tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Internet Confession Pt. 05

My Internet Confession Pt. 05


I may not have explained this before, so I guess I should make it clear. I am a real person, and this is a true confession, but my name's not Frankie Heck. It's just a name I made up, if there's a real Frankie Heck out there somewhere, I apologize for dragging your good name through the mud. What I'm saying is, these events are real, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty, and in some cases the innocent, ya there might be some of them.

Orson is not a real place, or Midland. So don't go looking for my house, or the storage facility, because it's not there. Not in those places. No Mike, no Sue, no Max... you get the idea.

Just to be clear, there is no such thing as "The Dukes" Brigade in the Ohio National Guard, and I'm sure that nothing like this has ever happened at a VFW hall anywhere in America, except for that one night I was there...

Get on with it Frankie.


This one is pretty naughty right from the get go, but if you're looking for actual flat out sexual action, then you can skip down to Chapter Two, but you'll be missing a lot.


Out here in The Middle, we support the troops.

Chapter One: Patriot Games

"Your outfit for tonight is on the bed," Tom called out from the motel bathroom.

He'd gotten there before me, and I'd just let myself in with a key from the front desk. I opened the box and sifted through the tissue paper.

"There's been some kind of a mix up Tom, this is the wrong box, I called out.

I held up two small pieces of cloth. "Looks like a Daisy Duke costume for a twelve year old."

"That'll be it," he said poking his head around the corner, face half covered in shaving cream.

"You want me to wear a Daisy Duke costume to a VFW banquet?"

"Ya, its "Duke's night", it's a thing," he replied. "Boots in the other box," he added and disappeared.

I don't know much about cowboy boots, well cowgirl boots, I guess, but these ones looked like something special. Dark natural hide with pointy toes, about a two-inch heel, and a whole bunch of ornate leather scrollwork. "Frankie" had been carved into rounded tops of each one. They must have cost a bundle, so the least I could do was try them on, right?

The costume was outrageous. There was a package of fairly heavy-duty, tan tights; no panties of course. How can you wear panties when the tiny denim shorts were little more than an artfully tattered thong? They left most of my ass cheeks hanging out, and came up just above the waistband of the pantyhose, which is to say about three inches below my belly button.

The thin-strapped top was of a clingy material that came down only about four inches below my boobs and was so low cut that I was flowing out of it in all directions. I checked myself out in the dresser mirror.

Sure, the boots looked very cute and gave my ass a lift, but the rest was, outrageous, really that's the best word, or maybe ridiculous. "If I was thirty years younger, I might get away with it," I thought as I bounced my boobs around trying to get them to settle in a less revealing way.

"Fantastic, Frankie," Tom said. "I knew you could pull it off."

"Get outta here," I replied turning towards him. "I never had anything like this even when I was a kid."

He was naked, he was very confident about his body, and with good reason for a man his age. He never bothered with a towel around his condo, or his cottage, or in any motel room, all places that I'd been spending way too much time. He was very attractive like that, and very persuasive. Especially as I watched his big cock wake up from half a sleep, stand up give me a big salute.

"Turn around," he said, and blushing, I did it. I looked back over my shoulder at him, not trying to be coy; I just wanted to keep looking at his cock.

"Oh ya Frankie, it's you," he said. He gave my bold little country ass a slap, turned me around and gave me a quick kiss. "Do your make up, and there's some earrings in there too, we don't have much time."

I put on the large silver hoop earrings and spent some time doing my make up, just to humor him. When I was done I looked myself over and laughed. It was outrageous, and impossible.

"There's no way I could wear this out in public Tom, I'd get arrested. I don't even have a bra to go with it..." I said as I sashayed out of the bathroom.

"You don't wear a bra with Daisy Dukes, kiddo," Joyce said.

Have I described Joyce, my boss? Well, she must be in her early sixties; about four foot ten, and lean. I don't mean skinny, or even shrunk down with age, I mean lean. Probably weighs the same as she did in high school. She was small, but she had presence, one of those fierce little red heads with a jutting chin and no nonsense dark blue eyes. In an earlier time she would've been the owner of a seaman's bar or the madam of a frontier brothel.

And there she was in her Daisy Dukes, her dark fishnet pantyhose covering her otherwise obscenely exposed, shaved pussy, the little white t-shirt revealing her ironing board-flat belly. She has one of those racks - like a C cup on a twenty-four inch frame, real, as I was to discover later. At the moment all I could see was some cleavage because she had on a short jean jacket. And cowgirl boots as well, although I couldn't see if they were engraved.

"Where's Tom?" I asked, stopping short in surprise.

"He went on ahead, he had some shit to do," she replied.

She turned and walked to the coat hanger near the door, showing me her rock hard ass. She grabbed a softly faded jean jacket and held it out to me.

"Here, you're gonna need this or you'll freeze your ta tas off."

"So everybody's dressed like this?" I asked.

"Of course, it's Dukes night," she replied impatiently. "Come on, the girls are already dressed and in the bus, we're all waiting for you."

Well what could I do? I grabbed my purse and followed her out, after all, if everybody was doing it. I mean, if Caroline and Max were dressed like this, then nobody was going to be looking at me anyways. Think again Frankie.


Okay, let me back up a bit.

This was the only the fourth weekend that I'd been working in Midland. We still hadn't struck it rich, Max and Caroline were still making a racket in their room during breaks, I was still screwing Tom (more on that later), I was still hanging on to my dental assistant job three days a week, and Mike had actually stopped being hostile to me since I started bringing in the bigger pay checks. We hadn't been together as man and wife, but more on that later too.

On Thursday Tom announced that we were going on a business trip. My first business trip! On the clock, per diem, and who knows what other perks and peccadilloes (that might not be the right word) I might get, get into?

I'd imagined New York City, Chicago maybe, at least Indianapolis; Groverton Ohio was not on my radar. Hell, is it on anybody's radar? Could you find it on a map?

So Groverton Ohio was a surprise to me, and so was "The Bus." That's what Joyce called the Winnebago that Gus wheeled up to the ranch on Friday afternoon. Sure it was new, and it was one of the super-big ones, but traveling with Ma and Pa and my sisters was not the way I'd pictured how my first business trip was going to be. Tom had left in the morning, alone. "To take care of some shit," Joyce explained.

"What the hell kind of business trip was this?" you, and I, might well ask.

I was instructed to tell Mike that we were going for the weekend to flog a bunch of stuff from the store at a big monthly flea market in Ohio. Tom told me we were going to this big banquet; I distinctly heard the word banquet, at a VFW hall to raise money for a very important charity that helped vets.

Unpatriotic as it was of me, I may have pouted a bit, but he told me it was going to be a lot of fun, and Joyce told me that we were not all going to be sleeping in the bus, so once we got on the road I cheered up.

That in broad terms brings you up to date, knowing just about as much as I did when Gus dropped us off in front of the big hall out in the middle of nowhere - ya it kinda made me homesick.

It was a big place, probably built just after the Second World War. It had a huge hall with a low stage at one end where an all girl, I should say, an all Daisy Duke clad girl, band was playing loud and raucous. They had steel guitars, an accordion, a fiddler; the whole bit.

I figure the place could legally hold about five hundred people, and we were well over that already. There were some tables, but just about everybody was standing, and some people were dancing wherever they could clear a spot.

The crowd was mostly men, but the waitresses, and probably about eighty gals, wives and girlfriends, were all dressed up in daisy dukes. Some even skimpier than mine. Most of them were younger than me, but I can honestly say, I wasn't an embarrassment to my man.

The jackets came off as soon as we entered that hot house and were given to a check girl. In the heated crush of people I very quickly lost my self-consciousness, started drinking, and started having a good time, just like Tom, the smooth talking-son-of-a-bitch, said I would.

While Gus parked the bus, Joyce led her chicks to the end of the bar to meet Audrey. Audrey was a little younger than me; she had that healthy, farm girl look about her, so she carried off the costume very well. She was a cheerful, apple cheeked blonde with a very decent rack. Believe me, you got to know the truth about everybody's boobs that night.

Audrey ran the bar at the VFW and she was the chief organizer of the fundraiser, she had a little space at the end of the bar where she wielded a microphone. She gave Joyce a big bear hug and then shook hands with each of us.

I doubt she got our names, but as the latest song ended I heard her say; "So this is Tom's new crew."


The girl's set off into the sea of people, Max cutting through them like the prow of a pirate ship, and I hung with Joyce and Audrey and kept an eye out for Tom. He was all over the place, I'd see him here and there laughing, shaking hands, and occasionally off to the side somewhere engaged in an intense conversation with some guy, which seemed really out of character with everything else that was going on. He came and visited me often, gave me big kisses and made a fuss. He was also very friendly with Audrey.

The band was loud, and when they took a break there was an unseen DJ, so most of our conversations were in shouts, which would have been very annoying except I was feeling good. The beat and the swing of the music took hold of me, and there was something so...liberating...about being dressed so blatantly sexy that just ramped up that whole devil-may- care feeling. I could see that the other women were feeling it too.

I should say here that although all the old, and not so old, soldiers got an eyeful everywhere they looked, and I got more than my fair share of nods and tipped hats, nobody laid a hand on me, there was no groping, or even bad language, besides Joyce of course.

You know how it is when you're drinking and having fun, time loses meaning, so I really couldn't say how long we'd been there when the band took a break and the music changed abruptly from CW to something else. It started with what sounded like choppers right over our heads.

Joyce said, "Shit, that's me," snatched Audrey's cowboy hat and headed for the stage.

Then the unmistakable, heavy thrusting beat, and the raunchy guitar chords of 'Suzie Q.' started up.

"Oh Suzie Q, Ohhhh Suzie Qewwww..."

The crowd roared as Joyce, and three other women of the same vintage skipped up onto the stage and started to dance. I watched open mouthed as they shimmied to the beat, prancing around in their high-heeled boots, putting on a shameless show. I found myself swaying to the beat and cheering like everyone else.

Tom was there and I pulled his ear close to my mouth.

"I know this, why do I know this?"

The music, the way they were dancing in front of the cheering soldiers reminded me of something, but I couldn't quite place it.

"Apocalypse Now," he shouted back at me. "The scene where the Playboy bunnies land in the choppers."

That was it. Fuck, it was like being in the jungles of 'Nam, baby (well at least the movie version), and believe me, those old girls put on a hell of a display. As if their costumes weren't skimpy enough they all let loose their ta tas, as Joyce would say, and gave them a good shake. That's when I noticed these metal buckets being passed around and people tossing in cash.

The dance didn't end like in the movie with the troops storming the stage, but with a big cheer.

"Let's hear it for the Suzie Q's," Audrey said over the mike, and when the cheers subsided she added. "Remember, tonight every dollar you donate gets matched by each of our sponsors," and then she rattled off about eight or nine names, some local, some pretty big companies, and different men in the crowd waved.

Joyce came back, drenched in sweat; I mean her top was so transparent that I could tell her ta tas were real.

"Sure brings you back, don't it," she panted happily as Audrey handed her an ice-cold beer.

"Who we got next? Who's gonna shake loose some more money?" Audrey called into the mike and almost immediately another cheer went up.

I was wondering how the fuck do you follow up an act like that, when I spotted Max tossing Caroline up onto the stage and climbing up behind her.

The band struck up "Feel like a woman," and I almost spit out my beer.

So fuck, ya. They followed up the Suzie Q's pretty good. Basically they danced around like cowgirls, and dry humped like dogs, if you can call it dry humping when you're slick with sweat. Max's world-class tits came out a few times, and Caroline lost her little shorts, a symbolic gesture really, and the cheers rang out and the buckets filled up.

And the night was still young - ya I know I did that last time too.

Chapter Two: The Howling

I'm going to jump ahead a bit here, I just want to get this off my chest while I have the right words in my head. I'll fill you in on the rest later.

Me, Tom and Audrey had all passed out in a heap on the big bed. Later when I woke up, Tom had his arm over his head, and somehow I'd ended up with my nose buried right in his armpit.

It had been a hot night, in more ways than one, and we'd had some pretty vigorous sex, so the smell was considerable. But it wasn't gross; it was deeply arousing. I snuggled right in there for a moment, and my awakening brain soon had one overwhelming thought - cock. I slid my face down his body, rested my head on his hip and took a deep breath.

The room was warm and the air was saturated with the smell of sex. Him, me, Audrey; female, male, sweat and semen and pussy juices. It not only came in through my large nostrils, but it seeped right into the pores of my naked body. I felt like I was being... inflated by it, pumped up with raw sexual desire. Not frantic desire, no, it was like deep freaking ground swells of desire rolling over my body.

I slid one hand down to his balls, gripped them lightly and watched his cock grow, swelling up, straightening up from how it was laying across his belly, actually rising up to meet my smacking lips.

I threw my leg over his, my pussy grinding against his knee, one hand on his balls and the other idly at my side. I slid my lips up to the head, swirled it with my tongue a couple of times, and then sucked right into my mouth. That's what I wanted. My tongue played round and round the head, and I sucked on it without taking it any deeper, without even moving my head. No hands, I just lay there and sucked on his big dick like it was a soother.

I closed my eyes, and I could almost have fallen asleep like that, but he was mumbling something, and his fucking cock just kept on growing.

I sucked it deeper, and even played with it a bit up against the back of my throat, something I'd been working on since my surprise lesson from Max the other night. But that wasn't what I was in the mood for. I wanted to eat it, actually chew it up and eat it, so I figured it was best for all concerned if I took it out of my mouth.

That was okay because I really wanted to lick it too. I don't mean playful little flicks with the tip; I mean using my whole, big tongue all the way out of my mouth, painting the thing with saliva from his balls to the head. I really slobbered over it. That's a thing, having it in my mouth really worked up the saliva, got rid of that hangover dry mouth. That's a good home remedy for you gals to remember.

So like I said, we'd all been going at it pretty hard earlier, and all that...stuff... had dried on his cock. And now I kinda freshened it up, reawakened it. I'm not just talking about taste here, I was awakening the smell again too. Licking it had released a fresh burst of seminal heat. I think that's what I mean.

You ever notice the special smell of licked skin? How about licked cock, cum covered licked cock? It's something, and if you're in the right mood, it's very, very sexy. It's heat inducing, like being "in heat," if you know what I mean. In season, ready, able, and needing to get seriously fucked as part of Mother Nature's great plan. I'm reaching for words here folks, to try and convey that incredible animal feelings that possessed me.

Sure I make a lot of excuses for my behavior, but come on, you have to give me this one. I had no say in the matter; I was a slave to forces beyond my control. If you'd been there, down there in his humid, male crotch, you'd understand.

Understand what?

Well I'm licking away, just slobbering over it, drawing out the scent, rubbing it against my face, but that still wasn't enough. I had to get right down into it, you know. I lay down between his legs, which he parted without complaint, buried my nose in his balls and started licking down underneath. When I say buried, I mean I burrowed like I was going to make a permanent home for myself down there.

I licked and licked and burrowed, driving my nose between his balls, both my hands were up on his shaft, stroking, probably, or maybe just using it as a grip so I could pull myself tighter down into his nasty place.

I had a vague sense that I'd come up on my knees and was wagging my ass like crazy. You know, a primitive signal, "fuck me, fuck me, somebody fuck me!"

And I do mean anybody. It was Tom's balls I was fastened onto, his scent in my face, but that didn't matter, I wanted a cock up inside me and I would have taken all comers. All comers, ya I get it.

But I'm serious here, as in seriously out of control. Tom was helping, he was humping my face and probably moaning, but I couldn't hear him above my own savage growling. I had to come up for air, so I moved up to his balls, and started sucking them into my mouth one after another. I'd been worried about that when we first started fucking, about hurting him; I was over that.

It's a good thing Tom has a big cock, because there were now four hands on it. Mine and Audrey's, and she had the head of it in her mouth as well. I don't know if she was growling, but she was going to town, bobbing up and down on the head. Then things started to get weird.

This was a shambles, like pigs at a trough. She was coming down from over top and I was coming up from below, Tom was humping away, our hands were getting in each other's way. I don't know if she acted out of passion, or just annoyance, but she grabbed my hair and pulled my face up to hers and gave me a kiss.

This didn't make things any less chaotic. Now we were slobbering all over each other's mouths and Toms cock. Tongues were flying everywhere, teeth clashing, slimy fists bouncing off chins and throats. So ya, I guess she was in the throes of animal passion too. I have no idea what Tom was thinking about it all.

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