tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Introduction To CFNM Ch. 04

My Introduction To CFNM Ch. 04


Author's comments: This is the final chapter to this CFNM story. I appreciate all your emails and comments on the previous chapters. I've tried to move this chapter closer to 'real' CFNM as best I can within the limits of my understanding and in keeping the story in line with the previous chapters. Enjoy.

I spent the next few days in total ecstasy re-living the evening Sharron and I shared at her place and recalling every detail of how I felt when my cock was resting snugly inside the cozy tenderness of Sharron's angelic warm pussy. If there's a woman on Earth who really is a '10', then Sharron has to be an '11'. I was sure of it. She's cute, sexy and smart.

Each time I thought back to that night, my cock instantly grew to epic proportions recalling how I stood naked before her with my eyes closed as she teased me. I could still feel her light touch as it grazed across my skin and the gentle softness of her hand as it closed tenderly, but firmly, around my engorged member. I could almost cum without touching myself just thinking about what we did that evening, the way she made me feel and the level of excitement she raised in me.

In my wildest imagination, I would have never expected her to test me the way she did. But the way she did it – the way she teased and taunted me – brought me to a fever pitch so quickly that it caused my erection to pulse uncontrollably, almost making my cock erupt as I stood naked in front of her. How did she know to do these things to me? Did she read about it in Cosmo, or does she simply know me so well that she knew exactly what to do to take my breath away? It doesn't matter though, because in spite of how she knew to do it, or why she did it, nothing would change the fact that she was in complete and total command of my emotions and my cock.

It was through the events of that one night, amazingly enough, where I finally came to grips with my misplaced love for her. I don't know if it was the heartfelt talk we had, or the fact that I was finally able to consummate my love for Sharron in the most prurient and intimate manner imaginable. That night, I kissed, licked, sucked, caressed and made love to the most beautiful and alluring woman on the planet – the woman of my dreams – the woman who played the starring role in so many breathtaking jackoff fantasies, and I did it...... I made love to her with fire and a passion that literally filled my heart to the brim. And when it was over, I felt absolutely complete. Maybe it was the act of filling her with my hot cum, or sucking her tender nipples between my lips..... or making her cum with my tongue. But, whatever it was, the spell was broken and I finally realized I could live without her loving me back.

As we approached Saturday, I abided by her wishes and didn't call or text page her. But when Friday came and I hadn't heard from her, I was starting to worry that she cancelled our CFNM weekend. All of my worrying turned out to be worthless because shortly before lunch on Friday, as I was sitting in my office trying to finish my sales projections for next quarter, Sharron text paged me.

"Do u still want to do CFNM wkend? Yes/No." She asked.

"Yes." I texted back.

"K," she replied, "Ck ur email now 4 details and instructions."

By the time I could open up a browser session and fire up my email, there was a note waiting for me with the subject line: 'CFNM Naked Brad: read and reply'.

As I opened the email, my cock naturally began to swell and I took a second to adjust it in my pants, making room for what I knew was going to be the inevitable hardening of my cock.

A plethora of feelings flushed over me as I read her email:

"Brad, over the years I have been touched by your kindness and closeness. You have been my friend and a confidant when I needed one. You've made me laugh and I feel utterly unencumbered when I'm with you. I realize now how much you must have loved me to keep your hopes alive for all these years, and how hard it was to keep those feelings a secret from me. I do love you, I hope you know that, but it's not the kind of love that will find us standing at the alter and planning a life together as husband and wife. I am sorry that we can't be together like that and I hope you now understand why."

"After you left my condo the other night, I thought about things. Specifically, I thought lot about what we did. After a while, three indisputable facts became clear to me. The first is that I don't want to ever lose your friendship. It means too much to me, Brad. The next thing is that I immensely enjoyed it when you were naked. It was such a turn-on to see your cock get hard and throb the way it did. Every time I think about what you did after lunch with my panties and that night at the condo, I get so excited I can't wait to get my hands between my legs and get myself off. It's like I've discovered a deep longing about me that is surfacing and craving more. The truth be told, I loved it and I want more."

"That brings me to the last indisputable fact, and that is, I know you enjoyed it too, Brad. I could tell by the look on your face and the way your body reacted that you really got off on it, too. I'm willing to bet almost anything that the excitement you felt stroking your cock for me has to be better than wanking yourself all alone in bed, isn't it? The way your cock exploded and the amount of cum that came out of that magnificent tool of yours tells me that you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"So, that brings me to the point where I have to ask you a very important question. Brad, would you like to be my full-time CFNM man? What I mean is, if we both like it, doesn't it make sense that we can both get something we want and help each other out at the same time? I feel comfortable doing this with you. So, if you feel comfortable doing it with me, would you like to be my full-time CFNM man? If your answer is 'Yes', then I want you to read the rest of this email very carefully and email me back by 2:00 PM today with just one word: 'Yes'."

"If this doesn't interest you, then stop reading now. If I don't hear back from you by 2:00 PM, then let's just forget about the CFNM thing and we can go back to being friends like we were."

"Okay, so if you're still reading this, then I assume you're interested. I can't tell you how happy I am. What I would like is for you and I to be friends, just like we were before we met for lunch that day. But, to go along with that, I'm offering you the opportunity to be my full-time CFNM man one weekend per month. What that means is that you will stay at my house and be naked all weekend, gloriously exposed for me to touch and enjoy any way I choose until you leave at the end of the weekend. At the bottom of this note, you'll find the rules, the CFNM rules. Bradley, you have to understand that I expect you to follow these rules. I know some of the rules might seem shocking to you, especially the ones about erections, masturbation and you remaining naked when I have visitors, but, they are the rules and you'll have to follow them if you want to be my naked man."

"There might be other times when I might invite you over for a few hours at a time to assume your CFNM role. If and when that happens, all the rules will apply from the time you walk in the door until the time you leave. Of course, there will be times when you're over and it won't be CFNM. During those times, you won't have to worry about the rules."

"There is one thing I need to make very clear and this is probably a good time to bring it up. This is important, Brad, so please pay attention here. When ever we are having our CFNM time, you can't expect any sexual favors from me. I might dress in a way to excite or tease you, but you can't misinterpret this as an invitation to touch me or expect to see me undressed or naked. CFNM means clothed female / nude male, and it's intended for me to enjoy seeing you naked and exposed, not the other way around. So, if you do this, you do it with the understanding that you're going to be there completely naked, and expressly for my enjoyment."

It was at this point in her note where I realized I was unconsciously rubbing the length of my engorged package as it lie throbbing inside my pants.

"I might touch you and yes, I might even do sexual things to you if it amuses me. I just can't imagine having that beautiful cock close to me and not wanting to touch or enjoy it. I will most definitely want to see it hard, watch you play with it and entertain me with it. I might even ask you to do something to pleasure me from time to time, but, don't assume anything and don't expect anything in return."

"Now, Brad, I don't want to paint a picture here that deprives you of enjoying yourself, too. It goes without saying that you'll have ample opportunities and ample stimulation to make yourself cum as often as you can get hard. I'm almost confident that you're going to get a pretty big thrill out of me being there, stimulating you, directing you and watching you. If I'm wrong on that, please let me know, but I've got this feeling I'm dead on. Maybe I should put it to you in these terms: by the time you leave each time, I wouldn't be surprised if you're too worn out to get another hard-on."

I read the rest of her note and then reread the whole thing three more times. My cock was about to bust through my zipper reading and fantasizing what it would be like. There were spots in her email where she went into an incredible amount of detail. It was clear to me she was going to an amazing amount of effort to make this as real as possible for both of us. For example, Sharron purchased a wooden chest, which she put by her front door, to hold all my personal belongings and my clothes. The idea was, as soon as I came inside, I was to immediately undress and put all my things in there. And to add to the realism, she said there was a lock on the chest, but she hoped she wouldn't have to use it.

She even made a trip to the store to buy me an electric razor as well as a blade razor, some after shave she liked, soap, toothbrush and all the other personal items I could ever possibly need for a two or three day visit. She added that she took the liberty of doing a bit of clothes shopping for me, "Just some sexy underwear and lewd things I might ask you to wear," as she put it, "purely for my enjoyment". And, she was very clear about it all – I would strip, put all my things, including my phone, car keys and clothes in the wooden chest and they would stay there until I was ready to leave. Sharron promised that she wouldn't have visitors over or let anyone drop by the first few weekends, but she was up front about the fact that she did have other friends and a social life, and sooner or later, I would certainly be seen in a naked state by someone else. She was also up front about the fact that she eventually wanted to have a private party for some of her close girl friends and I would be there to act as the waiter.... especially given the fact that I was so good at it. "Oh," she added, "I'll also want you to be the entertainment for my party. I mean, what's the use in having such a beautiful specimen at my disposal if I can't show it off and have some fun with it?"

The last few lines of her email made my cock jump in my pants: "Oh, and Brad," she wrote, "I don't want you to touch yourself the two days proceeding any of our CFNM weekends. I know it's Friday, and you've probably already whacked yourself off at least once today, but, keep your hands off that thing until you get to my place tomorrow. That means so tugging, masturbating, stroking, feeling, whacking, choking, wanking or whatever else you guys call it. Brad, I realize that might be difficult because I know how guys like to play with themselves all the time, but, I want you to be anxious and worked up when you come over. As I said before, you'll have ample opportunities to get some relief once you walk through my door and it closes behind you."

My mind exploded with visions of walking through her door, being immediately told to strip and stroke my cock for her while she sat and watched. As unusual as it sounded, it appealed to me and I found myself unconsciously reaching for my zipper – right there in my office! "Oh, shit!" I thought. "I can't believe I was just about to pull it out and jackoff right here."

All in all, her email was well thought out and detailed where it needed to be. After reading it a total of four times, I realized Sharron deliberately wrote it in a way that was intended to entice and excite me. And she was obviously successful since all the blood in my entire body found its way to my cock, making it as hard as a steel pipe. Without thinking any further or considering the pros and cons of her offer, I sent her back an email with the one word answer she already knew I was going to send. "Yes".

That night, I began to primp myself as I had never done before. I cut my fingernails and my toenails, rounding each one perfectly. I took a long shower, washing my hair twice and actually using the conditioner that sat unused for six months. I used the course body sponge over every inch of my body. Unfortunately, I had to discover by trial and error that the body sponge should never be used on any part of your penis (OUCH!).

I even went so far as to use a pair of scissors to try to trim my pubic hair. But looking down and realizing my trim job was uneven, I kept trimming and trimming until I had trimmed it down to almost nothing! But, that was no big deal – after all, Sharron was virtually shaved smooth, so I figured she would be fine with my new 'do'. I had to chuckle though, because with my pubes trimmed back so low, it made my cock look bigger, something I didn't think Sharron was going to complain about.

Through the whole night, my cock stayed hard thinking about what lay in store for me the next day at Sharron's house. When ever I started to get soft, all I had to do was think about going over there in the morning and WHAM, instant pole on.

By the time it got to be 11:00 PM that night, I was primped and ready for bed. Wearing only my boxers, t-shirt and socks, I picked up my cell phone and was just about to plug in the charger when I saw that Sharron had text paged me a few hours earlier. "Call me be4 u go 2 bed 2nite." Hoping she was still up, I sat down on my bed and dialed her number.

"Hey." She said.

"Hey. I just saw your text." I replied. "Sorry, I've been busy getting ready for the big day." I said, laughing.

"You mean the big weekend." She corrected me, chucking out loud.

"Oh, yeah. I guess that's right." I answered.

"So, are you nervous?" She asked.

"I don't know..... maybe," I replied, "but, I've been so busy I haven't had time to think abut being nervous."

"Doing what?" She inquired.

"You know, just stuff to get ready." I answered.

"I've got everything you need over here already," she said, "all you have to do is bring yourself, Brad."

Sharron sat and listed politely as I explained in melodramatic detail about the shower and the body sponge and my pubic trim job. I could hear her break into laughter every now and then until she finally interrupted me, asking "It sounds like you're really getting into it. Are you excited?"

I admitted the truth. "Sure, why wouldn't I be?" I said. "I think your email was right on the money, so, believe me, I'm good to go."

"You've probably had an erection all day, haven't you?" She asked confidently.

"Well, no shit, Sherlock! Between reading your email and everything that's been flying around in my head, I've been hard all damn day." I replied. "Can you blame me?"

"No, I don't blame you, and that's exactly what I was hoping for." She answered. "And to tell you the truth, Brad, I've been excited all day, myself. But, be honest with me, have you, uh, kept your hands off yourself? You know, down there, I mean."

"Well, I haven't cum, if that's what you're getting at." I said.

"But you wanted to," she added, "isn't that right?"

"Hell yes, I wanted to," I exclaimed, "but your note told me not to do it."

"Ah," she mused, "I'm glad to know that you're following the rules. So, if I tried to entice you to stroke yourself right now, do you think you could keep from doing it?" She asked.

"Sharron, it's probably not a good idea to tease me right now. I'm on a hair trigger, so to speak." I warned her. "I could spontaneously explode and spew cum everywhere!"

"Oh, I see." She said. "So you probably couldn't resist touching yourself if I told you I was lying here nice and comfy in my own little bed, wearing only a tiny pair of panties and that I was very, very wet. Is that right?" She asked.

"No Shit? Are you really?" I replied.

"Uh huh," she moaned into the phone, "I am. I was just thinking about how nice it's going to be seeing you naked and hard all weekend – just for little ol' me. And, my fingers are down there, stroking up and down between my legs, making my panties wetter and wetter. Ooohhh, I can't tell you how nice this feels, Brad."

I listened for a minute and heard her breathing heavily into the phone.

"Sharron," I warned, "if you're trying to get me to break the rules and start jerking myself, just keep it up. I'm warning you."

"Go ahead," she said, "you can jerk yourself all you like," she added, "just don't make yourself cum."

After another few seconds she asked "Brad, are you naked?"

"No," I answered, "well almost, I guess. I'm in my underwear."

"Oh, what a coincidence!" She remarked. "We're both in our chonies!"

"Jeez, what a surprise." I replied sarcastically.

"Brad, will you do something for me?" She asked.

"I don't even know why you ask that, Sharron." I answered. "You know I'll do just about anything for you."

"Oh, goodie." She said. "I want you to get naked and stand next to the side of the bed. Make sure you're facing the bed, okay?"

I shook my head from side to side as I sat the phone down and took off my t-shirt, socks and my chonies, as she called them. I could tell from the tone of her voice she was in a playful mood and wondered what mischief was going to befall me.

Turning toward the bed, I picked up the phone and spoke. "Done." I said.

"Hmm, ok," she said, "so, Brad are you erect?"

"What do you mean 'am I erect'? Do you mean am I standing? Yes, I'm standing!" I answered

"No, Brad, I was referring to your winkie. Is it erect? Is it hard?" She asked.

"My winkie?" I answered, almost laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

"Okay, smart ass.... your penis. Your cock. Your winkie! Is it hard?" She asked.

"Well duh!" I answered. "What do you think, Sharron? You're telling me about how you're touching yourself and how wet your panties are. Of course it's hard."

"Okay, good." She replied. "Now I want you to imagine that I'm lying on your bed, and you're standing right there next to me with a hard on. Go ahead and rub that beautiful cock and tell me what you're thinking about as you stroke yourself. Tell me what goes through your mind while you imagine me lying in front of you in nothing but my panties."

"Are you for real?" I asked.

"Come on, Bradley." She urged. "Play along. It'll be fun. Tell me what you're thinking. You can touch yourself, but, don't make yourself cum."

"So, you're lying on my bed and I'm naked with a hard-on. Can I have you naked," I questioned, "or can I have you doing whatever I want in this fantasy?"

"Oh, I don't think so." She quickly answered. "It has to be just like we are now. I'm lying there in just my panties, touching myself and you're standing naked by the bed. Now you take it from there. Tell me in detail what your fantasy is."

"I got it." I said. "If it's my fantasy, then you don't have anything on but your panties. No bra or anything on top. Your breasts are rising gently as you breathe, and your pretty nipples are poking up at me. Soon your left hand reaches up and your forefinger starts to circle one of your nipples. As you do this, you close your eyes and pull your knees up. I'm stroking myself slowly, but fully – all the way from the bottom to the tip of my winkie."

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