tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Internet Confession Pt. 04

My Internet Confession Pt. 04


Shit, this was supposed to be part of part 3. This internet stuff is more complicated than I thought.

So I'm still at the cottage after the carnal ambush.



Chapter One: Kicks

I was in such a state that it took me a while to clue in to what was going on. Like, duh there wasn't any mistaken shipment that had to go to Midland, but I was on the clock anyways, I was getting paid for all of this. Was I going to get a performance bonus, did I deserve one? And, oh ya, where the hell were Max and Caroline?

"Trying out the indoor range, playing bad girl desperados no doubt," Tom said, and I remembered vaguely that he'd shouted at them as he was getting into his truck "At least try to keep the mess out of the front office."

I guess I was on my third or maybe fourth glass of wine by then, hadn't given any thought to how I was going to explain showing at home up drunk - if I ever got home. Was I ever going home? You get the idea; that's the state of mind I was in.

Following the fuck that followed my little fashion show Tom, who was starving, had gone back to the kitchen area and I went after him again, naked as a jaybird except for my chic new strand of pearls.

This was such a kick. I don't want to keep going on about it, but this was all so fucking new to me, so fucking glamorous and unexpected that I was buzzing along not just on alcohol, but on a wave of pure joy and seemingly inextinguishable lust. How glorious it felt to be naked in pearls, wandering around a fire lit space, with a man - a big, exciting hunk of a man who was now feeding me crusty bread slathered in butter.

I was all over the guy, hugging, kissing, rubbing up against him like a cat in heat, groping and stroking his semi-hard cock. I'm sure he wasn't drinking as much as me, and he must've been doing a hockey sock full of Viagra, because it wasn't long before he started getting hard again.

"You want more Frankie?" he growled.

It was a sound I'd never heard from him before and even though it was a little scary, it was as sexy as everything else was that night.

"You're fucking right I want more baby. I can't get enough of your big, hard, cock," I replied, too far-gone to be shocked by my own words and my own downright slutty attitude. It was probably a line right out of "Amateur Blow Job Babes", but what the hell; surely I deserved to be part of that club by now.

He put down his drink, relieved me of mine (I might have spilt one or two already in the course of the evening) and soon he had me backed up against the edge of the couch. I was half standing, half perched on the plush arm as he spread my legs. I threw my arms around his neck and shoved my wet pussy towards him. I'd been fucked from behind standing up for the first time in my life tonight, why not do it from the front too?

It was new and wonderful; I closed my eyes and held on for dear life as he lifted my ass and fucked me, with my lower back supported by the cushion.

When the door burst open we stopped, but it wasn't like a sudden guilty halt. We didn't even separate, I just pulled myself tighter to him and stared sleepy-eyed at the spectacle in the doorway.

I can't be sure of the details, but basically they looked like a couple of G.I.'s who'd just tangled with a pack of wolves and then been rolled in a paint tray. As I recall, Max was topless, although I think she still had some kind of bandoleer wedged between her big knockers. Her camouflage pants were torn on one leg from the knee down to her combat boot.

Caroline was definitely bottomless, although somehow she still had her combat boots on. Her khaki T-shirt, which barely covered her pert little tits, was torn at the shoulder and her cute little fatigue cap was askew on her head. They were both smeared with red and blue paint all over, including their faces.

Max looked like Mel Gibson in "Brave heart", and Caroline looked like an albino racoon because the only part of her face not splattered was where her goggles must have been. I couldn't imagine what the hell they'd been doing to get in such a state. I mean, they weren't just covered in paint; they were slathered in it. It was dripping off of them onto the doormat.

"Don't you dare come in here," Tom said very loudly, and I thought, a little too harshly. In my hazy, horny mind I thought, "So they caught us fucking, big surprise." But I quickly realized that he wasn't worried about our modesty, he was more concerned about the state of his cottage.

I did wake up a bit when he pulled out of me abruptly and turned towards them, his hard, dripping cock, pointing right at them. "Outside," he repeated sternly. It was funny and bizarre.

"But boss, it's raining out there," Max objected.

"Good, you won't need the hose."

"Come on boss, its freezing out there," Caroline whined.

"Then, you'll have to be quick," he replied and started towards them leaving me standing there with my hands over my leaking pussy.

They kept hugging each other and complaining, they didn't seem to be bothered by his nakedness at all.

"Out, out out!" he ordered. Opening the door with one hand he grabbed Max by the boob and pinched her nipple. "Go on, out you nasty girls," he said.

"Owww, hey you know that's my sensitive boob," Max complained but she grabbed Caroline by the arm and pulled her outside despite her girlish squeals.

"I want all those clothes off and left on the step," he said and stood there with the door open watching them.

While all this was going on I was inching towards them, when any decent, modest person would have been backing away. The cold air started pouring in from outside, but Tom just stood there like he didn't even notice. I could have retreated to the cozy fire, but I was sinfully curious about how this was going to play out, so I snuggled right behind him with my arms wrapped around his chest. Standing just a bit on tiptoe so I could see over his shoulder.

The outside light was on leaving the girls in full view as they struggled to get their boots off while dancing about to keep warm. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," Max kept shouting, while Caroline kept repeating, "Oh my god its cold, oh my god its cold, oh my god its sooooooo coooollld." With only one boot off she tried to hug Max's butt as she was bent over unlacing her boots.

Tom laughed as they both went crashing down onto the broad wooden step. Once they were on the ground they stayed down and struggled out of their boots and socks. Caroline's cap was gone, and with her long nails she shredded her shirt while Max, laying on her back, hauled her pants off, I didn't see any panties. They struggled to their feet, wrapped themselves in a bear hug and looked expectantly at us.

"Get the globs off at least, and then you can hit the shower," Tom said.

Without letting go of their embrace they started rubbing vigorously against each other while wiping frantically at bare backs and butts. I was in a very odd state, with the cold flowing around Tom's body nipping at my sides, and the warm air from inside playing on my back and ass.

I was covered with goose bumps and felt the most incredible shivering glow. The girls furiously rubbing together like a couple of rutting otters (I have never seen rutting otters, but that's what I thought of) while they shivered and moaned was both funny, and, I had to admit, arousing.

I'm not suggesting here that I have lesbian tendencies, or that I have anything against them. Live and let live, I say. It's just that I was old enough to know, even with the sheltered life I'd led, that I wasn't...inclined...that way. Still the two of them looked undeniably sexy.

I let one hand slide down to Tom's crotch and there was no doubt that he felt the same way. He was has hard as a rock. Who could blame him? I was as swollen, wet and eager as ever, of course, that might be because I'd been rubbing my crotch up against his butt the whole time. At least I hope that had something to do with it.

"Alright, in you get, there's towels in the cabinet under the sink," he said. He passed the door to Max, stood back a little and gave them both a smack on their taunt blue behinds as they dashed past heading for the bathroom.

He closed the door behind them and locked it. "Come on," he said. "I'm fucking freezing," and he grabbed my hand and we dashed for the bed and dove under the covers.

So like I said, the whole escapade had sobered me up a little, but it hadn't done anything to cool my shameless ardour. As soon as we hit the sheets we were making out again and I became lost in Tom's fiery embrace.

Chapter Two: Romping

At first, still chilly, we wrapped ourselves tightly around each other and he entered me while we lay on our sides. Chalk up another new one for Frankie. He went in very deep, and as we held each other close and kissed like teenagers, he stroked very slow and very deep.

The girls must have been taking their time in the shower, because I'm sure that we did that for a long, dreamy time. Long enough to forget all about them. Long enough to start slowly but very...fulsomely...building to another orgasm.

The covers had come off, and then the sheets as we went from chilly to steamy. As my need became more urgent I aggressively rolled him onto his back climbed aboard. This was becoming one of my go-to moves, and I continued to explore and improve my cowgirl technique. Well basic cowgirl anyway, I hadn't even attempted reverse yet, but one step at a time.

I was experimenting with the full range of angles that nature allowed in that position, from lying flat on top of him, to leaning way back with my hands on his shins and slowly dragging myself up and down his shaft, but gingerly, remember ladies, he was bigger than average, and I was still barely broken in.

I wasn't likely to get off that way, but it helped to bring me to the next level, so to speak, and Tom seemed to like it, letting me do the work while he played with my tits. I figured one more vigorous, flat out jockey ride and then I'd let him flip me, spread me, and pound me all the way to glory. Ya, I was actually starting to plan my sexual strategy.

On the way back down I paused straight up in the saddle to take some slow, very deep strokes. That was when the girls burst out of the bathroom and made a beeline straight for the bed, giggling and swearing. They made the bed groan and bounce dangerously when they hit and then started rolling around together like a couple of unruly puppies, well full grown, naked female puppies.

I flattened out on top of Tom and quite reasonably exclaimed, "Hey what the fuck?"

They ignored me and kept thrashing about, getting the sheets all tangled up and making a very distracting muddle. "Hey," I said again, louder and sharper. "We were here first, you guys can have the couch."

They stopped and turned to look at me, still smiling, but looking a little perturbed. Then they looked at Tom, still lying beneath me, and I realized, Oh shit, he hadn't been complaining.

"You're kicking us out of bed?" Max asked raising both her eyebrows.

"Who said you could kick them out of mybed," Tom added and I could feel the grumble reverberate in his chest.

"Oh, no, I didn't mean it like that," I said, looking down at Tom, feeling suddenly alarmed. I didn't know what was going on, but there was no mistaking the angry tone of his voice.

He lifted me off of his spike but held me tightly on top of him. He looked me in the eyes, concerned and disappointed. "Do you really expect them to take that narrow little couch?" he asked.

Shit. My heart was hammering. I'd stepped in it somehow. "I... no...I thought, I just..."

"They're part of the team too Frankie, they have just as much right to be in this bed as you do," he explained, his eyes searching mine as if to determine the extent of my ignorance.

I was very still, except that my lower lip was probably trembling. Team? Right? What the hell? "Well, sure, of course," I managed a weak smile. "All one big happy family."

The girls had twisted around so that they were both propped up on their elbows, their faces close to ours, smiling expectantly.

"Oh sure, ha ha. I'm just not familiar with the house rules...never had a cottage you know... or been on a...team. So yes, sorry Max, sorry Caroline, you just took me by surprise is all," I said.

"That's okay," Max replied, "I never had a cottage before neither, lotta times I never even had a couch."

"Apology accepted," Caroline said. "We must have surprised you. You sounded just like my mother before she went into rehab," she giggled.

"Good, now kiss and make up," Tom said.

That really didn't come as a surprise at that point. "Ohhhhhh it is going to be like that," I said to myself.

Of course any self-respecting woman would have said, "this is just too weird, I'm obviously involved in something I don't understand, no hard feelings, you all have a nice day," and gotten the hell out of there.

First of all, I'm sure you've figured out by now that "self-respecting woman" doesn't really describe me. Second, I still didn't know what was going on, and didn't want to be too hasty about leaving a nice toasty bed full of beautiful toasty people. Third, I was kinda counting on one more orgasm to finish off my night, and fourth, they both had pretty kissable lips.

I'd always thought of Caroline as having thin lips, but they sure didn't kiss that way. They were surprisingly soft and yielding. Her dainty little tongue positively teased mine right into her mouth and then played hide and seek with it. I guess it went on for a quite a while because Max gave my shoulder a bump and knocked us apart.

"Hey, it's my turn you big 'ol lezzy Milf you," she said. Her kiss was pretty much what I'd expected, big and sloppy and playful. Her lips were as soft and welcoming as they looked and her mouth was big enough to get lost in.

"That's more like it," Tom said with obvious satisfaction; then he rolled me over and took his turn with me. His cock hadn't subsided one little bit, and soon it was back inside me, all the way up to the balls.

"How do I describe the uh...romp...that followed.

Mmmm, well it wasn't what you'd call a free for all, and I don't think it was what you'd call a foursome either. Well maybe, maybe not. It's not like Tom traded me in for the girls, or I was turned over to them and subjected to a lesbian rape. I guess Tom would say that we were all just having "fun." I was super horny, more than a little drunk, and in a...sporting...mood. It got a little frenzied and out of control after those first surprising kisses.

I guess I'd have to refer back to good old Slick Willy. According to The Bill Clinton Rule*, Tom did not have "sexual relations" with those women, and of course I didn't have sexual relations with them, because under the BCR it's not possible for women to have sexual relations with each other, clever old Willy. To put it crudely, Tom didn't fuck them, at least not while I was awake.

He did kiss them, and there was a whole bunch of fondling all around, but he kept his face, and his penis out of their crotches. Mostly, after the friendly introduction, he went back to fucking me, and they went back to fucking (sorry Bill) each other. Mostly...

Not long after we had our girl-girl kisses I found myself in a female...conclave...around Tom's boner, and I proceeded to get a lesson in cock sucking. Thinking back, that may have been the whole point of the evening. Sad to say, these young lesbians - well bi-gals I guess, knew a whole lot more about sucking cock than I did.

I can't say for sure, but I think it was Tom's insistent pressure on the top of my head that sent me down there. We formed a triangle around his precious jewels while he lay on his back. I was on one side on my hands and knees with my bum pointed towards Tom's head and a little to the side. Caroline was in the same position on the other side, and Max was between his open thighs.

On my arrival I witnessed Max, with a tongue to fit her generous mouth, licking up his shaft from the bottom to the head. Without further ado she took it in her mouth and began gobbling it down inch by inch. She used one hand to haul back on it like a joystick, pulling it towards herself at an unnatural angle. Tom didn't complain. With my face very close I witnessed her take the whole thing down her throat all the way down to his balls.

Tom groaned, but that barely registered as I watched, spellbound, panting and licking drool from my lips. She stayed down there with only his balls showing, breathing deeply, but steadily. Then her tongue darted out to lick the underside of his balls. Her eyes opened slowly, and she winked at me before making a fairly hasty retreat back to the head of his long cock.

"How the fuck do you do that?!" Caroline exclaimed before I could.

Max grinned, "What?" she replied as she casually wiped saliva from her mouth and chin.

"Oh fuck off," I said.

Caroline was nodding, and I noticed that she had one of her hands on Tom's balls. Max was still slowly stroking his shaft. "Come on, you little princess, it's a piece of cake, especially from the angle you're at. Go ahead, you show her Frankie." Like, sure, I did that shit all the time.

"Well..." I leaned over and gave the shiny tempting head a few swirls with my tongue, not from any planned technique, just because I couldn't resist doing it. "I would lick it all over first of course, and then I would just..."

I shifted closer to Tom and lifted myself higher. Placing my hand above Max's on his shaft I took him into my mouth down just past the head, and sucked hard a few times, just for sheer enjoyment of it.

"I can do that!" Caroline said in a huff, and before I knew it she had taken his cock from me and was sucking him herself. Sucking faster, deeper and a lot harder than I'd been doing. I mean she sucked so hard that the space below her sharp, fashion model cheekbones became deep pits.

"We know you can do that. We're talking about throating here," Max said impatiently and popped it out of her mouth and returned it to me. I immediately sucked it down and went to work on it like Caroline had, not intending to be bested by a bluestocking lesbian.

"It's all about the positioning of the head. You're in control, so just feed it in at the angle that feels right," Max explained to Caroline, as if narrating my demonstration. I listened carefully, even as I sucked and gained some confidence. I was in control, Tom wasn't thrusting or demanding, in fact he wasn't super hard either. In short order I had his meaty member, ha, positioned at the back of my throat.

"It helps if you've got big nostrils," Max said, and that reminded me to breathe deeply like she had, I was getting lots of air which gave me even more confidence. Enough confidence to relax my throat and push that big fucking monster in there at least a couple of inches - well it felt like a couple of feet. I was very proud of myself, but I didn't even attempt her little tongue trick before bringing it back out.

Max gave me a sisterly smile even as she licked the head clean with a few sweeps of her tongue. God it was all so dirty and sexy.

"Not fair," Caroline protested. I have a dainty little nose."

Max handed Tom's cock back to her like we were passing around one of those giant freezies; a hot, sticky, wonderfully nasty smelling freezeie. "It doesn't stop you from muff diving, sometimes I swear your real father was Jacques Cousteau," Max replied.

Caroline giggled and went at the Toms cock again with renewed determination. She didn't master it, at least not that night, (it was only much later that I realized she'd been faking). Pretty soon we sensed Tom's impatience and went on to other things. I'm not sure what the point of the whole deep throating thing really was. It seemed to be more of just a stunt, a competition between us girls than something Tom cared very much about.

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