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My Hungry Ass


There are certain times in life when we take a temporary emotional state and act upon it in ways we realize are foolish later. My story is probably not unique, but to me it is special. It is special because I lived it. And when I think back on it, the thing I did, it brings me shivers. Shivers right down to my testicles. I know it was foolish. And I know some will doubt it. That is okay. There are a few who will resonate with the experience and understand the need, the desire and the solution I picked.

Day one

I am driving from my folk's house in Tennessee to Los Angeles where I have a job waiting for me. I have five days to get there and plan to visit a few places I think are interesting. I have just broken up with my small town girlfriend and the long drive is not helping. It seems every song on the radio just reminds me of what I have left behind.

My recent graduation from college has enabled this change in my life. This change from living in the town I grew up in, to living in a big city on the west coast. My folks are simple, Baptist, strict but had the best intentions for me. I lived at home while attending college to save money. But it came at the expense of having to listen to their strict advice daily.

So much is floating through my mind now. I broke things off with my girlfriend because I'm not sure really what works for me sexually. This is another big reason for heading to LA. I'm pretty sure I like having my ass played with. In fact, I'm most definitely sure.

As I was growing up in the small town of Franklin, there were many times I would wonder about what it would feel like to have something in my ass. But after having the strict homophobic rhetoric beaten into my brain I resisted those thoughts.

Then when I began my studies in college I would wander in the university library to books on homosexuality. Unfortunately, the only books that mentioned anything about it were in the psychology section. Although there were also some books about the rampant homosexuality in prison, which although mostly involved stories of victims, still gave me allot of information.

Reading the stories made me so hot I went into the library bathroom, took a small writing pen and put saliva on it and slowly worked it into my ass. It felt wonderful. I worked it in and out twisting and turning it while I masturbated in the stall. I pretended I was being forced to take a night stick up my ass. I came like never before. I had to catch my breath. It felt kind of warm when I pulled it back out. I was surprised at how much heat there must have been inside my rectum.

Sure, I did all the things my folks expected, dated girls, went to church, all of those things. But my fascination with my ass simply became a regular part of my life. I slowly but surely found more challenging objects to insert into my ass. I would find things around the house that just seemed to have the right shape and size. For a while my favorite thing was the handle of a butter knife. My folks had smooth stainless steel flatware with heavy solid handles that had sort of a rounded bulge at the end.

Then after a while the handle of that butter knife would no longer do the trick. I had moved up to things I would find that were bigger and longer. I actually discovered many of the tools in my dad's toolbox had nicely shaped handles, screwdrivers, hammers, etc.

I'm sure he would die if he knew I was using his tools that way. Or kill me. Of course when I would see him using a tool that I had previously used for anal purposes it would be a subtle revenge. Revenge for all the narrow minded thinking I had been subjected to living in such a controlling atmosphere.

College life was stressful and it was about half way through that my ass experimentation really took on new depths. I was finding the need to plan my late night anal masturbation. To find things that would take me over the edge, things that were just a little more challenging.

One night for example, I remember having the urge to just be stuffed hard. I saw a saucepan sitting on the kitchen counter and the handle was as big as a man's penis. The pan handle also had a small metal loop hasp at the end in case you wanted to hang the pan from a hook. The handle was a hard black plastic with a nice knob at the end.

I remember taking it up to my room with excitement. Once I was sure my folks were asleep I lubed the handle with hand lotion, laid face down with my legs spread wide, and perched it at my ass. I imagined I was in a POW camp and that the enemy was trying to find a way to make me talk. That day we had studied some of the atrocities of WWII and in a strange sort of way I longed to be coerced in the ways the textbook had described. POWs were sometimes tied to a table face down, pants lowered, and their buttocks whipped. Somehow that treatment, or my imagination of it, turned me on.

I knew the textbook was not telling the whole story either. I suspected, logically, that if they were willing to whip a POW they were also willing to mutilate his genitals, shove things in his ass, and brutally assault him in ways they could not possibly describe in a college textbook.

So my imagination went wild as I began to shove the saucepan handle into my ass. My heart pounded as I felt the metal hasp slip past my sphincter and into my bowels right along with the bulbous shaped end. I had let out a yelp at the intense pain. It felt as if my ass was on fire, and I held my breath. I slipped into my fantasy imagining a colonel standing at the edge of a darkly lit room giving commands to a burly sergeant carrying out the brutality.

Just then there was a light knock on the door, "Everything alright dear?"

It was my mother. My heart sank deep into my chest. She would die if she knew what I was doing. Masturbation was a huge sin, let alone homosexuality of any kind. I did my best not to panic and respond calmly, "Fine Mom, everything is fine, just a leg cramp. Go back to bed."

Thankfully she did. But the fear of being caught had tensed my ass around the handle. I could not begin to get the handle to budge. I started to panic. I tried to picture what it would mean to have to go to a doctor to get the saucepan removed from my ass. There would be no way to sneak out of the house with a saucepan emerging from my butt cheeks. Let alone how would I even drive?

It took me the better part of the night, but I eventually figured out how to relax. I slipped back into my fantasy, the colonel commanded the sergeant to twist the pan like a screw driver, and it loosened up the grip my ass had. I began to get back into it twisting it and shoving the pan with both hands behind me while I laid face down grinding my penis into the mattress. I came like no tomorrow.

After catching my breath I slowly withdrew the handle right up to the bulge. I knew it would hurt like hell, but I winced and pulled the rest of the handle free. I shoved the pan under the bed and fell asleep.

The next morning I took the pan into the shower with me and washed it off. I remember thinking I had done something just a little bit crazy. That is when I knew I had a serious craving for anal penetration that would allow me to take impulsive actions.

As a senior in college I began to experiment just a little with my emotional needs to be taken in the ass. I would go to the college gym and work out, then sit in the steam room with just a towel wrapped around me. I would look at the other men in the steam room and imagine them fucking my ass. I would even lay face down on the wooden bench with my towel hiked up a bit and pretend I was asleep. None of them paid any attention at all. Franklin was homophobic to say the least.

Most of the men who would be in the steam room were older alumni playing tennis or running on a treadmill. Plus with other men in the steam room, who would take a chance?

One time I went very early in the morning and there was just myself and one other man. I don't even remember what he looked like, I didn't care. I just wanted someone to shove something, anything, into my upturned ass. I laid on the bench face down.

I actually undid my towel and laid it loosely over my ass to be sure he knew how accessible I was. I contemplated removing the towel all together, but I didn't want to risk getting thrown out. He looked at my ass. I could see him. My head rested on my arms with my eyes half closed. While he stared at my ass I began to pump my hips ever so slightly.

I know I have a nice body and a nice ass. At 5'7" I am not a tall man by any means, but like some shorter men, I have been blessed with thick muscles. Being a gymnast, my glutes were highly developed, round and firm. Even chicks could not resist giving my ass a pinch here and there.

I imagined him moving closer to me and sliding his hand up between my legs, under the towel, and fingering my ass. I imagined slowly raising to all fours so my ass would be at his disposal. I imagined feeling a real live hot throbbing cock in my ass for the first time.

Just then, another man came in who knew this man and they began talking. I felt embarrassed, slid the towel around my waist, got up and left trying to conceal my hard penis. I felt so desperate, but at the same time I could not seem to find a good way to connect with a man who potentially shared my interest.

As graduation neared, I drove to Cincinnati for a job interview. I spent a few days there. While I was there, I went to a very large bookstore in the mall. While I was looking at some magazines I sensed someone was standing very close behind. I felt a hand on my ass caressing it. I was both frightened and excited at the same time. I didn't move. I just let the man fondle me. His touch was gentle. I spread my legs just a little bit and his finger traced my crack down to my anus. His finger pressed the fabric of my pants slightly into my ass. Without realizing it, I moaned just a tiny bit. He stopped and walked away.

I turned to look behind me but he was already mixed in the crowd of people. I stood there for another 45 minutes hoping he would return, but he never did.

In a ridiculous and clumsy attempt to solve my anal hunger I asked my girlfriend to finger my ass. We were making out regularly and had gotten to the point where we were doing almost everything but having intercourse. Remember, Baptist. So I had tried to finger her ass a few times, but just got the "no not there" response. So I figured maybe if she was into fingering my ass I could live with that. She acted disgusted by the idea. "That's what gay people do," was her instant reply. I knew I had to get out of Tennessee, get away from this small minded town and my small minded girlfriend.

Day 2

I'm in Memphis where I spent the night. I decided to go to Graceland and see what this Elvis guy was all about. There was no rush to get to LA and I needed to divert my thinking. It was interesting to me to see the jungle room. I could not help but imagine Elvis giving it to Pricilla in that huge bed with all the mirrors. In a strange sort of way, I could identify with the role of Pricilla. I could see myself laying on that huge bed, face down over a pillow with my firm round white cheeks perched high, legs spread, and having the King drive his throbbing penis right up my ass.

Of course this only solidified my anal need. The fact that I could articulate that scene in my imagination and the deeply sexual feelings that resulted confirmed to me that heading to LA was the best thing for me.

I was not out of Tennessee just yet, but while at Graceland I did notice more men looking at me. I figured it must have been my basketball shorts. The sheer thin cloth really clings to my protruding round butt. Plus I was only wearing a jock strap underneath. In the south the humidity is brutal, I have found wearing a jock strap and basketball shorts is the best way to keep cool.

Then I realized there were many tourists from out of town. That had to be the reason I was getting more attention than normal. While taking the tour I was climbing the ladder onto the 707 airliner Elvis used to fly in, and a man behind me stumbled and placed his hands right on my ass! I turned and asked if he was ok, and he just smiled at me.

Once on the aircraft, the crowd sort of gathered to hear what the guide was saying. I could feel this man pressing his crotch into my ass. I pretended not to notice at first. Then I felt his hand on my ass. His hand was shaking, but he gave my ass a very firm squeeze. I tilted my hips back pressing my ass into him gently. His hand slid to my hip and he pulled me into his crotch. I could feel a warm throbbing cock resting between my cheeks. Even between the fabric of his pants and the sheer fabric of my shorts I could feel the warmth. I clinched my cheeks tightly for a second, and his hand gripped my hip.

The guide moved on. I waited as long as I could without holding up the group behind me and then moved forward away from his concealed grope. I looked behind and smiled. The man was with his wife and children. He sort of shrugged and that was that. I finished the tour and headed on down the road.

The highway was lonely that day, lonely and hot as a pancake. As I drove I felt so empty inside. I felt so horny after sensing the man's interest. I was well out of homophobic Tennessee by now. It occurred to me at some point in New Mexico that I was on the historic route 66. And a terrible evil idea started brewing in my mind.

I imagined myself getting fucked at a rest area. That's really all there is on this highway I thought. I had been to several as I made my way across the southern states. I could not help but notice most of the stalls had graffiti of a sexual nature. Very explicit descriptions of giving free blow jobs and some cell phone number. Or free blow jobs and the make and color of a truck.

My mind wandered. My imagination went a little crazy you might say. I really didn't care at that point who fucked my ass. I didn't care if it was a handsome man like Elvis, the tourist on the 707 tour, or some big fat overweight truck driver with half his teeth missing.

I wanted to be fucked all my life and now here was the greatest opportunity I could imagine. I didn't really want to give a blow job, that did not appeal to me just yet. So I had to come up with some way to present myself to passersby that would clearly offer my ass for their use, a way that would allow me the anal penetration I was craving so badly, but also keep my mouth from getting involved.

I stopped in New Mexico to eat lunch. While I ate I just could not take it any longer. I was feeling so unbelievably horny, 23 years of needy ass hunger was welling up inside me. I decided to take action and make my rest area fantasy a reality. I stopped at a Walgreens. I purchased a box of condoms, a box of latex gloves, several tubes of KY lubricant, sun tan oil, some paper towels, razors, shaving cream, and a large black magic marker. The check out girl must have thought I was nuts as she placed each item into the bag. At the very least, she had to be wondering what I was up to.

I drove north to Moab, UT which was my next stop. I checked into my hotel around midnight and got right to work. I washed my ass with a hot washcloth until it was bright red. I turned my back to the mirror and rubbed shaving cream all over my round firm ass. I picked up a razor and shaved my ass. It was hard to contort my body and gain access to all the nooks and crannies. It took the better part of the night but my ass was clean shaven and white as snow. I took care to part my ass cheeks and ensure my pink anus and butt crack were 100% hairless. I felt so naughty and horny at the same time. I wanted my ass to be as presentable and inviting as possible to anyone who wanted it.

Then I took my hooded sweat shirt and with the thick black marker wrote on the back of it, "I want my ass used and abused any way you like. Please use the condoms and gloves. I do not give blow jobs, only anal please!"

God I felt so nasty and turned on at the same time. I put on the hooded sweatshirt, my jock strap and my basketball shorts. I pretended the table in my hotel room was a table at a freeway rest area. I put my hood up and tightened the drawstring so that only my eyes could see out of the tiny hole. Then I pulled my basketball shorts down to just below my ass cheeks and bent over the table.

I could feel the air conditioner blowing on my clean shaven ass. I turned and looked in the mirror behind me on the other side of the hotel room. My ass looked nice and round. My anus was bright pink, being a redhead makes anything like a nipple or anus bright pink. God I felt so horny I had to find something to stick in my ass.

I looked around the room and spotted the TV remote, it was slender but rounded at the bottom. I quickly grabbed it and slathered the small tube of hand lotion the hotel provides onto it and shoved it right up my ass. I didn't want to waste any of the KY. I wanted to save it for the rest area. I could feel the tactile buttons popping past as it shoved over my sphincter. It felt naughty, knowing some other hotel guest would be pressing those buttons that had been up my ass, but the TV remote was not large enough to get me off. It just did not have the girth I was craving.

Over the last few years I had graduated to larger and larger objects. Probably the biggest was a cucumber from my mother's garden that caught my eye, it had to be almost three inches in diameter and after working it into my ass for an hour under my covers I finally got that monster into my ass. Oh god it felt amazing!

So I was scanning the hotel room for something like that cucumber, something big enough to make getting it inside of me a bit of a challenge. It needed to be somewhere around three inches in diameter.

It was an older hotel, with those older classic telephones. Out of desperation to have my ass filled, I grabbed the handset with the two big round ends. I slathered the rest of the hand lotion onto the earpiece. I was getting so horny imagining myself getting plugged by any man passing by the rest area who had an interest in working over my ass.

I closed my eyes and began working the big round earpiece up my ass. The hand lotion burned a little. But honestly the burning sensation kind of got me going. My mind conjured up all kinds of images of men, big burly older men, seeing my graffiti in the restroom stall and walking out to find me already bent over a table ready to go. I imagined some may just fuck my ass with their hard throbbing dick. Others may decide to put on a latex glove and shove fingers up my ass too. I had always fanaticized about being fisted. I had tried to fist myself many times, but could never relax enough, or reach behind me in that position long enough, to get my whole hand inside.

I imagined a man with a latex gloved hand trying to fist my ass. I imagined myself bent over a table in the rest area in the light of day. I pictured myself struggling to accommodate the man's knurling twisting fist. I reached into my jock strap and fished out my throbbing penis and began stroking it. I breathed slowly and relaxed. The phone receiver finally popped past my tight sphincter and slid in deep. My mind overloaded. I shot my load all over the carpet beneath the hotel table. It felt so good. I laid there with the phone receiver embedded deep inside, as my ass continued to spasm from the lingering orgasm.

Wow, it felt so good. The whole scenario of the rest area was so powerful in my mind. I could hardly wait to get to the rest area. I slowly pulled the phone receiver out of my now gaping ass. I bent over and pulled my ass cheeks apart to see my winking anus. It was pink and puffy from the phone fuck, still gaping and quivering, and glistening with hand lotion.

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