tagBDSMMy Husband, My Master

My Husband, My Master


This is different, she thought as he placed the silky, cool, scarf over her eye's. She could feel him fumbling with the knot behind her head and wanted to push him away and do it herself, but didn't dare. Every time Master tried something different, she knew she would be in for an experience that would leave her gasping. She could already feel the moisture forming between her legs in anticipation.

When the scarf was finally secure, he turned her around with his hands on her shoulders. She could feel him tracing the folds of the blindfold with one finger and held her breath. Time seemed to stand still as he lightly traced her cheek, then down around her chin. For just a fraction of a second his finger went around her lips, and then the finger was replaced with his tongue, tickling as he followed the contours of her lips. Instinctively she opened her mouth and tried to touch his tongue with hers, but he abruptly pulled away.

She wanted to see his face, see what he was thinking, see what he was looking at, but not even a hint of light came through the scarf. All of her sense's seemed to be heightened. She could smell his cologne over the smell of soap and the musk of his perspiration. She never realized how attractive his skin smelt. She had to force herself to not bend her head and bury her face in his chest and take a big breath.

His hands slowly went down her arms from her shoulders, his touch so light that she trembled. Then they were clasped behind her neck, pulling her into him. His mouth engulfed hers and a groan escaped her mouth as she opened up to his invading tongue. It was forceful at first, as if he couldn't control himself, then settled into a lusty tongue duel.

She wanted to throw her arms around his neck and hug him to her, but was trained to keep her hands at her side. Her nipples began to tighten into little points, needing some attention, some of his attention. Then through the kiss, she felt his hands wander over her breasts as if he was reading her mind, yet without enough pressure to satisfy. Pushing her chest out to get more stimulation, he suddenly broke the kiss and pulled his hands away. She moaned in frustration and heard a small chuckle come from him. She was slightly embarrassed but forgot all about it as his hands came back to her face, cupping her cheeks in his palms, his thumbs lightly tickling the corners of her mouth. Obediently, she opened her mouth and let his thumbs in.

The need to suck seemed to overwhelm her and she wantonly sucked on his thumbs, imagining them to be his cock. She ran her tongue around the tips just like she would to his cock head, then along to the bottom of his fingers. She was just about to begin sucking them in earnest, when he pulled his hands away and all bodily contact disappeared.

Her breathing sounded like a railroad train in her ears as she tried to hear where he was. She could still smell him but didn't know if he was right in front of her or across the room. Then his hands were unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it from her shoulders. She breathed a sigh of relief when he cupped her breasts and gently squeezed. She still needed more when his hands went to the buttons on her shorts. He pulled her shorts and panties down at the same time. She could feel his breath against her freshly shaved pussy.

"Step out of them, pet." He whispered in a voice so low she could barely hear him but did as he asked. She sensed him standing up, and turned her head from side to side, listening to what he was doing. Every nerve in her body was attuned to his every movement.

"Show me." He whispered again. Obediently her hands went behind her head as she spread her legs. The moisture between her legs seemed to grow, threatening to spill down her thighs as she stood for his inspection. The seconds grew into minutes, and the minutes seemed to turn into hours. She found herself holding her breath, trying to hear if he was still in the room, softly sniffing the air for his scent.

When she turned her head, ever so slightly to listen for him, the cat cut across her ass, almost taking her breath away.

"When I say show me, your to remain perfectly still. Do I make myself clear?" He asked in a voice slightly above a whisper, but she could hear the edge to his voice. She nodded her head.

"Yes, Master." This time the cat cut across the small of her back. The pain almost bringing tears to her eye's and made her knees weak.

"There will be no talking!" He said.

She nodded her head, breathing deeply through her nose. It seemed as if hours had passed when he finally put his hands lightly on her waist, startling her. She heard him chuckle and was tempted to smile in return, but instead concentrated on holding her position.

Ever so slowly, he started running his hand up and down her body, his gentle touch relaxing her. He'd start at her waist and run his hands up her side, pulling on her skin like a massage, then run them back down. It took three or four passes before he finally ran his hands to her breasts, holding them while running his thumbs across her nipples. She could feel her nipples starting to respond but she needed more. Arching her back she pressed her breasts harder into his hands and he took the hint. Roughly grabbing her tit's, he squeezed and twisted them at the same time, causing her to gasp.

Then with both hands, he grabbed both nipples and squeezed. A moan was forced out of her lungs. The pain of having her nipples squeezed, pulled and twisted brought a fresh gush of wetness between her legs. She needed him to touch her there, just once. She wanted him to know how much she needed him. The nub between her legs felt swollen with desire. If she could just close her legs for a second, the friction alone would itch that scratch that was forming there. But she dared not.

Then she felt the pressure on her shoulders. "Kneel in front of me, whore." He demanded as he pushed her to her knee's. She felt the rough material of his jeans brush against her face along with the distinct hardness of his manhood. A thrill swept through her. She was pleasing her Master, he'd had a rough week at work and he needed this. A trickle of moisture slowly started dripping down her thigh, the hope that he would be rougher on her crossed her mind. He needed this so bad.

The sound of a zipper being pulled down was followed by the sound of his belt being unbuckled. Instinctively she brought her hands back on top of her head while opening her mouth, and wiggled to spread her legs. In her mind she could see his hard cock jutting from his body, his smoothly shaved balls hanging below. God, how she wanted him to choke her with that cock!

Yes, she was his whore. His slave. She needed his cock like a drowning man needed air. She started drooling thinking about his cock in her mouth, the fierce thrusting down into her throat, making her gag. He loved seeing her gag, she knew that, when his cock was down her throat he couldn't help but hold her head tight to his groin, suffocating her, but it brought him so much pleasure.

She was so lost in her thoughts that the feel of his smooth cock head rubbing against her lips surprised her. Not being able to see, she fumbled trying to get his cock in her mouth, but he kept pulling back, almost making her fall trying to get it. She caught herself before she fell and impaled her mouth on his cock, driving it deep into her mouth and throat. She gagged once, but swallowed that reflex along with his cock. He then started to slowly face fuck her.

She loved when he face fucked her. To her, to be kneeling in front of her Master, his cock buried deep in her throat, felt like the ultimate submission. She would have loved seeing his face, his eye's smiling as he looked down at her. But being blindfolded, all she could do was concentrate on the cock in her mouth, the smooth feeling as it slid between her lips. The slightly salty taste of the small drops of pre cum that dribbled out of the tip of his cock.

The heat between her legs became a furnace as he sped up his face fucking, grabbing her behind the head and forcing himself deep into her. He was still taking his time, she knew he didn't want to cum just yet, but she tried everything she could think of to get him off. She sucked when he was deep in her mouth, made little gagging sounds when he went into her throat. Moaned in disappointment as he withdrew.

She needed him to cum in her mouth. That thought sent a small trickle of moisture down her thigh. After his bad week at work, he needed that release. She could feel him throb on her tongue and waited for him to tell her to take her mouth off of him and tilt her head back.

She wanted to see Master take himself in his hand and jerk off into her mouth. She was teetering on the edge of her own orgasm, the feel of his hot seed spilling over her tongue would give her that push she needed. She started bobbing her head a little faster, sucking a little harder, when the cat suddenly cut into her lower back. She stiffened at first, the burns from the tips just reaching the top of her ass almost pushed her over the edge, and she doubled her efforts on his cock.

Her saliva was starting to drip off of her lower lip and down her chin as the second lash came across her back. This time one of the tendrils reached between her ass cheeks and stung her private hole. A shudder went through her whole body. The pain was deliciously erotic.

"Use your hands to spread your ass cheeks, but don't lose my cock." He warned. A flash of shame went through her. He'd seen the effects of the cat striking her asshole, and he wanted to see more.

She reached back with both hands and opened herself to him, while never losing contact with the cock in her mouth. She moaned and shuddered in pain as he started concentrating on her sensitive place, unleashing blow after blow between her cheeks. It was hard for her to keep her balance with her hands holding open her ass cheeks while bent over with Masters cock in her mouth, but she managed it.

After five or six lashes on her exposed hole, one finally found it's spot. The pain surged up her clenched ass, setting off skyrockets in her head. She felt herself starting to tumble off of the cliff and redoubled her efforts on his cock, taking long, smooth strokes deep into the back of her throat. She barely felt the blows raining down on her back as her orgasm started running through her.

Just as she would feel herself stating to come down from the height of her orgasm, another lash would strike her sensitive hole sending her right back up again. She lost count of the number of orgasms she had, it was like riding a roller coaster, up and down, up and down. She was just barely conscious of Masters cock in her mouth as she shuddered and moaned around it, her body twisting and turning to get away from those sweet lashes raining down on her exposed hole. Yet she stayed in position, her hands holding apart the cheeks of her ass, her lips holding on to the cock in her mouth.

It wasn't until a stray lash struck her clit that everything collapsed. Behind her blindfold, a ball of light lit up her eye's. As much as she wanted to keep Masters cock in her mouth, the shuddering and jerking of her body in orgasm forced it to pop free. She was aware of trying to get it back in her mouth as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. She gave up hope as she fell to the floor, her hands still holding open her ass cheeks. The blows felt like warm caresses as her body clenched, forcing her breath out of her lungs. Her toes curled almost onto the balls of her feet as she shuddered and jerked. The intensity of the orgasm cramped something deep inside herself and then she went limp, little tremors rippling through her body as she fought to catch her breath.

She laid on her side, her hands still holding open her ass cheeks, when she felt Master gently nudging her onto her back. She hated letting go of her ass cheeks, but her position wouldn't allow it. She was just starting to catch her breath when she felt Master straddle her chest. He pulled off her blindfold and she forced herself to open her eye's.

He was kneeling over her with his hand wrapped around his cock, smiling down at her.

"That was exquisite, pet." He whispered as he stroked himself. She could see the drop of precum on the tip of his cock and wanted nothing more then to lick it away but she was too physically exhausted to even lift her head. She laid there and watched him stroking himself.

Finally he reached behind her head. "Open up, pet." He ordered as he lifted her head up. She just had time to open up when her mouth was filled with his first shot. She wanted so much to just swallow it, but knew Master always wanted to see it on her tongue. She forced herself to keep her mouth open as he fired volley after volley into her waiting mouth.

He sat on her chest for a few seconds as he wiped his softening cock on her lips. "Swallow, pet." He said, a smile on his face. She had to swallow twice to get it all down, then licked her lips to get any remaining drops.

Master let her rest on the floor for a few minutes before he climbed off of her chest. He reached under her and effortlessly lifted her limp body and carried her to the bed. The pillow under her head felt so soft and inviting that she started drifting off as soon as her head hit it.

But even though she was physically exhausted, she couldn't ignore Master tying her arms to the headboard. She closed her eye's when Master spread her legs and tied them to the foot board.

She could barely keep her eye's open when Master climbed onto the bed next to her and gently cupped her breast. "Rest, pet." He said as he rubbed his thumb over her nipple. "We have a long day in front of us." He whispered. She smiled before drifting off to a much needed nap.

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