tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Introduction To CFNM Ch. 03

My Introduction To CFNM Ch. 03


Author's Note: This is really the continuation of Chapter 2, so it's not actual CFNM. The next chapter will be more along the lines of real CFNM, though. Anyway, please read and enjoy this chapter. I almost named it "The Love Sonnet", for reasons that are obvious.

I had spent years trying to wish, pray and secretly manipulate my way into Sharron's heart. In my mind, I had made tender love to her over and over again. I had smothered her dainty breasts with caresses and light gentle kisses as she moaned in delight. I had suckled her nipples, raising each one to a state of excitement that left her panting for more. I had kissed my way into the juncture of her thighs where I licked and nibbled the soft folds of her labia, slipping my fingers and tongue into her pussy in search of her g-spot. I had made her cum hundreds of times, leaving her claw marks on the ceiling every time she exploded to new heights due to my ministrations. I had coveted the image of her beauty and lusted for her in a way no other woman could be worthy of.

When I think of the ways my life curled around her very existence, and the things I had done to try to get her to recognize me as the man for her, it proved to be the greatest unsuccessful task of my life. "Gawd," I thought, "what did I do wrong?" All those efforts had failed miserably. My heart was still suffering from the thought that she would never feel the length, breadth and capacity of my love. Even if I could fully express to her how I felt, I didn't think she would ever be able to understand it. Simply stated, no one could ever love her more than I could, and no one would make her feel as special as I could. Alas, my heart would never experience the contentment of Sharron knowing how much I loved her.

I was teetering back and forth with my feelings; dealing with the pain of losing her and then filled to the brim with excitement to be lying naked on her bed with her on top of me. I have never been a person who was interested in the 'zipless fuck'. Hell, if I just wanted to cum, I could always jack off..... that was a quick and simple solution to relieve my straining erections. But right now, with her body pressed to mine, I kept coming back to three facts: 1) we were never going to be together as a couple, 2) she was never going to experience the fullness of my love, and 3) she had excited me to a fever pitch, again. Damn her, she's so good at that.

If I would not have lived it myself, I wouldn't have believed the events of the last few hours with Sharron. Since our lunch date, I had been naked in front of her twice and used two different pairs of her panties to masturbate. She had even touched my cock and stroked me. Now, she was asking my permission if she could sit up on top of me and wiggle her delicious pussy down on top of my cock..... my throbbing, dripping, straining and aching cock.

I really didn't have to respond to her request and I think she knew it, because without another word being said, she lifted slightly and steered her mound to my waiting rod. Hovering over me, our eyes made contact as her hips searched out the connecting point where my cock would intersect with her womanhood. As she found the spot, I readied myself for what I knew was going to be the single most wonderful feeling in the world – the moment she slid down on top of me, burying my cock inside her vagina.

Finally, when she was satisfied that she had positioned herself flawlessly with my erection snugly at the entrance of her womb, she leaned down and whispered in my ear. "Brad, please don't move or say anything. Just let me do this by myself."

Then, ever so slowly, I felt the warmth and wetness of her femininity open and begin to descend over my cockhead. As I started to slip inside her, she suddenly stopped her movement and laid herself down on my chest. Unconsciously, I wrapped my arms around her and caressed her shoulders and neck, snuggling soft kisses against her skin. She shivered, and I felt goose bumps rise on her body as I blew warm air down her neck and back. I waited for her to finally thrust herself down on my tool, but she didn't.

Little by little, though, over the span of several minutes she slowly worked herself all the way down my shaft until I heard her let out a breath of air, puffing lightly as my entire girth came to rest inside her. I flexed my cock, hoping she would feel and respond to my urgency, but her pussy held me so tight my cock didn't move at all, it only swelled – causing her to gasp as she felt me throb inside her warmth.

With almost undetectable movements, she began to rock minutely back and forth on top of me. I felt her breath against the side of my neck as she silently increased the rate and depth of her penetration. With each stroke, her breathing went from slow and even, to faster and choppy. With each downward push, she would moan as she bottomed out on me, causing my excitement level to ratchet up with each and every repetition.

I wanted desperately to meet her movements, or to kiss her or do something to get her to understand that all I wanted to do was make love WITH her, but I remembered her instructions for me to stay still and stay quiet, so I did just that.

I could smell her precious feminine aroma filling my nostrils and I heard the sounds of her pussy giving way to my hardness. I swelled with pride knowing I was finally able to give her something she would treasure and remember. Even though she was enjoying my cock, and not my heart, it didn't matter right now. All that mattered was that she was being pleased, and it was my cock that was pleasing her. For all I cared, she could ride me for hours and I would be content to lie here and let her cum as many times as she wanted or until she passed out from exhaustion.

Her breathing got much deeper once she found a comfortable rhythm. Her eyes closed and as I closed mine, I felt her snuggle deeply into my neck and wrap her hands around my head. Her rhythm stayed slow, but then it started to speed up in time with her breathing. As she sped up, I tried to concentrate on letting her have her fun. Considering everything, I was holding up pretty well until she started to buck up and down wildly on top of me.... then I thought about what was happening. She was fucking me! She was fucking my cock. My cock! Not someone else's cock – but, my cock, and it felt damn good.

Without being too obvious, I raised my hips a little to give her more of my erection to thrust down on. She took advantage of it, too, increasing her grind against me each time she was at the bottom of her down stroke. Then, lifting her chest off of mine and holding herself up with her arms, she started her final assault on my penis. Our eyes met, and as she fucked me, I saw a look of total satisfaction flood over her face.

Sharron's orgasm must have snuck up on her, because I don't think she was ready for it. It was powerful and as I watched the expression on her face, I was briefly reminded of watching a flower open using time lapse photography because every little expression and movement of her face told the story that she was only a fraction of a second away from exploding.

I had reached up to cradle her sexy breasts in my hands, gently teasing her nipples with my fingertips. The instant I did, the expression on her face changed and her mouth fell open. Taking the chance that she liked the way I was playing with her breasts, I teased them more, tweaking her nipples and making them hard under my fingers. Her face turned red and then she came.... moaning and squirming on top of me, forcing herself down on my cock until she froze and yelled, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Exhausted, she collapsed down on my chest, trying to catch her breath. I took this opportunity to softly stoke her hair and her neck, telling her to relax and rest. I remember saying a lot of things as I caressed her, but when it was all over, the only thing I really wanted her to feel was me holding her, caring for her and loving her.

We laid there for a good ten minutes while she caught her breath. All the while, my cock stayed hard inside her, throbbing and jerking as it was held captive deep inside her warm and wet pussy.

Lifting her head up and peering at me through the strands of her disheveled hair, she smiled. "I haven't cum like that in a long, long time, Brad." She said. "If I would have known you were going to be that good," she added with a laugh, "I would have jumped your bones years ago."

I couldn't contain my smile, and it beamed broadly across my face as I smothered myself in the pride that my cock had just made my beautiful dream girl cum. But, my smile faded quickly as she continued speaking, saying "I still can't love you like you want me to, though."

"Since I have you as a captured audience," she said, still lying on top of me with my cock trapped in her vagina, "maybe this is a good time to talk about all the things you said this afternoon. Okay?"

I thought it was pretty bizarre for her to pick this exact time and place to rehash the things I said during our lunch, but I surely wasn't going to ask her to pull her pussy up off my cock, so I just nodded and said "Yeah, okay."

"Good." She said. "First of all, I told a small, white lie to you at lunchtime and I want to make that right. I feel bad about it, too, because I know you've never lied to me."

She went on to say, "I admit I suspected you had a thing for me, you know.... by some of the things you've said and the occasional 'I Love You' you've said from time to time. It was flattering for me, Brad, and I'm no different than any other girl who wants to see herself as being desired and wanted. But, I didn't know you were really 'in love' with me until you said something today. I never intentionally tried to lead you on, but, on the other hand, I never brought it up to discuss with you, either. Maybe I should have, I don't know, but I still feel bad that I allowed you to go on the way you did for so long."

I started to say something, but, she put her finger to my lips and asked me to let her finish. She emphasized her point by clenching her pussy muscles around my erection, and reminding me that I had no choice but to stay where I was and hear her out.

"Brad," she continued, "I've had a few relationships with guys while I've known you, and a couple of them have been serious, as you know. For the most part, though, every one of my relationships broke down after a while. I'm not sure why, but, I started to get this complex that there was something wrong with me. Maybe I just pick the wrong guys, or, maybe I expect too much in a man. Maybe I'm looking for something that doesn't exist - but, I didn't want to start something with you and then have it go wrong. If that happened, I could very well lose my best friend and maybe the only guy in the world that has stood by my side when I needed someone to lean on."

As I listened to her words, I thought about some of her relationships and I completely understood what she was saying.

"But, even now," she said, "now that you poured your heart out to me and I know you were in love with me, that's even more of a reason why we can't be together, don't you see?" She asked. "I couldn't stand it if I had a relationship with you that broke down like the others did. That would be horrible."

Her eyes were pleading for me to understand, and she was waiting for me to respond now, glancing back and forth across my face, anticipating what I might say.

"Sharron," I replied, "first of all, there's nothing wrong with you. You're pretty, and smart and sexy, plus you're compassionate, thoughtful and giving. Those other guys were just jerks and ass-holes. And believe me; I know exactly how horrible it would be to lose you for a friend, so I understand what you're saying."

"So, we can still be friends even if I don't love you the same way back?" She asked.

"Of course," I replied, "but, are you going to be okay knowing how I've felt about you in the past and maybe still do?"

"Yeah," she answered, "I think so. It's kind of nice knowing someone loves me. And if I ever change my mind about you, or figure myself out, you'll be the first one to know."

"Well," I sighed, "I guess I can live with that. I can try not to love you, Sharron. You know, I might slip from time to time and say or do something stupid. Then there's those times I get those uncontrollable erections when ever I'm around you. That's not intentional, Sharron, it just happens. I can't control that. You're going to give me a break on those things, right?"

She laughed and answered, "Brad, I'm glad I turn at least one man on like that. I mean, it's kinda nice to know I have that affect on you. And. Yes, I'll give you a break if I see your pants all puffed out behind your zipper.... it will be our little secret, I promise."

I thought about it and then thanked her. Somehow, it felt like we were going over the terms of our 'break-up', as if we had already been boyfriend and girlfriend, asking each other if we could still be friends.

After a minute, she tapped her finger on my nose, smiled and said, "There's something else I wanted to talk to you about tonight."

"So, go ahead," I urged, "we might as well get everything out on the table."

"It's just that," she paused, "well, you know I'm no different than you or anyone else when it comes to sex. I mean, I get horny, too! And I was just thinking maybe you wouldn't mind being my 'Naked Guy Toy' and doing the CFNM thing for me every now and then."

My eyes shot open when I realized what she was asking. This meant we could continue to be friends and see each other. It also meant, I assume, that she was interested having me be naked when I was around her.

"Hell yes!" I answered. Then I cautiously asked, "Does that mean I might eventually get the chance to make love to you?"

She smiled as she spoke. "Well, I'm not going to promise anything, but after the ride I just had sitting on top of your cock, if I get desperate, you're definitely the top candidate right now. What I was getting at, though, is this.... I was hoping you would be interested in a friendly CFNM agreement from time to time. You know, what I mean right? Being completely naked in front of me when we're together."

"Brad," she explained, "Honestly, I really enjoy looking at a naked man, especially if he's excited and erect. And you, my friend" she said, "look absolutely adorable when you're excited and erect. You're perfectly sized and shaped..... and to be completely truthful, I really got off on watching you stroke yourself in front of me." She said.

"But you have to promise me," she warned, "that we're just going to remain friends through this.... friends helping each other, and we're not going to let yourself fall in love with me again. Eventually, I might even find a guy that's not a jerk or an ass-hole, and when I do, you're going to have to back off and let it play out. Do you think you could do that?"

"Sharron, you know I've never been anything but supportive of your relationships and more than anything else in the world, I do want you to be happy, so I wouldn't ever dream of interfering." I answered. "So, yeah, I think it would work."

As I answered, she smiled, wiggled her hips and scooted herself down on me, lightly grinding her pelvis against mine.

"Oh, Brad! I'm so happy you're willing to do it." She said. "Now, just a few more tiny details and I think we're set. I was thinking we need to agree on some CFNM rules so there are no misunderstandings. That's fair, right?" She asked.

"Sure." I replied.

"So," she continued, "the first rule has to be that you'll get naked for me any time it's safe for you to do it – like here in the condo, for example. And that means no covering yourself up, Brad, you have to let yourself be seen..... even if you, uh, have an erection."

"Fine with me," I said, "that sounds easy."

"Now, its okay for you to stroke yourself," she added, "I understand you might need to get some relief if you're walking around all day with that cock of yours poking out and leaking all over the place, so that's perfectly fine with me. All I ask is that you let me watch while you do it. You're free to make yourself cum if you want to, in fact, that's something that would really turn me on to see."

"Next, I want you to promise me you won't go snooping around in my lingerie without me knowing." She said. "That means either clean or dirty, Brad." See looked directly in my eyes when she said this. There was a bit of a smirk on her face when she said it, but, I could see she was trying to make a point.

"We both know you have this fascination with women's lingerie, Bradley, and I've read some things about that on the internet, and I guess it's pretty common, but I don't want to have to worry that you're perving out on my bras and panties behind my back." She explained. "I would much rather know when you're doing it and maybe we can make that part of our CFNM time."

"Since you're going to be naked for me," she went on, "I think I can allow you to use some of my lingerie if it keeps you hard and helps you cum. But, I don't want you digging around in my things without my permission. Are we cool with that?" She asked.

I blushed as she spoke. It was like she was scolding me for what I did with her panties when she wasn't home. It was embarrassing to hear her talk to me about my secret desire to have her lingerie, but, she seemed to understand why a man would be interested in his fantasy woman's panties, so I agreed and promised I wouldn't violate her trust. Besides, if she was going to give them to me anyway, there wasn't a need to sneak around about it. I was just happy she understood why I wanted her panties.

"Good." She said. "Now, I do have a favor to ask, and you don't have to agree to this, but I'm hoping you'll at least think about it."

"Okay, what is it?" I asked.

"Well, would you mind if I take a few pictures of you while you're naked?" She asked. "I won't take any with your face in it, but, I would dearly love to have some pictures of your cock, and maybe a few of you stroking it and cumming for me. Maybe we can take some with you using my panties," she continued, "and maybe I can lend you a pair or two to keep for a while in trade for some pictures, which of course, I would promise to keep totally private, you know, uh, just for my private use when I'm alone."

"Sharron," I replied, "Do you mean you would actually masturbate while looking at pictures of my cock?"

She must have thought I was serious, but I was only joking, adding "I trust you totally with any pictures you might take, Sharron. You wouldn't even have to give me your panties, but, if you want to do that, I would cherish them. I guess you know that. So, yeah, I'm okay with the pictures as long as you keep them to yourself."

"I know it's kind of a super personal thing to ask, even 'kinky' I guess," she replied, "but, so is giving you my panties to use while you masturbate. Don't you think?"

I had to agree with her and I told her so. I also told her that I trusted her implicitly with any pictures she wanted to take. We talked a few more minutes about the rest of the rules she wanted to put in place and then finally, she wanted some assurance I wouldn't try to make her love me.

"I just want to see you happy," I answered, "I can accept the fact that we're not going to be boyfriend and girlfriend, Sharron. I know you're going to date and go out with guys, and I really hope you meet someone that will make you happy and not turn into an ass-wipe."

"Well, Brad," she sighed, "I have to say that this went a lot easier than I thought it would. I know I broke your heart today, but, it's turned out okay. Hasn't it?" She asked.

I felt tears start to well up in my eyes. I tried to keep her from noticing, but there was no way I could fool her. Then, as a lone tear started to run down my cheek, she wiped it away immediately and kissed my cheek. It felt good, though, to have finally told her everything. At least she knew the whole story and if there were any doubt in her mind that she wasn't lovable, hopefully they were put to rest.

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