tagMind ControlMy Inheritance Ch. 2

My Inheritance Ch. 2


Pam then said to me "Well, I still have a job to go to, even though I'm allowed to be late today, and you have you own work to do here today." I then asked her "Are you going to be coming by after work today?" Pam answered me back, "Bob, I thought that was the idea." She dressed in the same clothes she wore the day before, before heading home to change into fresh clothes for work. As she was leaving, she gave me the most sensual kiss I ever experienced. She said, "Think about that until tonight." She then went to and got into her car, and as she faded from sight, I just couldn't forget that kiss.

Throughout the day, I was exploring the house, my new house. Even though I had lived there for a few years, there were places in there I never knew existed, because I had never been allowed to enter. First, I went exploring in the attic. Nothing there except a lot of dust and a lot of antique items. Although, however, there was a strange humming noise that I couldn't find the source of. I thought nothing more about it, and just figured it was the wind blowing through the cracks. I left the attic and went into the basement.

I've been in the basement lots of times. Just a lot of boring scientific equipment was set up. But it was the perfect set up for an experimenter. At the other end of the room, there was the locked room I was never allowed to enter. I put in the key, and turned the lock. It opened easily. I pushed open the door, and was shocked at what I found. There were bondage tables, whips, the X, and many such torture devices. I thought to myself, "My grandpa was a pervert." And then I thought to myself "Pam will get a kick out of this." I closed the door and left, but I didn't bother to lock the door. No need to anymore.

I then gathered up the notes and other papers, and went to the study to begin my reading. Some of it was very boring, but most of the reading was very interesting. But the best part was the section about mind controlling of women. This section I read with keen interest. It described how to get any woman you want, under what circumstances, whether rich or poor, young or old, virgin or non virgin, married or single, and so on. First, you select your victim. There was a special potion you drank while concentrating on your victim, and passing through the looking glass, you are able to actually enter the mind of your victim. Then while in their mind, you tell them exactly what they are expected to do. You then contact that woman in person, telling them exactly when and where. They have no choice except to do what you request. I couldn't wait to try it out.

It was time for Pam to come home to me. She arrived at exactly 6:00. But this time, she was different. She was really PISSED. I had her sit down, gave her a drink, and asked her "Tell me what's wrong." She was half crying, and said between sobs "That Ice Queen I work for couldn't give me a raise. She's in need of a serious humping." I put my arms around her, comforting her. She soon felt better. Pam told me "Bob. I love you so very much", and gave me a bear hug. We went out to dinner, and after a couple of drinks, she was feeling as if nothing was wrong.

When we returned home, I told Pam, "I want to show you what is in the locked room of the basement, even though it's no longer locked. We walked into the secret room, and the door slammed shut, as if own its own. We paid no attention to this. She looked at all of the equipment, and said, "I'm very impressed." Pam quickly got out of her clothes. Since the air was a little cool, her nipples came to immediate attention. She ran up to where I was standing, and hugged me while at the same time, put my hands onto her breasts. For a brief moment, neither of us said anything, and then Pam said "Bob, I want you to eat my pussy, and make me cum."

She then went to the bondage table, and asked me to strap her in. She was completely exposed to me. She looked so lovely laying there for me. I got undressed myself, and positioned myself between her lovely legs. I opened her lips and started licking. I started sucking on her clit, and she gasped in excitement. I then moved down to her hole, and stuck my tongue in as far as I could. She was breathing heavily now. I then moved back up to her clit, sucking on it as I shoved 3 fingers into her pussy. At this, she had a climax that would have brought down the walls. With shortness in her breath, she managed to gasp "Please, fuck me now!" My cock was hard, and I got in position, and pushed my cock all the way in with one thrust, the tip touching against her cervix. She moaned deeply at my cock filled her entire pussy. I kept banging at her as hard as I could. I could feel the heat of her climax on my cock, and I was ready to climax too. I took my cock out of her pussy, and brought it to her mouth. She sucked at me greedily, and I climaxed almost immediately. Most of my cum went in her mouth, which she hungrily swallowed. I then took my cock out of her mouth, and let the remaining drops drip onto her face. We were both drained. I unstrapped her from the bondage table, picked her up, picked up our clothes, and carried her upstairs to the den. She rested on the sofa until she could catch her breath. While Pam was resting, I wondered about the secret room door slamming shut, and the way it opened easily. I'm sure I would find answers tomorrow.

Pam was now rested, and I asked her "Do you want me to give the Ice Queen a serious humping?"

Pam replied "Would you really do that for me?"

I replied, "Of course I will. I'd do anything for you. When I hump her, would you like to join in?"

Pam answered, "I'd love to join in."

I told her "You wait here till I come back. I may be gone 15 minutes, maybe 2 hours. It's just so difficult to predict. When I return, I'll fill you in on the details." I turned on the TV for her, went to the basement to prepare the potion, drank it, and then passed through the looking glass into the mind of Ms Jane Powell.

I called out for her "JANE!" Her image approached me and replied, "Here I am." I then told her "You know who I am. You are going to be my sex toy. You, Pam and I are going to have a threesome. Your enjoyment is of no matter. You can enjoy if you want. You will satisfy Pam and me. Afterward you will fall to the feet of Pam and beg her to accept a huge pay raise. You will call me at my house and tell me to meet with you to sign another paper, and that Pam and I are to come by around noon." Ms Powell replied in a monotone voice "I will do your bidding, and I will be your sex toy." I turned around and exited her mind back through the looking glass. I returned to Pam in the den, and told her all the details. Just then the phone rang. I answered "Hello?" The voice on the other end was Attorney Jane Powell, "Bob, I sorry to bother you on a Friday night, but there is one more paper I need signed on the estate. Could you and Pam come by my house at about noon tomorrow?" I answered, "We'll be there."

Pam and I arrived at the Ice Queen's house at exactly 12:00 noon. After we rang the doorbell, Jane answered the door, and we walked into the house without saying a word. Jane had a glazed look on her face. I asked her, "Is there a paper you need me to sign?" She replied, "Yes" and handed me a blank sheet of paper, and I pretended to sign. I then told Jane, "Lead us to your bedroom." She proceeded to walk to her bedroom, I motioned Pam to follow, and then I followed Pam. In the bedroom I walked over to Jane, placed my hands on both sides of her head and instructed her "Lose that glazed look, and this sex will seem so natural to you." I then moved my hands to her blouse, and ripped it open, exposing her bra. She removed the remains of her blouse. I then told her, "Come over here, and undress me." She knelt down on the floor to remove my shoes and socks. Then she stood and removed my shirt. She then unfastened my jeans, and she pulled them down along with my underwear. I was now completely naked and my cock was already almost totally hard. I then instructed Jane to go over to Pam and undress her. Jane walked over to Pam. Pam turned around so that Jane could unzip Pam's dress. Jane then turned Pam around and slid the dress off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Pam was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were now standing erect. Jane then slid Pam's panties over her hips, and pulled them down to the floor so that Pam could step out of them. Pam exclaimed, "I'm already so wet!" I then told Jane "Come over here so that I can finish undressing you."

Pam said, "Bob, I want to undress her." I replied, "Of course you can." Pam went out of the bedroom, went to the kitchen to get a sharp knife, and returned. Pam ordered Jane "Put your hands behind your head". Although she was in my control, she still became very scared. Jane did as she was told. Pam walked over to Jane and removed her jeans, and Jane stepped out of them. Pam placed the knife at Jane's face. Tears of terror started to run down Jane's face. Then Pam used the knife to cut the straps of Jane's bra, and then cut between the fabric of the bra cups. It fell away easily. Jane's boobs were now exposed, revealing her full 38Cs. Her nipples were as large as sanddollars, and her nipples stood out a full inch. Pam grabbed Jane's erect nipples and pulled on them, stretching them out. Jane screamed out in pain. Then Pam used the knife to cut away Jane's panties, and ripped them away from her, revealing a full bush of cunt hair. Pam reached her hand between Jane's legs, and felt moisture. Pam told me "This bitch loves this".

I then walked over to them, and told Jane "Drop to your knees, and suck my cock. Spread you legs so that Pam can lick your cunt." She did as she was told. Pam positioned herself through Jane's legs, and began licking greedily. Jane was sucking on my cock with enthusiastic gusto. After a few minutes, I said "Time to switch. Pam, lay with your butt on the pillow, and open your legs, so that Jane can eat your pussy while I fuck her doggy style." Pam lay down, and Jane began to eat her pussy after she got into position for doggy style. I put my cockhead at Jane's love hole, and pushed my entire length into her. I heard her moan loudly without missing a lick at Pam's pussy. Pam was pushing her cunt towards Jane, as if that would make her eat better. Jane's pussy was tight. I could tell she hadn't been fucked for years. I began pounding Jane hard.

I withdrew from Jane, and told her "Lie flat on your back, with you legs up, so that I can split the uprights" and to Pam "Get in a kneeling position with your cunt at her face so she can finish eating you." Pam did so. I positioned my cock again at Jane's cunt and pushed my cock in again. This time it slid in easily. While fully in Jane, I told her "You are not allowed to climax until Pam, my love, climaxes. Eat her out as if your life depended on it." Jane reached up and cupped Pam's asscheecks in her hands, and pulled Pam so that her mouth and tongue had direct contact with Pam's clit and slit. I continued pounding hard on Jane. Within minutes, Pam had a climax that made her gush like a fountain. She got off the bed, and sat down in a chair near the window to relax. I then began to climax in Jane, and pumped load after load of my cum into her. I then told her in my shortness of breath, "You may cum now." Jane's climax made her shake and quiver. She too gushed like a fountain, and I could feel her juice coating my cock. Jane and I lay on the bed trying to catch our breath.

But Jane jumped out of the bed, ran to where Pam was sitting, and said "Pam, I'm very sorry for not giving you a raise. I would like to give you a big raise. "Do you accept my apology?" You can tell in her voice that she sounded sincere. Pam was astonished, and looked at me. I just nodded my head back to her. Pam said to Jane "I accept your apology on one condition." Jane gasped, "Yes Pam, anything." Jane, go over to Bob on the bed, and suck his cock until he cums in your mouth!" Jane replied "YES, Pam" and immediately came over to the bed. She began sucking on my cock. Her mouth felt so good surrounding my cock. It was magnificent. It took no time at all until I climaxed, and shot my wad into her hot mouth. She slurped at my cock, not letting a single drop escape, and swallowed my entire dump. After we all caught our breathes, we all took a shower together, because the shower was big enough. Pam and Jane enjoyed soaping up each other, embracing and kissing with the water running over their bodies, and tongues darting between each other's mouth. I just sat back to enjoy the show.

After the shower, we toweled each other off, and got dressed. Jane picked up her destroyed clothes and shrugged "Oh, well" and tossed then in the garbage. I walked over to Jane and informed her "You are still under my control, but you will live your life normally. However, I may need you sexual services in the future, and you will make yourself available whenever I request." She embraced me, and gave me a lingering kiss. She promised "I will always be available for you."

Pam and I were sitting in the den. She was very quiet since we left Jane's house. I asked her "What's wrong?" She asked me "Bob, did you mean it when you called me your love?" I answered her "Yes, I love you as much as you love me." She started to cry "You have made me very happy." After a few minutes, she was able to compose herself. "Bob, I want to become pregnant and to bear your children."

To be continued...

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