tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Husband's Boss

My Husband's Boss


This is a story of non-consensual interracial sex and mind control. Constructive critic feedback is welcome. Insults by wee willy white boys are disgusting.


Mary first met Jim's employer at her wedding three years previously. The best way to describe him would be a black, ugly, old prick. If that wasn't enough, he was also rude, overbearing, and demanding around white women. Maybe, having money and owning a construction company gave him the idea he could treat people like dirt. Being the boss of practically every man at the wedding was another reason he strutted around like an over-sized peacock.

It was strange, but he always treated the black wives with respect. Another thing, he had a beautiful wife half his age and she seemed to worship him. Mary couldn't understand what his problem was, and frankly, didn't give a damn.

Two years later, at the tender age of 25, Mary gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She had avoided Jim's boss whenever possible. The few times they had met, he always leered as he stared at her breasts, or long trim legs.

Twice in the past, she and Jim had been invited to the jerks home for a barbecue and swim in their pool. His name was really Robert, but she preferred thinking of him as dickhead. That was another thing, he was always having white couples to his home, but never invited his black employees.

Jim came home Friday afternoon and greeted her with a big hug, as he said. "Honey, pack your bags. We're invited to spend the weekend with Bob and Gina at their beach house. I think he may give me the Foreman's job at the new shopping mall we're going to be working on."

"We can't go away for a weekend! We have a six month old baby! Remember?" Mary exclaimed. "Besides, I don't care if he is your boss, I can't stand him and that wise ass mouth of his."

"Honey, don't be that way. I know we have a baby, but your Mother said she would keep her whenever we wanted time alone. I'm thinking about the baby, and the mortgage, and the car note. I need this Foreman's job and the extra money. You like Gina well enough."

"Sure, I like Gina and I have never understood why she married such a jerk. Promise me you will try and keep him away from me." Mary asked.

"Okay, Honey! He must be 60 years old. All he can do is stare and leer at beautiful women." Jim laughed. "He's just a harmless old man trying to relive his dreams of youth."

Dickhead Robert lived up to Mary's expectations, by staring at her shapely body in her skimpy two piece bikini. A few times, he made suggestive remarks when Jim wasn't within hearing. Once, Mary told Jim what was going on, but he wanted the Foreman's job so bad, he just brushed it away as an over imagination. Gina couldn't help but know what was happening, but she ignored her husband's words and actions. Mary was uncomfortable every minute, not knowing what was going to happen next. One time in the pool, he actually grabbed her ass. Another time, he cupped her breasts when nobody was looking. Mary was a nervous wreck, trying to avoid Robert and his wandering hands.

Late Saturday afternoon, the two men went to a local bar on the beach. Finally, Mary had some peace and quiet. When Gina suggested they open a bottle of chilled wine and relax around the pool, Mary was thrilled. With the men gone, Gina removed her top and Mary soon did the same. Gina really was a nice person when Robert wasn't around. She had a statuesque ebony body and breasts larger than Mary's.

The bottle was almost empty, when Gina said, "I"m going to drag my butt to bed, if I can ever get off my drunk ass."

"I don't think I have the energy to move right now. I'm going to enjoy the evening a little longer. I'll see you in the morning." Mary replied.

Mary vaguely heard the men enter and go upstairs. Her husband sounded as if he was very drunk. Mary was too relaxed and comfortable to offer her help. She just didn't have the energy to put up with a drunk and his amorous advances.

laying on the chaise, tipsy from the wine and half asleep, she felt her heavy breasts being fondled. Instantly wide awake, and looking down, she saw two large, brown hands clasped around her mounds and tweaking the sensitive nipples. She knew without looking up, it was her husband's fucking boss!

"My God! You've got your nerve! Stop this instant! I'll scream my head off, if you don't leave me alone!" Mary snarled, as she tried removing his hands. He slapped her breasts, first one, then the other. She had never experienced such excruciating pain in her life. One long drawn out scream escaped, followed by sobbing whimpers.

"My dear wife and your wimp husband are passed out drunk. Scream all you want! See how much good it will do you!" Robert smirked.

Finally, able to get air into her lungs, Mary took a deep breath and screamed. Robert slapped her repeatedly, rocking her head back and forth, effectively cutting off the screams. "Listen bitch, and listen good! You think I don't know why you are always dressing sexy and shaking your ass around me? You want a real man! You want me to fuck your white pussy with my big cock!"

"No! No! You're mistaken! I dress like everyone else my age! I dress for myself and my husband, not you! I don't want to have sex with you! I never have! Please, let me go. I"ll never say anything to Jim or Gina! Please!" Mary was begging now.

Robert had been in the construction business all his life. He had gotten older and accumulated a little extra weight, but he was still very strong. He outweighed Mary by more than a hundred pounds and knew he could do anything that struck his fancy. Right now, he wanted to humiliate her! He was going to show her that being white didn't make her better than him. He had raped dozens of white wives in the last thirty years. Never, had one failed to be satisfied and not come back for more. She was just another white slut secretly wanting a black man's cock stuck up her pussy.

He had lusted after her body from the first time he saw her at the wedding ceremony. Robert knew she had always tried to avoid him and that made this moment so much sweeter. This was his chance to show her just what his big cock could do.

Mary was sobbing uncontrollably from shame and her helplessness. She never dreamed Robert would go this far. She had gotten herself into a position from which she could see no escape. It was unbearable to dwell on the consequences.

Lifting Mary like a rag doll, he set her upright facing him. Her face was only inches from his crotch. "Unsnap my shorts and pull them down! I want you to get a close look at what will soon be in your mouth and pussy." He ordered.

To prevent getting hit again, Mary slowly loosened and pulled down his cargo shorts. Not surprised, when she saw he wasn't wearing underwear. She did gasp when she saw the huge shaft hanging heavily between his legs. His sac was grotesquely flaccid and seemed to have two golf balls within. When his pants fell to the deck, he thrust his pubic area toward her face.

"Touch it!" He commanded. "Wrap your white fingers around the shaft and suck it!"

When Mary didn't move fast enough, he reached for one of her injured breasts. "God, No! I'm sorry! I'll do it! Just don't touch my breasts again." Mary cried.

Wrapping both hands around the huge monster, she lifted it toward her mouth. She tentatively kissed the bulbous head and felt it twitch against her lips.

"Do I have to tell you everything? Open your mouth, use your tongue! Take it inside your mouth and suck, you bitch!" Robert ordered again.

With tears running down her cheeks, Mary opened her mouth to take the giant head into her oral cavity. She had to open wider to allow it entrance. Her tongue was pressed down and her jaws were already beginning to hurt. Pulling her head back, she was able to run her tongue around the tip. God have mercy! It was growing and getting harder! Trying to please him, she was stroking his long shaft as she licked and slobbered over the sensitive head.

"Yes! Like that! I'll make a cocksucker out of you yet! Soon, you"ll have it down your throat." Robert gloated.

Mary had wiped all other thoughts from her mind. Now, she was determined to satisfy this rapist with her mouth, so he would leave her body alone. Accepting her decision, she relaxed and began sucking more forcefully. Bobbing her head back and forth, she could take three or four inches, before pulling back and licking again. Against her wishes, Mary could feel herself getting wet between her legs.

Never having seen or felt a cock this huge, Mary was secretly proud she had the ability to excite something so powerful. She was aware her pussy juices were leaking from her trembling cunt. His massive ten inch cock was pulsing and throbbing, as the bitter-sweet pre-cum filled her mouth. She had sucked her husband on occasion, but never cared for the taste. Now, she found herself desiring more and more of this alien fluid.

Robert could tell this young white wife was throwing her inhibitions to the wind. She was actually enjoying his large cock and being dominated by her black attacker. It was getting time to serve her the main course. Pulling his cock from her mouth, he grabbed her arm and said, "It's time for a bed. I want to taste your sweet pussy before I fuck you crazy!"

Mary couldn't believe what had happened! She had been so close to having him shoot his sperm into her mouth and throat. She didn't want to be eaten and fucked by this monster! Struggling to get loose didn't help her situation, since he just raised his big hand and threatened to slap her tender breast.

"Listen cunt! You obey or get hurt! It's your choice to make, whether you receive pleasure or pain!" Robert growled.

Mary meekly followed him inside and up the stairs. She saw her unknowing husband passed out in their guest room. They entered the room across the hall and Robert left the door open. My God! He wanted Jim to wake up and hear what was happening, as he ravished her body! Since Jim couldn't protect her, she prayed he never woke up until this ordeal was over. She couldn't live if her husband knew she had sucked and fucked a black man. Yes, she finally admitted to herself, she was helpless to stop him from fucking her.

While Mary was resisting and refusing to co-operate, she still believed she could escape. But now, accepting the inevitable, she was more relaxed and complacent. For one reason or another, she hadn't had sex since her daughter was born. She was horny as Hell, and looking at his huge dark cock , she wondered if her pussy would be ripped apart. Mary knew she was going to soon find out.

Another person in the house did wake up and follow them up the steps. She was now outside in the darkened hallway, with her digital camera ready to go. Gina and her husband had done this many times and knew they needed a photo record for later. Full screen pictures on the computer had a way of stopping loose tongues, instantly.

Robert pushed Mary onto the bed and flat on her back. With not a wasted movement, he was between her legs and covering her body with his. She couldn't have gotten away, even if she had tried.

Mary could feel his large cock rubbing along her inner thighs, as she was smothered by his heavy body. Her large breasts were squashed by his chest, but now, his kinky hairs were causing tingles of pleasure, not pain. His thick lips locked on hers, as his tongue shot into her open mouth. Surrendering, she encircled his head with her arms and kissed him back. All thoughts of resistance had disappeared, and she was now ready to accept his huge cock inside her tiny pussy. Not only was she ready, she was actually aching to have him fuck her.

It entered Mary's thoughts, that he may have been right. Maybe, she had always secretly wanted him to fuck her. She had worn a skimpy bikini today, hadn't she? She had worn short, sexy skirts when she knew they were going to visit him and Gina. This was all her fault! How could she blame him for something she had been asking for? Robert had seen her inner self and was giving what she had always desired. What a dear, sweet man! How could she have thought him ugly? Without her knowledge, her brain had justified everything happening to her. She belonged to Robert and anything he wished to do.

Robert could hear Mary moaning deep in her throat. Her actions had changed from resistance to acceptance, even open aggression. She was ready for the next phase of her debasement. He knew she would be his, until another young wife came along. Construction was difficult work and there was a steady employee turnover. In the meantime, he would ruin her for that limp dicked white husband. His black employees were always happy to get his leftovers.

Knowing he had conquered, Robert could now afford to show his gentle side. Beginning his slide toward her wet and ready pussy, he very gently sucked each turgid nipple into his mouth. He was careful not to apply undue pressure and cause her pain. Still, she shivered as he gently sucked each, over and over. Then, his tongue left a wet trail down her stomach and to her most private of places.

Mary missed his tongue and kisses, until she felt the gentle caresses on her injured breasts. She shivered from fright, until the lips, ever so softly, sucked each marble sized aureole without hurting. Again, she missed his lips, as the slick tongue licked down her flat stomach. She had her fists knotted into the pillow, expecting pain, but only jolts of pleasure were shooting through her body.

Robert's tongue lovingly licked Mary's inner thighs and around her pubic hair. She squirmed and twisted, trying to get his mouth over her aching pussy. There was a raging inferno inside her pussy and only an orgasmic release could quench the fire.

He opened her cunt with fingers on each side of the slippery labia. Finally, Mary felt his thick, thrusting tongue inside her opened pussy. He was fucking her with a tongue larger than her husband's dick. At last, he took her clitoris between his lips and gently sucked as he nibbled on the sensitive bud. That's all it took to put her over the edge. Arching her back and thrusting shapely hips toward the mouth driving her crazy, Mary had an orgasm of epic proportions. A scorching heat began deep inside her lower body, racing at the speed of light throughout her being. Never in her life had she imagined anything could feel so exquisite.

Robert, feeling the contractions against his probing tongue, and Mary's thrashing in the throes of orgasm, knew it was time for the main event.

Mary was still coming down from the most thrilling orgasm of her young life. Suddenly, returning to reality, she felt Robert's huge cock head probing at her open Labia. He was now at the entrance of her husband's private domain, and she knew she was at the point of no return. For one quick second, she returned to sanity and pleaded, "No! Please don't do any more! My husband is just across the hall! Don't do this thing to me and him. Please, don't!"

Without answering, Robert slowly pressed forward. Mary was so slick, his enormous cock actually entered with little resistance. Slowly, ever so slowly, his hard, throbbing cock disappeared into her waiting cleft.

Looking down, Mary could see this huge black pole entering her white pussy. It was the most erotic sight imaginable! As he stretched her, it was slightly uncomfortable, but the currents of pleasure were a thousand times better.

When about half of his cock was buried, Robert withdrew and fucked her with short strokes. Withdrawing, until only the head was inside, he thrust forward forcefully. He felt his long cock hit bottom and knew he was at the entrance of her cervix. Not moving, he twitched his cock a few times, letting her feel his powerful tool exploring deep inside her virgin area. Robert knew she had never had anything this far inside her stomach, except when she gave birth. With any luck, she would experience that event again in nine months.

When Robert thrust inside, Mary thought she was being split apart. The few moments of pain and apprehension gave way before the intense feelings emanating from the bottom of her soul. She had taken every inch of his long thick cock! Her pussy surrounded his penis tighter than a skin on a snake. A sense of pride flowed through her at the accomplishment. Without even realizing what she was doing, Mary was pressing her hips against his pubic bone, trying to get more.

Now, that she had fully accepted him, Robert began with long, slow strokes. Her pussy almost turned inside out with the out-stroke, then back inside with each thrust. Her engorged clitoris was being stimulated with every move his cock made.

Mary couldn't help herself from humping back toward this wonderful tool of life giving pleasure. She was moaning and whimpering loudly, but thoughts of her husband waking never entered her feverish mind. Her entire being was being consumed with the most delicious feelings.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" She commanded.

Robert was surprised at her abandon and complete loss of control, but had no problem granting her wish. With piston like strokes and a rotating, grinding motion, he knew she was nearing her climax. Robert smiled as she thrashed about beneath him, urging him to fuck harder with his ten inch cock.

Suddenly, Mary began screaming. "Oh, God! Oh, God!" I can't stand anymore! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Her legs locked around his ass, wanting every inch of his cock, as she grunted and groaned to an earth shattering orgasm.

Robert was very close to his own climax, and Mary's movements put him over the edge. He thrust another couple of times and his seed erupted from his mighty shaft. He kept driving into her body, until she was filled to overflowing. His cum was oozing out around his black shaft and down her ass.

Mary's eyes rolled back in her head, as she passed out momentarily from the intense pleasure. When Robert collapsed next to her, she dreamily opened her eyes and looked down between his legs. She reached for and caressed his slick, turgid dick. She was now a complete slut for his cock.

The world hadn't stopped because one woman had been raped and thoroughly fucked. Gina had loads of photos and recordings on her camera. She had quietly went back to her room to await her husbands return.

Unknown to Mary, Jim had awoke for a few moments before passing out again. Through his drunken stupor, Jim thought he heard his wife saying, "fuck me, fuck me." Listening, he couldn't hear any other noise, and flopped back on the bed. He was snoring when his head hit the pillow. It didn't even register that Mary wasn't beside him.

Slapping Mary's ass, Robert told her to shower and go to her own bed. "I"m not as young as I used to be and you wore me out for the night."

Sunday was a strange and mysterious day indeed, and Jim was mystified with his wife's actions. She had always avoided Robert like the plague. Today, she was making moon eyes at him and seemed to be touching whenever possible. Later, Jim happened to remember what he thought he heard the night before. Was it possible? Nah..That's impossible, but continuing to watch, he began to wonder if something had happened.

Mary was still under Robert's spell while she was in visual contact with him. The next day was completely different. Jim had left for work and Mary had plenty of time to think. She couldn't believe she had actually begged Robert to fuck her. How had he gained control of her mind and actions? Jim had seemed to want to ask her something, but was unable. Mary had been quiet since coming home, and was so ashamed she couldn't look at him.

Later that afternoon, being bored, she got on the computer. There was an e-mail from Robert with a photo attachment. Mary was so shocked, she almost fainted when the thumbnails appeared.

There was a short message saying: Do you want these sent to family and friends, even your husband? If not, be at my beach house 10am tomorrow.

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