My Journey Ch. 04


This is the fourth installment of My Journey. Although not necessary, this story will be more appreciated if you read Chapters 1, 2, and 3 first. Thank you to all who read my first three submissions and provided feedback.

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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I opened the door to find my brides naked on the bed making out like, well, newlyweds.

"Get out of those clothes Mr. Pratt. Mrs. Pratt needs some of your cock!" Trish said.

I stood there confused while the two of them laughed.

Which Mrs. Pratt was so badly in need of my services? After all, there were two Mrs. Pratts now.

Since Trish was the one to voice the need, I decided to start with her. I shed my clothes and got on the bed and made my way between her naked thighs.

Before I started anything with Trish, I tenderly kissed Tina and said "I love you Mrs. Pratt."

"I love you too, baby" she replied.

Trish was on her back and I was between her splayed legs savoring the view of this exotic woman spreading herself wide in a display of raw, wanton lust for her husband. We were both as hard as rocks.

I lay on top of her, trying to envelop her entire being with my body. Trish's legs wrapped around my waist, drawing her body to mine, forcing our cocks to rub against each other. Instinctively our hips began to gently thrust, intensifying the already erotic sensations we were sharing. I gazed into Trish's eyes, amazed that this beautiful woman would want me. Her eyes conveyed the deep love she felt for me following the unrehearsed and heartfelt vows we had exchanged a few short moments ago.

"I love you, Mrs. Pratt" I said with all of the emotion and conviction I could muster.

"You have made me the happiest woman in the world, Mr. Pratt. Now, be a good husband and make me your wife" she replied. Trish closed her eyes and kissed me deeply and passionately.

I repositioned my hips, raising them up so the spongy head of my cock was positioned at the entrance of her delectable asshole. Trish broke our kiss and peered into my eyes as our bodies merged in sexual union for the first time as husband and wife. No words were spoken. It was the silent consummation of the spoken promises we had made. As my balls pressed against her ass, Trish kissed me, telling me that our union as husband and wife was complete.

Before I could begin making love to my new wife, I felt Tina moving behind me on the bed. I had been so focused on what was happening between Trish and me that I had not noticed Tina had gotten off the bed and donned a RealDoe and harness. Now the head of her lubricated silicone phallus was poking at my tight ring. Tina applied steady pressure against my sphincter. I longed for this intrusion, and relaxed the muscles of my ass allowing her to ease into my rectum.

"You two are so beautiful together, I need to be a part of it" Tina said, almost apologetically.

"Oh honey! You feel so good inside me" I moaned to her.

"Oh my God! I can't believe how much harder he got when you entered him!" Trish exclaimed to Tina. "You really like having a woman's cock in your ass, don't you baby?" she asked me.

"You have no idea" was all I could say to her. I kissed her passionately.

I hooked Trish's legs in my arms, spreading her out fully so I could get as deep inside her as physically possible. Tina was pressed to my back, her hard nipples poking into my skin. Tina withdrew the dildo from my ass until just the head remained, and slowly pushed it back in to the hilt, drawing a throaty moan from me. Again she pulled back and reentered, this time with more urgency. When she bottomed out she pushed me deeper into Trish causing a prolonged "Ooohhh!" to escape Trish's lips. Tina increased the tempo of her thrusting, but not so fast that the intimacy was lost. I was bucking back against her cock causing me to thrust in and out of Trish's gripping hole.

I was being pleasured at both ends by both wives. Never had I been more fulfilled, never had I been more happy.

"Baby, it is sooo sexy the way you take my cock" Tina told me.

The change in Tina's sexual attitude since getting involved with Trish has been nothing short of amazing. Before Trish, Tina never would have initiated a pegging session, much less talked dirty while doing it. Gone is the sexually repressed woman I married some twenty years ago. Here with us now is a sexual dynamo, willing to please her husband and wife in every imaginable way.

"You can take me like this anytime you want" I panted as she pumped in and out of me.

"Don't let your mouth write checks your ass can't cash, honey" she cooed.

Tina rocked my world as she plunged her cock into my ass. The combination of the clitoral ridges on the RealDoe and Tina's new hardware were stimulating her as well as was evidenced by her mewing at the end of each downward stroke.

I continued to buck against Tina, and by extension continued to pump my cock into Trish.

"You are a kinky little mink!" I heard Trish say, and noticed her eyes were focused on her right foot. I craned my neck to see Tina hungrily sucking Trish's big toe like it was a little cock while she continued to pummel my ass. I had sucked Tina's toes numerous times in the past, and it always turned her on. "I guess we both have a fetish for a woman's pretty feet" I thought to myself.

The combination of Tina fucking my ass, Trish's clenching ass on my cock, and the intimacy of our wedding was too much for me. I looked at Trish, her eyes were on mine, and I could see she knew I was close. "I love you" I said.

"I love you too baby. Cum inside me."

I needed no further encouragement. My cock convulsed a dozen times inside of Trish as I deposited my load inside of my lovely shemale bride. We kissed again, our tongues rolling and playing with one another. Tina slowed her thrusting and eventually withdrew from me. My cock softened and slipped from Trish. I rolled to my left and lay next to Trish, mindlessly fondling her breasts and nipples. Trish was still hard, and she stroked her stiff pole as she watched Tina take off the harness and dildo.

"Finish me" Tina demanded as she straddled Trish's hips and lowered herself onto her bride's erect cock.

"Your pussy is so wet!" Trish said as Tina ground her pussy against Trish's pelvic bone.

"That toy rubbing on my piercing has me on the edge!"

Tina smiled and began to bounce and grind on Trish's cock, leaning forward so their breasts were pressed together. They kissed deeply, so deeply I believed it possible they were exchanging parts of their souls. Trish's hips thrust up into Tina emanating a slap each time their bodies made contact. As intensely enthusiastic as their coupling was, it was obvious they were making love to each other.

"I love you Trish, I love you. Fuck my pussy honey. Make me cum!" Tina encouraged.

"Oh Tina! I love you so much. I want you to cum honey!"

Trish redoubled her efforts, plunging incessantly into Tina's sopping wet pussy.

"I'm gonna cum Trish! I'm cumming!" Tina squealed as Trish's cock churned inside of her wife's slippery vagina, sending Tina over the edge.

"Aaaaahhh! God I'm cumming!" Tina shouted as her body was wracked with orgasmic convulsions. Trish continued thrusting; making sure Tina's orgasm lasted as long as possible.

Trish and Tina revisited their soul exchanging kiss as Trish continued to pound into Tina. Tina was exhausted and lay motionless on top of Trish. Trish was desperate to cum so I pulled her penis from Tina's frothing pussy and sucked it into my mouth. I cleaned off Tina's creamy pussy juice. After licking her clean I pumped her shaft with my fist while I sucked the sensitive head, desperate to taste her cum. Trish had been close to cumming from the determined fucking she had gotten from me and Tina, so it didn't take long until I was rewarded with Trish's girly juice coating my mouth and tongue. I enthusiastically swallowed her sweet load as her cock continued to spasm in my mouth. I released her cock from my mouth and lapped up the fluids from her glistening scrotum. Lifting her legs I ate her enchanting asshole, licking and slurping as much of my cum from her as I could.

Our marriage celebration continued for hours, and we pleasured one another with our mouths, hands, and bodies. Of course, all good things eventually end. Our celebration was not an exception. We took a quick shower together before Mark and Ellen came home from their dates (we have a strictly enforced midnight curfew) and the three of us were waiting downstairs for them when they arrived.

"How were your dates?" Tina asked.

Ellen was the first to respond "It sucked. Tim was being a jackass again. Typical. When he dropped me off he didn't even open the door for me. I told him we were finished. I am so done with boys."

"I'm sorry to hear that" Trish soothed. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"I just wish he would learn that there are appropriate times for touching, and while eating at a restaurant is not one of them!"

"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. You're better off without him. Really, you are" her mom reassured.

"You need to find a man that knows how to treat a woman" Trish interjected. "Someone like your dad. Pay attention to how he treats your mom and you'll know what to look for."

"Yeah, I know Aunt Trish. There just aren't any guys like dad out there. You got lucky with dad, didn't ya mom."

That last statement caused both Tina and Trish to blush a little.

"Yes, yes I did. Your 'dad' is out there somewhere sweetie. You'll find him" Tina said.

"What about you Mark? Who were you out with tonight?" I asked.

"Cal set me up with a friend of his girlfriend. She was a lot of fun, and we had a nice time" Mark replied. "It's kind of hard to mess up a movie and Taco Bell though."

"Will you see her again" Trish asked.

"I don't know Aunt Trish. We had fun and all, but I think she's a little out of my league. She was really pretty, and, well, I'm just..."

"What are you talking about? You're a handsome young gentleman. No one is out of your league, you understand?" Trish scolded him.

"You think I'm handsome?" Mark asked.

"Of course I do" Trish replied.

"I do too" Tina answered. "You look just like your dad, and he's as handsome as they come."

I looked at Tina and rolled my eyes at her over the top comparison.

"And I know you're a gentleman. Just be a gentleman to her and she won't be able to wait to see you again. You were a gentleman tonight, weren't you Mark?" Trish asked.

"Yes ma'am, I was." Mark's chest was puffed up and he was in full 'Marine Mode'.

"Then I bet she'll call you before this time tomorrow" Trish said.

"You need to give the guys lessons, Mark. I've seen the way you treat other girls at school, and you are definitely a gentleman. In fact, if I weren't your sister, you're the guy I'd want to date" Ellen added.

"Really? Wow. I just do what mom and dad taught us. Go figure."

Trish added "Mark my words, by this time tomorrow she'll call you. By the way, what was her name?"

"Whitney" Mark stated.

Trish and Tina glanced at each other with eyes slightly wider than normal. I could tell they were thinking "Nah, it couldn't be."

Trish's prediction proved to be true, and the next afternoon Whitney called. Mark told us that Whitney said she had never been treated with such respect and that she wanted to see him again. They promptly became an "item".

May became June, and there were changes for us on the horizon.

Trish had become a permanent fixture in the lives of our family. She remained a loving and very creative sex partner for Tina and I, and she had become a close friend and confidant to Mark and Ellen. She also practiced a healthy lifestyle, eating right and exercising regularly to keep her body firm and feminine. Because Trish had integrated herself into our day-to-day lives, many of her lifestyle choices became ours as well. Tina and I both began to feel and look healthier. The stubborn excess weight around my midsection melted away, and though I didn't look like a teenager, I did look younger than my 46 years. Tina's weight loss was subtle but in all the right places, accentuating her curves in just the right ways.

Trish had essentially moved in with us following the wedding ceremony in May. She kept her things in the bedroom that John vacated when he left for the Corp. We had to keep up pretenses, after all. She also kept her house and very infrequently would stay there, just to make sure everything was OK.

Tina and I believed something was lacking in our current living arrangement with Trish. It lacked permanence. If things ever got difficult between us, it might be too easy for one or more to run to Trish's place and hide instead of working things out and healing our relationship. Tina and I wanted to make this permanent and suggested to Trish that she sell her house and live with us permanently.

At first Trish was taken aback by our suggestion, and was initially speechless. Looking for something to say she managed to stutter "But... but... but... what do we tell the kids?" her voice a blend of excitement and concern.

"Well, I thought maybe we could build a small studio like apartment attached to the master bedroom here. It could have a bath, kitchen, bedroom, living room. Not just for you, but for all three of us to use whenever one of us might not be in the mood or just needs to be away from everybody. And by claiming it's an apartment for you it would give us some plausible deniability. Does that make sense?" were my thoughts.

Tina broke into a wide smile but said nothing.

"You would do that? For me?" Trish asked, becoming emotional.

"We married you, didn't we? That's a forever thing. We want you with us, always" Tina said.

"I can't believe this has happened to me! I can't believe I found two people who love me for who I am! Yes, of course I'll live here with you!"

Trish hugged and kissed Tina first, and as she hugged me she whispered in my ear "I guess wishes do come true" a reference to the falling star she had wished on late last summer.

Trish's home was in an up-and-coming part of the city that was gaining popularity with young couples. She had made numerous repairs and improvements to the property since purchasing it, and it did not last long on the market. She accepted an offer that was well above asking price just a week after listing it.

We celebrated the sale with a home cooked meal on the grill, and ate on the deck. I was constantly amazed at how effortless and easy conversation was amongst the five of us. Tina, Trish, and I really were meant to be together, and the twins were happy to have their aunt staying with them too. Sitting on the deck we were able to enjoy the gardens that my two master gardeners had been working on since the ground thawed. I could not imagine a more perfect setting.

Over dinner we told Mark and Ellen that Trish was going to live full time with us, and that we were going to build an addition on the house as an apartment for her.

"That is so cool!" Ellen squealed, obviously very happy about the news. She got up from her chair to hug Trish, who had gotten out of her chair too. "I am so happy you're going to stay here with us!" The two women embraced tightly, and both of them started to cry.

"Why are you crying?" Trish asked

"I'm so happy! This is so perfect! You're somewhere between a mom and a sister and you're smart and beautiful and caring and loving and I'm just so lucky!" Ellen babbled. "But why are you crying?"

"I'm just happy that you're so happy!" Trish answered between sniffs.

After some time they broke their embrace, pecked each other on the lips and simultaneously said "I love you" in an unashamed mother/daughter way.

Mark sat quietly in his chair, a toothy smile stretched across his face. "I'm glad you'll be a part of the family too Aunt Trish."

"Thank you, Mark. I think this is going to be good for all of us" Trish said, her head cocked to the side and arms spread wide inviting Mark for a hug. Emotional displays were not Mark's thing, but he reluctantly got out of his chair and hugged his Aunt Trish.

Once dinner was finished the twins excused themselves to study for finals, leaving the three of us outside.

"That went well" Trish said.

"I thought so too" I agreed. "Tina and I will go see our banker tomorrow to start the loan process so we can start building."

"You'll do no such thing!" Trish commanded. "I am your wife. The two of you made me an equal part of this family, and I need to have skin in the game. I want to have a stake in what happens here. We will invest the profit from my place into the addition, and if we need more money than that we'll figure out a way to finance the balance equitably."

"Are you sure Trish? Clark and I would be more than happy to shoulder the cost to have you here with us" Tina replied.

"I'm sure honey. We agreed that we would share our joy and our pain. This is part of that" Trish confirmed.

With the living arrangements and financials settled, we began the process of designing the addition. Initially we let Mark and Ellen have a say in the design, but when they refused to accept a design without an in-ground pool, we shut them out. This was to be a practical addition to the house, not some extreme makeover.

We settled on a two story addition that enlarged the existing master bedroom and bath, as well as creating an additional moderately sized second bedroom with it's own private bath, a large walk-in closet that I was not allowed to use, and a balcony overlooking the gardens. The open plan ground floor would house a kitchenette with a dining area, a lavatory, and a living room with a view of Trish's and Tina's beloved flower gardens.

Before we settled on a design, Tina and Trish decided that the kid's desire to have a pool was not all that extravagant and that the "right" pool would be a great addition to the backyard, actually enhancing their gardens.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked.

"We were thinking of a pool that looked more like a pond and less like a pool" Tina said.

"We found a contractor that specializes in integrating pools into an existing landscape. Here, look at this design the contractor did for us" Trish said as she produced a computer design of the free-form pool seamlessly imposed on a photo of the backyard. "He designed it with a pebble finish in dark colors that blends in with the natural look of the gardens. It doesn't even look like a pool, does it? Plus, it's a saltwater pool so it's healthier and there's a lot less maintenance. What do you think?"

"There's no diving board. Or waterslide" I answered.

"You are such a smartass!" Tina said. "Seriously, what do you think?"

"I like it, especially the way there's no concrete apron all the way around it. It really does look like a pond, and the dark color looks so much more natural than a typical white pool. The waterfall isn't over the top, I like that. If the two of you really want it, I'm all for it. And it'll make the kids happy."

"Thank you Clark! You're gonna love having a pool, trust me" Trish said with wink and a devilish grin.

Our design was finally set. The contractor who originally built the house was hired to build the addition, and he coordinated the excavation work for the foundation and the pool, saving us a lot of money. Most contractors were short of work in the area, so there were plenty of trades-people working on our project. Construction only took about sixty days, and we were able to occupy the space before the end of July.

During construction we received a rare phone call from John and we filled him in on all of the latest developments. Of course, through letters and e-mails he was already aware of his mom's reconnection with her 'half sister', but it was special to be able to share the latest news with him in real time. He sounded genuinely excited, and even asked to speak to Trish personally so he could welcome her to the family. Trish told him she looked forward to meeting him soon.

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