tagGroup SexMy Hot Wife Katie Ch. 20

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 20


Chapter 20

Katie Succumbs To Her Desires

Katie Jackson watched helplessly as her neighbor got dressed and eased his beautiful swollen cock back into his pants. Her face flushed from embarrassment as she glanced into the bathroom mirror and saw her reflection. The hot wife swallowed hard as she grabbed her towel and covered herself as she tried to maintain some sort of modesty.

Her perfect small breasts rose and fell with every deep breath. Her erect nipples poked out of the towel as she turned away from Phil. She had never been so sexually frustrated in her life and eager to be penetrated.

Phil slowly got up and walked downstairs leaving the stunned wife in the bathroom. He grabbed two glasses and selected a bottle of wine from the Jacksons' wine rack. As he opened it, he grinned with delight at the hidden inner slut that was released from the sexy married wife.

He had always been attracted to his neighbor but he would have never guessed a few months ago that the once prudish woman would be begging for him to fuck her, in her own house no less. He sipped the glass of wine as he marveled at his own sexual energy. He always knew he was well endowed, his deceased wife told him so, and after watching years of pornography he knew he was larger than most everyone. He also was well aware that he wasn't what one would consider attractive. He had horrible hygiene, was not a sappy dresser, and was out of shape but he was giddy at the torment he had put the wife through and enjoyed the power he had over her.

He walked back upstairs and watched intently as his sexy neighbor dried her hair. Her face was still flushed from excitement. He poured her a glass of wine and smirked, "You look like you could use a drink," as he sat it on the counter in front of her.

Mrs. Jackson looked back at Phil and quickly took a drink from the glass. Her hands trembled as she stared at the well endowed ugly man. His yellowish teeth grinned up at her as he sat on the edge of her bathtub. She was disgusted at his appearance but yet found herself wanting his cock to be buried deep inside her tight wet pussy.

Phil looked at the sexy wife in front of him as she glanced back at him, "Are you okay? You seem.."

"I'm fine," Katie interrupted him. Her pussy trembled as the old man watched her with lust in his eyes. He reached out and playfully pulled her towel from around her. The hot wife hesitated as she thought about pulling it tighter but her excited body allowed it to fall to the floor in a heap. She looked helplessly into the mirror as her pussy trembled as she took another sip of wine as she stood naked in front of him. She felt his eyes staring at her hard ass, long legs, and tight body.

Phil Dorman studied the hard bodied wife up and down. Her perfect breasts and ass begged to be mauled by his pudgy fingers. Her long legs tantalized him as he felt his cock stir in his pants. As much as he wanted to drive his cock in and out of her wildly; he wanted to wait and continue to tease her. He wanted to make her want him even more, "You have such a beautiful body Freckles. It's so perfect," as he reached out and stroked her back, "Fred is so lucky to have a woman like you." His hands fell down to her ass as he traced the crack of her buttocks with his finger, "I bet he wants to fuck you all the time doesn't he?"

The hot wife didn't say a word as her knees buckled at his touch as her heart sank the way her body betrayed her husband. Phil walked out into the bedroom Katie shared with Fred, "Sit down on the bed," as he motioned to the large king sized bed in the middle of the room. The naked mother sat down on the edge and sipped her wine as her neighbor disappeared into her closet, "Can't I get dressed?" she asked innocently as she felt so vulnerable. Part of her heart and mind wanted to run for cover. They wanted to get dressed and run from Phil but the other half wanted to fall back on the bed and spread her legs wide and allow the greasy old man to slide his massive tool into her. She wanted him to drive his cock in and out of her fully until he was balls deep so she could feel the mushroom head of his cock smash into her cervix.

"Not yet," the old man teased from her closet. Katie continued to drink the wine as she started to become unnerved at what she had gotten herself into. She was remorseful of the feelings of lust that had erupted in her as she glanced at her wedding picture that hung on the bedroom wall.

The old man emerged from her closet with a skimpy outfit and tossed it next to her, "It's just dinner, right? That's what you said," As she lifted the skimpy clothes from the bed, "It's cold outside; do you think these are appropriate?" Her mind tried to remind herself to focus on getting the flash drive from Phil's computer but all her body could think about was getting fucked.

Her fat neighbor grinned, as he exposed his crooked teeth, "You will look absolutely gorgeous wearing that," as he pointed his pudgy finger towards the small skirt, "It's just dinner and conversation. Can't you handle that?"

He sat on the edge of the bed next to her and poured another glass of wine for the hot wife. Mrs. Jackson needed a drink as her head still buzzed about being so close to cumming and then having him walk away. Her husband had teased her before but never like this.

The hot wife thought she should protest his choice of clothing but yet her body found itself wanting to please the revolting old man. Her eyes darted to her wedding picture but then uncontrollably they refocused on the groin of her neighbor. The thoughts of her husband disappeared as Kate felt at any moment Phil was going to slide between her legs, pull his long hard cock out of his pants and fuck her hard. She had lust in her eyes as she sat naked next to him. They didn't say a word to each other as Phil just explored every inch of her body with his eyes. Her pussy tingled as she felt his lustful stare. The hot wife bit her bottom lip as she sat naked next to him.

Katie felt nervous, like the first time she ever had sex with her husband. She knew what she needed and she needed his cock again. She needed to be filled in every hole; to have his thick pudgy thumb penetrate her anus while he fucked her. Against her better judgment she leaned forward to kiss his fat lips. Phil didn't back away as the hot wife pressed her thin perfect lips against his bloated fat mouth. The hot wife's lips worked his as she shot her tongue into his mouth feeling his thick agile tongue.

Phil fell back onto the bed as he pulled the hard bodied wife next to him. She pulled her mouth off of his as she looked into his eyes, "Why don't we forget about your party?"

Her old neighbor couldn't help but smile as Katie soft kissed his lips and then whispered, "I'll do anything you want." Phil thrust his tongue into her mouth as he wrestled with the sexy wife's. Phil's hot saliva dripped from her chin as Katie looked over at her wedding picture. Panic entered her mind of what she was doing but her body but uncontrollably her hand reached out for Phil's bulge as she felt his huge swollen cock throbbing in his pants.

Phil quickly sat up and pushed her hand away, "Woah! I'm not that type of guy Freckles," as his boisterous laugh filled the room.

She looked up at him in shock as Katie grabbed a blanket and covered herself. Phil continued to laugh as he picked up the clothes and tossed them onto her lap, "Stand up and get dressed," he instructed, "we're going to be late."

As if she was in a trance the hot wife stood up from the bed as the blanket fell away. She sighed deeply as she stood naked in front of the obese man as she picked up the clothes. Katie sighed, "I need a bra and underwear."

Phil shook his head and grinned, "No you don't."

Katie hands shook as she grabbed the black sheer nylons he had laid out for her and slowly pulled them up her pantiless groin. She stood before him, "Is this okay?" as the married mother adjusted her nylons as she started to feel the effects of the wine. Katie looked helplessly at him and wondered why he wasn't fucking her or allowing her to suck his magnificent cock.

Phil nodded as he handed her a tight black skirt and tan blouse. She slid on her skirt and blouse and looked into the mirror, "You look absolutely gorgeous!" Phil boasted.

"Hmmmmmmmm," as he stood up from the edge of the bed and walked around the beautiful woman. Her small ass looked incredible in the short black skirt. It excited him to no end that she wasn't wearing any panties as he looked at her incredible legs covered by the black sheer nylons. Her small breasts looked perfect in the tightly covered tan blouse as her erect nipples, as had imagined, poked through the thin fabric seductively.

Phil darted back into the closet and came out with a pair of 5" high heeled black shoes.

The hot wife groaned, "Phil I'm not wearing those! I can't walk in high heels through the snow banks!"

"It's only next door. You'll be fine," he replied as he handed them to her. Katie bent down and slid them on as the well endowed neighbor walked around her, "Could you maybe put on a little blue eye shadow and black eyeliner?" he politely asked.

Katie rolled her eyes as she walked into the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. Phil stood next to her and watched in delight. She towered over him now as her high heeled shoes. She delicately applied the make up to her eyes as she blinked in the mirror.

"Wow!" Phil beamed behind her, "You're perfect!" The old man stared at her long black nylon covered legs, her petite hips and ass, and her small breasts that protruded out of her blouse. The black high heeled shoes made her look unbelievably sexy.

Katie stared into the mirror at herself. Her outfit made her look like such a slut. Phil's eyes bulged from his head as he stared at the hot wife. She sounded like a slut earlier and now she thought she looked like one. After all she was on her knees in front of two men and she allowed them to cover her face with their cum. Remorse and regret filled her mind but yet when she saw Phil's lustful stare she wanted that cock buried in her. She wanted him to fuck her like she'd never been fucked before. It wasn't an hour ago that he was on his knees behind her as he swiped his tongue in and out of her fuck slit as she begged him to fuck her.

It nauseated her that she allowed herself to get sucked into his plan, "You agreed that it was just dinner," the wife turned and asked, "Who's going to be there anyway?"

Phil perked up, "Just me, Norman, and my nephew Mike. He's a Marine and on leave from Iraq and has to return with his unit next week."

"Just dinner? Right?" as the wife held out her wine glass.

Phil calmly spoke as he poured the remaining bottle into her glass, "It's just dinner. You keep asking that. Are you expecting something else?"

She thought for a moment as her pussy trembled at what he would do to her later. The hot wife knew, or she hoped, that the old man was going to fuck her. Katie's conscience reminded her that she was married to a loving man but her body reminded her how good it felt when he slid his cock into her and thumb fucked her ass at the same time.

"Are we ready?" Katie sighed as she downed the wine in a few swallows. She sat the glass down on the dresser as she grabbed her jacket from the closet. The hot wife's head was not only buzzing because of her sexual frustration but because of the bottle of wine she they had just drank.

They both walked outside onto the front steps as Katie slipped on the ice and snow. Phil reached out and caught the sexy wife around the waist. His hand quickly moved up and wrapped around her chest as his hand rested on her breast. They paused for a moment as they stared at each other. His touch caused her to lose her breath or was it just the cold air? The old neighbor helped her maintain her balance, "Easy! I don't want you to get hurt!" he whispered into her ear as he mauled her breast. Katie felt her nipples spring out at the touch of her neighbor. Her wet pussy spasmed at his touch. She quickly glanced around the neighborhood and not seeing anyone her lips immediately shot onto the fat man's. Her tongue quickly entered his hot mouth, which seemed even hotter from the cold wind. Phil gripped her breast tighter as she planted sloppy kisses across his face. They broke away as they stared into each other's eyes. Katie's mind came racing back that she was standing on her front porch kissing her neighbor for everyone to see. She shot straight up and out of his grasp and tried to snap the feelings of lust from her body.

Snow flew across the neighborhood as the blizzard increased in severity. By the time she walked up Phil's steps she felt frozen. They walked into Phil's house as a roaring fire greeted them in the fireplace. An enticing aroma filled the air from the kitchen.

"It smells great Norman!" Phil yelled from the living room as he stomped the snow off of his shoes.

Norman appeared in the doorway and froze at the site of Katie. He stared at every inch of the beautiful wife. He smiled, "I wondered if you guys were coming back."

"I just wanted to make sure my date came with me," Phil stated as he helped her off with her jacket and tossed it on the back of the chair.

"Well she looks amazing," Norman replied as his eyes stared at the beautiful wife through his glasses. He held a glass out to her, "Wine?"

"I shouldn't. I think I've already had enough," Mrs. Jackson replied as she knew her limitations.

Phil reached out and took the glass from Norman. He turned and handed it to Katie, "Drink it! It's a celebration!"

Katie took it from him as she took a sip as Phil disappeared upstairs while Norman continued to work in the kitchen. The hot wife sat down in front of the fire and saw her wedding ring glistening from the flames in the fireplace as her hand held the wine glass. She closed her eyes and placed her head in her hand. She was so ashamed. The combination of heat from the fire and wine made her pussy tremble. She heard the blizzard blowing outside and could only imagine what Phil had in store for her. Her body didn't care; it wanted the old man more than ever.

How her life had changed. She was an executive at a major bank, a perfect mother and wife. Her mind raced back to when she first tasted cum; how she couldn't get enough of it. How she teased men online, how she was blackmailed by an employee at the Gap, visited an adult bookstore, how she just sucked off two men, and how she loved watching pornography. Her life had changed not so much for the better but her body loved every minute of it.

The hot wife found herself fantasizing that at any moment both men would be in front of her, like before, as she sucked them to orgasm. Her trance was broken as both men walked into the living room but instead of touching her or pulling out their cocks; they sat down and began to have an adult conversation about politics and the state of America. Katie questioned whether Phil was being honest and he had no ulterior motives. What if he had no plans of fucking her later? A panic attack began to set in as her breathing increased. The hot wife's mind was frustrated with her feelings. She knew what she was doing was wrong yet she couldn't help herself.

She relaxed from the warmth of the fire, wine, and conversation. As they allowed their dinner to bake, Phil continued to pour the wine freely into the hot wife's glass and she in turn would fill his glass.

After an hour she could tell both the men were quickly getting drunk as was she. A naughty desire, like a warm rush of alcohol, came across her body of crawling in front of Norman and taking his cock out and sucking it in front of Phil. Her mind told her to excuse herself and run upstairs and grab the evidence against the dirty old man. A knock at the front door prompted Phil to jump up excitedly from his chair. He stumbled to the door as Katie watched the door open. A younger man stood outside as a cold draft entered the room. "Mike!" Phil hollered, "Get in here!" The man walked in as Phil slammed the door shut and embraced him.

The well built man pulled off his jacket as he looked around the room as his eyes stared into Katie's. He had dark brown hair that was in a military style cut and deep dark brown eyes. A dark moustache was above his upper lip as he smiled at the scantily clad wife. He had to have been in his 40's at least as old as Fred. Katie immediately thought he was very attractive. She could tell that he had a muscular chest and arms that were on display in his tight shirt.

Phil led him over to the hot wife, "Katie, this is my nephew Mike."

Mike extended his hand to the hot wife, "Hi Katie." the hot wife placed her hand into his muscular hand as she could see his eyes dart across her body. He held her hand in his longer than she expected as she saw his eyes dart to the small cleavage that poked through her blouse as he stood over her, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Norman was quickly up and in the kitchen serving the food. Katie slowly got up as the room spun around her. She balanced herself by placing her hand on the chair and stumbled over to the dinner table. She plopped down in her chair while Mike sat down next to her. The hunky Marine reached into his bag and handed a sack to Phil across the table, "This is for you Uncle Phil. Straight from Ireland!"

The obese neighbor tore into the paper and held up a bottle of Irish Whiskey, "Mike! You shouldn't have!" as he examined the bottle, "Hey! This is way too expensive," as looked over at his nephew.

"It's so much cheaper overseas," Mike explained, "Besides it fell into my hands accidently at one of the palaces while I was in Baghdad. The men laughed as Phil popped it open and poured everyone a glass.

As they ate and spoke, Mrs. Jackson found Mike Dorman to be very interesting as he told of his adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. She couldn't help but ask questions about the men he was with and the adversities they have dealt with during their tour. Katie found her head spinning from her consumption of wine and whiskey and found herself becoming aroused at the lustful stares of Mike. Katie had to remind herself of the evidence that was upstairs in the den. As the men talked about war stories she felt it was a good time to grab the thumb drive and excused herself as she stumbled upstairs to use the restroom.

All the men stared as Katie walked upstairs as the men looked at the short skirt barely covering her perfect small ass. As she disappeared out of sight, "Damn! How did you manage to get her over here?" Mike asked as he strained to catch a glimpse of the hot wife walking up the stairs.

Phil glanced over at his nephew and grinned. He nodded to the steps, "You should show her your medals."

"Holy shit! Did you get her for me? Is she a prostitute?" Mike grinned.

"No she's not a hooker. She lives next door and her family was gone this weekend," Dorman motioned to the stairs, "She seamed really interested in your war stories though; she would probably appreciate looking at them."

"Okay, but don't come looking for me," Mike smiled as he scooted back from the table as he grabbed the bottle and Katie's glass.

Phil chuckled, "I think I got her ready for you."

As Katie stood in front of the bathroom mirror; she steadied herself and told herself she should just go home. Excuse herself and say she was sick or something. Her mind tried to focus on getting her flash drive out of the computer in the next room. She walked out of the bathroom and turned into Phil's den. The storage device was still in the computer as she looked back to make sure nobody was coming when Mike came up from behind her.

"Hey!" Mike stated as he looked at the married woman with lust in his eyes, "Phil thought you might want to see my war medals."

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