tagLoving WivesMy Journey into Sluttiness Ch. 02

My Journey into Sluttiness Ch. 02


Please read chapter one to be in the flow of my journey.


I was apprehensive of the upcoming lesson with Bill. After the initiation by him to what love making could be all about, I realized that I was just a depository for John to make him feel good.

Bill showed up for class. I was all tense but seeing his smile relaxed me. I did not know how to respond to him Should I give him a kiss, hug, or thank you?

He just said, "Hi Erin, I guess we have to do double time to catch up with my lesson."

"We sure do Bill."

My nerves were strung tight. Was he going to make a move on me? We started the lessons and finished them on time. He picked up his books and said, "Catch you day after tomorrow for the next one, ten more to go."

"See ya Bill. Keep studying."

My heart sunk. I was all nerves with nothing happening to initiate sex again.

I was not comfortable in initiating anything. Not even so much as a hint of anything happening at the last class. I wanted his cock pleasing me again if not then and there we could have set up a rendezvous for a session somewhere. I was hoping he could tutor me in sex and I him for his GED.

Four more lessons came and went; again no hint to play.

I decided to hell with him. He used me for another notch in scoring with women. It was the cock attached to him anyway that I had an interest in, not him; a cock.

I needed to feel that awesome feeling of orgasmic pleasure and decided to pay more attention and take up on a suggestive hint the next time one was offered. Before, at the gym I would ignore guy's comments.

I usually wear a sports bra and low-rise, boy-style fit shorts that fit snug to my butt cheeks.

I decided not to take my wedding band off to reduce the number of guys hitting on me that might otherwise the next time I went to the gym.

Several weeks past and the ones that did hit on me did not make my nips hard looking at them.

Bill came by for his lessons and nothing happened between him and me for several more week. He was nearing the end of his coming for the GED tutoring.

At the gym as I was on the tread machine from my backside I heard, "Hot buns there babe." When he was along side of me, I looked at his face and form and instantly my nips hardened; "Really now, thanks."

"Do you share them or are you a one man at a time person?"

"Just one man at a time in bed with me, interested?"

"I'm Jeff, was that an invitation I just heard?"

"I'm Barb, no, it was just a question."

"Damn right babe I'd be interested."

"Care to meet for refreshments in snack area in 30 minutes?"

"Sure Barb, don't work out too much and lose that form you have. See you in thirty."

We met and had that get to know you stuff. Found out in the conversation he was married. I asked him if he hit on every girl he saw or any type in particular and did he cheat if a girl was receptive to his offers.

He hit on all girls hoping to score. In my mind that meant sleeping with them.

I heard, "Seeing you here with a wedding band talking to me suggests that you might cheat a little yourself. If I made the wrong assumption I apologize."

I blushed and answered, "Not often but it has happened."

"What time do you arrive here at the gym?"

"Between seven and seven-fifteen normally."

"What time are you finished?"

"About eight thirty."

"When is your next visit planned?"

"Day after tomorrow."

"I'd like to suggest we meet out front, run up the road to the motel for our private workout session and be back at your normal finishing time."

"I think I would like that Jeff. Jeff do you want me to do something kinky or just routine things."

"Barb, just what is routine for most people, like lots of tongue, mouth, hands, fingers and orgasms. Now I would not object if you offered or do deep throat, or anal or even a simple blow job with swallowing would be an awesome turn on for me."

"I need to be honest and up front with you Jeff. I had a sheltered and protected up bringing, and did not indulge in anything like you have suggested even being married. My guy is on, make a deposit and then off. If you still desire to meet..."

"Those buns of yours have me hard even now. I just hope you will let me do you doggie and if nothing more I will be more than pleased to meet you."

With my heart beating, hands sweaty, sitting with a married man and talking sex I was becoming a wreck. My response was, "I will meet you in front then Jeff between seven and seven fifteen. If I am not here by thirty minutes past, something interfered and then plan on the next night."

"Barb I am not into asking every hot girl I see to party with me. Just a few and thanks for agreeing."

I stood, smiled and said, "You can stay seated and let your problem take care of it self. See you day after tomorrow."

I went to change and was having guilt feeling and excited feelings. I lied about my name, and did not know his last name or him, mine. We did not exchange phone numbers.

The next night I had a GED session with Bill and nothing happened to indicate he wanted to play again as it had been the last month.

I was scared and excited about meeting Jeff. I was hoping that with all the agony I was going through by cheating, he would make it worth while.

He was waiting for me at the entrance. I smiled nervously as he reached out for my hand to lead me to his car. I heard, "Nice to see your Barb. I have been thinking of your buns ever since the other night." He held the door and I sat down as a passenger and not a lover. I then heard, "My wife would kill me if she knew I was picturing you there in place of her when I had sex last night with her. She only spreads her legs for me thinking it will keep me from wandering and looking for fresh; little does she know. I lie to her and tell her how fantastic her pussy is and that I can not get enough of it. She is such a cold fish though. Any suggestion of something different causes us to fight. I would leave her except she is loaded with cash from an inheritance; so I'm pussy whipped as the guys say."

"Well how have your past few days been? Thinking any of me or too busy, Barb?"

"To be honest Jeff, I did have second thoughts because of the cheating aspect; not you."

"I'm glad you selected to me meet and try something new. Look, if I start anything repulsive with you just let me know. I hope we can end the night with both of us desiring to see each other from time to time when we get horny.

We arrived at the motel; Jeff registered. He drove the car around to the backside of the unit. I was really tensing up as he took me by the hand and led me to the door.

Once inside I scanned the room, put my purse down and heard, "Barb, your buns fill those jeans out nicely and your blouse does wonders for your breasts. They have a liquor and soda here, care for some?"

"Thanks Jeff, and while you get me some soda I will use the bathroom."

When I returned my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He was stripped other than boxer shorts. He was hairless on the visible body parts. I loved his wavy curly black hair on the top of his head. His 6 foot frame made him look taller. He had no hair on his legs. I wondered if he shaved them. His abs were tight. He did no have big muscles but he was not skimpy wither. He must have weighed 180 pounds give or take.

He then offered me the soda. I took a sip and placed it on the table. He took me then into his arms, looked me deep in the eyes, then lowered his mouth to mine, placed his hands on my butt cheeks and pulled me tight to him. His hard cock pressed into my stomach.

The thought flashed through my mind damn he is going to be wham, bam like John.

Then Jeff was caressing my neck with his lips and still pressing his cock into my belly. He then removed the hands and began to undue the buttons on my blouse. Being that I am a 34C and knowing we might platy, I did not wear a bra. He placed his forehead on mine and stared down the cleavage as the blouse opened more. I had my arms around his neck. When the blouse opened he saw hard nipples and shapely firm breasts with nice brown aureoles and pink colored nipples. I heard, "Barb, your breasts are so beautiful," as his hands encased them. I let out a moan of pleasure.

Then he said, "Babe, lie down and let me pleasure them with my mouth."

I walked to the bed and positioned myself to one side so he had room to lie next to me.

When he was in position he moved his hands to them again, firmly grasping and squeezing. The nipples were showing between his middle finger and index finger with some pressure being applied. I close my eyes to enjoy the feelings of a man playing with them. He then kissed one nipple and then the other. He then began to take them into his mouth and gently bit and sucked on them, alternating between the two. I murmured, "Oh god Jeff that feel so good."

After some minutes of the mouth and tongue treatment of my breasts he slipped his hands to my jean top to open the button and tug down the zipper ever so slowly, making sure he was building me up for the skin contact to come. He then rose up, straddled my legs, grasping the top of the jean and my undies and ever so slowly began to slip them over my hips as I lifted them and off my legs.

I nearly died when he took my undies, placed them at his nose, took a deep whiff and said, "God I just love it when women produce such heavenly liquids as they get ready for hot sex."

Jeff knelt, spreading my legs apart as he stared at my smooth mound. I knew my lips had to be parted from the excitement and blood pressure there.

Jeff lowered his head and began kissing the insides of my thighs, alternating from side to side and was working up to my pussy.

After Jeff had kissed the area where my legs join the trunk of the body, he placed his mouth at my pussy opening and sucked out the juices that I had been making.

Jeff heard, "Oh god."

He then made a pointed tongue and began to drag it up the slit towards the clit.

I placed my hands on the sides of Jeff's face trying to pull him up to the clit faster.

When he reached the clit, he used the softest licks. I was sailing and humping my hips to get off. Jeff then pressed on the clit and flicked fast with his pointed tongue.

I gushed and muffled the pleasure moans not wanting him to know how good it was for me. My body convulsed on the bed as wave after wave of pure pleasure rolled through me.

When I had settled, Jeff continue soft kisses and licking, I said, "Jeff before you insert that toy in me can I suck on it a little?"

He responded with, "God yes Barb. Sit on the bed's edge and I will stand on the floor."

As Jeff climbed off the bed and he dropped his boxers. I nearly fainted at seeing a short cock but fat. Was I going to get that even in my mouth flashed through my brain?

It stood tall and proud. As he got closer I could see clear liquid at the eye. I dug deep to gather the nerve to lean forward, and use the tip of my tongue to lift it off. Jeff placed his hands on the sides of my face and uttered, "Oh god Barb it has been awhile since anyone did that for me. I'm afraid if you suck much I will fire."

"Jeff if you fire, how soon will it be ready again?"

"Babe with your buns I might not get soft. If I do I will be ready in no time if you let me look at your backside from a doggie position."

I decided to suck Jeff a little and if he fired to please him and swallow. I have always wondered how it might taste. Seeing it in some porn on the net, I decided it could not be that revolting.

I started at the base of his cock and ran my tongue up to its head on his shaft and then down. I did that a numbers of times concentrating on that thick vein on its bottom. I was shock to see his balls encased in smooth skin. God, he saved them. I circled the head with the tip of my tongue which I made into a point. I then wrapped my mouth around the thick thing and I then went about mouth fucking Jeff's cock.

It erupted in a few minutes. I never heard a growl so loud in my life, nor feel a guy's body stiffen so hard, let alone his cock. God it erupted lots of liquid. I manage to swallow most of it. If I had not delayed to get a taste of the flavor I could have gotten it all but it kept coming.

He pulled out and I headed to the bathroom to freshen.

Looking at the clock, and desiring an orgasm from Jeff, I hopped on the bed, got in doggie position and let him look and feel at my buns.

I then heard, "Barb if you are ready I am. The time is getting away from us. If we do this again we need to find ourselves more sneak away time."

I felt his one hand in the center of my back and the bed move as he was scooting into position to put his shaft in me. I was startled when I felt something cold going into my pussy. I then heard, "Sometimes my condom breaks Barb but that cold stuff will take care of everything and anything."

He then placed the head of his fat cock at the entrance, placed a hand on my shoulde. lifted his right leg planting the foot flat on the bed and slowly pushed himself forward and held me in position as the fat cock stretched my opening as it began to snake its way in.

I jerked when the head popped in and I went, "Unnngggg...aaahhhaaa, god." There was no pain but a really filled up feeling.

"Jeez Barb, your love canal is so tight, 'Oh shit.'"

After he was in me and slowly humping, he groped under me with his other hand for my swollen clit. When he found it, he rubbed it furiously causing me to utter, "Aaahhaa...ooooo...uuunngg...oooo god Jeff...aahhhaaa...ooooooooo," as an orgasm roared through me.

With my pussy gripping his cock as he was thrusting, stimulating nerves in me that I did not know existed, it triggered him to stiffen, shove his cock as far as he could with its balls hitting my thighs and fire his baby making stuff into me. I felt my insides warm up. From the warmth I assumed the condom had broken.

I went into another orgasm. With my body convulsing, my pussy had to be fucking him and him me. It was an unbelievable. I have been missing out on so much.

We showered and then headed back to the gym. Neither of us said a word but I did lean on his shoulder and sat next to him like a love struck teenager.

As we kissed our goodbye at the car I said that I would try to figure out something for more time the next time. We kissed again as he squeezed the buns.

To be continued...

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