tagMind ControlMy Inheritance Ch. 3

My Inheritance Ch. 3


A continuation of Chapter 2

Pam and I were sitting in the den. She was very quiet since we left Jane's house. I asked her "What's wrong?" She asked me "Bob, did you mean it when you called me your love?" I answered her "Yes, I love you as much as you love me." She started to cry "You have made me very happy."

After a few minutes, she was able to compose herself. "Bob, I want to become pregnant and to bear your children."

"Pam, I love you want I want you to give me children, but I will not have children with you unless we would be married." Pam now started to become ecstatic. "YES!" She said with a note of hope and anticipation. Bob stood up, walked over to the bookcase, and unlocked a small box. He removed the item from the box, and walked back over to Pam. He knelt on the floor at her feet, handed out the ring to her and asked "Pam will you marry me?"

Pam shouted out with glee "YES," and fell to the floor to be with me. I placed the ring on her finger. She started to kiss me, and I kissed back. The passion being exchanged was turning us both on.

Pam turned so the she could remove my jeans and underwear. Pam then stood up. She slowly unbuttoned the front of her blouse, and pulled it down over her shoulders, and let it drop to the floor. The she seductively pulled down her jeans and stepped out of them. She reached behind her, unhooked her bra, and pulled it down off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Her breasts looked so delicious, and her nipples were standing out erect.

Pam then hooked her thumbs in her panty waistband, pulled them down to her ankles, and stepped out of them. Pam was the picture of beauty, love and lust. She laid with me again on the floor, kissing with all the passion she had, and at the same time was stroking my cock, which was rock hard at this point. Then Pam got onto all fours, and wanted me to suck on her eraser nipples.

I sucked on her twin peaks, making her erect nipples stick out even further. With no other foreplay necessary, Pam repositioned herself over my cock, and slid down over me. My cock was deep inside her pussy. She was soooooo hot. Her juices were already flowing. I could feel her climax approaching, and I climaxed deep inside her. She then reached her climax, and I could feel her hot juices on my cock. She pulled off, laid next to me, and kissed me tenderly. I could tell that she really did love me, and I knew that I loved her as much. We both fell asleep on the floor, and slept there until the morning.

"Good morning, sexy" Pam said to me, then she started to stare at the ring, making sure it wasn't just a dream. She looked so happy and so content. Pam left to go back to her apartment. She had bills that needed paid.

I went up to the attic again, and I could hear the unusual noise again. Ignoring it, I began to clean up the attic, and was going to throw out old trash. With some of the clutter cleared, the noise got louder. I went to the source of the noise, and there seemed to be some type of a door, but it was not a usual door. As I stood in front of the door, I heard a voice speaking to me, and could see the faint outline of a man. "Bob, I am speaking to you from a parallel existence. Because you are the new owner of this house, you are allowed to use this door one time to come into this world for a period of 24 hours. and then you must leave.

You can use this time to learn, to educate, to have sex, or anything else that is available here. There is no time limit on using this one opportunity. All you need to do is just approach the door and call out for me. My name is Vashtar."

I replied back to Vashtar, "I would like to use my opportunity in the near future. I will need to plan what I would like to do." At that point, Vashtar vanished. I left the attic, feeling confused and excited at the same time.

I went down into the basement, and entered into the secret room. There were many cabinets and drawers all around the room. At the very end of the room, there was a cabinet different from all the others. I opened it. At once, the room was filled with swirling shapes and mist.

A voice talked to me from the midst. "The door your have opened is a door to the nether world, and this house is at ground zero. We are the ones that slammed the door shut when you were here with Pam, and we possessed her. Any woman that is brought into this room, we will possess, and will provide sexual energy." When the voice stopped talking, immediately the room cleared. There were no shapes, and there was no mist. The room was as clear as before.

The two mysteries were solved, but what did they mean?

The next day was Sunday, and Pam and I decided to go for a drive in the country. Along a slightly deserted highway, we saw a sign for a small house to rent. I decided to look at it, to use as a weekend retreat. The house was situated deep in the forest, down a long dirt road. There it stood in the clearing. It was a lovely rancher, and there was a detached garage. On the inside, it was just as beautiful. We decided to rent it for the following weekend. It was also time for me to choose another victim to have sex with. I would do this at the rented house.

The woman I had in mind would be a woman I wanted to date in college, but she was unapproachable. I had asked her out once, but she laughed and said no. The 'no' I could handle, it was her arrogant laugh that got to me. Her name was JoAnne. She was not too attractive, but had a very sexy body. But, it was her an arrogant attitude I had a problem with. She was a virgin, and always said she would stay that way until the day she got married. There was even no touching allowed without an engagement ring.

She even considered herself as a princess. Things were about to change for this stuck up bitch. I thought about this as Pam and I drove back to my house. When we got back, I told Pam all about it, and she said "Have fun."

I did some investigating, and found out where JoAnne lived. It was about an hour away. She was still single, and still a virgin. After college, she hadn't dated at all.

I made the elixir, drank it, and stepped through the looking glass. I called out to her "JoAnne!" JoAnne replied "Here I am" and walked up to me. I asked her "Do you remember who I am?" JoAnne replied "Yes, I do."

I informed her "You are going to be my sex toy for a weekend. I will be taking your virginity. You will also be having lesbian sex." JoAnne replied "All that you have said and will say, I will comply."

With that done, I picked up the phone and gave her a call. I explained to JoAnne all the details about where and when. I gave her the directions to the forest house, and for her to come directly after work on Friday.

JoAnne stated, "Bob I will be ovulating that weekend." I replied back to her "JoAnne, that is no concern of mine. It makes no difference to me whether you become pregnant or not."

JoAnne replied, "I am totally yours to do with as you please.

I arrived at the house early on Friday to get it setup for the virgin sacrifice. I set up the bonfire area, and took precautions so that it would not spread. I placed a mattress in the garage. I placed 2 white robes in the garage, and a black robe in the house. There was a picnic table on the patio, and I picked it up, carried it, and placed it near the bonfire setup. The picnic table was going to be the sacrificial alter.

It was early afternoon, so I decided to take a short nap. I slept for an hour. I spent the rest of the afternoon taking a walk in the forest. The time was now 5:30. Pam arrived. I gave her the final details of what was going to happen. At 6:00, JoAnne arrived. I greeted her, and gave her a light kiss on each cheek. JoAnne had no expression on her face.

I instructed JoAnne, "Go in the house and cook supper for three, and when we are done eating, you will clean the dishes." JoAnne immediately did as she was instructed. The was no talking while we ate, and JoAnne immediately washed to dishes.

When that was done, I instructed JoAnne to join Pam in the garage, and to do everything she was instructed. JoAnne walked into the garage, where she saw Pam sitting. Pam was already topless. Pam told JoAnne, "Remove you blouse and bra." JoAnne did so without hesitating. The nipples on her 34 Bs stood erect.

Pam then said. "JoAnne, sit on the floor with me." They were now sitting next to each other, and Pam embraced JoAnne, and they began kissing passionately. They went to a laying position, and continued kissing. Then Pam stood up and removed the remainder of her clothes, and instructed JoAnne "Remove the rest of your clothes." JoAnne did so while still laying on the floor.

Pam then rejoined JoAnne on the mattress. Pam went for her nipples, and sucked on them greedily. Then Pam began kissing a line down across JoAnne's abdomen, and continued down until she reached JoAnne's pussy. Pam licked at her virgin pussy, and sucked on her virgin clit. JoAnne was on fire, and her climax cam in one mind-blowing wave.

Pam laid on the mattress and said "JoAnne, it is now my turn." JoAnne lay on top of Pam, and began kissing her passionately, while both her hands were on Pam's boobs, stroking the nipples, making them erect and sensitive. Then Joanne moved down to Pam's cunt, and began licking, and inserted her tongue in Pam's pussy, as far as it could go in. This proved to push Pam over the edge, and Pam climaxed with JoAnne's tongue still in her pussy. JoAnne lay next to Pam. Both girls were exhausted, and slept lightly.

In the meantime, I started the sacrificial fire, and laid a white sheet on the picnic table. I then knocked on the garage door, and announced, "It is time to begin." Both girls awoke, and put on their robes. When ready, both girls walked out of the garage, and walked up to me. I was standing near the fire. I nodded to Pam, and in one continuous move, she removed her robe and threw it into the fire.

Them I removed my robe, and threw it into the fire. JoAnne was standing in front of me, and she glanced down to see my full erection. I then removed her robe, and tossed it into the fire. With that, the flames jumped high. I stretched out my hands to JoAnne's boobs, and began playing with them, squeezing the nipples, pulling on them, twisting them, so that her nipples were sensitive.

Then I guided JoAnne to the table and sat her on it. I placed my hands on her shoulders, so that she was in a laying position. I put my fingers on her cunt, and could feel that she was wet. I put my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy, and thrust my entire length into JoAnne on the first push. Her loss of her virginity came violently, and she screamed loudly. I pulled almost all the way out, then pushed my entire length into her again.

She screamed again, but not as loudly. I kept pistoning into her, but her screams of pain turned into screams of pleasure. I burst strong streams of my cum into JoAnne's pussy. At once, I felt JoAnne's climax on my cock. I pulled out of her pussy, and a few drops of cum were oozing out of my cock, and I let the drops drip onto her pussy hair.

I reached for JoAnne's hand and raised her to a sitting position, then helped her down off the table. I took the sheet off the table and tossed it into the fire. I then told Pam to take JoAnne into the house, and to help her clean up.

I stared at their asses as they walked away. JoAnne had paced a suitcase for the weekend, and I took that from her car and took it into the house. Overnight, the fire went out. The remainder of the weekend is another story.

It was now late Sunday afternoon, and JoAnne was preparing to leave. I want to give her one piece of advice "Don't refuse your body to anyone, man or woman. Sex was made to enjoy."

Pam and I returned to our house Sunday evening. She was taking care of all the details of our upcoming wedding. She was looking at the wedding announcements to get ideas for our announcement. Looking at the announcements gave me another idea.

I went over to the phone and called Attorney Jane Powell. "Jane, I have a sex assignment I want you available for." I didn't have to identify myself, she knew. Jane replied "I am available for you, whenever and wherever." I then told her "I'll give you the details when I get them."

to be continued...

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