a white semi see through blouse and a dark blue pleated skirt. The hem of the skirt was about mid way between her knee and her waistline and the top two buttons of the blouse were undone, showing much more cleavage than she normally would. Bob and Ted couldn't help but stare as my sexy wife came down the stairs and greeted them with a much appreciated hug in the hallway. We all stared, as she swayed her hips as she headed into the kitchen. We retired to the family room to watch the game. Cindy yelled to ask who wanted a beer, kind of a redundant question, we always drank beer on football night. A few minutes later she arrived with a tray, containing three open beers. I couldn't help but notice that she had slipped into a pair of high heel shoes, not really high but more than enough to accent her luscious legs. Bending from the waist to put the tray on the table, her skirt raised enough for our guests to catch a glimpse of the top of her thighs, on about an inch below that magic line that separates a lot of leg from a glimpse of ass. She headed back to the kitchen with that same sex sway to her walk. Bob and Ted looked at me, puzzled. They asked if Cindy was going out somewhere tonight. Nope, she dresses like that most of the time now. They both replied, nice.

Cindy continued to serve drinks and snacks to us throughout the game. One time when I came back from the washroom, Bob was coming back from the kitchen, his eyes avoided mine. Sitting beside me on the couch, Bob put his arm up on the back, I couldn't help but notice an all too familiar aroma coming from his hand. It was the scent of Cindy's pussy. Easy to tell what he was doing in the kitchen. I wasn't angry. It actually got me excited to visualize Bob touching my sexy wife, Cindy. Cindy decided to join us for awhile. She had got a glass of wine in her hand as she came into the room and sat down on the chair opposite the couch. She crossed her legs but not so fast that we didn't get a glimpse of her white panties, I recognized them as the new thong that she had recently purchased. She looked so sexy just sitting there. Cindy decided to get a snack from the table. This meant uncrossing those luscious legs and giving us all a much appreciated view up her skirt again. When she reached for the table, she had to bend forward, exposing her ample breasts to our eager stares. We didn't really pay much attention to the rest of the football game.

After a lot more flirting with my friends, she announced that she was going to take a shower and slip into something more comfortable. Standing up, her skirt slid up even higher and with her legs slightly spread we all got a perfect glimpse of her thong covered pussy. Bob and Ted's eyes followed her up the stairs. With the distractions gone, we were able to turn our attention back to the conclusion of the game. Bob and Ted were looking at the TV but I'm sure that their minds were up in the shower. I on the other hand was picturing her up there with a finger or two in her cunt and bringing herself to a much needed orgasm.

We finished watching our game and no sooner was it over and Cindy reappeared, dressed in her bathrobe. From the little hint of pink around her neck line I could tell that she was wearing her sexy almost see through teddies under the robe. I could feel my cock tensing up just thinking about it. I can only imagine the effect that she was having on my friends. She was carrying a small box containing a new game which we had just purchased. It was called shipwreck, based on battleship but instead of ships you have shot glasses. She asked who wants to play, of course we all did. First the rules, if your ship gets hit you have to drink down the shot. Then she put a little twist of her own to the game. After drinking the shot you have remove a piece of clothing. She looked at me to see if she had gone too far, I smiled and said let's play. She told us all to remove our socks, that way we will all start with the same number of pieces of clothing. We all sat on the floor around the coffee table and Cindy set up the game while I filled the glasses with Jim Bean.

We each picked a number to see who would be partners. Cindy and Ted were on one team against Bob and me. We let Cindy go first, she sank one of Bob's boats with the first guess, Bob drank his shot and removed his shirt, to a whistle and cat calls from Cindy. It was my turn next, I got Ted's, another drink and shirt and of course more teasing from my wife. The next four guesses were all misses until Bob hit Cindy's ship. She chugged back her drink which really surprised me she usually doesn't drink hard liquor. Cindy stood up, red faced and loosened the tie on her robe, slowly allowing it to slip off her shoulders then falling in a clump on the floor at her feet. She pushed it aside and just stood there for a few seconds letting us all have a good view. She was wearing her red teddies, they were practically see-through. Her ample breasts and dark nipples were easily seen through the sheer fabric and her pubic hair was quite noticeable, enough so that I instantly noticed that she had done some recent trimming, I liked it. Cindy sat back down. Ted sank one of my ships and Cindy got my other one with her next turn, leaving me sitting there in my boxers. I hit Ted's next boat and he lost his pants, followed by a couple more misses. Once again it was Bob's turn to choose, he hit Cindy's last ship. She looked at me and I said what's it going to be sweetheart, top or bottoms. She stood up and very slowly undid the string holding her top together, then sensually peeled it off of her now almost naked body. The guys returned the whistles as she displayed her naked breasts to them. It was Ted's turn to pick, he thought for a minute and picked a location. Sure enough he had sank Bob's last ship. This meant that Bob had to drink his drink, remove his pants and because we had no more ships, we had lost and had to remove our underwear as well. I went first, dropping my boxers to the floor and kicking them off. Cindy gave me a smile of approval when she saw how hard I was. Bob followed, setting his erect cock free as if it was pointing right at Cindy, I actually caught her licking her lips as she gazed at it. Cindy cheered, Yeah we won and gave Ted a big hug, pressing her hot tits into his bare chest, paused for a second then kissed him, driving her tongue into his eager mouth while rubbing her tits against him. We applauded them for their victory then just sat there for a few seconds, no one knowing what to do.

I asked if anyone wanted a drink and without giving them a chance for a reply stood up and walked to the kitchen, still naked. I took my time making the drinks I realized that my friends were nervous about making a move on my wife with me sitting there. When I returned, they had all moved to the, Ted and Cindy had somehow lost their underwear on the way over. All three were sitting on the couch a little red faced. I sat in the chair and told them that we were going to have a quick game of cards. Cindy will be the dealer. Each of us guys will get five cards, the best poker hand wins, then the second best. The prize was the dealer. First prize is her pussy, second her mouth, third anything else. The only rule was that Cindy says when is enough. What my friends didn't know was that Cindy used to work as a dealer, this was my way of letting her choose who would do what.

Bob got the first card a queen, Ted got a ten, I got a five, a ten, a six, another five, I was winning. By the time we each had four cards I was still winning with a pair of fives. My fifth card was an ace leaving me with a pair of fives. Ted got a ten giving him the lead until Bob got a queen. I smiled at Cindy knowing that she had set this up. The four of us headed upstairs to our queen sized bed. Cindy laid down in the center of the bed, the look on her face was like a kid in a candy store. Bob dove head first into Cindy's crotch gliding his tongue along her lips, savoring her taste. She moaned with pleasure when it parted them flicking her clitoris then entering her love canal, sucking her juice.

Ted had climbed on the bed and quickly placed his hard cock near Cindy's lips, she took hold of it and sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She moved her tongue up the length of his shaft, tickling the underside of it until reaching the end. The tip of his cock was soaked with pre cum which she gently licked off before sliding his cock deep into her mouth. She slowly began stroking his cock with her lips, allowing it to penetrate a little further with each stroke. Meanwhile Bob was still pounding his cock into her cunt. All three were totally consumed by their passion and quite oblivious to the fact that I was recording the entire show. I had placed my camcorder on the dresser with the motion detector turned on. It started recording as soon as the first person entered the room. It was time to get some better close-ups of the action. With camcorder in hand, I knelt on the bed. Cindy reached out with her free hand and began stroking my cock while I recorded her erotic adventure.

It didn't take very long before Cindy burst into an orgasm with intensity like I had never seen before. It was too much for Ted to take and unable to hold back any longer he blasted a load of hot cum deep into her mouth and throat. At first Cindy was about to gag but quickly recovered and swallowed every drop, even licking any remnant from the tip of Ted's cock while massaging his balls. Bob followed suit and erupted a steady stream of sperm into Cindy's cunt. After a few minutes he rolled off of her and was quickly replaced by Ted. His cock once again stiff easily entered Cindy's cum lubricated cunt and he began fucking her, something he had been dying to do ever since that hug at the end of our game.

Cindy moaned with pleasure as Ted drove his cock into her. She reached her right hand out and began stoking Bob's cock and with her left hand she stroked mine a few times before guiding it into her mouth. It felt so nice and warm inside her mouth as she suck my cock, I might add, the best blow job that she had ever given me. Before long I could feel my cock twinge and told her that I was about to cum. As I began to slip it out of her mouth she firm grabbed my ass pressing my cock deep into her throat, deeper than I had ever been. My cock erupted, a load of sticky cum deep into her throat and she swallowed it with ease. Wow, that was the first time she ever let me cum in her mouth. I laid there as she cleaned my cock with her tongue and thought about what a good little cock sucker she had become in such a short time. I got up to go have a shower, placing the camcorder back on the dresser, I glanced back to see that Bob had taken my place in Cindy's mouth.

When I returned to the bedroom after my shower, Bob was lying on the bed I guessed that he had finished his business in Cindy's mouth but to my amazement Ted was still fucking her like a teenager, something that none of us had been for longer than we like to admit. I went down stairs and put my boxers on. About the same time as I finish making a drink Bob came down and got dressed. We sat around chatting for about another half hour before we heard someone turn on the shower. Shortly afterwards Ted stumbled down the stairs. We both stood up and applauded him. He smiled and got dressed. By this time Cindy was in the shower. She came down when she was done, still naked and sat on the couch between Bob and Ted. We chatted for awhile, both Bob and Ted were concerned, they didn't want their spouses to hear about what happened tonight. We all swore to keep it our secret and they got ready to leave. Cindy gave each of them a hug and a kiss, pressing her naked body up against them and even wrapping her leg around Ted. I guess he had made quite an impression. I thanked them and gave each one a copy of the film we had made that evening. They both agreed that they had better hide it. Thanking Cindy and me and left.

We soon retired to our bedroom, climbed into our cum soaked sheets and began making love, not nearly as erotic as the earlier part of the evening had been but better sex than we had had in a long time. Afterwards, I laid there thinking about recent events and all though I knew that I was going to miss my shy and I believe mostly faithful wife this new erotic sexy free loving wife was going to keep our love alive.

The End.

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