tagMind ControlMy Inheritance Ch. 6

My Inheritance Ch. 6


I don't know when it actually happened. I know that Pam really loves me. When we first got together, she was under the mind control of my grandpa from beyond the grave. I know she is not under his control now, because, even with mind control, it is not possible to make someone love you. Love is a free self-controlled emotion.

The sun rose this morning like it did since the dawn of time. But something was different this morning, something was definitely wrong. I can't really say what it was. Just a feeling. And it wasn't because I'm getting married tomorrow. I'm happy to be getting married.

Pam drove alone to the airport to pick up her parents, Max and Vonda, so they can attend the wedding. She wanted to go alone. This was different because we always do things together. When they arrived, very little was said. I just took their luggage to their room.

I told Vonda "Go put on a sexy negligee. You and I are going to have sex." With the said, everyone started to cheer up a little.

Vonda returned a few minutes later, wearing a shear negligee, and was feeling very sexy. While she was changing, Pam, Max and I got undressed. I kissed Pam sexily and fondled her breasts, just enough to get her nipples erect. Vonda's nipples were also erect from rubbing lightly against her negligee.

I walked over to Vonda, and placing my hands on her shoulders, I guided her to the floor, giving her a gentle kiss. I moved Max over to his wife, so she could suck on his cock. I then guided Pam over to her father so that Max could suck his daughter's pussy. My cock was already hard as a rock.

Vonda started sucking on her husband's cock, slurping on it like a giant popsickle. Pam's pussy was already moist, and when he daddy started liking, she felt electrified. I put my bulging cockhead at the entry to Vonda's love canal, and pushed in. Vonda moaned in pleasure. My cock felt huge inside her cunt. I bucked at her with all my energy. Other than Pam, Vonda's pussy was the best I ever had.

Ready to explode, I withdrew my cock and spilt my entire load onto her negligee covered breasts. She rubbed my cum with both her hands, making sure the cum got through the sheer fabric. Next Pam climaxed, and her daddy licked up all her cum juice. Finally Max climaxed and spilt his cum into Vonda's mouth and on her face. She scooped up the cum on her face with her finger, and put it in her mouth, then swallowed the entire load. We all laid on the floor totally exhausted. Vonda snuggled with Max, and I snuggled with Pam.

It was almost midnight. Suddenly she got a with a start, and ran out of the room. She shrieked "You're not allowed to see me the day of the wedding until the ceremony." She was still superstitious about that? Vonda got up and ran after her daughter. Max and I watched her ass shake as she ran off. I turned to Max and asked him "You want to have a beer with me?" He laughed and the said "Sure."


Pam went to the church with her parents, and changed into her wedding gown there. I drove myself to the church. When I arrived, Ron and Nancy were already there, Ron shook my hand, and Nancy gave me a hug. She told me "I can feel a little life starting to stir in me."

Pam's Maid of Honor was Jane Powell, and her bridesmaids were two cousins Callie and Iola. My best man was Ron, and my ushers were Callie's and Iola's boyfriends were Frank and Joe.

The ceremony began, and went without incident. Then we went to the reception. It was a really big shindig. A large band played all night long. The food layout was more like a smorgasbord. The beer poured all night.

Pam and I were seated at the head table. I excused myself from the table and went to the men's room. A minute later, Callie and Iola excused themselves for the ladies room. As I was leaving the men's room, Callie and Iola pushed me back in, and Callie said "Not so fast, big guy." Iola locked the door.

Callie and Iola dropped to their knees, unzipped my pants and undid the buckle. They pulled my pants down to my ankles, and started stroking my cock until it got hard. Callie put my cock in her mouth and was sucking me like a pro. Iola stood and pulled the front of her dress down, exposing her boobs. She then gave me a tender kiss. I reached for her boobs and was fondling them. Callie stood and pulling at the front of her gown, she exposed her boobs. Iola knelt down and started sucking on my cock. Callie told me "Pull on my nipples." I pulled gently. Iola told Callie "Get down here. He's ready to cum!"

Both were now licking and sucking my cock. As I climaxed, they took my cock from their mouths, and I spurt my cum on their boobs. They smeared my cum all over their boobs. Then Callie and Iola put back in place the front of their gowns and I pulled back up my pants and buckled up and zipped up. Both girls left, and I followed a minute later.

As I returned, Pam knew immediately what had happened, and asked me "How were they?" I answered "They have magnificent mouths." Then Pam said "I hope you have some left for me tonight!" I replied "I have plenty for you!"

Nothing extraordinary happened the remainder of the reception. Pam and I left at midnight. We went back to my home, which is now our home. I carried her across the threshold, and straight down to the spirit room.

I unzipped her gown, and laid it down nicely. She was not wearing a bra. She wanted to leave her veil on. I unhooked her stockings from her garter belt, then unhooked the garter belt and tossed it aside. I unrolled her stockings, kissing her legs the entire way down. I pulled down her panties and kissed her as cheeks when they were exposed. I turned Pam around and kissed her exposed belly.

I stood and gently took her hand and guided her to the X-beam, tying her hands and feet to it. I reached for the whip next to the beam. I held it to her lips and she kissed it. I took a step back, and started whipping her. Not hard. I didn't want to damage her. I whipped her with the same intensity she had whipped Nancy earlier. Some light red marks were starting to show on her boobs, belly and legs, so I stopped.

Then I adjusted the X-beam, so the Pam was laying flat. Her pussy was exposed. Since I was still dressed, I quickly removed it and threw it on the floor, making a wrinkled heap. (What the hell, it's a rental). My cock was hard before I got my clothes off. In this special room, my huge cock was specially enlarged with length and girth. My cock was now super large.

I moved to Pam's wet pussy and licked at her. She started moaning. I put my cock at her pussy hole and put in just the head, teasing her. Then I ramrodded my cock into her waiting pussy. She moaned at the large size. Like a piston was attached to me, I kept ramming in and out of her hot cunt. I felt her climax building, and as I felt her juice on my cock, I exploded into her load after load of my cum.

After taking a few seconds to catch my breath, I untied Pam. I picked her up off the X-beam, and carried her to our bedroom. I laid her on the bed, and she quickly fell asleep.

I was up early the next morning, letting Pam sleep. She awoke a little later, and came downstairs to be with me. She fixed herself a cup of coffee, and sat down next to me. She said to me," Bob, I want you to know I'm ovulating, and I'm going to become pregnant." She bit at her lower lip, as if afraid how I'd react. I exclaimed to her "That's Wonderful!" She gave me a bear hug, and kissed me hard.


But still something wasn't right.


To my readers, this is the last chapter of My Inheritance to be posted on Literotica. There is a last chapter that explains what wasn't right, but it will not be posted here. All readers who want the last chapter may e-mail me, and I will e-mail it out in the order requests are received. I thank all who have read and/or voted, and to those who sent e-mails for story line possibilities. Some will see their suggestions embedded in the stories. I tip my hat to all.

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