My Journey Ch. 08


This is the eighth installment of My Journey. Although not necessary, this story will be more appreciated if you read Chapters 1 thru 7 first. Thank you to all who read my first seven submissions and provided feedback.

All characters in this story are over the age of 18 years.


"Since we're all together, I wanted to tell you all that I have officially enlisted in the Marine Corp and I leave for boot camp the Saturday after graduation." We all congratulated him on his announcement before he hushed us and said "There's more. Whitney and I talked a lot about my decision, and it's a decision we made together. That's why I decided to do this today." Mark reached into the pocket of his robe as he dropped to one knee in front of Whitney.

"Whitney, I fell in love with you on our first date, and I never want to be without you. Will you be my wife?" he asked, holding a diamond solitaire as an offering to Whitney.

As tears filled Whitney's eyes, she hoarsely breathed "Yes. Yes!" Mark slipped the ring on Whitney's finger, stood, and embraced his fiancée in front of the Christmas tree. The room broke out in applause and cheers before we surrounded the newly engaged couple, showering them with our blessing.

After we had congratulated the couple, and "Ooooo'd and Aaaah'd" over the ring (which was quite beautiful I must say) Whitney turned toward Tina.

"Does he know, mom?" Whitney asked Tina, inquiring if John knew that Whitney had become an "intimate" part of the family.

"Not about you, sweetheart" Tina confessed.

Whitney turned toward John. "John, you should know that I'm a part of this family already. I love your family and I love having sex. I was part of the activities that took place over the summer" she admitted.

"I didn't know that, but I guess I'm not entirely surprised after what I've learned in the last couple of days. You... how could anyone resist you?"

Whitney gave John a kiss on the lips and said "Thank you John. What a wonderful compliment."

"So," Whitney continued "since it's been such a long time since we've all had fun together, Mark and I decided that our Christmas gifts to you would be whatever you wanted." At that, Whitney began slowly unbuttoning her dress. There had to be a hundred buttons holding her garment closed, and it seemed to take forever for her to undo them all. She looked around the room as she seductively loosed her clothing, making sure to capture each person's eyes with hers. After what seemed like forever, Whitney unfastened the final button and she allowed her dress to fall open in front of her, and she withdrew her arms from the sleeves, dropping the dress to the floor.

We were not expecting what we saw. What I had thought to be fish-net stockings turned out to be a long sleeve fish-net body stocking that clung to every curve and swell of her magnificent form. Her already erect nipples poked through the holes of the netting. I felt my cock swell.

All eyes were on her, but no one said anything. Finally, Whitney cocked her hips, placed her hands on them and asked "Well?"

"Oh.My.God." escaped from Ellen.

My mouth was to dry to speak.

Tina said "Wow!"

"Fuck me!" was Trish's response.

John? John was totally captivated by her.

"John, Mark and I decided that you should have dibs, if you're interested" Whitney said, rolling her hips as she approached John. Once in front of him she extended her hand into his robe, grabbed his hardening cock and said "Oh, I think you're interested" before covering his mouth with hers and fucking his mouth with her tongue.

John kissed her back, before stopping to look at Mark and asked "Are you sure? She is your fiancée ..."

Mark nodded and said "Merry Christmas."

John restarted the incredibly hot kiss Whitney had begun, dropping his hands to her fish-net covered ass. Whitney moaned into his mouth as she continued to jerk on his now very hard cock.

Ellen kissed Mark's lips and whispered "That was a very unselfish thing to do, Mark" before dropping to her knees, loosening the sash of his robe, and taking his cock into her mouth.

While Whitney continued to rub John's stiff pole, he moved one hand from her ass, around the front and between her legs. Whitney sensed John's surprise and pulled back from their kiss with a huge smile on her face. John started to smile too, and looking into Whitney's eyes said "It's crotchless!"

Whitney nodded knowingly and said "One of the benefits of working at Victoria's Secret" before pressing her mouth to John's and consuming his tongue.

Tina, Trish, and I sat on the couch and just watched the four young people enjoying each other. It was a heartwarming sight. Of course, I was aroused. How couldn't I be? Whitney's bodysuit was crazy fucking sexy, and my lovely daughter was blowing her twin brother.

"You are so wet!" John confessed, his fingers gliding through Whitney's pussy flesh. John slipped a finger inside of Whitney.

"Oh God! I love that!" Whitney purred as John's finger stroked in and out of her fleshy folds. "But I want you to eat me John."

Apparently John wanted the same thing as he guided Whitney to one of the wing back chairs and gently pushed her back into it. John knelt in front of the sexy girl, placed her legs over his shoulders and dove into her drooling muff. His hands extended up and he grabbed her tits while licking and sucking her sloppy wet pussy.

"Oh, John! That's so good! Lick my clit lover! OOOO! YES!" she squealed.

John released one of her breasts and brought his right hand to Whitney's weeping hole. Removing his mouth he inserted first one, then two fingers into her smooth, soft vagina. "Your lips are fucking incredible Whit! So thick and long! And your clit is so big and swollen!" He looked up into her eyes and said "A pussy like this should be in movies!"

Whitney smiled at his comment and replied "It already is, lover!"

John resumed his oral assault and digital intrusion on Whitney's succulent sex, not fully digesting Whitney's comment.

Meanwhile, Ellen had taken up position on her back in front of the Christmas tree. Mark was between her legs thrusting in and out of slippery tunnel.

Trish's hand was now inside my robe, playing with my cock. "It feels so much different with that cock ring on baby. Tina, you gotta feel this!"

Tina's hand replaced Trish's on my cock and she stroked it up and down. "Wow, you feel harder, and bigger!" Tina continued to stroke me. Trish untied my robe and opened it, exposing me to the cool air.

"Why don't you see how it feels inside you!" Trish suggested. Tina began kissing me while she got to her knees on the couch next to me. Trish got up from her spot and got behind Tina, helping her out of her pajamas. Once Tina was naked from the waist down, Trish went to work on her, licking her asshole and pussy from behind.

"That's so good! I love your tongue on me honey! FUCK!" she cried as Trish's tongue dipped into her asshole.

Tina resumed kissing me and stroking my staff before desperately stating "I have to feel you inside of me!" She threw her legs over mine and began to lower her body to me. Trish held me and guided me into Tina's ready gash. "Clark! FUCK! You feel huge!" She began bucking her hips against me as I thrust into her. Her mouth was still on mine as she crossed her arms in front of her and took off her pajama top. She was now gloriously naked as she rode me and her mouth was back on mine. Trish kissed her shoulders and back while running her fingers over Tina's asshole and cock filled pussy. "I love the way you touch me Trish, so gentle, so perfect" she sighed, her hips still pumping against mine.

From the other side of the room I heard Whitney growl as John gave her her first orgasm. "Son of a bitch, John! You have a talented tongue. Do it again!" Whitney demanded. Mark hummed his agreement into her smooth, engorged lips. "Ever had a woman squirt on your face, lover?" she asked. Again, John's mouth would not leave Whitney's sex and he shook his head no. "Want to?" Whitney inquired. John nodded soundlessly.

Ever since Tina gave Whitney her first squirting orgasm over the summer, she made it a point to have one every chance she got. It was especially fun for her if her partner had never experienced it previously.

Whitney began tutoring John in what he needed to do. "Lick my clit lover, and stick two fingers in my pussy" She directed. John complied. "Fuck yes! Now, curl your fingers, yeah, like that. Your tongue feels so good! Keep curling your fingers John. A little more, a little more... there! Shit! Do you feel that?" John nodded his head, tongue still licking her clit. "Rub it lover, rub that spot! FUCK! YES! Just like that. Don't stop. Oh! God!" she yelled, ecstatic. "Stick a finger in my ass lover!" again John complied, and pumped the middle finger of his left hand in and out of her chute while massaging her G spot with is right and licking her clit. "YESYESYES! That's it FUCK! I'm so close love, so close! Don't stop!" Her breathing stopped for several seconds as she was overwhelmed by the stimulation. She gasped once before her body shook and a stream of her ejaculate splashed on John's chin. "AAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAH!" she shrieked, sounding like a siren. John moved to cover her spraying sex with his mouth and drank her nectar, his fingers still penetrating both of her holes. "Oh my God! I'm cumming again!" she yelled as once again her body shuddered and she filled her lover's eager mouth with her honey. "Stop! You gotta stop John! I can't take any more!" John removed his fingers from Whitney and she aggressively pushed him to his back. She pounced on him, attacking his mouth with hers as she mounted his erection, slamming her hips down on his.

"That was so fucking hot!" John said as Whitney pounded her body into him.

"Fuck me with that gorgeous cock of yours. Fuck me lover!" Whitney shouted, whipping around her blonde mane, absolutely on fire with lust. Her fish-net covered body looked so hot as she rode our son.

Tina was still riding my swollen penis, thrilled with the way it felt inside of her. Trish continued to play with Tina's body. "Fuck my ass with your finger sweetie" Tina pleaded. Trish's penetration of her wife's anus caused Tina to have a "mini-cum". "That's fantastic" she said once she caught her breath. "Put your precious girl cock in me sweetie. Fuck my ass!"

Trish groaned in Tina's ear. "I want to honey, so bad. But I need to make sure I have a really big load for later when I take your son's cherry."

Tina's eyes were like fire when she turned toward Trish. She kissed her wife open mouth and pulled away. Her eyes pleaded with Trish, wanting to know which son.

"John" Trish answered the unasked question, causing Tina to really cum as the two kissed again and Trish finger fucked Tina's ass.

I was now free to lick and suck my wife's glorious breasts. I nipped and nibbled at the soft, smooth flesh of her breasts.

"Cum for me Clark! I need to feel you cum!" she begged.

I pumped harder, Tina bucked harder, Trish thrust harder, and I came inside my wife's swampy wet pussy, eliciting another mini-cum from her. Tina was once again kissing my mouth as she whispered "That was so good. Thank you Clark. I love you honey. Love you so much."

We heard Mark grunt and turned just in time to see him pull his cock out of his sister, stroke his hard on a couple of times, and launch a torrent of spurting cum all over Ellen's tits. Trish abandoned us and was at Ellen's side in a flash, licking the sticky, sperm-laden semen from Ellen's body. "Mmmm! Mmmm!" she groaned before shoving her tongue into Mark's mouth, swirling his cum in his mouth and again forcing him to swallow.

Whitney was still riding John, his hands palming her wondrous breasts and his hips rising to meet her descending hips. "Harder! Fuck me harder!" Whitney commanded. John obeyed, and began to violently thrust into Whitney. She held her hips motionless now as John drove into her over and over. Her eyes were closed, her mouth hung open, obvious to all she was cumming on John's cock.

"Oh Fuck!" John said through gritted teeth. "Unh! Unh! Unh!" he grunted as he emptied his balls into Whitney's gripping hole. John released his grip on Whitney's fish-net covered breasts and she collapsed on top of him, her face next to his. She slowly rocked her hips against John, causing his dick to continue to slide in and out of her.

"Well done Marine" she panted into his ear. "You can assault this beach any time you want! Well, as long as you're home!" she clarified. "Oh, and Merry Christmas" she said before engaging him in a touching open mouthed kiss.

John's hand dropped to Whitney's back side and he gently stroked her ass.

Trish, Mark, and Ellen were on the floor, their limbs entangled as they kissed, licked and touched.

Tina was still on my lap and I could finally feel my cock starting to soften. Not only did the cock ring make me bigger, I stayed harder longer. I was not yet sure if this was a good or bad thing.

Eventually Tina got off of my lap and sat on the couch. She started to slip her pajamas back on.

"Not so fast beautiful" Whitney said as she unceremoniously forced Tina's legs apart and began to lick and suck my cum out of her well fucked pussy. "Mmmm. I love your pussy mom!" she moaned before going back down on Tina. Tina scooted her hips out toward the edge of the couch, giving Whitney better access to her crotch. "I love your cum too, dad!" she moaned again. Returning her attention to Tina, she began licking the woman from across her asshole all the way to her clit. Whitney then reached up with her left hand and began stroking me. "Love the cock ring, sexy" she said before she raised herself up to kiss Tina and saying "Merry Christmas mommy."

"Merry Christmas Whitney" Tina said as she tenderly touched the young woman's face. "I am so looking forward to having you as my daughter-in-law."

Whitney was still kneeling between Tina's legs, her ass resting on her feet. Trish slid in behind her, placed her hands under Whitney's taut ass and lifted her up. Rolling to her back, Trish slid under the pretty blonde and, extending her tongue, proceeded to lick those long, thick lips and protruding clit.

Whitney could only sigh, and bury her face back in Tina's pussy.

Trish's hands were all over Whitney's cheeks, squeezing and groping the net covered moons. Whitney's hips started to rock against Trish's face as she approached another orgasm. The smooth rocking of Whitney's hips became more of an urgent thrust as she forced her smooth gash against Trish's mouth and tongue. Whitney raised her head from Tina's lap and let loose with a long, low guttural moan as she came, John's thick cum pulsed in globs from between Whitney's labia and into Trish's sucking mouth.

It seemed as though everyone was satiated, at least for the time being. I got up, went to our bedroom and put on a pair of sweats. There were seven hungry mouths that needed to be fed, so I figured I would get a meal started.

Trish climbed into Tina's lap on the couch, Ellen snuggled on the floor with John while Whitney and Mark curled up in front of the Christmas tree. As I came back down the stairs, the emotion in that living room could be felt. Everyone was in the arms of someone they loved deeply. I could not have been more happy.

I busied myself in the kitchen and out on the deck starting a fire in the grill. I had anticipated preparing a Christmas dinner, so there were steaks, potatoes, bread and vegetables just for tonight.

Tina and Trish had put their PJs back on and came out to the kitchen to help. Trish enveloped me from behind, her deliciously firm breasts pressed into my back. "You are a wonderful husband and dad, Clark. I am so happy to be your wife." She kissed my neck and went about helping with dinner, not giving me the chance to respond.

The seven of us enjoyed a fabulous meal together with a little wine, a lot of laughter, and even more love.

After dinner everyone helped to clean up the kitchen and we sat back down in the living room. Our home is modest, and there isn't room for seven to sit, so laps needed to be shared. John sat in one of the wingbacks and Trish sat in his lap. Mark sat in the other with Whitney in his lap. I sat on the couch flanked by Tina and Ellen.

"Thank you, everyone, for making this a Christmas to remember" I said, a little emotionally.

John chimed in, trying to crack a joke "Yeah, just imagine how boring it would have been if you hadn't seduced Mark and Ellen."

Everyone giggled at his comment. "Why is that funny?" John asked.

"Because we seduced them" Ellen answered. "Well, more accurately, I seduced Trish."

"And I seduced your dad" Whitney added.

"By the time they were done, mom was so hot I just rode their coattails" Mark added causing everyone to laugh.

"So, John, care to redeem that rain check now?" Trish asked.

John answered by kissing her lovingly on the lips before whispering something in her ear. Trish looked at him and nodded. Again John whispered, and again Trish nodded, this time with a beaming smile on her face. "OK" she said.

Trish got off of John's lap and John got out of the chair. Trish took his hand and started toward the stairs. She stopped, turned, and commanded "You two, follow me."

Tina and I knew she meant us, and we dutifully rose from the couch and followed her. Before we were out of earshot I heard Ellen say "Hey lovebirds! My room! Now!"

By the time Tina and I reached our bedroom, John and Trish were already embracing and kissing, their hands roaming over the other's back.

Trish said "Why don't you two get undressed and get under the covers. I'm gonna help John get ready in the bathroom, OK?

Tina and I complied with Trish's suggestion. Once in bed Tina and I engaged in playful touching and kissing. We shared the intimacy of our marriage by repeating to each other how happy, and how much in love we were. We were enjoying just being together.

John and Trish emerged from the bathroom, both gloriously naked. They quickly joined us under the covers. Trish and Tina faced each other in the middle of the bed, while John and I spooned them.

"John told me he wouldn't be comfortable doing this without you here" Trish started.

"Ellen told me that you were both there the first time she and Aunt Trish made love. I know you were there the first time Mark and Aunt Trish made love too. After we had sex in the shower earlier, I felt like I caused Aunt Trish to cheat on you." John said.

"We knew, John. Trish didn't cheat" Tina soothed.

"I know you knew, but it felt wrong to me. So, that's why you're here now."

"That's very considerate of you son" Tina said. "Thank you."

With the formalities out of the way Trish rolled toward John, and the two began their mutual seduction. John's hands roamed Trish's body, gently caressing and touching every part of her. "Your skin is so soft Aunt Trish. I love touching you" John said.

Trish kissed his lips, opening her mouth, then closing it, as her lips dragged across John's. Her hands were busy too as she touched his battle hardened body. She stroked his body with her palms, and dragged just her fingertips across his firm body.

Tina and I watched, fascinated by how tender and gentle our warrior son could be as he explored our wife's body with his fingers.

John's left hand glided up Trish's right arm until his fingers rested on her cheek. John's mouth, still pressed to Trish's, opened slightly as he extended his tongue and licked Trish's lips. Trish's tongue poked out, making contact with the tip of John's. John's hand rested on Trish's cheek as the two lovers continued to kiss tenderly.

Trish drew her right hand up to John's cheek, mimicking his caress. She broke their kiss and gazed into his eyes while her fingertips danced on his cheeks and down the side of his neck. Closing her eyes she closed the distance between their lips, opened her mouth, and attacked his, driving her tongue into his mouth as far as she could. John responded by groaning in pleasure at the sudden intrusion, and fought her tongue with his.

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