tagInterracial LoveMy Introduction to Swinging

My Introduction to Swinging


As this is a true story, all names have been changed to protect the identities of those concerned.


The first time I visited Club Poizon was on 30 May 2012, to attend an induction evening for newbies and to be verified as the real deal. Asiandragon is my user name on the website called kiwiklub.com which all swingers must join if they want to attend parties at Club Poizon.

It was a fairly uneventful evening and a group of 12 newbies were shown around the club. I certainly felt that this is what I wanted in life, to be able to meet like minded folks and indulge in fantasies at a safe and neutral venue. I couldn't wait for Friday evening, which was 2 days away and I already met a buxom brunette online whom I've been chatting to for a while. Friday evenings is when full swinger parties are held at the club and all swingers couples and singles are welcome.

Friday evening came and Tanya picked me up from home in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg and we headed off to Midrand, to Club Poizon. We were rather comfortable considering this was our first meeting in person. Tanya was to meet another male acquaintance at the club and I secretly felt a tad jealous, but held my composure. She told me in previous emails how she fancied fucking me and now that we met she said she wanted nothing more than to ride my Asian beef stick.

We met Riaan outside the club, paid entrance fees and entered. I am 1.75m tall and quite beefy in build but I was no match as Riaan towered me and clearly worked out at least 4-5 times a week. We guys had drinks and Tanya choice non alcoholic as she does not drink. Dancing followed and Riaan kept Tanya almost all to himself. I didn't really mind as I was in heaven seeing so many totally naked women everywhere. I couldn't keep my eyes and hands off.

Around 2am we three headed towards the play area of the club and I was met with the sight of a threesome which got me hard in split seconds. This sexy blond was having her cunt and ass ravaged by her hubby and a single male swinger and she was screaming like the slut that she was. G-d I loved watching those cocks pistoning in and out of her love holes and Tanya was also getting rather turned on by this scene. There was another threesome on the 4 poster bed with 2 girls and a guy and I imagined myself in the lucky bastards place.

Tanya whispered something into Riaan's ear and he headed off towards the bar. I quizzically looked at her and she grabbed me by my belt straps and pulled me towards a vacant room. Adrenalin and hormones were racing and I almost expect the door to be opened by Riaan but Tanya assured me that she wanted me all to herself and keyed the door. We dimmed the lights and I grabbed Tanya and frenched her luscious lips. I tore off her sexy black number and she helped me undress and we jumped onto the king sized bed to begin our much anticipated fuck fest.

Tanya has the most amazing set of 38Ds and her creamy white skin in the dimmed light got my cock standing to attention. I held those orbs in my hands and tenderly nibbled her rose pink nipples. She loved the assault and reached out and rubbed by hardening piece of meat and bobbed her head to kiss the dark pink head of my cock. I surprised her by swinging her around and getting into a 69. She tasted sweet and it felt so good having her take my manhood into her warm wet mouth. She knew how to blow a man and I just lay beneath her savouring the moment. I lapped at her pussy, paying attention to her hard clit and I felt her tense up and moan from the pleasure. I took a bold step and swiped my tongue across and entered her rosebud and this sent her into a wave of ecstasy. She bucked her ass and rode my face and her first orgasm for the night swept her entire core. She grated her teeth across my sensitive cock and I was close but decide that I wanted to cum in her sweet ass or pussy or both.

She wanted me to fuck her doggy style and I obliged by getting behind her and positioning my hard beef stick against her moist, glistening pussy. I thrust in one determined movement and entered her all the way to the hilt. My cock was in paradise. I slowly withdrew and entered her honey pot again with the same thrust and she screamed out urging me to fuck the shit out of her. I needed no second beckoning and rammed away for all I was worth. I reached out and played with her clit and she was now close to her second orgasm.

I varied my thrusts to keep from cumming but Tanya met my thrusts with that of a highly sex crazed bitch on heat. My swelling balls slapped her lovely ass cheeks and she screamed out that I must fuck her harder as she's about to come. Seconds later I felt her pussy walls contracting and she came all over my cock and thighs. This sent me over the edge and I couldn't hold on any longer and spewed ropes of thick cum inside her wet pussy. She continued fucking me and we eventually collapsed on the bed.

She was far from over and wanted to go another round. I needed a few minutes to recover and was ready to take her ass. I spread her ass cheeks licked her ass hole with my eager tongue and inserted 1, 2, then 3 fingers and after a while she was ready to accept my cock. I lubed her up with the KY jelly which was provided in the room and lined my cock up with her greedy ass hole which swallowed me inch by inch. I slow fucked her and picked up the pace gradually. She met my thrusts as they increased in speed and I finger fucked her sloppy pussy until she came for a third time. I lasted much longer this round and eventually shot my load into the depths of her sexy white ass.

We were both spent by this stage but could probably go for another few rounds before the club closed at 4am. I kissed her, cleaned up, dressed and left the room. She met Riaan on the dance floor and I went off to watch another fabulous threesome hoping to be invited but no such luck was on my side. I saw Tanya lead Riaan into the same room we were in and about 20 minutes later they exited. I asked her how was it and she said she was disappointed that he only ate her pussy cos he couldn't get it up. I felt like quite the bull considering this superior looking Afrikaans man had just eating my cum out of the pussy I had just fucked yet he who had a larger cock than I did could not use it to fuck her.

I met Tanya a few times afterwards but she doesn't visit the club all that often anymore. I never met her outside of the club as she only plays where she's comfortable. I will be visiting Club Poizon on 31/12/12 for a New Years Eve swingers party and my next story will definitely detail my experiences which I'm hoping will be with a married couple or a threesome with me and 2 chicks.

Hope you enjoyed as this was my first attempt at writing erotic literature.

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