tagLoving WivesMy Husband, My Life Pt. 05

My Husband, My Life Pt. 05


Chapter 6 – Dating Edward ,/B>

Pregnancy was hard. Morning sickness hit me soon after our honeymoon. I couldn't dance and had to leave the cast of Chicago, which broke my heart. But after 9 months I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy, who I instantly adored. True to his word, Michael was a wonderful father. We named the baby Michael Jr. and called him Mickey.

About three months after giving birth, Michael called and said he was bringing an important new client home for dinner. I hurriedly got ready. I'd gone from size 2 to 4 during the pregnancy, and hadn't yet lost the extra weight. I couldn't wear my slinkiest dresses, but there were a few outfits that fit. We hadn't played the game at all since the honeymoon, and our sex life was almost non-existent. I suspected Michael wanted me to play the game with Edward, so I dressed to impress. I knew what turned Michael on, and I didn't want his wandering eye to re-emerge. Also, despite my new role as the mother of a newborn, which I cherished, I missed the wild kinky sex from before.

Edward was older, probably early 50s, but he was handsome and distinguished. Michael didn't waste any time. As we sat on the sofa sipping wine, with Edward sitting on a chair across from us, Michael began caressing my neck and shoulder, and then started kissing me. I felt movement next to me, and realized Edward had joined us on the sofa. Soon Edward's hands were on me, and Michael moved to the chair to watch as Edward fondled and kissed me. Edward took off my dress, leaving me in just my lingerie and heels. I wanted to turn off the light, embarrassed by the slight bulges in my stomach and hips, but Michael wouldn't allow it as he wanted to watch. Edward took off his clothes. For an older man he kept in shape. His body was lean and well-defined, and his penis was an impressive size, one of the longest I'd ever seen. It felt good with Edward inside me. While not as energetic as a younger man, he was an experienced, considerate lover. I didn't make him wear a condom because he had gotten a vasectomy years ago. As Edward fucked me I looked over at Michael, who was excitedly beating off.

Michael encouraged me to have a relationship with Edward. Edward's wife had died the year before and he had been looking for a younger girl to spend time with. He wanted great sex and a little romance, but not anything serious like marriage (he wasn't ready for that). This seemed to be a new wrinkle on Michael's fantasy. With Danny and Anton, I'd been the cheating girlfriend/fiancée/wife, having secret affairs behind Michael's back. Now with Edward, Michael wanted me to have not just a physical but also an emotional relationship with another man. I'd read enough stories on Literotica and other sites to know this was a variation on the hot wife/cuckold fantasy. I didn't see any harm in it. I'd get great sex with Edward and satisfy Michael's fantasies at the same time. While I liked Edward, there wasn't any chance I'd fall in love with him, which was exactly the relationship Edward wanted. So when Edward called a few days later and asked me out, I accepted.

"I loved watching you dance in Chicago," Edward said as we sipped a cocktail before dinner.

"You saw me?" I asked surprised.

"Didn't Mike tell you? He showed me a video of the production, from about a year ago. I know this is a terrible thing to say, but that's when I decided to hire Mike as my attorney. After he told me about this game you play, and how he'd be willing to share you with me, well ... honestly I couldn't resist, you're extraordinarily beautiful."

My cheeks reddened with embarrassment. "You must think we're so demented."

"It's unconventional, that's for sure," he said laughing, but not in an unkindly way. Then he looked admiringly at me. "My god you're absolutely gorgeous."

I thought of the baby weight I hadn't yet lost. "I'm not as pretty as when you saw me in Chicago."

He smiled leecherously at me, the lust so apparent in his eyes it sent a shiver down my spine. "Come home with me, and I'll show you how beautiful and sexy I think you are."

I went home with him. That's when I realized how rich he was, as his home was a huge condo in an ultra-exclusive building in Central Park. He fucked me twice, and Michael fucked me again when I got home. I went out with Edward 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes I spent the night with him, or even the weekend. He liked taking me to society parties. Michael loved it I was spending so much time with Edward. Sometimes we'd go out as a threesome. If you saw us, you'd have thought I was married to Edward, not Michael. It was a naughty thrill to hold Edward's hand and whisper sweet nothings into his ear as Michael sat across from us, looking both hurt and excited at the same time.

I found it amazing how perverted high society gentlemen could be. Michael was certainly that way, with his hot wife/cuckold fantasies. But Edward and his friends were just as bad. Things were proper when their wives were around of course. At those times, I didn't wear my wedding ring since it would have been scandalous if his high society friends knew he was dating a married woman (miraculously I never ran into anyone I knew when I was with Edward, but then, we ran in different circles).

Sometimes, though, Edward took me to his private club, where things could get wild. Edward insisted I wear my wedding ring at his club, because he wanted all his friends to know he was fucking a young married woman. He liked me to wear my most revealing dresses around his friends. But unlike Michael, he had no interest in sharing me. I guess it was a "my girl is sexier than yours" kind of thing. It went beyond showing me off. Edward openly fondled me in front of his friends. He'd inch my dress up as we danced, grinning over my shoulder to his friends as he revealed the lacy tops of my stockings. One time he even made me go down on him under the table, as he ate and drank with his friends.

I went along with all of it. I still hadn't lost the extra weight from my pregnancy, and I'd had no luck getting a part in another show. I loved Mickey and being a mom, but my self-esteem as a woman was pretty low. Edward's adoration of my body and looks, as well as being hit on constantly by his friends (all of whom were handsome and successful), satisfied some primal need inside me. It also kept Michael interested, although I still worried about his wandering eye for young pretty girls, especially with all the time we spent apart. Was he using my evenings and weekends with Edward as opportunities to be with younger, firmer girls? It didn't seem that way, as he was always there when I got home, practically panting with excitement and begging me to tell him about my latest adventures with Edward. The idea of my dating another man, having a boyfriend, turned Michael on. It made him jealous too, but the jealousy fueled his excitement.

Edward was handsome, distinguished, charming and charismatic in a way that could only be gained after years as a successful businessman. I looked forward to our dates, and found myself daydreaming about him when we weren't together. This alarmed me. I didn't want to fall in love with him. Loving two men would be too complicated. Predictably, Michael was thrilled as he saw my relationship with Edward blossom. To him it would be the ultimate cuckold fantasy if I fell in love with Edward, and did mean things like deny Michael sex or dye my hair black because Edward wanted me to. But Michael seemed to believe my heart was big enough to love two men. I wasn't so sure. Also, the hurt I saw in my Michael's face as I got ready for another date with Edward bothered me, even though I knew it was part of Michael's fantasy. So despite all the wonderful things about Edward, I started thinking about breaking it off with him.

One evening, I was at dinner with Edward and some of his friends. Edward had brought along his son Bobby, who was visiting from college. I immediately took to Bobby. He was endearingly shy and bashful, and just as handsome as his father. Bobby couldn't keep his eyes off me, which flattered me to no end since he was a gorgeous 20 year old college junior, and I a 26 year old mother who still hadn't lost her pregnancy weight. I was much closer in age to Bobby than Edward, and we had a lot in common in music and movies. He was as much an admirer of my legs as his father (he kept peeking under the table), and was thrilled when I told him I danced in Chicago.

Edward's mood grew noticeably darker through the evening. I think he sensed my uncertainty about our relationship, and realized our affair was coming to an end. His bad mood was worsened by Bobby. For whatever reason, Edward acted jealous of my conversation with his son, and sent harsh words both at me and at Bobby. This left me bewildered. Michael often grew jealous, but he never got angry with me; instead, his jealousy fueled his fantasies. I wasn't giving any reason for Edward to be jealous. I was talking and laughing with Bobby, but I wasn't at all flirting with him. To ease the tension I stopped talking to Bobby, but I couldn't keep Bobby from looking at my face, my chest or my legs. The more infatuated Bobby became with me, the more angry Edward became. Finally we left the restaurant and went to Edward's place. As soon as we walked in, Edward pulled me into his arms and kissed me, right in front of Bobby. Then he roughly dragged me to his bedroom, where he fucked me harder than ever before, as if wanting to claim me for his own. His moans and grunts were loader than normal. I'm sure Bobby heard us, which Edward probably intended.

Edward fell asleep after our sex. He was drunk, which probably contributed to the way he acted. I stared into the darkness for a long time, trying to sort it all out. Not able to sleep, I pulled on Edward's shirt (the one he had worn that evening) and went to the kitchen for a glass of water.

The door to Bobby's bedroom was partially open. I looked in, and what I saw sent a shiver down my spine. Bobby lay naked in bed. He was broader shouldered and more muscular than his father. His eyes were closed, and he was stroking himself. My eyes grew wide at the sight of his erection. He was just as impressively long as his father, but much thicker. He had one of the largest cocks I'd ever seen. My heart quicken as I watched him play with his extraordinary manhood. As he was about to cum, he reached for something. Shocked, I saw he had my black high heels, the ones I had worn that evening. I remembered they had fallen off my feet when Edward had pulled me into his bedroom. I watched wide-eyed as Bobby ejaculated into one shoe, and then the other. His chest heaving, he fell back into the bed as my soiled high heels clattered to the floor.

Impulsively I opened the door and entered his bedroom. Bobby gawked when he saw me, his cheeks growing red at being caught. He pulled the blanket over his naked body. I wasn't thinking, it was like I was watching myself in a dream. I walked over and stepped into the high heels. He had cum a lot, and my toes and soles were instantly wet and slippery. "Is this what you were thinking about?" I asked, walking around the room, the high heels clicking on the hardwood floor. Bobby's eyes were on my legs and feet, and I saw an erection starting to form under the blanket.

I slowly unbuttoned Edward's shirt, giving Bobby time to shift his gaze from my legs to my chest. Letting the expensive Ralph Lauren shirt fall from my shoulders, I felt anxious at his reaction. I wondered how he'd find my post-baby body, a year and a half removed from the perfect size 2 body I had when I danced in Chicago, especially compared to all the tight young bodies of the co-eds he went to school with. But I needn't have worried, as he practically began salivating. He threw off the covers and pulled me on top of him. Reaching down, I guided his cock to my pussy. God he was thick. I grimaced as he entered me, but oh it felt good. He moaned as I rode him, and I quickly covered his mouth with my hands. "Shhhhh," I said, not wanting to wake up Edward. Moving up and down on his huge shaft, I stared into his hungry eyes, feeling so bad. He looked so much like his father, the man who had been fucking me less than an hour ago.

I sensed Edward's presence before hearing his angry voice. "What the fuck is this?!" he shouted.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry," I apologized, suddenly experiencing intense feelings of regret. I knew I'd treated him terribly.

I moved to get off Bobby, but Edward pushed me back onto his son. He was more angry than I'd ever seen anyone, like a madman. "I should've known you'd do something like this!" he screamed. "You don't care about me! You're a fucking whore, all you care about is having a big cock inside you!"

Edward grabbed a belt from the floor and savagely whipped my behind, bringing tears to my eyes. "Oh god, that hurts! Stop, please stop!" I begged as he hit me over and over.

"Dad, stop! You're hurting her!" Bobby pleaded, his hard cock still inside my pussy.

"I'm giving this slut what she deserves! She's no better than a whore, so that's the way she's gonna be treated!" Suddenly Edward rammed his cock into my asshole. The pain was almost worse than the whipping. I tried pulling away, but Edward roughly pushed me down on his son's chest, ramming his long cock deeper inside my ass. "This slut wanted to fuck father and son? Well that's what we'll give her, both of us at the same time!"

Despite all my promiscuity, I'd never been double penetrated before. Both Bobby and Edward were huge. I felt like I was being torn apart. Looking down at Bobby with swollen eyes, he initially looked guilty at what was being done to me, but then his body's lustful cravings took over and he began fucking my pussy as hard as his father was fucking my asshole. Their thrusts became synchronized, one pushing in while the other pulled out. Edward's anger transformed into desire, and the lustful moans and grunts of father and son filled the room. Gradually, the pain gave away to pleasure, my body responding to being impaled and fucked by two huge cocks. My body shuddered as the orgasm hit me, waves of pleasure exploding from my clit and shooting through every nerve of my body. Feeling me cum pushed both men over the edge and they exploded inside me, the son flooding my womb with his seed while his father filled my ass.

We lay there for long moments, their cocks still inside me as we caught our breaths and realized what we had done. Then Edward pulled out and fell onto the bed, and cried. He cried! "Get out," he sobbed. "Just leave!"

I got off Bobby, looking at Edward and feeling terrible. I couldn't believe this strong, powerful man was crying. "I'm so sorry," I said feeling ashamed. I felt like shit. I gathered my things and quickly left Edward's apartment.

Arriving home, I fell into Michael's arms, crying. He comforted me as I told him what happen. As I explained my misgivings about continuing to see Edward (because I feared falling in love with him), and described how I seduced Bobby to sabotage my relationship with Edward and force him to throw me out, I felt him getting hard. Despite my protests – I wasn't at all aroused, and felt terribly sore – Michael took me. As he fucked me he chanted how nasty I was, a heartbreaker, a seductress, a horny slut, a bad girl. I cried, feeling guilt, confusion, and regret as he banged away between my legs. I also felt anger at Michael for his obsession with his fantasy. He didn't care who got hurt as long as he got what he wanted.

The next day I cried constantly, missing Edwards, and feeling terrible for hurting him. I didn't answer when Michael called from work, still angry at him. The idea of leaving Michael and going to Edward flashed through my mind. But I still loved Michael, despite everything.

Anyway, any thought of going to Edward disappeared when I missed my next period, and the doctor confirmed I was pregnant. It had to Bobby's baby. I always used condoms with Michael, and Edward had gotten a vasectomy years ago. Bobby was the only man to deposit fertile sperm into my womb since Anton on our honeymoon, when it didn't matter.

Michael couldn't keep his hands off me when he found out. I'd gotten knocked up by another man again, and it turned him on to no end. After about a month, morning sickness kicked in. It was worse than with Mickey, and all thoughts of sex disappeared. Michael was wonderful, attentive, kind and considerate. I think this pregnancy saved our marriage, because for 8 months we were a normal family, no kinky games involving me with other men. I got over Edward, and fell back in love with Michael. I had another baby boy, who we named Jeffrey.

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Well done

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