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My Internet Friend


It had been several weeks since his very first e-mail arrived at my inbox. He was sweet and romantic at first, but as we started to exchange pleasantries he began to get more intimate. He would tell me how he would strip the clothes from my body before caressing and teasing me. His words caused a stirring deep between my legs and he knew it. It was as though he knew my deepest, darkest fantasies. Soon he was sending me the pictures he had taken of his awesome tool.

I would sit with my fingers buried deep inside my body as I flicked through the pictures of his cock in various states of arousal. I longed to hold it and stroke it gently in my tiny hand. I wanted to taste the pre-cum that could be seen leaking out of the tip.

He would comment on the dirty photos I had sent him. I wore some of my sexiest lingerie for the photos, much to his delight. His favourite photo was of me in my bridal lingerie. I had worn it on my wedding night and I was delighted to find it still fit me.

I had never been so intimate with anybody on the internet before, but this was driving me wild. I felt like a lust filled teenager all over again.

I would get very excited as I logged on to read his e-mails, wondering what new naughty pictures he had sent me.

Then the time came when he asked me to meet him and stay overnight in a hotel. This started out as a naughty game over the internet; it wasn't supposed to get real. But for me the excitement was too much, I had to meet him, I had to have him.

Saturday morning I kissed my husband goodbye, telling him I'd be home sometime Sunday. I managed to get away with the excuse that I had a meeting up in London. Luckily he was cool about it, telling me that he had plans with the boys from work and was about to leave too.

As the train left the station and headed into the city, I told myself for the hundredth time that he was not a stranger. After all we had been in contact for several weeks.

Looking out of the window I could see my reflection looking back at me. My white blouse was unbuttoned, showing a hint of the black bra that was containing my deep cleavage. My black skirt skimmed my hips and stopped just below my knee, revealing my stocking clad calves and black heels. I smile at the men admiring me, if only they could see what I was wearing underneath.

As the train arrived at my destination I quickly made my way to the front of the station where we had arranged to meet. It had been fifteen minutes and still he hadn't shown up.

Then, out of nowhere I felt a hand being placed onto my shoulder. I jumped as it startled me before turning around and looking into the eyes of my secret friend.

He stroked my face with his hand before leaning in to kiss me. I felt as though we were all alone as he pulled me in close, hand on my face and another hand on my waist.

He smiled as he pulled away breaking the kiss, and my body started to tingle with the heat rising from between my legs.

"Would you like to see our room?" he asked. Without waiting for a reply he took my hand in his and led me away from the train station.

As we reached the entrance to the hotel I was impressed with his taste. It was far better than I had expected, after all this was only supposed to be a dirty night of sex.

Stepping into the lift I once again felt the excitement running through my body. This is so erotic I thought as the lift began its climb to the top floor. Walking into our room I didnt have time to take in its comfort as he quickly pushed me up against the wall forcing his tongue into my mouth.

The first kiss was of genuine passion, this kiss was filled my wanton lust as his hands pulled the black skirt up my legs to reveal my stocking tops. In between our broken kisses I managed to moan a few words.

"I... want...you...to...take...me...now..."

He dropped my skirt as he grabbed my wrists and pushed them high above my head. His kisses had more urgency as his breathing became deeper and louder. He began to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear lobe as I closed my eyes and lost control. Suddenly he let go of my wrists and grabbed my waist, turning me around before pushing me up against the wall.

In a flash my skirt was up around my waist, his hands ran up my thighs feeling the tops of my stockings, and then onto my naked flesh. My pussy began to leak its excitement as his fingertips caressed my underwear. Without hesitation he pulled my panties to the side and forced two fingers deep into my body. His free hand began to work its way up my front, unbuttoning my blouse to free my breasts.

I was totally lost to his control, obviously sensing this he quickly threw me face down on the bed. The sound of his belt being undone followed by his zip being pulled down filled me with sweet expectancy.

I turned around to get a glimpse of his throbbing cock, the cock I had for so long admired on screen as I rubbed my pussy to satisfaction. The cock I had wanted to feel inside my pussy as it fucked me senseless.

"Fuck me!" I demand as I took off my panties and blouse.

I didnt have to wait long as he rubbed the head of his cock on my swollen clit; I ached for it to be inside me. Then in one quick movement he buried his cock inside my body.

Grabbing onto my waist he fucked me furiously, his fingertips digging into my skin. I couldnt hold out any longer as his powerful thrusts sent me over the edge forcing me to coat his cock in my juices.

He pulled out as I turned over onto my back and started to rub my pussy. He told me this is how he wanted to cum. With him standing between my legs as I lay on the end of the bed, legs spread with stockings, heels and my lace bra stroking myself.

He held my legs up high before spreading them wide, admiring his prey. I took a hold of his cock and pulled him towards my pussy, never breaking the lustful gaze I gave him. As he thrust into me with one deep lunge I felt the sheer power of his cock push me over once again. But as I coated his cock for a second time, he erupted deep inside my pussy.

With the walls of my womb clamped firmly around his cock, I felt powerful jet after jet of hot cum filling me up.

As he collapsed onto the bed beside, we both broke into laughter as we struggled for breath. It was one of the most intense sessions I had ever had. Looking over at the bedside clock I noticed it had been no more than forty five minutes since we met, and they day was still young.

"How was the train journey?" he asked.

"It was ok, but next time you can catch the train and I'll use the car." I said. I cuddled up to my husband and fell asleep with my head on his chest.

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