tagMind ControlMy Inheritance Ch. 7

My Inheritance Ch. 7


Everything seemed fine. Pam and I were sitting, still naked from the night before, enjoying our coffees, the morning after our wedding, and all felt so good.

Suddenly, it was if my mind was under control. I was in a trance. I was being summoned by the spirits in the special room. I set down my coffee cup, stood, and walked trance-like to the special room. Although Pam was not being summoned, she too, put down her coffee cup, and followed me.

After Pam and I entered the room, the door slammed shut. I checked it. It wouldn't open. I turned, and the door to the spirit world opened, without me having to open it. The spirit world leader appeared. He was angry with me.

The leader said "This room is reserved only for you and women other than a wife. You have defiled this room."

I challenged back "This is my house and my room. I will do as I please."

The leader fought back "No, This is our room, and you will do what I say."

I again challenged back, "No, I will do as I please." I stepped forward to the sprit leader and swung my fist at him, making contact. He staggered back a few feet, but did not fall. He called for all the spirits to come.

I fought with the spirit leader for hours. All the other spirits attacked Pam.

They surrounded her and tied her to the bondage table with unseen hands. Then the cocks of the spirits appeared, just the cocks. There were a hundred of them, all erect and throbbing. Pam was screaming. All hundred spirits raped my Pam. Some fucked her pussy, some fucked her ass, and some fucked her mouth.

Many of the spirits climaxed into her, but many also climaxed and smeared their red cum on her body. Her entire body was covered with red cream.

The spirit leader won the fight. He had finally defeated me. I was unable to move. The spirit leader walked over to Pam. He was now going to rape her. His cock was erect, He had the largest cock ever. It was HUGE. More like an elephant dick.

He pushed into Pam's pussy. Her pussy was stretched out of proportion to accommodate the enormous schlong. Pam cried out in pain from being stretched to the limit. It hurt her so much, that once she passed out for a minute. Her pussy was starting to bleed from being stretched out too much.

Pam was unable to control her screaming. The spirit finally climaxed, but it was no relief for poor Pam. His red cum burned at the inside of Pam, on her cervix and her pussy walls. Pam then mercifully passed out. He pulled out of Pam, making a loud slushing sound. He walked around the table untying Pam from her bonds, and admiring the cum art left on her body by the other spirits.

The leader said to me "Pam will revive and you will be able to move after I go back into my world. Pam is pregnant with your daughter, but my spirit is in your daughter. I will control this house. You and your entire family will be under my control." He stormed out of the room.

I could not accept what I was being told. Pam revived, and came running over to me. She was crying from her multiple rapes and because mine was the only cock she wanted. She was still in pain too from having the inside of her body burned. The door unlocked after the spirit left, and we left.

She wanted me to fuck her right after our ordeal, but it turned out to be too painful for her.

Pam's burning healed after a few days.

We discussed what we should do, since we cannot have an evil spirit controlling our house and our lives. I knew what I had to do, whatever it took. I told Pam "I can close off the spirit world's portal, but not without cost. I will loose my mind control over women, the elixir formula, and the looking glass. I will be unable to have sex with any other women."

Pam said "Bob, you're still the only man I want to have sex with. But I love you so much, I still want you to have sex with other women. You can have any woman you want, just tell me the details. I would love to her about your experiences. I can even locate willing women."

This was going to be dangerous. I sent Pam to her parents house for a few days. I removed all valuables from the house, and put them into storage. This old house is made entirely of wood. The wood is all dry. With what I had planned, this place is like a tinder box.

Now prepared, I went to the special room, went in, and slid a bar across the door handles of the spirit world's door, so it could not be pushed open, so that the spirits could not escape. Then I exited the room but left the doorway open. I lighted the fuse on the Molotov cocktail, waited a few seconds and threw it in. It burst open, and the flame spread immediately.

I thought "Damn, the flame is spreading faster that I thought it would." I ran like hell to escape the flame, and just barely made it out. No longer would the spirits have a house to control. Not only that, the fire sealed shut the portal doors and they disintegrated. Those spirits would no longer roam the earth. The house burned to the ground to just ashes.

There was still one problem. The spirit leader claimed his spirit would be in my daughter. There was no reason to not believe him.

Pam came back a few days later. We went to live in her old apartment. She kept it up, and kept paying the rent. We fixed up the second bedroom as a nursery. Nine months after our wedding, Pam gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

I called a priest of the local Catholic Church. I asked him to perform the test for demon possession. After the test, he informed me, "Yes, she is possessed. Would you like me to perform the exorcism?"

I answered "Yes I would. But I'm also concerned about an evil spirit roaming the earth."

The priest replied, "Don't worry about that. It will be handled."

The next days, the priest showed up to perform the exorcism. With him showed up the new Ghostbusters who would confine the spirit. The exorcism was successfully performed, and the evil spirit was captured and put in the containment unit.


Several years pass.


I am truly rich. It is not the money either, even though I still have more than enough. I have a loving wife, several beautiful children, living in a beautiful house. These are my true riches. We have never been bothered by evil spirits again.


Would you, my readers, want more stories? There could be follow-ups about Jane, JoAnne, Nancy, or I could create new characters. These stories are for you. Tell me what you want, and it will be written.

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