tagGay MaleMy Induction into My New Job

My Induction into My New Job


I slept in until 11 AM on Friday morning. I had a job interview that afternoon downtown at a prominent Manufacturing Company called Web Designs Incorporated.

I had sent in my resume applying for the position for Administrative Assistant/Secretary serving under the CEO of the company.

I had just turned 29 and had recently graduated from a yearlong Webpage Design Diploma course, with the highest of honors. I had achieved a stupendous 98.5% overall average for the course. . Damn good Grade, I was told by my instructors. The highest yet at the College that had been around for over twenty years now.

A plaque with my picture and me holding an honors award had been placed on the wall in the main hall near the front office. I was of course very proud of myself.

I also had my Administrative Degree. So my qualifications would be very beneficial to the company.

On Thursday afternoon the phone rang.

"Hello, Steve Drake Speaking." Since I had sent out my resume to a number of job opportunities I always answered the phone in a professional manner with a competent voice.

A man with a heavy baritone masculine voice spoke out at the other end of the line, "Mr. Drake, My name is Mr. Dhillon from Web Designs Incorporated, and I am calling in regards to your resume that you sent to us a week ago. You seem to have very impressive qualifications and I believe that you could just be the right man for the position that we have available." The hot voice said.

Great of all the jobs I had applied for I was really hoping that I would get this one.

"I hope that you don't mind, but I called your College to be assured of your qualifications," He continued speaking into the phone," And I am pleased to say that they gave you an outstanding reference. Your instructor told me that he had never met a more enterprising intelligent young man before. And that we would be lucky to grab a hold of you while we had a chance before some other company takes you on as an employee. So I would like to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss your qualifications and give you a bit of information about our company."

"Mr. Dhillon, I already know quite a bit about Web Design Incorporated, I went on your Web Page Site and was really impressed with what I saw. You don't know how excited this makes me being able to become a part of your Company. I have been hoping almost beyond hope that I would be considered." I told him humbly.

"Very Impressive Mr. Drake, You really sound like a go getter. Would you be able to come to my office, let's say around 3:00 PM tomorrow Friday afternoon?

"That would be great with me Mr. Dhillon. I look forward to meeting with you and I hope that I make a good impression and am the right man for the job." I answered him in an almost too excited voice.

I could hardly contain myself, I just wanted to whoop out and scream Yaaaaahooooo.

We closed our phone call and I hung up the phone.

I couldn't help myself, I started to jump up and down all over the living room floor, dancing and laughing and just feeling great. How could I ever last until tomorrow.

I didn't really sleep that much overnight, I was too excited with anticipation.

Finally after falling asleep in the early morning, suddenly I awoke up with a start at 11:15 AM. I hastily looked at the clock. I breathed a sigh of relief. I hadn't overslept.

Jumping out of bed I ran to the washroom to have a shower and get ready for my interview of a lifetime. I was so frigging happy.

I needed to calm down, chill out. The only way I knew to do that was to play with my morning hard-on and maybe, just maybe play with my horny ass.

Reaching out around the shower curtain, I grabbed my enema bag, filled it with water and then cleaned out my butt.

There it was nice and clean. Then I reached into the vanity drawer and took out my dildo and some lubricant. Then I did what I loved to have done to me, I fucked myself with my Dildo.

I started to laugh and then spoke out loud to myself, "Here is your reward Steve, You like that cock up your tight ass. Eh, feels damn good doesn't it?"

As I fucked myself I was jerking up and down on my 8 inch hard cock and the orgasm slowly began to increase. I picked up speed with the dildo, plunging it deep inside my butt. Then I couldn't hold back, with a whoop and a moan I started to shoot my load all over the inside of the shower wall. I quivered with pleasure as I came. Then it was done. Damn I felt so good, no great.

I was almost ready for my interview. I finished up my shower dried off, styled my brown head of hair and went out into the bedroom to get my clothes on. I glanced at the clock. Wow, I had been in the shower for a good hour and a half. It was already 12:30 PM, I had better hurry.

I got out a crisp clean freshly pressed white form fitting dress shirt. I was in very good shape and had a nice set of pecs and abs that always filled out my clothes nicely. Then I put on my Grey flannel dress pants and a vest along with my bet tie.

When I had finished I looked at myself in the mirror. Damn I looked good. I knew I would turn heads on the transit as I made my way to the interview. Not to brag but I always looked good. I was a handsome young man and always looked after my body the bet that I could.

I made a quick coffee and breakfast. Got the morning paper and sat at my kitchen table under the window and brushed up on the daily news. It would take about 45 minutes to get to the job interview so I would give myself an hour. I looked at the clock on the wall. I had better get moving.

I grabbed my briefcase and jacket and pranced out the front door of my house and proceeded to the bus stop. For once the bus was on time. Then I headed downtown to my new life.

I arrived 15 minutes early at the Web Page building. So I went up to the 10th floor and entered the office.

I didn't even have time to say anything; the secretary sitting behind the front desk looked up at me and nodded. She kind of gave me the once over.

"You must be Mr. Drake." She inquired of me. "Mr. Dhillon has been expecting you. Just have a seat and I will call him on the intercom and tell him that you have arrived."

I turned around and went over to the waiting chairs at the far wall. Behind the chairs was a floor to ceiling mirror. As I went over, I happened to see the reflection of the receptionist in it. She was looking me up and down as I walked away from the front desk.

I smiled inwardly. Lots of people were always checking it out. I mean I really did look good in my suit, but when I had on my button fly form fitting faded jeans, I really looked good. I sat down and waited patiently for her to contact Mr. Dhillon.

I didn't have to wait long. She hung up the phone and beckoned me back to her desk.

I went over and she said, "Mr. Dhillon will see you right now. Just go down the hall over there and it is the second door on the left."

I thanked her and proceeded down hall.

My heart was starting to race, I took a few deep breathes to calm myself as I approached the second door. I hesitated another moment and then I knocked.

I heard Mr. Dhillon's deep husky baritone voice say. "Come in please Mr. Drake, the door is open."

I turned the nob and stepped into the office. Wow it was a really nicely furnished office. I looked towards the desk across the room and my mouth almost dropped open.

Damn the man sitting behind the desk was a God. He was a twelve on the good looking scale. Wow I though, OK Steve, don't stare. Be cool.

He stood up and damn his body was perfect. He was very well fit. He had on a crisp white dress shirt like me with a nice tie and he had on a black pair of trousers and a black vest. I could see his firm pecs and abs displayed. They were almost struggling to get out of his shirt. And his dress pants were quite tight and showed that he had a nice package.

As he strode in a macho manly style around his desk, I almost licked my lips he was so hot. He had well groomed dark hair and radiant blue eyes. And that smile. God I could I would love to work for this stallion of a man. I quickly grabbed my wits about me and went over to his desk with my hand stretched out to shake his.

"Good Afternoon, Mr. Dhillon. Pleased to meet you."

I reached his desk and he stuck out his hand and grasped mine and shook it.

"Pleased to meet you as well Steve, and please call me Mark, I find that Mister is so stuffy."

His hand was so big, warm and firm. It made me tremble when he touched me. I could feel my cock starting to get a bit hard, he excited me so much. I breathed deeply and concentrated on keeping it soft. What example would I be setting if I popped a boner right now? The handshake went on a little longer than I expected it to.

His hand still clasped mine in a handshake as he turned back to his desk and picked up the receiver of his phone with his other and spoke into it.

"Veronica "he said into the receiver. "Please hold all calls and don't disturb me for at least an hour or so."

Then he hung up the phone and turned in my direction.

Finally he let go of my hand and he put it on my shoulder and led me over to couch against the wall.

He sat down and spread his legs wide in the manly way that men do.

"Have a seat." He drawled out in that sexy Baritone voice of his as he patted the seat beside him. "Tell me a bit about yourself, your goals and where you see yourself in the future."

Well sir, I mean Mark. I am quite a computer whiz. I practically become part of a computer terminal when I use it. I probably spend at least 5 hours a day on it if not more. I have quite a bit of administrative experience and I am very understanding and personable when it comes to dealing with people. I strive to do get a job done right and correctly, to the best of my abilities. Here is a copy of my resume for you to look at."

I reached into my briefcase and took out a copy and handed it to him.

He took it from me and started to browse through it. While he was reading it I glanced down at his crotch. He looked like he had a really nice package between his legs. I sure would love to drop to my knees right now and suck his cock. I happened to take a deep breath and he looked up and met my eyes. Damn, I hope he hadn't seen me checking him out. Did I look up fast enough not to be caught?

With a big smile on his face Mark said," Well Steve, I already have looked over your resume and it is very impressive. Your qualifications seem to be impeccable. And the reference I got from your college was a bonus to your abilities. And you are a very fine good looking young man. I have a Video of information on the company that I will play for you on the screen in front of us."

He twisted his body around and his leg rubbed up against mine. Holy shit, Damn it sent tingles throughout my body. He was so fucken hot. He grabbed a remote off the table and aimed it at the video recorder pressing the on button.

His leg remained against mine. But I didn't mind. The video was taking a few moments to start. He leaned his arm on his leg and it also was touching my arm. Damn, I was really getting uncomfortable. Not because of his touching me, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep my cock soft much longer if this continued.

Then the video came on and much to my surprise but more to his. A scene opened up with two guys kissing each other and starting to make out.

I turned and looked at Mark with a shocked look on my face. I think that he misread my expression.

He turned beet red with embarrassment and mumbled out in a meek voice, "Damn, I am so sorry Steve. I must have forgotten to take the Video out that I was watching last night. I am afraid that I have a hankering for Men. They turn me on and I am not interested in Women. Yes I am Gay, I guess it doesn't matter, but I find you a very attractive young man. I would hire you in a moment, not only for your qualities as a professional but as someone who would be nice to have around to look at. I suppose that you want to leave now. Again I am so sorry. I think you would truly have been a boon to my Company."

Well I thought for just a second or two. Damn, I really wanted this job. I needed to let him know that it was OK.

"Mark." I said in a compassionate voice, "I think you misread the shocked look on my face. It was not because I was repulsed by what you showed me and what you said. It was because, I too am gay and I don't know if you noticed but I was checking you out. I find you extremely handsome. You are the man of my dreams. When I came in here, I wanted so badly to touch you and hold you and suck and lick you all over. Please hire me, be my Boss Sir!"

With that said I suddenly rolled over on top of him and started to nibble on his neck.

He leaned his head back and his hands went down around my butt cheeks and he gave them a firm squeeze. Then I moved up to his face and placed my lips against his and started to passionately kiss him. His breath smelt wonderful and his mouth was like ambrosia. He parted my lips with his tongue and then shoved it into my mouth.

I could feel the passion building up in me as I took what I could from this stud.

I reached to his masculine chest and undid his tie, Took off his vest and then slowly and seductively undid each of the buttons on his shirt one by one and removed it, exposing his fine manly chest.

I lowered my head and started to lick his chest around the nipples and firm pecs. He let out a moan and stared up to the ceiling in rapture.

I looked up as I licked and met the beautiful gaze of his dreamy blue eyes.

They were so commanding. I wanted to be his, totally his.

Then in his hot sexy baritone voice he said, "Steve I am going to be very blunt, and up front with you.

There are some conditions for me to hire you as my employee. I want you also to be my Lover. One of the things that you should know about me is I am a dominant top man. I love to fuck a tight ass, three or four times a day. Every day. I expect obedience from my partner and as my employee you will never cross me.

If you are willing to serve me totally then you will be accepted by me. If I tell you to do something for me, I don't want any hesitation on your part. Now I want you to reach forward and open my pants, undo my fly and take out my nine and a half inch hard cock and work it. Show me what you can do. Smell it, taste it and then engulf it with your mouth."

I looked up into his eyes, was this really happening.

He had told me that an important part of me being hired would be to obey him explicably.

Without hesitation I lifted my hand and very gently reached forward and slowly undid his belt and then unbuttoned his trousers and pulled down his fly. He had on a pair of white Calvin Kline boxers.

I took the band and pulled them open. His cock popped out and was hard as a rock. Holy crap he was big. Then I started to kiss hiss tender cock and lick it. He tasted so good.

He smiled down at me and stated, "Damn, Boy, you are a good cocksucker. You like my cock? You like your Daddy's Cock? You think you can handle it?"

"Oh yes sir, Mark, yes sir. I love your cock; I want to worship your cock." I stuttered back to him in a trembling voice.

Then I leaned forward and started to swallow his luscious cock. It was slightly salty and he smelled so manly.

I continued to worship his cock. It was pulsating in my throat as I sucked him.

I had Mark moaning and growling in pure lustfulness. I knew how to please a man and I wanted to please him.

I took my mouth off his cock for a minute and in a pleading begging voice I asked," Please Mark, stand up I want to suck you on my knees as you stand towering over me.

I want you to put your hands behind my head and fuck my mouth and make into your toy. Please I beg you Mark Sir."

Mark looked down at me with his controlling masterful eyes and stood up. He towered over me and I took my submissive place in front of him on my knees.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and then slowly went down on his pole. I didn't stop until it was all the way down my throat. I was almost gaging he was so big. But I was experienced and knew how to engulf a man's rod. He let a gasp of sheer pleasure. His pub hairs nestled against my chin. Then I pulled off of him to the tip and preceded to piston suck him.

I continued to look up into his eyes as I serviced my new stud.

I plunged my mouth entirely to the hilt and then out to the tip. He was moaning in pure ecstasy.

He put his hands behind my head and then began to face fuck me. He was ramming deep into my throat. I was in my glory.

He moaned out, "Oh damn Steve you have a damn hot mouth, I am so close, I need to stop for a bit. I don't want to cum yet."

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I looked over at it.

There was a big string of precum connecting from the tip of his cock to my mouth.

I quickly made a sucking noise and it went into my mouth where it belonged. It was like ambrosia. Mark was in total control of me.

I had become his to use anyway he wanted.

Mark stood back a little and ordered me in a commanding dominant voice. "Stand up Steve. Take off your vest and shirt and lower your pants. Get on your knees before me. I am going to fuck your pretty little ass. You want that Boy? Does your ass need to be possessed and get a good hard fucking by a Mater Cock?"

I stood up before my new Boss and looked him straight in the eye and in a subservient voice answered him, "Yes Mark, as you said I must obey your every want and desire explicitly. I want to serve you. I want to have you control me.

I quickly ripped off my vest and shirt and pulled down my pants to my knees. Then I bent over the chair and spread my cheeks for Mark.

I looked back over my shoulder at my Boss and he smiled. He spit on his finger and reached between my melon cheeks and lubed up my hole. He stuck a couple of fingers and spread my hole to get ready for his hard man cock.

Then he placed the tip of his man cock against my now his hole and slowly pushed deep into my ass with it. I let out a cry of utter pleasure. It felt so good, so right. He belonged in my ass.

He let out an animal like growl as his balls slapped against my firm butt cheeks with a loud slapping noise.

Marcus put his hands on my hips and then started to pull me roughly onto his hard pulsating cock.

Ram, Ram, Ram. Pulling all the way out to the tip and then ramming back in to the hilt. Continuously taking what had become his possession, over and over again.

He had so much power. He was a God, my God. How had I become so lucky to have such a virile stud as this?

Mark pulled out of me and with is massive strength pulled me up off the chair. Then he sat down and made me sit on his hard member and ride it.

He had his hands under my firm melon butt cheeks and he would lift me up and then let me go.

I would plunge down on top of his cock until it was all the way deep inside of me. I could feel it deep inside my stomach. It felt so good, so exuberating.

My ass opened up wide for him. I would never be the same. I was in heaven, euphoria. My ass had become a real manhole. I needed him. I wanted him so badly.

I was crying out in utter rhapsody as he used me.

Then with his super strength he lifted me up high and spun me around on his cock until I was facing away from him and took me in another position. His hands were on my chest as he held himself inside of me and started to bounce me up and down on his pulsating throbbing cock.

My ass was leaking love juices and was becoming like a furnace for him. I was moaning out continuously in pure pleasure as he growled in animalistic lustful noises.

It was like we had become one, joined together

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