tagMind ControlMy Inheritance Ch. 1

My Inheritance Ch. 1


My name is Bob, the only child of Dr Phil and Mary Vance. My parents were very wealthy because my father, the doctor, was a specialist. When I was 16, both my parents died in a very tragic automobile accident. Their multi-million estate was left to me in a trust until I turned 21, and attended college. That's OK, because I wanted to go to college, and the estate paid the entire bill. At 16, I was forced to live with my grandpa. Actually forced is an incorrect word. I loved my grandpa, and he was very good to me. My grandma died when I was very young, and never got to know her. I attended at the nearby University, and obtained my degree in Art and Literature. I spent the entire 4 years with my grandpa.

All through high school and college, I dated very little. I did not find any of my dates sexually attractive, and I never had sex with any of them. At 22, I graduated college, got my trust, and was still a virgin. Little did I know that was soon about to change. Shortly after my 23rd birthday, my grandpa died, and left his entire estate to me. My grandpa was also a very wealthy man. After inheriting both my parents and grandpa's estates, I was now very wealthy. I would never need to work a day in my life. But it wasn't the money, I just miss my family very much, and now I'm all alone in the world. That was about to change soon too.

Two days after my grandpa's funeral, I received a phone call from his attorney, Ms Jane Powell, for a reading of his will. Ms Powell informed me "We will pick you up at your grandfater's house promptly at 10:00 tomorrow morning in my company's car, and will be driven to my office where all information will be given to you at that time."

Car is not the correct description. This was a huge limosine. The chauffer treated me like a king. I was very impressed with this service. When we arrived at the lawyer's office, the chauffer escourted me to Ms Powell's office. I was expecting to meet a large, middle-aged woman. I was pleasantly surprised. She was in her late 20s, and was very thin. She wore her brown hair down, and was the vision of sexual beauty.

After being shown into her office and taking a seat, Ms Powell began. "First of all Bob, your grandfather left his entire estate to you. But instead of me boring you with the details, your grandfather made this videotape (removing it from her desk drawer) for you to watch, and he will give you all the details himself. We have a TV and VCR set up in our conference room, and you can watch it undisturbed." This was a very plush, comfortable room.

The image on the screen was my grandpa. I had tears in my eyes. My grandpa was talking to me from beyond the grave. He started off by telling me the usual legal stuff. He left me his car, investments, his boat and his house. Then his discourse took a very surprising turn. I could not believe what I was hearing!

"Bob, there are a few secrets about the house. As you know, I did a bit of experimenting in the basement. One of my experiments actually worked. Now it is yours to use. You will have the power over women. Ms Powell has the documents to give you about my work. You will be able to use women any way you want, whenever you want. There is also a secret room off the basement, for you to use with the women you take possession of. When you leave, you will receive that key also. The documents will take a bit of time to get to understand, so in the meantime I have arranged a special sexual encounter for you. Ms. Powell's receptionist, Pam, will be your "date" tonight. She will stay the night with you. Do anything you want to with her. She knows, so don't say anything to her about it. She is under my control from beyond the grave." The tape was over. I received all my documents and keys from Ms Powell, and returned back to my grandfather's house. As I was leaving, I was eyed up and down by Pam, he eyes pausing at my crotch.

Pam arrived at exactly 6:00 pm. She was wearing the same outfit that she wore to the office earlier that day, a conservative business suit. She asked me to go to dinner with her, and I accepted. She drove us in her Ferrari, and we went to a very plush, expensive restaurant. It was very expensive, and she paid the bill. We left the restaurant, and drove back to my house. She removed a small suitcase from her car, and we walked to the front door. There she sat down the suitcase as I was going to unlock the door, she turned me around and gave me such a passionate kiss, that it made my toes tingle. We both came up for air, she embraced me, and kissed even harder. She could feel my erection starting to grow. I unlocked the door, she picked up her suitcase carrying it inside, and I led the way to the bedroom. She set the suitcase on the floor, opened it and removed a negligee. She went into the bathroom to change, and told me "Get ready for some fireworks." I never got undressed quicker.

I was laying on the bed when she came back in just a minute later. She was breathtaking. Her blond hair was down, shimmering in the moonlight. Her white negligee had the cups taken out, and came just to the top of her legs. She looked so angelic. She told me "You just lay there. Let me do everything. Enjoy losing your virginity." She again passionately kissed me. When we broke off the kiss, she offered me her B cups to suck and lick. I took one in my mouth, and sucked greedily. I took the other boob in my hand, and gently squeezed then pulled on the nipple. Soon both her nipples were erect. I took her boob my my mouth, and squeezed both boobs very firmly.

She then changed position. She moved her head down to my crotch, and placed her furry crotch at my mouth. I began eating her pussy with great enjoyment. Pam tasted so wonderful. At the same time, Pam began sucking my cock. She was an expert at cock-sucking. It was so heavenly. After a few minutes, she rose up and changed positions again. She moved her pussy just above my cock, then came down hard. We both moaned loudly at the impalement. Pam leaned forward and began sensuously kissing me while at the same time fucking me. Then she raised herself back up and was fucking with all her energy. Pam yelled "I'm cuuummmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!" With that, I knew I could hold back no longer, and began spurting into her hot pussy. She climaxed at the same time and I could feel her juices flowing onto me. She dismounted me, and laid next to me. I whispered to her "You are terrific." She said back "Your cock is wonderful, one of the best I ever had. This could be the first of many wonderful fucks. We could stay together for a very long time, if you'll have me." I thought to myself "Hell yes, I do want you." We wrapped our arms around each other, and feel asleep.

Pam awoke me early the next morning. She was still wearing her negligee, but had slipped a robe overtop of it. "Breakfast is ready, sexy". I slipped on a robe. When we were done eating, we both stood up at the same time. Pam untied her robe, and it dropped to the floor. She said "Time for dessert, honey". I untied and slipped out of my robe. It dropped to the floor. I walked over to her, and she gave me a sexy, sensual kiss. She then dropped to her knees, and took my partially rigid cock in her mouth, sucking it to a full erection.

She asked me "What's your pleasure?" Without saying a word, I had her grab a hold of the chair, and bend over. I rammed my hard cock into her waiting pussy. She let out a half-moan half-scream. I withdrew then rammed in hard again. I kept plunging into her as hard as I could. She screamed with each thrust. I could feel her climax mounting, and this threw me over the edge, and I pumped load after load into her hot pussy. She the climaxed, and I could feel her hot juices flowing. As I withdrew, she turned and dropped to her knees, cleaning my cock with her tongue, and licking up my last few drops of cum that were on the tip of my cock.

I sat back down in the chair, exhausted but happy. I asked her "Did you mean it when you said we could stay together for a long time?" Pam answered me "Bob, I know about your grandpa's experiments. Right before he died, I became his dream for you. I know from this day forward you are going to have sex with many women and you will be controlling them. But I want to be the one that you 'make love' to." She walked over to me and removed her negligee, revealing her complete nakedness to me. She sat in the chair with me, kissing me passionately, and started stroking my cock. I climaxed and the cum ran all over us.

To be continued...

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