tagMind ControlMy Inheritance Ch. 5

My Inheritance Ch. 5


Later that night, I entered into the mind of Vonda, Pam's mom.

I called out to her "Vonda!"

She replied, "Here I am" I turned around facing her.

I instructed her "After you arrive tomorrow, you will rest for a short time. Then you and I are going to put on sex show for your husband and daughter. My control carries over into you and you will tell Max what will be happening. He will no choice but to agree."

Vonda replied, "We will comply."

I exited her mind.

I returned to the family room, and sat down next to Pam. I informed her "Your mom will be having sex with me tomorrow. She and your dad are now under my control." Pam answered "OK". A few minutes later, the telephone rang. Pam answered it. She talked to her mom for a few minutes. Pam came back and told me "everything is set up with my mom for tomorrow."

Something was different, and wrong. This was the first time I did not talk to my victim. I went back to my grandpa's notes. Nothing there. I went to my own research notes, and did a few calculations. Then I discovered it. My power is expanding. It now carries over to Pam without her needing to take the elixir. COOL.

The next day, both Pam and I drove to the airport to pick up her parents.

When they arrived, Pam ran up to them and hugged them both. Then Pam introduced me to her parents. Pleasantries were exchanged. We drove home chit chatting the whole way. When we arrived Vonda said "I need to rest for a little bit." She went up the steps and knew to right bedroom to go into. As she was going, I told her "No more than an hour. Then take a shower. Then we will go out for supper." She replied, "Yes, master."

Supper was uneventful. Max and Vonda were taking a liking to me. We were getting along real good.

When we returned home, Pam and her parents went into to living room and sat down talking. I excused myself for a few minutes and went upstairs. I came back down carrying a cassette tape. I instructed Pam, Max and Vonda "Watch this tape." I put in the VCR. On the tape was Vonda. She was getting undressed and going into the shower. In the shower, Vonda could be seen washing herself. Then totally unexpected, she started rubbing her breasts and stroking her pussy. She rubbed her breasts and stroked herself into climax.

Almost as if on cue, Vonda stood up and got undressed. She asked me "Bob, will you unzip my dress?" I walked over to Vonda, unzipped her dress, and slid it off her shoulders. It fell easily to the floor, and she stepped out of it. She reached at the hem of her slip, then lifted it over her head and threw it aside. Vonda was now standing in just her bra and panties.

Vonda asked me "Bob, would you like to finish undressing me?" I replied "Yes I would". I stood behind her. I unhooked her bra, slid it off her shoulders, and tossed it aside. I reached around her and cupped my hands on her breasts. Her skin is so soft, and her nipples immediately reacted becoming erect, sticking out over an inch. I rubbed my hands over her going for her panties. I slid my fingers into the waistband, and slid them down her legs, feeling her soft skin all the way down.

I was now in a kneeling position. I grasped her ass and caressed the smooth skin. I moved my hand to between her legs. I found her pussy, and put in three fingers to my knuckles. She sighed at my probing. I removed my fingers, stood up, and turning to face her, I instructed her to clean my fingers with her tongue, holding my hand to her face. She licked each finger clean, not wanting to leave any of her juice behind.

I instructed Vonda "Now, go over and undress Max." Vonda walked over to Max, took his hands and pulled him to a stand. She reached at the bottom of his shirt, pulled it over his head, and tossed it aside. Vonda went to a kneeling position and removed his shoes and stockings. Then Vonda reached up and undid his belt buckle, unhooked the waist fastener, and unzipped his jeans. She pulled them down to his ankles, and he stepped out of them. Through his underwear his erection was showing. Vonda then removed his boxer shorts, and Max's erection was full. I pulled Vonda to a stand.

I instructed Max "Go over and undress your daughter, like you've always wanted to do since she was a teenager." Pam was dressed simply in a running suit. Max walked over to Pam. He reached for the waistband of her top, and pulled it over her head. She was not wearing a bra, and her nipples got erect from being exposed. Then he reached for the waistband of her bottoms and pulled them down, kneeling as he went. Pam stepped out of them. She was not wearing any panties. For the first time, Max was seeing his daughter completely naked.

Max rubbed both his hands all over Pam's legs, reached up stroking her ass, then using both hands to play with her pussy, then starting to lick at her pussy. I then told Max and Pam "Max, go sit on the couch. Pam, go over and suck his cock, and let him cum all over your face." I watch for a minute. Pam was able to take his entire length in her mouth.

I turned again to Vonda "I didn't forget about you. Get down on your knees and suck me." Vonda immediately complied. She took my cock in her mouth, but she couldn't take my entire length because of my enormous size. She did the best she could. After a few minutes, I was ready to fuck her pussy, and still very sexy body.

I took my cock out of her mouth, and told her "Get on all fours for doggy style." She knelt on the floor, and lowering her head, she also was offering up her ass to me. I knelt behind her. I put on cockhead at her pussy hole, and pushed in a little way, just putting in my cockhead. Then positioning myself, I rammed my entire length into Vonda's pussy. She arched her back at my thrust. Pulling back just a little, I then pushed hard into her, making her yell out from a little bit of pain. I kept ramrodding her hard. Her pain began to ease a little.

I pulled out, and instructed her "Lie flat on your back with your legs wide open." She did so. I again rammed into her pussy as hard as I could. It was easier this time. I glanced over at Max and Pam. I told Vonda, "Look at your daughter and husband." We were watching them while we were still fucking, and Max took his cock from Pam's mouth, and squirt his cum over her face, cheeks, eyes, and hair. Then they both sat on the floor, watching me fuck Vonda.

Vonda moaned "That makes me so hot". I could feel her climax building, and as she climaxed, I climaxed into Vonda's pussy, pumping load after load of my hot sticky cum, filling her. As I removed my cock from Vonda's pussy, I told her "Pam is the only one who hasn't climaxed yet. Go over to her and eat her pussy."

Vonda got onto all fours and crawled over to her daughter. Vonda started slurping at Pam's pussy. Pam groaned wildly. Pan was totally turned on, and quickly climaxed. Vonda continued slurping at Pam's pussy until all of Pam's juices were licked clean.

We all went to bed after we had finished, because Max and Vonda had an early flight to get. Max and Vonda went to bed, but before going to sleep, Max and Vonda made passionate love. I was watching them through the two-way mirror. Pam was standing next to me, also watching. Pam looked me with a pleading in her voice, "Bob, please fuck me." Of course, I was happy to oblige.

Pam took me by the hand, and guided me to the bed. I got on in a kneeling position, and Pam squatted low enough to suck my cock. Her mouth is soooooo wonderful. While sucking, she put both hands down at her pussy, and was playing with herself. Then I took her at her shoulders and put her in a lying position. Her nipples were fully erect without having been touched. Her pussy was totally drenched. I knew she really wanted me.

I put my cock at her cunt hole, put in just the cockhead, then rammed into her as hard as I could. She was so turned on; my ram gave her an orgasm. I kept ramming into her hard. I could feel her next orgasm building, and as she climaxed I couldn't hold back any longer, and I filled her cunt with my sperm. I withdrew from her, and lay next to her. I asked her "Pam, do you like getting rammed hard?" She answered, "Yes, I love you ramming me hard."

The next morning, Pam and I drove her parents to the airport. Before departing, Max shoke my hand and said "Welcome to the family." Vonda gave me a slight kiss on the cheek and said, "We'll have to do that again when we come back for your wedding." Then Pam hugged both her parents goodbye. Max gave his daughter a check, and said, "This should help pay the wedding expenses". Then they turned and boarded their plane. Pam opened the folded check and was in shock "A hundred thousand dollars!"


The time passed quickly to the wedding of Ron and Nancy. The day of course is Saturday. I spent the entire morning getting ready the special room. This is where Nancy would be violated and tortured, lovingly. I spoke with the spirits who would be giving special sexual energy to Nancy, Pam and me.

Pam and I attended the wedding ceremony and reception. However, we left the reception early to prepare for my own special ceremony. When we arrived home, Jane Powell was there, waiting for us. Jane said, "I didn't forget. I couldn't help to remember. It was constantly on my mind."

I informed Jane "You will be spending all of her sexual energy on Ron, and Pam and I will be entertaining Nancy. They are both virgins by choice, and were saving themselves for their wedding. But they will not be yielding their virginity to each other. Jane, you will be taking Ron's virginity while I take Nancy's. Jane, keep fucking him till he can't get hard any more."

We all got naked in front of each other, admiring each other's bodies, and then we put on our sacrificial robes. Mine was red, and Pam's and Jane's were white. The doorbell rang, and I answered it. Ron was carrying Nancy, and he carried her across the threshold, then put her down standing.

I instructed Jane "Take Ron to the room I prepared for the two of you, and take care of him like I told you". Jane replied "Yes, Master".

I picked up Nancy and carried her to my special room, with Pam in the lead opening the doors and holding them open. When we entered the special room, I put Nancy down and we walked arm-in-arm to the doors of the spirit world, followed by Pam. Still arm-in-arm with Nancy, I ordered Pam "Open the doors". As Pam opened the doors, many swirling shapes and mists came out, with several landing on the three of us. One blue mist circled Nancy and me, and for a moment we disappeared and became one. The mist spoke "In the afterlife, both you Bob and Nancy will be together for eternity".

I walked behind Nancy, and unzipped the back of her wedding gown. I did not remove her veil. It fell to the floor easily. Pam carefully picked it up, and folded it nicely. Wedding gowns are so expensive. Nancy was topless. Her B-cups had erect nipples. Nancy had on panties and stockings held up by a garter belt. I unhooked the garter belt from the stockings then unhooked the garter belt and tossed it aside. Then I unrolled the stockings, feeling her legs the entire way down.

With Nancy in only her panties and veil, and Pam and I in our robes, we joined arm-in-arm. Immediately, the three of us were transported to a special sacrificial room. The room was dark, yet well lighted. The four walls were burning, yet nothing burned. There was also a burning sacrificial alter. I heard a voice from beyond the alter "Let the sacrifice begin!"

I picked up the furnished rope, and bound Nancy's hands together. There was a hook hanging from the ceiling. I pierced the rope through the hook, and pulled it until Nancy was standing on her toes. Pam fetched for me from the alter special clothes pins. On each nipple, I placed a clothes pin. Then I placed a circle of smaller pins around the circles of the areoles. Pam knelt down and removed Nancy's panties. Pam was overwhelmed by how exquisite Nancy's ass and furry pussy were. Pam kissed Nancy's ass and started licking at Nancy's pussy. I hated to stop her "Not yet."

I placed a row of clothes pins down the inside of each of Nancy's thighs. Then I went behind Nancy and put a row of clothes pins down her ass on the sides of her crack. Pam went again to the alter and returned with a whip. I kissed the whip and removed my robe. Pam took the whip, kissed it, and removed her robe. Pam held the whip to Nancy's mouth, and Nancy kissed it.

Pam knelt before me and offered me the whip. I returned the whip back to her and offered for her to whip Nancy. I told her "This woman will be mine in eternity. You may have her now. We do not want to damage her, only to excite her. Whip her as you would want to be whipped." Pam stood and walked to Nancy, holding the whip. Pam gave Nancy a long-lasing kiss, then stepped away.

Pam began whipping Nancy, slowly at first, then increasing the speed and intensity. First across Nancy's breasts, then across her stomach, against her thighs, upward against her pussy, across her back and finally against her ass. Nancy was showing some red marks. Pam studies Nancy's body, and was satisfied with the work she had done. Pam approached me and asked "Master, may I now enjoy her pussy?" I replied, "Yes, slave. You may enjoy her now."

I lowered Nancy to a kneeling position. Her pretty red hair was now a tangled mess, and the veil she was still wearing was hanging at an angle. The red hair of her pussy was moist. Pam lay on the floor between Nancy's legs, and positioned herself at Nancy's pussy, and began licking. In this sacrificial room, my dick was fully erect and was added additional length and girth for this special fucking. I approached Nancy, lifted her veil just enough and put my cock in her mouth and told her to start sucking. She knew immediately what to do. This woman was a champ. Pam's expert pussy licking soon brought Nancy to a climax. Pam continued licking to get all of Nancy's cum juice. Then I climaxed in Nancy's mouth, and Nancy swallowed my entire cum load, almost choking on it.

I removed the hook from Nancy's wrist binding, and stood her up. I began removing each clothes pin from her body. I twisted and pulled slowly on each one, then squeezed it open off her body. She moaned as each one was removed. The only pins I did not remove were the ones on her nipples.

I picked up Nancy and straightened out her veil, carried her to the sacrificial alter, and laid her prone on it. I made sure the veil covered her face. Then I toyed with the pins still on her nipples. Nancy moaned and I bent over to give her a passionate kiss. She kissed back. Then I again toyed with the pins, and pulled them off her nipples without opening them. This excited Nancy, and her nipples were hard.

I got between Nancy's legs, and started licking at her pussy. I order Pam to suck my cock until I got hard again. It didn't take long, because of Pam's expert tongue, and because Nancy's virgin pussy tasted so sweet. When I was ready, I positioned my cock and Nancy's pussy opening. Pan was ordered by the voice to retrieve the amulet from the wall, and position it on Nancy's body where her uterus is. Then I put my cock into Nancy's pussy, up to her hymen. Then with one mighty shove of my enlarged cock, I pushed through her virginity and buried my cock deep in her until the tip of my cock poked against her cervix. Nancy let out a piercing shrill scream at the loss of her virginity.

Nancy's cunt was so hot. I could fell her heat surrounding my cock. Quickly, her screaming turned into yells of pleasure. Her breathing was rapid. She managed to gasp out "yes, fuck me, fuck me hard. Put your cock all the way in. Cum in me, give me your sperm, make me pregnant. The thought of your sperm swimming in me is making me cum." And she climaxed when she said that. I wanted to make her pregnant, and her climax made me cum inside her. I shot load after load into her. I gave her so much cum that the extra began oozing out of her pussy around my cock.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and it sounded like a wet plop. I told her, "Nancy, stay on the table for a while to make sure my sperm doesn't come out." I got off the table, walked to her head, and removed her veil. I handed it to Pam who was standing there, and she placed it aside so that it would not get ruined.

I continued fucking Nancy throughout the night, with Pam joining in. Without warning, we were transported from the sacrificial room to the living room, still completely naked. It was now dawn. Nancy was covered with my cum. Ron and Jane were already there, not having slept that night. Jane disappeared into the kitchen and returned with 5 cups of coffee. Ron walked over to Nancy and he smiled at her. Ron said to her "You look like you were fucked good." Nancy had a big smile on her face, and replied, "I was! And I hope you were well fucked too." And Ron replied, "Jane turned me every way but loose!" Ron and Nancy embraced and gave each other a passionate kiss.

I then started informing all there "I have been informed of our afterlife arrangements. Pam, you will be joined with Ron. Nancy, you will be joined with me. Jane, you will be joined with your first boyfriend. Until the afterlife meets up with the present, Nancy and Ron will stay married, Pam and I will still get married, and Jane will remain single."

All of us were still completely naked, and we started a 5-person orgy on the floor. I fucked Pam as hard as I could. Ron gave Nancy a thorough pounding. After cumming, Pam, Nancy and Jane began a three-way, telling us men to sit back and enjoy the show.

The five of us had terrific sex the rest of the week. Ron wanted to have sex with Pam, but she refused saying "Until I die and have sex with you in the afterlife, in this life I only want to have sex with Bob." That was true. Although she has had sex with other women, I'm the only man she has had sex with ever since we got together after my grandfather's death. It was at that moment I realized how much Pam really loved me.

The week ended, and Ron and Nancy were ready to leave to go back to their lives. I gave Nancy a goodbye kiss, and I told her "You are now pregnant by me. Take good care of our baby." She promised saying "I will. And when she's old enough, I will bring her to you, as a virgin." Somehow she knew I have given her a girl.

I then asked Ron "Will you be my best man at my wedding?"

Ron replied, "I would be honored. I will do that for you."

Coming in Chapter 6, Pam's and Bob's wedding.

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