My Journey Ch. 06


This is the sixth installment of My Journey. Although not necessary, this story will be more appreciated if you read Chapters 1 thru 5 first. Thank you to all who read my first five submissions and provided feedback.

All characters in this story are over the age of 18 years..


I awoke in the morning to the unmistakable sensation of my cock being sucked. When I opened my eyes I was staring directly at Whitney's pussy. Acting on instinct, I gripped Whitney's ass cheeks and plunged my tongue into her enflamed slit.

The fog of sleep slowly subsided and I began to realize something was wrong. Whitney didn't taste quite the same as last night, and on second glance I noticed her pussy lips were smaller.

"Whitney?" I asked.

"No daddy, it's me! Surprise!"

It was my daughter and she returned to enthusiastically devouring my cock.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked, stunned by the present situation.

Ellen didn't answer for a few seconds, preferring to slurp and suck on my cock. As she transitioned into the cowgirl position she answered "Getting us both ready..." she paused for effect, then impaled herself on my erection " FUCK!"

I was instantly buried balls deep in my daughter Ellen.

"Oh honey! This is so..." I protested.

"Hot? Naughty?" she interrupted, squirming her body on top of my cock.

"No, honey. It's wrong."

"No, it's not daddy" she said, flatly refuting my assertion. "You said you wouldn't deny mom or Aunt Trish anything that would please them, right?"

She had me there. I had indeed said that in front of everybody yesterday.

"Well, daddy, you making love to your baby girl would please them very much" Ellen declared as she continued to squirm and rotate her hips on my erection.

How could I refute her logic? If Tina and Trish were good with it, why shouldn't I be?

"Come here sweetheart" I whispered, any resistance I may have had was gone.

With my cock still in her clutching, wet pussy Ellen lowered herself to me, her firm C cup breasts pressed against my chest. With a twinkle in her lovely brown eyes and a victorious grin on her lips she slipped her arms under my neck and gazed into my eyes.

"You don't have to do this" I said, wrapping my arms around her slender torso and holding her.

Ellen's squirming morphed into a subtle raising and lowering of her hips on my embedded penis.

"I know daddy. I want to. After watching how gentle you were when you made love to Whitney, and how submissive and eager you were to please Aunt Trish I wanted to experience it for myself. I want to see if you are as generous a lover as you seem to be."

Ellen looked into my eyes as though she was peering into my soul, closed hers, and placed her full luscious lips on mine. She held the kiss for a few seconds before slipping her tongue between my lips. I opened my mouth slightly and met her tongue with mine, the tips tenderly touching and caressing.

My hands slid down Ellen's back until they reached her butt. I grasped the youthful globes, and I pulled her toward me slightly and held her hips tightly against my body. I began to slowly withdraw my cock from her slick hole until just the head remained inside, then reversed direction and slowly slid my cock back inside of her. I repeated the process, never changing pace, stoking in and out of Ellen's lovely body at an agonizingly slow rate.

"Oh daddy, I like that. Nice and slow. You feel so good!"

Her lips were back on mine, kissing me deeply. Our tongues roamed inside each other's mouths at the same languid rate that my cock reciprocated in her pussy.

I was making love to my daughter, and it was wonderful.

I repositioned my hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks and edging my fingers closed to her anus. Dipping my right hand toward our forbidden union, I slipped the middle finger into her tunnel next to my cock, soliciting from her a throaty moan.

My finger now coated with her creamy slickness, I brought it to her asshole and gently slid the slippery digit around her pucker.

"Oh my God dad!" she groaned in obvious approval. She returned her lips to mine, and tried to increase the speed of our coupling, but my hands pinned her hips to me, preventing her from moving.

Ellen raised herself up on her arms with her head back and chest thrust forward, her eyes closed and mouth slightly open in a display of pure physical bliss. She was stunning in this position.

"Stop teasing me daddy. Put your finger in me. Please." Her voice was innocent yet demanding, conveying her mounting lust and a tiny amount of trepidation.

"Have you had anything in your butt before?" I asked before penetrating her bud.

"No, but your finger feels so fucking good stroking me there I want to feel a little bit of it inside of me."

My stroking of her pucker ceased, and I applied gentle pressure with my middle finger to her asshole. As expected, my attempted penetration met resistance as she clenched.

Without removing any pressure, I whispered in a soothing voice "Relax sweetheart. Juuuust reeeelaaaaax."

It took a little while, but my continued thrusting into her sopping wet pussy coupled with the gentle pressure of my finger on her asshole caused her tight fleshy ring to begin to yield and my finger started to slip into her. Once the initial penetration had begun, her sphincter relaxed further allowing my lubricated finger to slip in uncontested just past the first knuckle.

"Oooooh daddy! My GOD! That feels so fucking good!"

I held Ellen tight to me with my left hand and slowly worked my finger in and out of her incredibly tight rectum. My cock continued it's slow motion assault of her vagina.

"How does that feel sweetheart? Are you OK?"

"It's fantastic daddy. I love it!"

As my cock pushed into her satiny folds my finger withdrew from her grasping ass, and as my meat retreated, I slid my finger back in. With her body still pinned to mine, Ellen was limited to tilting her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit on my pubic bone, adding to the stimulation she was already receiving from my sawing cock and finger.

I wanted to please my daughter. I wanted her to cum on my cock. I wanted this taboo union to be something she would always remember, and I wanted to prove to her that I was indeed the generous lover she perceived me to be. I knew that none of this was going to come to fruition if I came too soon, which was becoming a very real possibility. Watching my sexy daughter writhing in pleasure under my ministrations had me on the verge of orgasm. I closed my eyes, and tried to focus on something other than my daughter making love to me. I thought about work; I tried to solve complex math problems in my head; I imagined trying to juggle live kittens.

My mental exercises seemed to be working as Ellen's breathing became more rapid, shallow, and pronounced; her grinding became more fervent. A light sheen of perspiration had appeared on her chest and breasts.

"I'm so close, so close" she moaned.

"Cum for me sweetheart. Cum for daddy" I encouraged. "Show daddy how good he made you feel."

"Fuck me faster daddy! Make me cum! Faster! Faster!" she pleaded.

I increased the pace of my plunging in both of her entrances, thrusting as fast as my old body would allow.

"YES! YES! Like that! Oh God! DADDYYYYY!" she screamed as orgasm swept over her youthful body. "I'M CUMMING DADDY!"

When I felt her tiny little asshole clenching on my finger, I plunged it in as far as I could. "OH FUCK!" she cried as my finger bottomed out in her backside. I wiggled my finger in her bottom and continued to thrust my cock into her pussy.

"YES! YES! YES! OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGod YEEESSS!" Ellen fell forward and attacked my mouth with hers, kissing me violently. I slowed my thrusting into her pussy, and started sliding my finger in and out of her ass again, though very gently and lovingly causing her to emit low, throaty groans into my mouth.

Only after she stopped thrusting her hips against me did I cease stroking my appendages in and out of her.

Breathing heavily, Ellen moved so we were cheek to cheek. Her breath was hot against my ear and her chest was heaving against mine.

Ellen repeatedly kissed my neck, all the while whispering "I love you daddy. That was so good. I love you daddy. I love you."

"I love you too sweetheart. You were incredible" I answered as I too kissed her neck and cheek.

I was surprised to feel her tongue snake it's way into my ear. "How much did Trish reveal last night?" I thought to myself as my daughter's squirming tongue drove me wild. I pumped my finger into Ellen's ass a couple of times, causing her to groan some more.

"You didn't cum daddy" she whispered directly into my ear.

"That's OK" I said.

Ellen moved so she could look directly into my eyes. Her brown eyes darted back and forth between mine. Her love for me was evident. "No, it's not" she answered firmly. "Let me finish you."

My left hand released it's death grip on her ass, and I started to pull my finger out of her butt.

"No. Leave it in. I like it" she said. Ellen shifted from being on her knees to being on her feet. She was still straddling me, but was squatting with my dick still in her. She placed her hands on my chest for balance, and began to slide her well lubricated tunnel up and down my shaft using her athletic legs. In this position, the only parts of her body that touched me were her hands and her pussy.

With her hair now clinging to her sweaty face, Ellen pumped up and down on my engorged prick. The feeling was incredible. The exertion necessary for her to fuck me in this position seemed to make her pussy even tighter. The sensation was excruciatingly wonderful.

It was my turn to groan.

"You feel incredible sweetheart. I can't believe how hard you're squeezing me.

Ellen beamed. "You like that?"

"Oh my God, yes! Sweetheart, I'm not gonna last long."

"I don't want you to daddy. I want to feel you cum inside of me" she answered.

Over and over my daughter slid her tight pussy up and down my fleshy pole.

"Cum for me daddy. Show me how much you like making love to your daughter. Cum inside me daddy. Oooh your cock feels so fucking good!"

"Don't stop sweetheart. Daddy's almost there. You are so beautiful Ellen. So beautiful" I said as I reached for her right breast and played with her nipple.

Ellen sighed when my hand made contact with her tit. She moaned when I pinched and rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger.

"Are you close daddy? Are you ready to cum?" she asked, sounding like she was ready to cum again.

"Almost there, almost there. Don't stop sweetheart" I answered.

"Finger fuck my ass daddy. I wanna cum with you. Faster. FASTER!" she cried.

I plunged the full length of my finger in and out of her bud as fast as I could as she continued to ride my cock with almost violent strokes.

"I'm gonna cum sweetheart. Daddy's cumming" I panted as I came, splattering the walls of my daughter's vagina with my gooey batter.

Feeling the volleys of cum in her pussy set her off. I felt her asshole clenching on my finger and I knew she was cumming too. Ellen's head was thrown back. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open like she was roaring, but no sound came out of her mouth. She wasn't breathing either as a powerful orgasm washed over her. Her hands were balled up into tight fists filled with my chest hair.

"AAAAAAAAAAHH!" finally escaped from her as she exhaled, the splendor of her orgasm beginning to subside. She inhaled sharply before exhaling a sobbing "FU-UH-UH-UH-CK!" and collapsed on top of me again.

Eventually my cock softened and slipped out of her. I made one final pump of my finger into her ass before slowly withdrawing it too.

Ellen wrapped her legs around my waist as she rolled us onto our sides. She pressed her body against mine, clinging to me like a wet sheet.

"That was..." she breathed. "That was..."

"Beautiful?" I offered.

Still clinging to me she looked into my eyes and said "Yeah. Beautiful."

"Just like you" I said before kissing her lightly and pulling her into a very tight embrace. "I love you baby girl."

"I love you too, daddy" she replied before we both drifted off.

Shifting weight on the bed aroused me from my nap. It was Trish and Tina getting into bed, one on either side of me.

Tina lay down directly in front of me and cuddled close, her arms in front of her with her hands under her chin like she was cold. I wrapped my arms around her and held her. Trish was behind me and pressed her body to my back, spooning me, gently kissing my neck and shoulders. I pulled the covers up over us.

"Hi" Tina shyly whispered.

"Hi" I whispered back. "Where's Ellen?"

"Downstairs with Mark and Whitney" she answered. A few seconds later she asked "How do you feel?" I could detect the concern in her voice.

"Exhausted. Hungry." I answered, causing Tina to smile and give me the look that said "smartass".

After pausing to look lovingly into her eyes I answered "Blessed. Deeply loved"

This brought a true joyous smile to her face and she leaned in to gently kiss my lips.

"Jealous?" She asked in a little girl's tone.

"No. You?"

"Unh unh" she answered, obviously relieved.

"Horny?" I asked, causing both of my beauties to laugh out loud.

Tina asked "Trish? How about you?"

"I love my family" was her answer.

Tina squirmed free of my embrace, rolling me onto my back in the process, placing her face inches in front of Trish's. Tina caressed Trish's face as they gazed into one another's eyes.

Tears streamed down Tina's cheeks.

"Say that again" Tina requested.

Trish searched Tina's face for a few seconds. She started to speak, but abruptly stopped. The expression on Trish's face changed, as if she was having an epiphany. Trish's eyes now produced great drops of fluid that ran down the soft, smooth skin of her face.

In a barely audible whisper she repeated "I love my family."

The two women threw their arms around each other and sobbed.

"I love my family" Trish repeated in her excited whisper. "I love you Tina. I love you Clark."

"I love you so much Trish!" Tina nearly shouted as she covered her wife's face with urgent kisses. "So much, so much"

I chose not to interrupt the intimate scene with words, instead I allowed myself to be bathed in the tenderness and delicateness of the moment.

We lay in bed, kissing, touching, caressing; communicating our feelings for each other through our hands, fingers, tongues, and lips. Without words we expressed our love and devotion for one another. For me, it was almost as emotional as our wedding day. Time seemed to stand still in our bedroom as the three of us melded into one.

Our communion was interrupted by a light knock on the door.

"Are you decent?" Ellen asked, soliciting giggles and snickers from the three of us.

"Come in sweetheart" Tina answered.

The door opened and Ellen walked in, followed by Whitney and Mark, hand in hand, looking very much in love. Ellen and Whitney were each wearing one of Mark's tee shirts, and Mark was in a pair of boxers.

"Good morning" I offered.

"Good afternoon daddy" Whitney replied.

"Is it that late already?" Trish asked.

"We just wanted to thank the three of you for a wonderful evening and morning" Ellen stated.

"Yeah, last night was great, and really special. Thanks" Mark answered in his usual minimalist way.

"I had a wonderful time. It was beautiful and surreal at the same time. I will never forget how perfect it was, and how you all made me feel like I was a part of your family" Whitney added.

"You are a special young woman Whitney, and you are always welcome in our home" Trish said.

"Thanks Aunt Trish" Whitney said, shifting her eyes to lock onto Tina's, she added "Why don't you come downstairs and eat something."

The double entendre was obvious. With all of the swapping that had happened through the course of the night, Whitney and Tina apparently did not hook up.

"Give us a few minutes and we'll be down" Tina answered, unfazed by Whitney's come on.

Our three visitors turned and left our room, closing the door behind them.

"I think someone isn't satisfied yet" Trish said as she teased Tina.

"Ya think? I'm the only one in the family that hasn't gone down on her. I guess she's saving the best for last" Tina chided.

"The best? You've never licked a pussy" I told her.

"I know. But I know how I like it done. I just need to do the same to her" Tina answered. "Now, let's hop in the shower and head downstairs."

The three of us washed in our extra large shower, and I made it a point to touch the women as much as possible. I loved these two women, and loved touching them almost as much.

We toweled off and threw on some casual clothes. I put on a pair of boxers and a tee shirt. Tina wore a pink tank-top and some denim cut-offs. Trish put on a pair of boy short panties and one of my tee shirts.

"Being a little daring Trish, aren't we?" I teased.

Trish stepped behind me and enveloped me in her arms. She stuck her tongue in my ear and said "There's no need for false modesty, besides, I don't think I'll be wearing these very long."

We went downstairs. The kids had prepared lunch and had it waiting for us out on the deck. The six of us sat down at the table and noshed on sliced fresh fruit, cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches, and iced tea. It was a light, but surprisingly filling, meal.

"Thank you. That was delicious" I said.

"That was very good. Thank you" Tina added.

We sat around the table and relaxed for a few minutes, enjoying the early afternoon sun and the memories of a wonderful evening.

Ellen had been looking at Whitney for a long time before Whitney noticed. "What?" Whitney asked with a confused look on her face. Ellen's mouth slowly turned into a wide smile, and she arched her eyebrows at Whitney. The delicious young blonde finally put two and two together, her own wide smile indicating to Ellen she finally understood.

The two luscious young women got up from the table and stripped off the tee shirts they wore, leaving them naked in front of the four of us. Ellen gently placed her hands on the swell of Whitney's hips and cocked her head to the right as she tongue kissed her friend. Whitney responded by wrapping her arms around Ellen's neck and arching her back, forcing her pubis into Ellen's mound. The two kissed and ground against each other, producing an uncomfortable erection in my boxers. I'm sure that was their intention.

Without a word, the two lovers broke their kiss and walked across the yard, each with an arm around the others waist. Their jiggling ass cheeks and long lean legs were a beautiful sight as they sashayed away from us and walked into the shallow pool. Once in the water, they proceeded to the deeper portion, and stood on the bottom with the water to just below their necks where they resumed the make-out session they had started on the deck. The four of us sat quietly on the deck and watched, mesmerized by the tender, though highly erotic, scene.

A few minutes after they had gotten in the pool, Whitney turned her head toward the deck and us, her gaze focused on Tina. Whitney's hand came out of the water and she beckoned my wife with a "come hither" motion of her index finger. Tina hesitated briefly, making visual contact with Trish and me, before getting out of her chair and stripping off her tank-top, her large tits bouncing against her body as the tee shirt quickly released them from their confine. She began moving toward the pool, unbuttoning her shorts as he walked. Once she was at the edge of the shallow pool, she removed her shorts, turned towards the water, and stood in front of the two young women in all of her naked glory. As she started to walk into the warm saltwater, I heard Whitney say "Oh, Mrs. P, you are more beautiful than I remember."

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