tagLoving WivesMy Humiliation

My Humiliation


My relationship with Sarah has always been complex one. In the early days of our marriage I suspected she was seeing other guys but instead of being angry about things I found the jealousy quite a turn on. Five years on and her cheating has become more blatant as she has realised I get a kick from it. Sarah has become bolder over the last few months and has actually began to taunt me about her latest lover, I even have to drive her over to his place so he can fuck her. Later she will call me and I have to drive over and collect her. When we get back she will then give me all the details while I wank myself off – Sarah will not have sex with me after a night with Marcus, it is part of my humiliation.

Things changed this weekend. It was Saturday evening and Sarah was getting herself ready to see Marcus. Presently she called me into the bedroom, Sarah looked stunning, she was wearing black high heels, black hold up stockings with a red knickers and Basque which showed off her great body superbly. Her long dark hair was tied back and her make up matched her lingerie, her nails and lips painted brightly red. She smiled at me "tonight I am going to be his whore" she declared, she moved onto the bed and sat down "he is coming here and a real man will fuck me on the marital bed, for a treat you can sit over there and face the wall , I want you to wank yourself as I pleasure him."

Seeing that I was already getting a hard on Sarah continued. "He will be here in an hour or so, so I want you to go to the shops and buy some drinks and some KY jelly, Marcus wants to fuck me up the arse." Saying this she got up and returned to the dresser to finish her make up "Marcus likes me nicely made up for when he comes over my face" she paused to let the thought sink in and then told me without turning around "you can go wanker."

I quickly left and hurried to the supermarket to make the necessary purchases, I was as jealous as hell and totally turned on. Until now I had never met on of her lovers, now she was bringing one to our home. Yet my real envy was that Sarah had never let me have anal sex or even come in her mouth, now she was bringing around one of her lovers and I had to sit in our bedroom whilst the lucky bastard fucked my wife up the arse and then come over her lovely face.

I returned home with some wine and the KY jelly. Sarah was still dressed as I had left her and was sitting in the lounge watching a blue movie, "Marcus loves to watch porn as I suck him off "she explained. "Now he will be here in a short while so strip off and kneel down, I want to watch you wank yourself, its all you are getting tonight "she said bitchily. I did as ordered and took off my clothes and knelt down before her. "Wank yourself but do not come until I say so "she commanded, I obliged and started to laugh at me, "When he arrives you can go into the bedroom, I want to wank and think of me in here as I slowly kiss and lick his cock while he watches the film."

The thought of this nearly caused me to come there and then so I stopped wanking, "Oh so that turns you on" she sneered "You know what really turns on Marcus – he likes to have his balls covered in red lipstick, and I love doing it to him, I kneel before him and lick and suck his balls until he cannot take anymore."

At this point I heard a car pull up outside and Sarah ordered me into the bedroom and told me to face the wall and wank. Wank I did as I heard her open the door for Marcus and take him into the lounge. It was difficult to hear what was going on in there over the sound of the porn movie but every now and then I could hear her giggle and ask if he liked that. After three quarters of an hour or so I could hear them both walking down the hall to the bedroom. By now I was so aroused I had to stop wanking or I would come.

Sarah giggled and whispered "ignore that wanker" to Marcus as I heard them both lay on the bed. "Lets do a sixty nine so I can worship your cock and balls again" she said and I had to listen and wank as my wife gave Marcus another blow job on our bed, "I love sucking this cock "she sighed – for my benefit I am sure.

After a while I heard Sarah come, there was a pause and then some movement on the bed then I heard her say "Fuck my tits first before you fuck me," Marcus duly obliged and I had to wank and imagine his cock in between those lovely full tits of hers, throughout Sarah giggled and kept telling Marcus that she would do anything he wanted , "Tonight I am you whore" she said.

Another pause and then I heard Marcus mount her, Sarah moaned as he fucked her "I love it when you are on top." Sarah made a lot of noise and after a while started to scream "I'm coming." This made me very jealous as I had never made Sarah come during intercourse. Her climax was very loud and a real turn on, but she was insatiable," now I am going to fuck you she cried" and I heard her mount him. I wanked as I listened to my wife having the fuck of her life as she straddled Marcus. From the corner of my eye I could see in the reflection of the mirror Sarah's head and shoulders bouncing up and down as she rode Marcus.

After a while Sarah grew tired and slowed down "Fuck me doggy style "she whispered and Marcus duly obliged. The bed shook as Marcus took her from behind "Oh please, please "she moaned "I am coming again "and I listened as Sarah had another noisy climax. I heard them lay down and rest for a while then I heard Sarah say "OK wanker go the bathroom and bring the KY jelly, I want you to watch me being fucked up the arse by Marcus. I did as ordered and returned with said lubricant, this was the first time I actually saw Marcus, I have to admit he was a great looking bloke, blonde haired, well defined muscles, mid twenties and with one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen. Sarah lay on his muscle ribbed belly licking the head of his penis, she was wearing nothing but her black hold up stockings. "Put the jelly on the bed and stand there and wank" she ordered. I did as I was told as she lubricated him and herself. As she sucked him she Sarah kept asking him if she was a better whore than his girlfriend. Marcus spoke for the first time "maybe I should bring her around to show you how to do a blow job properly." Sarah stopped and looked up at him and whispered "I would love to join you in a threesome master, I will do anything you want, you know that."

"Now look at what you're not having" she sneered as she lay on all fours in front of me. I watched and wanked as Marcus slowly slid his cock into my wife's arse "I love being fucked in the arse "she moaned to Marcus as he made slow deep movements. Marcus began to move faster as Sarah started to wank herself "Fuck me till I come" she cried "and then spunk it over my face," she then looked at me and smiled. It was the most arousing thing I have ever seen, watching my wife come as another man fucked her in the arse on the marital bed. Once she caught her breath she turned around and started to lick and suck his huge cock as Marcus wanked himself and showered his seed all over her face. She then licked his cock clean and Marcus got up and left the room.

Sarah sat there and looked at me smiling with another mans come all over beautiful face, "Its so nice to be fucked by a real man" she said "unlike you wanker." I heard the door close as Marcus left the house without saying a word.

"Don't worry she said, I told you I am his whore, now wank yourself off"

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