tagLoving WivesMy Journey into Sluttiness Ch. 04

My Journey into Sluttiness Ch. 04


Reading Chapter One will place this in context

Over the following month, Jack and I were seeing each other once a week and he was giving me the pleasures that my husband either did not desire or could not.

My sexual activity remained the same with John. I would yield to his hint of sex with him feeling my breasts and humping me with his boner.

John came home one night and told me that he would need to be out of town during the week but get home Friday evenings and leave again Sunday afternoon for at least six weeks and maybe longer depending on how a start up went in a new facility.

I reacted with false anger to make him think I was devastated but internally was excited; knowing I could sample different guys every night of the week and would not be under a time constraint to be home.

It was easy with John out of town. I'd go to the gym and if a guy made an offer and I desired to play with him, either go to the motel then from the gym or meet at the motel at a convenient time.

I managed to juggle Jack one night in a week and two strangers more in a week. I became very comfortable with having sex in many different positions with such a variety of cocks pleasing themselves in my body.

In the fourth week of John's absence a female about 25 years old, having the body and features of a model in her leotards came over to me as I was preparing to leave and said, "A guy gave me fifty dollars and asked me to give this envelope to you and to tell you that the contents are precious."

I thanked her, took the envelope to the snack area to have a juice and to look at the contents.

I could tell there were several pictures as I reached to extract the contents and they were surrounded by a note. My heart had picked up speed as I handled them. I took the note from the pictures. I began looking at the pictures. Panic washed over me. They were photos of me either going into the motel room or car with guys I had been having sex with.

My world came crashing down.

I turned my attention to the note and it read: "My dear slut: I am sure that you would prefer your husband not to see these pictures or others."

I was becoming nauseous and panicking at the same time.

The letter continued: "My intention of doing this is to place you into a difficult situation until the time comes when you will desire to have sex freely and seek me out instead of me seeking you.

"If I would approach you and ask that you share your body with me as you have with the fellows in the pictures, there is a 99% change you would reject me asking.

"To put you at ease a tad, I am a fit fellow but 45+. My age gives me lots of staying power, assuring you many orgasms.

"The lady that handed you the envelope is waiting for you at the exit if you have time to discuss this matter further and put it behind you. She will bring you to my place and return you to the gym."

I placed the pictures and not back into the envelope and then into my purse.

I walked to the exit after signing out and up to the girl that handed me the package and then hearing, "Erin, try to relax, you will be fine."

"How did you know my name?"

"My dad just followed you into the gym and signed in behind you."

"Your dad, I don't understand."

"It is a long story Erin. I am Elizabeth but nick named Sunny. Dad needs a lot of sex to keep him happy and at his age realized it would be difficult to get young women to sleep with him. So he devised this scheme to meet ladies and in many cases expose them to the many pleasures of sex that they had never experienced. One hundred percent so far leave with a date already made to come back to play at his place."

"He selects women like yourself that cheat, knowing that if your husband was satisfying you; you would not be sleeping around. Dad says women like you are in need of sex but are afraid to sleep with an older man because in many cases he is older than your father, and not hot and handsome looking. He also says once you have sampled an older man you will expand your selection of guys to sleep with and if it is just sex that you need, you will drift to the older guys because of the pleasures that they give you versus a young guy that fires quickly."

"Sunny this is blackmail. How long has your father been doing this?"

"About five years since mom died eight years ago. Dad works out a lot to stay in physical shape and younger women like you, were turning him down for dates. He noticed that some women were flirting with guys. He would follow them and discovered that the motel up the road was a popular place. He decided to park there and took photos of couples entering. He then looked for them her when he was here."

"At first he would give them the envelopes but had to deal with the hysteria. He discovered if I did it there was less because I did not hang around and then the lady could come with me or call and make an appointment. Erin as I said before all he desire is to show you how more enjoyable sex can be with a guy twenty to thirty years older. Many of the women still send him flowers or candy for making a marriage better or helping them choose a new partner. Dad just does this with ladies that display their wedding ring when they cheat."

"Sunny I don't know if I should be pissed at you, sorry for you or neutral."

"Erin be neutral and things will be fine. Dad will introduce you to new things and I know all the women come back freely for more fun. Dad tries to keep ten ladies in training as he calls it. I hand out an envelope when one moves on to explore sex with different guys or has trained her husband. If the husband is trained the couple then become swingers generally because the wife then loves variety, sort of an addiction. Dad host as swing party once a month for married couples only."

"That would never happen with my John."

"Don't be sure Erin; many women have said that and the couple now swing. Well we are here. Please come in with me and I will get you comfy. BY the way my dad's name is Harry."

I was so engrossed in the chat I was not paying attention to where Sunny had driven. We walked into a mansion. As we walked to the stairs leading to the upper level I could see it was furnished with antiques and Victorian style furniture.

Sunny led me to a bedroom that was decorated in American Empire furniture asked me to freshen up and come back down the lower level with only the robe on that she handed me. She pointed to a button at the door and asked me to push it on my way down and that she would meet me at the bottom of the stairs.

I heard, "While you are undressing let me pour us a glass of lemonade from the refrigerator there. I'm thirsty and you must be also."

Attached to the bedroom was a half-bath.

I undressed down to my bra and panties, drank part of the lemonade with Sunny, proceeded to remove the remaining clothes, placed a shower cap on and freshened.

I really had no choice but to do as asked because I did not desire Harry to get the pictures to John.

I put on the black silk, short robe that barely covered my butt cheeks, finished the lemonade, pressed the button and headed to the lower level were Sunny met me.

We walked into a room which had dark wood paneling, many erotic pictures, furniture both chairs and sofas in velvet material of red and black colors. It was an atmosphere of sex instantly.

Harry entered from a different direction.

I was looking at a six foot plus man of one hundred and ninety pounds more or less, wavy salt/pepper hair and the bluest eyes I have ever looked into. He was wearing a mid thigh length black silk robe.

He walked over to me and said, "I wish Erin are first meeting would have been on equal terms but since not, I will attempt to make it very enjoyable for you none the less. Please have a sip of wine and let's move over to the dance area and let me chat while we dance."

Sunny brought two glasses of white wine. We each took a sip and I walked with him not having said a word. I was scared as well as shocked at is handsome feature. I will admit I would have turned him down at the gym.

Some soft dance music started and he took me into his arms and pressed me into his chest. His hands went to my butt and I heard, "Those feel so nice Erin. Look, just relax and surrender your pussy and yourself to me for tonight. I think in a few hours you might be asking or maybe begging for more orgasms. We both know you are lacking great sex at home and you are seeking it from hot looking guys. I love young pussy such as yours desiring to be made to feel good. Just put blinders on and fantasize about one of the other guys as I am pleasing your pussy. All I desire tonight is a sampling of your pussy. If you desire more it can be done, just ask."

"Let's have a sip of wine and get turned on."

We took a sip and then Harry took me to a coffee table and said, "Kneel on the cushion Erin and we will watch the porn together."

I looked down at the table and saw a TV monitor facing the ceiling. There was a couple in the process of kissing and stripping.

I knelt and Harry knelt next to me and said, "Does watching porn do anything for you Erin?"

My throat was dry but managed to say, "Sometimes."

"Any particular type that interest you, more than others?"

"Cough...no not really."

"Well have a sip of wine and lean down and watch the flick."

I did as he suggested.

We watch the couple strip as the passion between them grew.

After the girl had tossed the guys shirt she undid his belt and lowered the zipper.

She then reached in and pulled out a semi-hard cock. She looked the guy in the eye as her hand wrapped around it, placed her mouth in the center of his chest and began soft kisses, working her way to the cock in her hand.

I felt Harry's left hand slide between my thighs and was softly massaging my right thigh.

The girl knelt in front of the guy and playfully licked the head a few times until it was fully erect, then took it between her lips and mouth fuck it a couple of times.

"Do you do that for guys, Erin?"

My body was warming up seeing the action, his hand between my thighs and knowing soon we would be watching the girl being used for the guys' pleasure.

I answered, "Yes."

She then began licking the cock again. After a few minutes of licking she slowly sucked his cock to the base. She moved her head slowly, sucking as her cheeks sunk in. When his cock head began to spread her lips on its way out, she opened her mouth to circle the head with her tongue around the sensitive crown several times before repeating the mouth action.

Harry was working his hand closer to my pussy opening. I could feel his thumb searching for it.

The girl in the mean time had removed her mouth from the cock, was holding it with her left hand and flicking rapidly that very sensitive area of the cock. The guy placed his hands on the girl closed his eyes and let out with a soft moan and some hip movement.

I felt Harry's hand sliding around on my soft skin from the liquids leaking from me. I was giving myself away. The guys in the porn said, "Let me fuck your tight pussy. I don't want to waste my spunk this way. I want to coat your insides so it leaks for days so you can remember the fucking you had."

The girl stood, stripped her jeans and panties. The guy took her to a table and said, "Lie face down. I will make this quick and then you can clean me and we can do your ass when you have it hard again.

Harry's thumb was really close to my opening and there was lots of fluid flowing.

I was tensing for the insertion of his thumb into me.

The girl in the porn did as asked. The guy lined up his cock and shoved. The girls screamed and I screamed, "Ohoooooooooo, as Harry's thumb entered my hot leaking vagina.

Harry was fucking me with his thumb and rubbing my g-spot with it, as a finger massaged my clit I closed my eyes and raced to my orgasm. The orgasm hit me and the longest stream of words that I had emitted that far was, "I'm there, Oh god I'm going to Ohhhoooo...Ohooo...ooooohoooo!"

My body convulsed, my pussy clamped the thumb and I had the release I needed as well as desiring more from this stranger. There was no pushing or demands until I had settled and heard, "Please give me a lap dance Erin and make your self cum as often as you need."

He offered me his hand, we walked to the sofa and we sipped some wine before he sat down. I still had not seen or felt his cock.

As I crawled onto his lap he said, "Press your body into mine, I will open your robe and mine, and then let yourself down slowly onto my cock."

Being we were in silk the robes moved easily.

My breasts touched his chest and he had to feel the hard nipples pressing into him. I lowered myself as he stabilized his cock. As it was entering me I went, "Mmmmmm," as it filled up my cavity.

After it was fully in me, he flexed it a few times and it again caused me to utter, "Mmmmmm."

I heard, "Ride it babe make yourself feel good."

I did slow lifting and then increased the speed as it was making me feel better and better. When I had raised sufficiently that my breasts were even with his mouth, he encased them with his hands and alternated sucking the hard nipples with his wet, warm mouth.

I raced to another orgasm wrapping my arms around his head and uttered, "AAAAhhhhhaaaaa," as it charged through me. My pussy was gripping the cock in me and I was enjoying it.

He let the boobs loose and as I was calming down it dawned on me he had not cum and did he have a condom on.

I assumed he did just from his social stature.

I then forced a hand between us and a finger found my clit. I placed my mouth at his ear and whispered, "God, I have never been treated this way. If you continue that I will cum again."

His cock flexed and I heard as being pulled tighter to him, "Cum Erin, cum as often as you want. Enjoy sex the way it should be."

I then began with slow fucking of myself and progressed to my third orgasm which was the hardest of the night.

As I was recovering with sweat poring from my pores Harry asked, "Are you BI, Erin?"

I broke my embrace and leaned back and said, "No Harry, I am not."

"Any particular reason you are not?"

"I guess the opportunity never presented itself as I was growing up. I was aware of it but was never approached by any classmates."

"Your husband never asked that you make love with another woman while he masturbated and watched?"

"No he never has."

"Have you watched it in porn or on the net or read erotic stories about it?"

"Yes a few times but being married limits my ability to explore."

"Sunny want you to make love to her. She thinks you are hot. Are you willing to try it or will it gross you out?"

I was very quite as my heart pounded in my chest and I am sure Harry sensed it. Flashes of me and Sunny sixty-nine flashed through my brain.

"Come with me Erin, Sunny is waiting for us."

"I lifted off from Harry. He took his hand and placed it between my legs to cover my mound. He then withdrew it and it was glistening with my juices. He liked his hand clean of them and said, "I am looking forward to drinking much more of that."

He then handed me my glass of wine. I finished it. He took me by the hand and said, "Let's go to Sunny."

We closed out robes and we went to the other side of the lower level and opened a door. I could see the mirrored walls and the floor had some type of black coating. I froze seeing Sunny on a gynecologist examining table, legs spread in the stirrups with an exposed glistening pussy. There was a sheet lifted to cover her face but her breasts were exposed. They were the same size as mine. Her nipples were erect and brown.

My heart pounded harder when I saw, all sorts of toys, such as dildos, ropes, handcuff, sex swing, benches, crosses and other stuff.

There were rings in one wall at different elevations and dangling from the ceiling. "Here take a sip of flavored water and then let's go make Sunny glow."

I took a sip of water and we walked to the bottom of the table. Harry stood behind me, cupped my covered breasts and whispered, "Take a close look at a hot pussy that is begging for your mouth Erin." Harry was massaging my breasts and the nipples were hardening. "Look at the juices forming and dripping from the crack of her butt onto the floor in anticipation of your mouth." Harry was humping my but crack with his hard cock.

There was a small puddle and every now and then it would make a wave as another drop fell.

"Just spread her lips like guys do you Erin and make her feel good like guys do you."

"You can kneel on this and it will make it more comfortable for you as you eat her and I fuck your pussy at the same time. Let's take the robes off and play," after pulling out the kneeler.

I moved between those inviting lips, reaching around her thighs to spread them further with my fingers as guys do me. I was inhaling the scent of a female in heat. She had no pussy hair. She was smooth as a baby so I could see the clit. "Eat her pussy," came from Harry. I dove in. She tasted better than I had anticipated.

My tongue licked slowly at her clit at first. She let out soft moans. I increased the speed of the licking to almost a fast flicking. I was attempting to lick up all the juices that were leaking from her.

We heard, "Oh God." She gasped as I pushed my tongue into her cavity to collect all the juices I could. She was going to cum soon because her hips were moving and her breathing became shallower and faster. The closer she approached her orgasm, the more her pussy was flexing.

In the mean time Harry was massaging my clit from the front and finger fucking my pussy with two digits.

The orgasm hit both of us at the same. I then inserted two fingers into her pussy as guys have done to me.

As soon as I showed some sign of completing my orgasm, Harry removed his hands, stepped behind me and buried his cock deep in me until his balls hit my thighs, forcing my mouth down hard on Sunny.

I heard, "She needs more Erin, keep eating. Here fuck her with this dildo at the same time."

Harry placed a dildo in my hand. I inserted it, which elicited, "Yes, god, yes, eat me more and fuck me Erin.

When went about taking each other to pleasure land and this time Harry fired his juice, letting out with a audible, "Uuggghhh...Uuggghhh... Uuggghhh...Uuggghhh...oh yeah, they just get better."

When we had recovered I heard, "Take a sip of wine Erin and let Sunny help you get onto the table as she was and she can eat you like you did her, and I will fuck her then."

I followed the suggestion. When Sunny began to eat me, I also played with my breasts. I was no longer timid or shy.

I began to vocalize my feelings with, "Yes, god yes, oh god Sunny, faster, faster, fuck me with the toy, fuck me with your tongue, eat me, Oh god yes oh this is so Ohhoo... Ohhoo... Ohhoo... Ohhoo... Ohhoo," as I enjoyed the orgasm surging through me from the dildo and Sunny's tongue.

Sunny did not quit and took me to another orgasm while she moaned her orgasm into my clit as her father fucked her and her father growled another cum fucking his daughter.

When he calmed and had his breath Harry said, "Look around the room and these toys can be used by both men and women. Do you see anything interesting? DO you have any questions about any of them? If you do, talk to Sunny and set up an appointment and we can play as threesome or twosome. It will be your call."

"Erin, when you leave, Sunny will give you the camera stick to dispose in any manner you so chose. There are no copies and it is your call whether or not you desire to expand your sexual knowledge or find maybe some deep hidden secret desire that Sunny or I or combination might awaken in you. I hope you drop by and play often."

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