My Journey Ch. 06


"Thank you Whitney. I'm glad you like what you see, but considering what's about to happen, don't you think 'Mrs. P' is just a little formal? Why don't you call me Tina?"

"If it's OK with you, I would rather call you mom" the blonde quietly replied.

"Oh sweetie, I would be honored if you called me mom!"

Tina arrived in Whitney's embrace just as she finished speaking, and their lips and mouths met with an apparent comfort that made me think they had been doing this for years. Their union was so natural and effortless, it looked as if they knew in advance what each was going to do. Ever so slowly Tina directed Whitney to one of the submerged ledges and sat her on it. Like Ellen had done with Trish the previous day, Tina supported her weight in the water with her arms around Whitney's neck. The two made out for several minutes, Whitney groping and caressing Tina's large naked breasts.

"You have such wonderful boobs, mom. They're so big and firm! I love the way they feel in my hands"

"And your hands feel incredible on them honey. MMmmmm! Rub my nipples with your thumbs. Just like that. Sooo good!"

The two soon-to-be-lovers resumed their kiss while Whitney further stimulated my wife by flipping her thumbs over Tina's swollen and sensitive nipples.

I was so engrossed in watching the unfolding lesbian scene in front of me that I hadn't noticed Trish getting out of her chair. She stood next to me, and lifted her tee shirt over her head. I detected the motion out of the corner of my eye and turned just in time to see my beautiful wife bend over and remove her boy short panties, exposing her hypnotic asshole to my lusting eyes.

Trish stood up and took up position in front of me. Her cock, beginning to harden, was pointed directly at my face. In what had become a very natural act for me, I took her cock in my mouth and began sucking it to full hardness. I was still able to glance to my side and keep an eye on what was happening in the pool. Tina and Whitney were still engaged in their foreplay, kissing and groping each other.

With Trish's cock in my mouth, I extended my right hand between her fabulous legs and stroked my middle finger over the pleated entrance to her pussy. My action caused Trish to shudder a little before she hissed "I want you in there baby."

Luckily, sucking my wife's cock always made me hard and today was no different. I was ready to fuck her gorgeous ass whenever she was ready.

Retracting my hand, I slicked my finger with my saliva and returned it to her pussy. Still sucking her cock I applied pressure with my middle finger and effortlessly slid into her welcoming hole. I pumped into her with my finger while I slobbered all over her now very erect cock.

"Aaaaaah! Clark, you're driving me crazy! I need to feel your cock inside of me. I need you to fuck me!"

Trish pulled away, leaving my mouth sadly empty, and turned around. She bent over at the waist, reached between her legs with her right hand and grasped my hard penis. As she lowered herself into my lap she guided my pulsing missile to the entrance of her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto me.

A heavy sigh of satisfaction escaped from her mouth as my intruding cock filled her rectum.

"Oooh baby! I love you fucking me" she sexily whispered. Trish raised her arms and threw them around my neck, arching her breasts out and forcing her ass back to me, causing me to bore even deeper into her dark tunnel.

My left hand instinctively took her boob in my hand while my right grabbed her very hard girl-cock. Trish moaned as she began working her hips back and forth, causing my dick to slide in and out of her tight ass and her cock to piston in my fist. Both of us were able to see what was happening in the pool.

Tina and Whitney were still making out at the edge of the pool, and Mark had joined his twin sister in the shallow pool. Ellen was flat on her tummy on the shallow pool, her chin resting on her folded arms. Mark lay on top of her, the rising and falling of his buttocks indicating he was pumping in and out of my daughter. He too watched in fascination what was happening between his mom and girlfriend.

"I'm ready for you mom" we all heard Whitney say.

Trish and I did not want to miss what was about to happen, so Trish got off of my lap and moved toward the edge of the pool. I followed.

Once at the edge of the water, Trish got down in a doggie style position. She was close enough to be able to see everything that was happening between Tina and Whitney, but far enough away that there could be no interaction.

I took my place behind Trish and slipped my cock into my wife's shemale pussy. Trish lowered her torso until her chin rested on her forearms and her boobs made contact with the lush green grass. I lowered myself until my chest was on Trish's back, then reached under her and grabbed her stiff, drooling she-clit. My hips remained stationary against Trish's butt while I fisted her clit with my right hand.

Tina pulled herself up until she was kneeling on the submerged seat, and Whitney sat on the edge of the pool, only her lower legs still in the water. Whitney began to slowly spread her legs until they were as far apart as humanly possible, and her fleshy pink treasure was revealed to the older woman before her.

"Oh Whitney!" Tina exclaimed. "It's beautiful!" Tina's right hand came out of the water and she gently touched Whitney's pussy lips with her right thumb. "Your lips are so thick and long! And your clit is perfect! Oh my God, honey, you have juice running out of you!"

I was familiar with what Tina was seeing. Whitney's pussy really is a sight to behold. The lips were like meaty curtains, her clit was like a fleshy pinto bean, and when aroused she leaked copious amounts of fluid that ran down her perineum and across her asshole.

Tina extended her tongue and licked the young woman from her pucker to her clit, not wanting any of the delicious pussy juice to go to waste. At the zenith of her lick, Tina released an exaggerated "MMmmmmm!" as she gazed into Whitney's eyes, soliciting a smile from the young blonde.

Tina was then back between Whitney's thighs, her extended tongue tenderly licked at the outside of the engorged labia while she massaged the engorged clit with her right thumb. I could see Tina's other hand was busy between her own legs rubbing her enflamed slit.

I remained motionless inside Trish's butt while my hand squeezed and stroked her drooling clit. Trish began to squirm underneath me indicating to me she wanted me to start fucking her. I ignored her silent plea, as I knew I would cum far too soon if I started to fuck her now.

Tina continued to tease the hot blonde, making sure her tongue avoided direct contact with the hairless sex in front of her. After several minutes of Tina's exquisite torture, Whitney's face began to register frustration. It was obvious she wanted Tina to get down to business and eat her in earnest.

"Stop teasing me mom, please. Lick my pussy. Eat me!" she said, her voice betraying her desperation.

Without a word, Tina removed her hand from her own pussy and with both thumbs spread the meaty petals of Whitney's pussy and plunged her tongue into the pink, molten core.

Whitney squealed her approval and began thrusting her hips against Tina's intruding tongue. My wife's mouth completely surrounded the young woman's pulsing flesh as her tongued danced and squirmed inside the sexy girl's vagina. I could see her throat working as she swallowed the young girl's copious fluids.

"Yes! Yes! Oh mommy! You are so good at this! Eat me mom! Eat my pussy!" Whitney grasped the back of Tina's head and held it tightly against her crotch.

As I watched the coupling in complete fascination, I realized I was in a unique situation. I had my cock nestled in the ass of my shemale wife while simultaneously stroking her cock, all the while we both watched our wife eating pussy for the very first time. How many men can claim they had done that?

"Put your fingers in me mom" Whitney demanded, shaking me from my day dream. Tina released her suctioning mouth from Whitney's succulent quim and inserted two fingers into the gushing opening causing the young girl to groan in lust.

"That feels so good! Fuck me with your fingers. Lick my clit mom" Whitney directed. Tina responded by stabbing her fingers in and out of Whitney while flicking the tip of her tongue against the girl's sensitive bean.

"OOoooh YES!" Whitney cried in ecstasy. "Just like that! Fuck me! OOoooh! FUCK! Yeahyeahyeah!"

Having done the same thing to Whitney myself last night, I could tell she was getting close so I began to slowly pump my impossibly hard cock in and out of Trish's clutching ass.

"It's about time you fucked me proper, baby!" Trish moaned.

"Curl you fingers mommy. Pull them out a little...riiiiight...THERE!" Whitney instructed. "Do you feel that spot mom? Stroke it with your finger tips. Yes! Yes! Oh my God, that is so fucking good! Don't stop! Don't stop! Keep licking me! AAAAHHH!"

Whitney had just helped Tina find her G spot and was getting ready to give my wife a big surprise. I continued to thrust into Trish's ass and stroke her girl-cock. Trish was thrusting back against my hips, intensifying the sensations she was feeling. "Fuck me baby! Make love to my ass!" she commanded. I stroked into Trish's ass with increased vigor, hoping I could time our orgasms with Whitney's.

"I'm... gonna... cum. I'm gonna cum mommy" Whitney breathed in a near hiss.

"Fuck me harder Clark. I'm so close! Fuck me!" Trish demanded.

Whitney's mouth was wide open, and her breathing consisted of very sharp, short intakes of air as her body jerked in response to the pleasure she was receiving. "Here it comes mommy! Get ready! AAAaaaahhh! YES!" she cried as her pussy exploded and she squirted all over Tina's face. Tina frantically lapped at Whitney's pussy, trying to catch the stream of the clear fluid in her mouth. Whitney's orgasm literally took her breath away. Just like last night the intensity of her squirting orgasm prevented her from drawing breath.

I felt Trish's swollen cock-clit expand in my fist, and with a deep, throaty growl she squirted her honey into the grass beneath her. Her contracting sphincter sent me over the edge, and with a final deep thrust I emptied my semen into her spasming orifice. With each spurt I pushed my cock into my beautiful wife's behind and stroked my fist down her cock.

From the shallow pool we heard Mark and Ellen share in an incestuous simultaneous orgasm.

Tina rose from her perch in front of Whitney and forced the young woman to her back on the grass. Tina was on top of her in a flash, their mouths locked in a crushing kiss as Tina ground her pussy into Whitney's pubis. "There it is! There it is!" Tina released as her own cum swept over her body. "Oh yes! YES!" she cried as Whitney made her cum for the second time in as many days.

"Oh my God. Oh honey! That was so good! So beautiful! You have a fabulous, delicious pussy!" Tina panted before again deeply kissing her new lover, continuing to rub her pussy on Whitney. "Why did I wait so long to try this?" Tina asked to no one in particular. Tina turned her face toward me. "Why did I wait so long?" she asked me directly. I couldn't answer her, so I shrugged my shoulders and drove my hips against Trish.

My cock began to deflate in Trish's ass. I looked around the backyard and took in the scene. Mark and Ellen were still in the shallow pool, tenderly kissing in a loving, post-coital embrace. Tina was on top of Whitney between the young girls spread legs. She gently stroked Whitney's long blonde hair and gazed into the bright blue eyes of the young nymph.

When my now limp cock slipped from Trish's glorious butthole, I instinctively positioned myself behind her so I could orally worship her ass in the manner it deserved. Her normally puckered ring was gaping now, stretched and relaxed because of the loving it had just received. I could see my cum inside of her, slowly making it's way toward the exit. I lowered my face and placed my mouth over her hole, inserting my tongue into her wet and sloppy insides. Trish loved to have me eat my own cum out of her ass after I made love to her, and moaned her appreciation as I probed her with my tongue.

"Eat my ass you little cum slut" she hissed. "Lick your cum out of me."

I pulled away just long enough to say "My pleasure" and returned to devouring her sex.

"That is so hot daddy! The way you adore Trish is just so hot!" Whitney said to me before turning to Tina and asking "He really loves her, doesn't he?"

"He does. He loves both of us. And I love both of them" Tina answered.

"I love Mark" Whitney blurted.

"I know you do" Tina replied.

"I love Ellen, too" Whitney confessed.

"I know. And she loves you. She told me" Tina answered.

"When did she tell you?" Whitney asked somewhat surprised.

"This weekend. Oh, she didn't come right out and say it, but to anyone paying even a little attention it's obvious how she feels about you."

Whitney beamed at Tina's response. "Yeah, I guess it is! Thank you for a wonderful weekend mom. You have a wonderful family. I hope to be a part of it someday."

"You already are, honey."

Whitney gave Tina a tender kiss on the lips. "I love you mom."

"I love you too, honey."

I had completed cleaning out Trish. We were on our knees holding each other as we eavesdropped on the precious conversation occurring just a couple of feet away. Trish and I gazed into each other's eyes. I could not believe how much I loved this woman.

Trish moved away from me and still on her knees made her way over to Tina and Whitney. She first kissed Whitney, a loving peck on the lips, bringing a joyful smile to the teenager's face. Trish then turned to Tina and said "I am completely, hopelessly, unfathomably in love with you"

Trish's words fell on all of us like a warm blanket.

Trish briefly kissed Tina's lips before enveloping her in an embrace that wordlessly reinforced what she had just said.

Tears rolled down both of their faces.

Whitney and I were both moved by Trish's raw display of devotion, so much so that it caused a tear to trickle from Whitney's blue eye.

There was a long silence as we allowed the emotional confession to settle.

"Aunt Trish?" Whitney broke the silence.

"Yes honey?" Trish answered.

Whitney extended her hand and wrapped it around Trish's flaccid penis, then asked "Do you think maybe I can try this someday?" eliciting deep appreciative laughter from everyone in the backyard.

Trish is a wonderful spouse. That night she kissed Tina and I sweetly before telling us she was going to sleep in her room tonight. She knew that Tina and I needed time alone. Despite the orgy of sex indulged in that weekend, none of it was between Tina and me.

I spooned Tina in bed, and we made slow passionate love in that position. Her lovemaking that night was just as enthusiastic as it was when Trish was with us.

"I am crazy in love with you Clark. Do you know that?" she asked.

"I do. And I am undeniably, unashamedly in love with you" I replied before falling asleep with her in my arms.

That weekend changed our family dynamic forever. The unlikely relationship that Trish, Tina, and I shared continued to grow and blossom.

Part of that blossoming was Tina's decision to have a baby with Trish. I was initially stunned when they told me, but my surprise lasted only a brief millisecond. How could I possibly deny them the natural expression of the intimate, loving relationship that they shared? I enthusiastically agreed.

Tina was now able to experience Trish completely, just as I had always enjoyed. Tina was through-the-roof thrilled the first time Trish came inside of her. Having been able to feel the same thing from the beginning, I was excited for both of them.

When Tina didn't conceive, Trish had her semen tested. She was devastated to learn she was sterile, but found some solace when her doctor told her it was probably because of the severe case of mumps she experienced as a child, and not because of the hormones she took. When Tina learned of Trish's impotence she chose to have her tubes tied. If she could not have a baby with Trish, she did not want have one, especially if it could possibly be fathered by her son.

Despite the sorrow we all endured, we learned that love is an inexhaustible and infinite commodity. My growing love for Trish caused my love for Tina to grow exponentially. We were happy beyond description.

The six of us didn't get together for a repeat performance for the rest of the summer or fall. However there were occasions when individual or small group trysts did occur. Tina and I were able to spend a loving evening together with Whitney, and the hot blonde was able to experience the wonder of being thoroughly fucked by a shemale cock. Ellen and her mom indulged in lesbian love more than once, and I know Ellen and Trish made time to be alone as well. Of course, Trish, Tina, and I spent every night together in our bed.

We didn't think our lives could be any happier.

At least until the phone rang late one evening at the end of November. I was the one who answered the phone.


"Dad? It's John."

"John! Is everything OK?"

"Yeah, everything's fine. Listen, I'm glad you answered and I'd love to talk but I only have a minute. I've been given leave for Christmas and I'm coming home for a couple of weeks."

"That's great! Your mom is gonna be thrilled!"

"Dad, please don't tell her. Don't tell anyone. I want it to be a surprise and you're the only one who I know will keep it quiet."

"OK son. I'll keep it under wraps. She's gonna kill me though when she finds out I had a hand in it."

"She'll get over it! Hey, my time is up. I gotta go. I'll stay in touch by e-mail, OK? I love you dad!"

"I love you too John, more than you know."

"Bye dad!"

And the line went dead.

My heart ached. My Marine son, thousands of miles away in a hostile country had called, and I spoke to him for less than a minute. But, he was coming home. I was going to be able to hold my son in my arms again, and we'd have time to talk.

I placed the phone back in the charger and went upstairs to bed.

Trish was still awake, reading a novel. "Who was on the phone baby?" she inquired.

"Wrong number" I answered matter-of-factly before crawling into bed next to my wives.

The next month dragged by. I was incredibly anxious for my son to come home, and for the reaction it would cause in the members of my family.

John was to arrive in St. Louis on December 22nd at around noon. I had arranged to take that afternoon and the next two weeks off so I could spend every possible minute with my child.

D-day arrived. I drove to the airport and parked in the ramp. As I entered the terminal I scanned the arrival monitors and saw that John's flight was on time. I grabbed a ridiculously expensive cup of coffee and made my toward the arrival gate until I had to stop at the security check point.

Rant on. I'm a United States Marine. I love my country and served honorably in it's military for four years. I defended this great land, and would do nothing that would bring her harm. The fact I could not go to the gate to meet my son pissed me off, and still does to this day. Rant off.

As I waited for John, I people watched and sipped my coffee. I was stunned by how unaware of their surroundings a majority of travelers are and by how disgusting the coffee was that I was drinking.

On the other hand I did see some stunningly beautiful women, of which a few smiled and actually checked me out!

While I was having a serious vision collision with a stunning redhead, I heard a commotion on the other side of the security check point. It wasn't a fight or anything, to me it sounded like applause and cheers. For the life of me I could not understand why.

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