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My Journey


I was in my early twenties and was having problems forming long-term relationships with women. Sure, I got on well with the ladies and had ended up with yet another one pregnant. I was a bit out of control fucking as many as I could and the result was unhappiness all round and my parents weren't very happy. In due course, we had a chat about things.

Mum and Dad basically said that it couldn't go on like this and may need some time out to think things through. They suggested I go and stay with one of mum's cousins. John as in his middle fifties and I'd known him for years. It was decided. As I was to find out, there were some things I wasn't aware of about John.

My first night at John's was a bit tense but after dinner things relaxed after a few glasses of wine. It wasn't the most relaxed sleep I had that night, but not the worst. We got to know each other over the next week or two and I felt myself opening up and bonding with him. Not only that but I found that he had a certain sort of charm and, embarrassingly for me, sexiness.

John was a man's man. Over six feet tall with a hairy body that I was to find out soon was grey everywhere, a deep resonant voice but almost quiet in manner. As far as I knew, he had never married nor could I recall there ever being any ladies in his life.

Over that first two weeks we shot the breeze on many topics including my difficulty in forming relationships. He was concerned that I seemed to use women, fucking them leaving them, sometimes pregnant. As he pointed out, this wasn't the way to treat anyone.

It was at this time that I felt a sort of attraction to him in a way that I hadn't felt towards other men and he appeared to pick up on this. Things came to a head when he got me a little drunk and relaxed one evening. We were on the sofa and I was reclining back with my legs spread out in front. He was sitting close by and rested his hand momentarily on my thigh. When I didn't flinch or react he did it again, but this time lingering longer.

I must've forgotten it wasn't a women's hand when I let out an appreciative gasp, which encouraged him to explore further up towards my crutch. When I gasped again I could feel him fondling my cock and balls through my pyjama pants. By now, I had a very stiff erection and was breathing rapidly. Reaching inside my pyjamas, he commented on what a lovely cock I had, He particularly liked its large uncircumcised, mushroom head.

Without thinking, I lifted up my body to assist him in pulling down my pyjama pants whereupon he bent down and proceeded to lick my penis up and down the shaft and gently nibble and tongue my balls. Embarrassingly, this felt fantastic.

I was becoming desperate for relief and, after what seemed like an eternity, he placed my dick inside his mouth and alternated between rolling it around in his mouth and sucking it. Although I was ashamed and embarrassed I couldn't hold back any longer and came in big spurts, which he enthusiastically swallowed. As I am a heavy cummer, my ejaculation took a lot longer than he expected and he seemed very satisfied with this turn of events, sitting back with a tummy very full of my cum.

That night was the beginning of my journey into my new life as a faggot. John was very patient over the next months and understanding about my three steps forwards and two steps back. I was constantly resisting, not wanting to admit that I liked gay sex.

After that first night, John didn't try to initiate sex with me but kept up our chats and domestic life. It only took a few days until I woke up one morning with a stiffy that wouldn't go down. I was as horny as I'd ever been and lay back in bed with a few tears running down my face with the slow realization that I might be gay, or at least bi.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to find John having a cup of coffee. My erect penis was very obvious and I just stood there, not being confident enough to know what to do next and also too embarrassed. John turned around in his chair and beckoned me to come over to him. Doing as I was told he soon had my pyjama pants down around my ankles and was sucking lovingly on my cock. His left hand wandered around to my bottom where he commenced stroking my buttocks before homing in on my anus where he gently inserted a finger. As soon as he did that I let out a big gasp and flooded his mouth and throat with cum. It was glorious. I could feel all the stress and anxiety drain out of my body, which left me feeling totally relaxed, and at peace.

This was a minor milestone as from then on found myself a little more willing to accept that I just might be bi. Up to that time, I hadn't seen John naked, nor had I touched his body let alone his cock. This changed several days later.

Despite letting myself enjoy sex with John more, I was resisting and hanging onto the ridiculous idea that I was, somehow, still basically straight. One night, John suggested we get dressed up and go out for dinner. He chose a nice restaurant where we enjoyed (well mainly I did) a bottle of champagne with our meal. I was a bit tipsy when I walked out with him to the car and he had to help me a bit getting in. Once inside, I felt my cock getting stiff, straining against my cream coloured trousers. It obviously liked being romanced by a man.

Many thought ran through my head on the way home. Among them was that I was very horny and desperate for him to suck me off. Maybe I really was bi, or even gay. For the first time in my life, a feeling came over me of not being worried about being gay or bi or about being manly or not. I was just relaxed, very horny and needed sex. Looking back, the only sex running through my mind at that time was sex with a man.

John suggested we have a spa together to which I said I'd be all for. We both stripped of lit by the strong moonlight that was shining onto the outdoor deck. I hadn't seen his body before and I almost came on the spot. He was fairly solid but very hairy. All his body hair was grey including the thick hair around his cock and over his large balls. John was my mother's cousin and big dicks must run in the family as his erection was even bigger than mine and the circumcised head of it was like a large plum.

Our first spa together was a great way finish to a very romantic evening. He sensed I was nervous so gently took my hand and placed it on his portly stomach. I experienced feelings that were just absent with women. I stroked and played with his hairy tummy and worked my way up to his big, erect nipples and chest. I was in heaven.

I nervously drew my hand down to his rigid, grey haired cock and started fondling and stroking it. This was the first time I'd ever touched another man and it was exhilarating. I was very worked up playing with his cock, feeling it, gently masturbating him and rolling his balls around in my hand. Suddenly, I had a need to be penetrated which I hadn't experienced before but it felt right. OF course, I didn't know if I would like it but it but my body seemed to crave it.

Whether it was the effect of the alcohol I don't know, but I summoned up the courage to ask him to fuck me and he was as surprised as I was. John said the best way would be for me to sit on his cock facing him. After he returned with some lubricant, I did as I was told and began to impale myself. Although very horny, I was nervous, as I didn't know if I could accommodate the large head of his cock but John took his time and was very careful not to hurt me. Eventually, I was fully penetrated and it felt better than expected. It was such a wonderful sensation and felt his cock was all the way up to my stomach. In fact, it was so good that I knew that I'd now want to be fucked regularly.

Slowly, I started bobbing up and down the shaft of his cock, lingering as his knob started to just come out of my bottom before sliding all the way down. Without much warning, John let out a guttural sigh and he filled my rectum with cum. I found out then that I wasn't the only heavy cummer in the family. The excitement was too much and I started to squirt long ropes of cum all over his stomach.

We stayed locked together for some minutes, enjoying the wonderful feelings. For the first time in my life, I was fully sated.

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Coming of age

My Journey is absolutely erotic and fantastic. It is of coming of age in this era of enlightenment. The bold sex with John and coming to terms with sexual feelings is something very important. It mustmore...

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