tagMind ControlMy Inheritance Ch. 4

My Inheritance Ch. 4


a continuation of Chapter 3

Pam was reading the marriage announcements in the newspaper, so that she could plan our own announcement. When she finished, I took the newspaper, and told her "I'm going to have one of these newlyweds, and she will be a virgin." I continued "You and Jane are going to help." Pam was thrilled, and exclaimed "I want to help! Bob, I love you so much!"

There was much work to do, and so little time to accomplish it. I had prepared the elixer, and stepped into the mirror 3 times into the minds of three brides-to-be. None of these 3 were virgins, and as I exited their minds, I had to tell them "You are released from my control."

Number 4 was the perfect bride-to-be. She was a 20 year old, a virgin and a real redhead. And she was also so innocent and shy. Her name is Nancy. She and Ron are getting married in just 3 weeks.

After drinking the elixer and stepping through the looking glass, I entered Nancy's mind. I called out to her, "Nancy!"

She replied "Here I am."

I told her, "Nancy, you are going to give me your virginity on your wedding night, and will become my flesh sacrifice to the god Vashtar. Your husband Ron will lose his virginity to one of my goddesses. You will become pregnant that night. You and your husband Ron will then depart, and will not return. You and Ron will raise my child as your own."

Nancy asked "How will this be with Ron? He is expecting me to be a virgin."

I replied "I will enter his mind as I did yours, and tell him I will be your first. He has no choice other than to acccept this."

Nancy replied, "I and we are yours."

I exited Nancy's mind, and entered Ron's mind. "Ron, where are you?"

Ron replied "Here I am."

"Ron, on your wedding night, I will be taking Nancy's virginity. You will give your virginity to my goddess Jane. Nancy will be the flesh sacrifice to the god Vashtar. I will make her pregnant, and you will believe the child is yours."

Ron replied "Nancy and I will do as you wish."

The next morning, I phoned Nancy, and told her "You are to arrive here at my house after your reception by 11:00 pm. Your are to still be wearing your wedding gown. You are to phone Ron and give him these details. He is now under my control, and he will comply."

I then telephone Jane Powell. I told her "I will need your assistance in 3 weeks on Saturday. You will come to my house at exactly 10:00 to help prepare for the sacrifice."

She replied "I will be there."

I then told Pam about the plan, and all the details. She replied "I am so excited about the flesh sacrifice. Will I be able also to enjoy her virginal body?"

I answered her "Yes, you can have her before I do"

All the plans were now in effect. Two days later, Pam informed me "Bob, I need to go out of town for a few days. A family emergency came up."

I drove her to the airport. We were silent for the entire trip. Pam was crying, because she did not want to leave, because she would miss me. At the ticket counter, we embraced, and kissed a very long kiss. Then Pam turned and walked down the airport ramp, gently weeping the entire way. I left and drove back home, feeling depressed. There, I remembered the promise of Vashtar, that I could visit his pararrel world for 24 hours.

I walked to the attic, stood in front of the door, and called out "Vashtar!"

The door became transparant, and Vashtar appeared. I told Vashtar "I am now ready to visit your world for 24 hours." I was immediately transported into his world.

Vashtar greeted me "Welcome to Gorth. This is my planet, and my people's world. What have you decided to do here in your allowed time?"

I answered back to Vashtar, "First, I would like to discuss comparisons between our 2 worlds with normal, everyday people. Secondly, I would like to have sex with 2 everyday women at the same time."

Within minutes, the meeting was started. We talked back and forth for several hours. I discovered that in some instances our worlds were the same, and in some instances there were major differences. The biggest differences were that this world had no laws on statutory rape, there were no marriages, there was no rape, and women had complete control over their bodies whether they would conceive children, because they were able to control their own ovulations. I was very impressed by this medical breakthrough.

When the meeting was over, I was met by Vashtar, and he had two women with him. The blonde's name is Julie, and the brown hair girl is named Amy. Julie is 19 and Amy is 20. Somehow, knowing my wishes, one is a virgin, Amy. Both women approached me, one at a time, and embraced me and kissed me passionatly. The three of us went back to Amy's place, walking arm-in-arm.

There wasn't a lock on the door. Amy simply turned the knob and walked in. Julie embraced me, and whispered to me "Bob, in this world, we do not have rape. Both Amy and I want to know what rape is like. Will you rape us?"

Of course I would. I answered "If that is what you really want, I will." Instantly, a knife appeared in my hand. I gasped. This was a real knife, cold forged handle with a sharp blade and point.

From their limited knowledge, they knew in a rape to either resist or give in, and knew how to act their roles as victims.

As I approached them, holding out the knife, they ran and huddled in a corner of the room, hugging each other. They seemed genuinely scared. Julie said, in a shaky voice "Please, mister, don't hurt us. We know you want our pussies, we won't fight."

I grabbed both of them by the arm, and dragged them into the bedroom, and threw them both on the bed. In a matter of seconds, I took off all of my clothes, and my erection was beginning to grow. I growled at both of them "Strip down to your bra and panties. My knife will finish the job." They immediately did as i told them. Julie was wearing a flimsy bra and thong panties. Amy had on a full bra, and full panties.

Amy, the virgin, was going to be second, and I sat her in a chair, and told her "Stay there." In a very shakey voice, she barely said "I will."

I walked over to Julie, turned her around, and almost roughly placed her against the wall, and put her in the "police frisk" position. Using the knife, I sliced her bra straps where the connected to the band, then unhooked her bra in the back. It fell to the floor. I reached around her and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them. She let out a shreek of pleasure. I fondled then, and pulled on her now erect nipples, squeezing them and twisting them. Her thong underwear hid little. I sliced the thin band of elastic at the hips on each side, and easily pulled it away. Julie was now totally naked. I grabbed hold of her asscheeks, and was squeezing them as hard as I could. I then glided my left hand berween her legs, grabbed her pussy, and put my thumb and forefinger on her clit, with just the right amount of pressure. She again gasped with pleasure.

No, no, no...she's enjoying this way too much. I grabbed her by both arms, threw onto the bed, and to get into the "doggie" position. Immediately, she had her ass in the air, and her face on the mattress.

My cock now was hard as a rock. I got on the bed at her raised ass, aimed my cock at her cunt opening, put the cockhead on her pussy hole, and with one mighty thrust, buried my cock all the way into her furry pussy. Her cunt was on fire. She was totally enjoying every moment of her pretend rape. I pistoned her like a machine out of control.

I could feel the heat of her climax, and her pussy juices coating my cock. I could not hold back any longer, but I wanted to cum in her mouth. I quickly withdrew my cock from Julie's cunt, moved to her mouth, and she allowed me to put it in her mouth. I immediately climaxed, and drained my entire cum load down her throat. Not a single drop of cum dripped out of her mouth.

She laid on the bed, totally spent. I sat on the side of the bed, catching my breath. My cock stayed partially hard. Then I stood and walked over to Amy.

I grasped Amy's hands and pulled her to a stand. Her cheeks were tear-stained, and her eyes were watery. She was totally terrified, so I wanted to be tender with this virgin.

Using the knife, I cut her bra straps just above the top of the bra cup. Then i placed the knife blade between the cups, and pulled. It sliced easily, and fell freely off of her. Her brown nipples were slighty hard, because she was scared. I bent over to kiss her breasts, and started sucking on her nipples. Her nipples responded to my sucking, and became erect. I then stood up, and gave her a very tender, passionate kiss. Still kissing, I put my arms around her to embrace her and she embraced back.

Still embracing, I slid the knife down her body and put it between her body and her panties. Pulling outward, the fabric of Amy's panties cut easily. I broke the embrace, and at the other side, i cut the other band of Amy's panties. Her ruined panties fell easily to the floor.

I reached down to her furry pussy, and found her clit. She moaned as I stroked her clit. I then reached down to her pussy hole, and stuck my fingers inside. Her pussy was wet, and her juices coated my fingers.

I removed my fingers from her cunt, and put them to her mouth. I ordered her "Open, and taste your juice." She opened her mouth and I put my fingers in. Amy began sucking my fingers, and she moaned at her own delicious taste.

I removed my fingers from her mouth, and grasping her at the waist, I guided her to the bed, and threw her violently on it. I yelled at her, "Lie flat and put your legs straight up like a goalpost. I'm gonna split the uprights!" Amy immediately did what I told her. My cock was harder than a rock.

I got onto the bed, and positioned my cock at her pussy hole. I took a glace at Amy's face, and I could see her again starting to cry. I put my cock just inside her pussy lips, then pushed up to her hyman. With one mighty push, I destroyed her hyman and buried myself deep inside her and couuld feel the tip of my cock touch her cervix. Amy let out a loud scream at the loss of her virginity.

I pulled almost all the way out, then shoved all the way back in. I began pistoning in and out of Amy. Her screams of pain turned into screams of pleasure. She put her arms around my neck, and pulled me to her face for a kiss. Her crying had now stopped.

It was her kiss that threw me over the edge. I started putting spurt after spurt into her hot wet cunt. At the same time, Amy had her first climax. Her entire body shook and quivered. I pulled out of pussy, and put my cock in her mouth. She sucked the last few drops of cum on my cock, and swollowed it. Amy's legs were still in the air. I told her she could relax her legs. She rested her legs on the bed, and within minutes she was sleeping.

Julie laid in the bed next to Amy, and soon Julie was asleep too. I was totally exhausted, so I laid on the couch, and immediately fell asleep.

I slept for the next 10 hours. When I awoke, Julie and Amy were already awake. Both were still naked. I ran to the bathroom and wizzed like a racehorse. When I returned to the couch, Amy sat me down, and Julie came out of the kitchen with breakfast for me. I was ravenously hungry, and wolfed down the food.

When I was finished eating, Julie took the dishes. Amy kneeled between my legs and put my flaccid cock in her mouth. She started sucking and immediately my cock sprang back to life. At that point, Julie returned from the kitchen. Julie stood on the couch and put her cute furry pussy at my mouth.

Amy was sucking on my cock like a pro. When my cocksucking went on, I continued eating Julie's pussy. Julie's pussy was so delicious. She climaxed and drenched me with her sweet juice. At the same time I climaxed into Amy's mouth. She swollowed it all, not letting a single drop escape.

I showered and dressed. When I sat down again on the couch, Julie went into the kitchen to make coffe. Amy sat on the couch next to me. She was still naked. She straddled my lap, and gave me deep, slow, tender kisses. I moved my mouth to her breasts and started sucking on her nipples. Her nipples very quickly became erect. I placed her nipples between my finger and thumb, and gently pulled them. Amy moaned.

I then moved one hand to her ass, and squeezed at her cheek. I moved my other hand to her pussy, and was fingering her swollen clit. Within minutes, she climaxed, and drenched my hand with her cum. She giggled like a school girl, and said "Let me clean that up for you", and started licking her juices off my hand.

Julie came out of the kitchen with 3 cups of coffee. We sat drinking the coffee without talking. There was no need for works. As we finished the coffee, there was a knock on the door. Julie went to answer the door, and I watched her sweet ass wiggle as she walked. Sooooooo nice.

At the door was Vashtar. Vashtar informed me "Your time here is almost over. Please come with me. We need to talk a little before you leave." I gave Julie and Amy a kiss that only meant goodbye. I walked with Vashtar to his office.

Vashtar told me "Amy will become pregnant. Right new your sperm is swimming to her egg. She will be happy to be pregnant by you. She loves you, and is crying because she will never see you again. Julie is trying to comfort her."

I asked "Is there anything I can do for her?"

Vashtar replied "Nothing. But you have a choice to make. You can stay here, by letting the time expire, and be with Amy. Or you can return to your world and resume your life there. You only lost a day. You have 30 minutes remaining to decide. Think about it." Vashtar got up and left the room, leaving me alone in his office.

30 minutes later, Vashtar returned and asked me "What is your decision?"

I asked "Can Amy come with me?"

Vashtar answered "No. This is her world and she is not permitted to leave."

I then answered "She belongs in her world, and I belong in mine. I have chosen to return to mine."

Vashtar said "Very well." He snapped his fingers and the portal back appeared. Then Vashtar said "Hurry. You have only 30 seconds left to return to your world. Then your opportunity to return will be gone forever." I took a quick glance around, then walked through the portal with only 5 seconds remaining.

I turned around and saw nothing but a regular mirror. I spent the next 6 hours in front a tape tape recorder recording all the details of the past 24 hours. I can sell this story. It is already written. I just need to assemble it. I spent the 2 days in front of the computer typing in the story.

It was now time to pick up Pam at the airport. Her flight arrived exactly on time. When she saw me waiting, she ran to my arms and we embraced and kissed right there, blocking the aisle. Pam was ecstatic. Pam told me "My parents, approve of us getting married. You get to meet them tomorrow. They're flying in. Their names are Max and Vonda."

I told Pam "I am going to enter your mom's mind tonight, and I will fuck her tomorrow."

Pam asked "Will you need to enter my dad's mind too, so that he won't object?

I answered "No, Pam. I've done my own research work, and it is now possible to get around that. When I enter her mind, it is projected onto your dad's mind."

Pam answered "That's cool."

When we arrived home, there was a letter in the door. It was from Vashtar. I picked it up and walked into my study to read it. The letter read "Bob, I hope you enjoyed your fantasy. I need to explain something to you. Every thing that happened was only a partial reality. Pam and Julie are real, but not as you saw them. They are energy forces. Pam did not become pregnant. That was said for your benefit. Pam could not leave with you, because she could not exist in you world. It was pre-determined that you would not stay in my world. It was a fantasy only.

It continued "It was agreed long ago, that as long as we had access to your world, crime would not exist in our world. In exchange, we would provide fantasy fulfillment to owners of this house. I am sorry for the deception, but your sure did have a good time here. Signed, Vashtar."

I burned the letter, went to my tools, and picked up a sledge hammer. I put the hammer to the mirror, shattering it to a thousand pieces. No longer would Vashtar feed off our peace. I realized that Nancy, the bride-to-be, would not be the flesh sacrifice to Vashtar. It was going to be worse for her, but I did not realize it at the time.

In the next chapter, Pam's mom and the wedding of Ron and Nancy. Comments are always welcome, and 5s are appreciated.

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