tagBDSMMy Intro To CBT

My Intro To CBT


Well, cbt or cock and ball torture has certainly developed as my favourite form of torture. My introduction to it came almost by accident though.

In my teens I was kicked in the nuts once by a girl I was getting too frisky with, too soon. Anyway, she gave me a half hearted kick in the balls. Instead of me keeling over in agony as I'd expected, I rather liked it. The girl in question then kicked me again, this time with a bit more gusto and whilst it hurt, the pleasure was also rather intense. She looked at me funny and left.

A few years later I was caught peeking up a lady's skirt. Instead of her getting angry with me, she just smiled at me and asked me if I liked what I saw. The conversation we had led us to getting together a few nights later, and even though she was almost old enough to be my mother, I was horny as hell at the thought of spending time with this lady.

The house where Jeanette lived was a good distance away from her neighbours, a good thing as I was to discover later. She met me at the door in a skirt that was just above the knee, leather boots that ended just below the knee and a short sleeved shirt that was buttoned to show a small amount of cleavage.

I made a comment about liking the boots, which brought only a smirk from Jeanette. I was also to disover the reason for this later....

"Soooo, you like perving at women then huh?" Jeanette started as she sat opposite me, allowing me a view partly up her skirt.

"Well yes, what guy doesn't?" I said in defense.

The conversation was innocent enough and we exchanged opinions on various related subjects. In the end she offered me a choice. I could make love to her in any way I wanted, on the proviso that she could do to me whatever she wanted first. We'd discussed in an open minded manner how vanilla sex was just boring, and even though I was hardly a man of the world, I'd been with enough women to find plain sex a little dull.

So next I find myself stark naked in her play room. The various rings mounted in the wall and floor got me wondering if giving her permission to do as she pleased with me was going to be such a good idea....

The game she played with me was a simple one. She called it either or. She'd offer me two choices and it could be either one or the other. The first set was between having my nipples tortured or my cock stroked. Easy choice huh? Yeah ok, except her idea of stroking my cock was rather vicious. Oh and did I mention I was not allowed to cum until given permission?

So picture me shackled at the ankles and wrists against a wall and a woman I'd met only once before is now furiously wanking my cock.... Her hand is fair whacking into my balls as she keeps pumping her hand up and down my throbbing cock. As I beg her to stop or I'll cum she keeps wanking for another minute or two and then steps back.

The next choice is to be shackled on hands and knees or on the bench flat on my back.

I chose the hands and knees position, wrong choice!

The next choice was whether I liked having my arse fucked with a strap-on or have my balls kicked with her yummy leather boots. Well, the thought of being raped in the arse by a woman with a strap-on didn't begin to appeal until two minutes later!

For the next minute and a half Jeanette circled around me, her high heeled boots click-clacking as she talked thru the options. Should she kick hard on the first one, or just work up to a nice hard kick by giving me twenty or so lighter ones first. And I thought she was kidding!

Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! The first four kicks she delivered to my balls were painful beyond belief. But as soon as the intense pain started to subside a pleasure that can only be described as euphoric descends upon me and I am enjoying it more than I thought possible.

Another four kicks later and I am wishing I'd chosen the strap-on though, for Jeanette kicked me harder than I thought a girl could kick. And her laugh, an evil cacophony that sent shivers to my spine.

Only later do I find out that she's been doing this for years, she knows a bit about keeping a slave in the pain zone and not letting him or her slip into that euphoric state too soon....

Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! It just goes on and on, time stands still as Jeanette keeps delivering the same salvo of four kicks to my now oh-so tender balls.

"Fuck you are making me horny!" Jeanette comments at one point. To prove her point she offers me a taste of her juicy pussy, her curly bush matted with her own wetness. She gets on all fours on front of me and pushes her cunt and arse into my face, letting me lap at her swollen lips. "Tongue my arsehole as well slave!" she barks. She hasn't called me her slave before but oh well, if I get to play with a horny woman who does this sort of thing, can't be all bad I figure.

My tongue glides into her arsehole and whilst it tastes bitter, the way it's turning Jeanette on is unmistakeable. "Now tongue my cunt!" Jeanette barks as she tilts her pelvis back to allow me better access to her juicy hole. For a few minutes I probe and lick, until she can't wait to be fucked. In a hurry she unlatches the cuffs on my wrist from the rings in the floor and orders me sit upright on my knees. Quick as a flash she's kneeled in front of me and has her hand between her thighs reaching and guiding my cock into her greedy cunt.

"Now fuck me hard and don't you cum until I tell you!" she says in a husky tone, as she begins to back herself into my stiff pole. Every now and then she'll slap my balls, and whilst they were rather sore before, the tenderness now only adds to the pleasure of feeling my shaft slip into her hairy pussy. Over and over she keeps backing into me, devouring my whole length greedily. In a matter of minutes I feel the familiar tensing of a pussy about to cum, and with one swift push back she keeps herself impaled on my throbbing cock as she enjoys a yummy long orgasm. She gives my balls another smack, this time much harder than before and begins to back herself into me with gusto once more, now cumming much quicker. Orgasm after orgasm she gives herself in this position, before she gives me permission to cum.

Pumping my load into her from this angle is just delightful, for when she moves off my cock there is this big dribbling of cum that coats her pussy hair and then drops to the floor. She wouldn't let me lick her clean, which is something I rather enjoy, instead she wanted to go out like this...a sticky load of spunk dribbling from her cunt under a skirt was a turn-on for her, and this would later be used in semi-public situations to further arouse us both....

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