tagHumor & SatireMy Job As A Pleasure Provider

My Job As A Pleasure Provider


Every day they turn me on, sometimes together, sometimes alone. I love being able to please them all. In the years I have resided in the house I have been covered with more cum than you would imagine. The women love pushing my head down hard so my warm release pounds into their cunts relentlessly. They moan and profess their love to me and, although I am sometimes called by the wrong name, I know I bring joy and ecstasy to their horny bodies. The men, well they are not as passionate, for men it is more of a basic need to release the spunk built up in the sacks that hang full between their legs.

I will admit the most fun is when she is alone or with an occasional female friend. There is something so hot when two females explore and please each other using me to bring them to orgasm together. He does not know about the female friends that occasionally join my mistress for some enjoyment and pleasure. They come to me sweaty and half drained but looking forward to the pleasure they know I will bring to them. The master is no angel either and although she is clueless to his female friends who sometimes join in with us, they are never as exciting for me… Oh, the secrets I could tell you. There is not much I have not seen or experienced. I have a skill they all love; male, female, you name it. I have made them cum allover me- women, men even boys and girls, the latter sometimes for the first time. Now do not misunderstand that last comment, the young ones I speak of are of legal age and come to me alone. I simply say boys and girls because my owners are much older in years.

Pardon my rudeness; you see I am not often asked to tell my story. Many folks consider me taboo, a secret they prefer to keep to their own musings. I am easy to turn on, and can be very hot for the person whom I am pleasuring. My timing is impeccable and I have never disappointed anyone seeking my skill in providing earth-shattering orgasms. I also do a very good job of cleaning up after myself. Sometimes I will massage my playmate and cool them down, delivering a cool massage while they bask in the afterglow from the release I provided.

As I said, I am easy to turn on, at the sight of a naked body in front of me I feel the juices flow and in no time I am hot, pulsing against their most intimate parts. I love to hear as they moan at the pleasure my touch gives them. For the most part, I have two who share me. In the beginning, I would seduce them slow and long, allowing myself to explore every inch of their hot bodies. However, anymore they just want to get right to cumming and push my head into their groins as their legs spread. Occasionally there are others, either alone or in a group. The newbies alone are the best. They are shy and when they first take my hard pole into their hands, I am usually directed towards their face.

Today is a good example of what I mean. She was a stranger and came to me naked. All she muttered while we were together was 'oh god' but I do not think it was her name. I will call her Candy because she was so sweet. As soon as she saw me, her nipples hardened and I was turned on right away. She reached for me and rubbed me over her ample breasts, surprised at first at how good I felt, I started dripping from my head on her skin. I slowly made my way down her flat belly, stopping briefly at her beautiful cunt before running the length of those long toned legs.

As I made my way up her inner thigh my head began pulsing, throbbing and getting hotter. Gently at first, she guided me toward her pussy. She laid down for me and spread her legs wide .I rubbed up and down, causing her lips to swell and her clit to harden. As I licked her clit, she began to moan and thrust, pushing me closer. Her cum was covering me and I knew it was almost time to make her climax. A few seconds later I felt her legs tighten and was pulled in unable to move against her throbbing release. She let out a moan and I relaxed between her legs.

Oh the life of a shower massager...........

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