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My Incubus


He kept coming to me in dreams, even though I could not see his face nor could I hear his voice, I knew it was him I just sensed it I suppose, sensing things is something I have always been very good at. The first time I awoke in a cold sweat with my heart about to pound out of my chest I was not quite sure what was happening. The window was partially open and the breeze was strong and whipping the curtains around above my head. I felt strangely hot and yet chilled at the same time. I remember sitting up and trying to catch my breath and figure out where I was exactly. I chalked it up to a bad dream got up drank some hot tea and then went back to bed after about an hour and never could go back to sleep.

I could not get it out of my head for several days and during that course of time I seemed to either remember things or just made things come to mind either way it was a pretty strange sensation. I thought I could hear a voice in the far distance but could not really say it was a voice. I at one time even felt a glancing touch across my shoulders so light it could hardly be felt. It was always when I lay awake in bed that I would sense these things. I began to wonder if I had a dream at all or if I had experienced something far more real. It was after about a month, I was in bed reading a book when I heard the window open a bit further, I watched as the curtains parted and a blue mist came into my room I was not afraid for some reason. I watched the mist as form began to take shape. A man stood before me he was tall and thinly built the only feature I could really make out was his eyes and that he was male.

He hovered over my bed for several seconds and I saw him extend his hand toward me. I reached for his hand when he took my hand he placed it against my breast but it did not feel like my hand. My skin felt different my nipple seemed thicker and larger. The room began to feel very warm to me and I could feel I was beginning to sweat. I could not take my hand from my breast and exploring it was different than anytime I had touched it before. I continued to watch him. He opened his arms fully outstretching them this stirred a breeze into the room I felt him brush across my skin creating a tingling sensation.

I watched him almost hypnotically as he placed his hand on his stone like cock and began to pull upward on it repeatedly. My legs parted as if on their own I was waiting for him to come to me. it was my hand that found its way to the wetness between my legs as I rubbed along the pubic bone and slightly parting the lips of my pussy. He continued to stroke himself and watch me. Yet this still did not feel like my own hand. Pulling my legs upward and bending my knees back toward my chest I begged in silence for him to come to me now and enter me. I felt myself stretch and open to an almost painful stage but still I lifted my hips further to accept even more of him.

I could hear the sounds he made above my own raspy breathing the almost demonic sounds of lust. I watched as he removed his hand from his cock and open his arms wide. As he did I felt my legs open further and a driving forceful pounding pained my stretched and full pussy. Just as suddenly I felt him depart from me thought the intense throbbing remained. I watched as he opened his mouth and his tongue flickered in and out of his mouth. With this, I felt his firm hot tongue penetrate along the crease of my leg and across my navel causing a singeing pain. His tongue stretched further from his mouth and he held it out. I felt his tongue slid deeply inside touching places beyond reach circling scraping along the walls then moving rapidly in and out of me. He once more reached and touched his cock now appearing like it were molten lava and his body as if it were ash.

My screams filled my tiny room and the curtains ignited into flame he continued to hover above my bed. His hand moved rapidly now across his swollen cock foreign sounds drown my cries even from my own ears. Liquid fire shot from between his fingers and my pain became excruciating as rivers filled my pussy. I watched him wrap his arms around his shoulders and the form diminished and the mist rotated like a funnel escaping through the window. When I could move again and looked about the room I saw the ash on my bed and on my body the burned ends of my curtains and the fully open window. I became aware of the blisters on my fingers and lips and the pain inside my body.

Unable to move, I drifted off to sleep. I continued to hear his voice and see his eyes though I slumbered well. Sunlight came through my window waking me. I lay with my eyes closed afraid to open them. After several minutes I sat up and looked around at everything still in its place and normal. The pain in my body and the tenderness around my legs and pussy were also very real. My partially opened window allowed the gentle breezes to dance around my room flipping the pages of my book laying beside me in my bed.

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