tagLoving WivesMy Journey into Sluttiness Ch. 05

My Journey into Sluttiness Ch. 05


Upon waking I listened to the voice mail. It was John telling me he would not make it home for the weekend and was being very apologetic. Things at the start up were not going well according to his message.

I decided to expand my horizons at Harry's place with Sunny and Harry if they were free.

I called Sunny later in the day and was invited to spend Friday and Saturday night at their place if I had enjoyed myself.

When I arrived, I was shocked to find a number of cars there. Sunny answered the door after I rang, hugged me and said that they were having a birthday party for a friend and it would a nice way for me to meet couples that swing.

She also indicated that Harry would be introducing me to the guest and that I was his date for the night. Sunny indicated her boyfriend would be arriving later.

We walked to Harry and he had a big grin. When we were close he said, "We are glad that you decided to explore your sexuality more Erin and welcome again. Let's get you a drink, some munchies and I will then introduce you to the guest. We are expecting two more couples after which we will have some cake for the birthday guest and then party the night away."

"Harry, I assume the party will swing being these people are all swingers?"

"Yes, it sure will Erin but you are with me and we will do whatever is comfortable for you."

We managed to get some snacks and wine. Harry introduced me to his friends and mentioned to the guest that I was just learning and searching for my sexuality being married to a cold fish for five years. The majority of the guest wished me well in my search and some asked if they could be of assistance.

I was thankful Harry spoke for me mostly saying, "I'm sure when the time comes, she will be more than happy for you to assist her."

The other guest arrived, including Sunny's boyfriend. I was shocked that he was a black guy. Even seeing another mixed couple while Harry was introducing me did not stir any emotions in me; seeing Sunny with her guy did. I was wondering was he hung like some of the guys at the gym that had nice outlines in their workout attire.

Harry then excused himself to wish the birthday guest a happy birthday. Sunny and her boyfriend stood by me while Harry did his thing. I then heard, "Okay ladies, when ever you are ready go to the bowl to fish out your first of the night lover."

"What is that about Sunny?"

"Well the guys toss something into the fish bowl when they desire to swing for the night. The ladies, when they arrive are given a number representing their order in arriving. The lady which was the first to arrive goes to another bowl and pulls out a number. If it isn't number one, she places it into the bowl next to it. The second lady then goes to the bowl and takes a number. If it is not number one, she places the number she has picked into the bowl with the other. That repeats until a lady pulls number one. Then she goes to the bowl that the guy placed his keys, or business card, or pen; something that identifies him. She holds it up and the owner claims his item and her and they go off to party.

"At 1:00 AM, people can intermix, form groups, join other or find another solo."

"Wow Sunny, that looks exciting just the process of selecting your first date."

"Yeah it adds suspense and excitement and spreads the luck around. People have to swing and not be selective for the same person each time they come here; at least for the first encounter of the night."

Soon after the ladies were drawing the items, Harry walked up to me and said, "Well Erin, shall you and I go to a secluded spot and further your interest in how to enjoy sex?"

I took him by the arm, smiled and we walked off together to a library. I did not survey the room much other than seeing it was a library with the usual books but a desk and several leather chairs and sofas. It was an office also. What did catch my attention were two sofas that were back to back and they each focused individually on a large television set.

Harry turned me to him after closing the door behind us and our lips touched. From that point on it was working each other up to where we wanted to feel skin and more.

We proceeded to strip each other and I was careful in lowering Harry's boxers over his erect cock. On my knees I wrapped a hand around it and began to kiss it and ran my tongue along its side when I heard, "Let's go to the sofa and continue Erin.

He helped me to stand, we walked to the sofa, he sat down, and I knelt between his legs and picked up from where I had been.

As I was making Harry feel better, my nipples desired attention and I wanted his cock in my pussy.

I knew he would enjoy for me to blow him so I proceeded to give meaningful attention to the cock. I soon heard, "Erin please let me cum in your hot pussy? How about giving me a lap dance?"

I was on the pill and he seemed clean, and the thought of another man's semen coating my insides was turning me on.

I stood up, straddled Harry with my legs, placed my breasts, and while lowering myself to his ridged pole said, "I would like to feel your nut juice spraying inside me, Harry."

He let out with a soft moan as the cock head popped in and my pussy walls gripped it. I lowered myself until it was all in me. I lifted back, looked him in the yes and said, "Jeez that cock of your is so awesome in there. Thanks for spying on me."

He lowered his head, took his hands and encased my breasts and sucked a nipple into his mouth. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation when I heard, "God Jerry, your cock can do things a white cock can't for me."

My eyes opened and I saw Sunny, face and stomach down on the gynecologist table with her boyfriend doing her doggie on the TV. They had modified the table so her breasts were drooping and he could play with them. Her head was in a rest ring. Harry had his hands on her hips bones as he was thrusting.

My eyes focused on them and the black cock going in/out of her.

I could feel it doing me.

Sunny orgasmed and gripped her head rest to a point of white knuckles.

I wanted to cum my self so began slow movements on Harry's cock.

I placed my lips on Harry's lips; soon our tongues connected. I closed my eyes and was picturing Jerry fucking Sunny. I felt Harry's tongue inside my mouth exploring me.

I broke the kissing to look at the TV again. Jerry was playing with Sunny's breasts, hanging so nicely. He was humping her slowly.

My thoughts were interrupted by, "Enjoying seeing Sunny's pussy being made to feel good, Erin?"

We both heard Sunny scream out her second orgasm.

"God yes Harry, Sunny is enjoying him a lot."

"She will share him with you if you want to broaden your experience Erin."

"Harry, Oh... damn...you feel so hard and good in my pussy. God, you make me so hot doing this to me and showing me the action between them."

"Yes, I want to feel Jerry's cock doing me like it is doing Sunny's."

I picked up my pace of riding Harry's cock because I wanted to cum. Harry sensed it and grabbed my tits harder. The nipples were steel hard.

"Pinch them Harry, make me scream from the pain."

He did and I heard, "Those nips feel like a hot poker Erin. Make yourself cum on my hot rod. I will bathe your pussy in hot nut juice."

I heard Sunny let out with another scream. I knew she was having a third orgasm and it triggered mine to begin.

I moved my pelvis frantically working on Harry's hard cock and wanting to make it fire.

I heard, "Erin, I'm almost there. God your pussy is milking my cock. I won't last babe."

"Harry, I'm, ohhhhhoooooooooo Harry."

Harry stiffened, lifted his butt to shove his cock as deep as he could, pulled me tight to him and growled his cumming into my neck. Every time Harry's cock fired a volley of his hot juice another wave of orgasmic pleasure rolled through me.

In the middle of our cumming we heard Sunny and Jerry both groaning their mutual orgasm. That caused mine to be more intense thinking of Jerry unloading in me.

After we had settled I heard, "Erin would you later like to eat Sunny as Jerry fucks you and I fuck Sunny or do you prefer one on one with Jerry?"

"I guess maybe all four of us since it will be a first for me eating a pussy with mans cum in it and being with a black guy the first time. He looked huge and I don't want him to hurt me with his cock. It sure is exciting to see him and Sunny enjoying them selves. That cock and color contrast of her juices on the black cock is awesome to look at."

"Well let's tell them and give Jerry some recovery time and we can then play. You and Sunny can sixty-nine and then after cumming, we will play with you both."

Harry had softened and pointed to a half-bath for me to freshen up and told me to put on the robe that was in the bath.

While in the shower I played with a nipple with one hand and masturbated with the other thinking of Jerry's cock in me.

I put on the robe after drying and headed out to meet Harry. He was in a robe also. We joined the crowd having snacks consisting of pizza, sandwiches and drinks. Harry took me to Sunny and Jerry and mentioned my wishes; both of them smiled and Sunny said, "He will generate the most fantastic orgasm for you Erin."

Jerry gave me a wink. My nipples hardened and blood rushed to my lower lip causing them to fill and swell.

As Harry and Jerry walked away to visit other party guest Sunny said, "I'm glad you called. We should have a good time this weekend together. I don't mind sharing Jerry for a few times and if you get hooked on what he can do for you, he has some great friends you should sample. I have met maybe ten guys through him but met Jerry at the same gym you go to. Just look at a black guy for a few seconds; he will know you are interested in playing."

"Thanks Sunny, I never thought much about it until I was watching him and you and how much you seemed to be enjoying it. God your white juices coating his black cock looked so erotic. I just need to experience it."

"Look let's you and I sixty-nine. After we cum let's get into doggie side by side and we can hold each others hands as the guys are doing us. That way you will be close to me and can squeeze my hand to get my attention if you desire to quit."

"Erin just so you know I saw dad watching porn one night after mom died and masturbating. Several nights later I saw him holding a picture of mom with tears rolling down his cheeks. It so happened we had a terrible thunderstorm that night. I wanted to make dad feel good but did not know how to accomplish it. It dawned on me if I crawled in bed with him, using the storm as an excuse, things might go the way I desired. Well they did and we have been having a lot of sex since. Dad enjoys seeing me enjoying sex with other guys and is not possessive. I bring this up so you don't wonder or dwell too much on it."

"Thanks for sharing Sunny. I see the guys headed our way. Do you suppose they have recovered?"

"Yes they have Erin; they both are grinning."

When they arrived by us, Jerry reached around my waist and asked, "Harry tells me your pussy is a virgin to a black cock and that he thinks you desire for it to become a playground for guys that can give you multiple orgasms. I am looking forward to being the one initiating it. Look if Sunny enjoys it so will you. Just relax and it might hurt a tad the first few minutes but soon you will be begging for me to fuck you deep and hard and to fill that slutty cunt with lots of juices from the cock fucking you"

Jerry by then had his hand on a breast massaging it through the robe as we walked to the bedroom to play. Harry and Sunny were chatting about something and I did not pay any attention until I heard from Sunny saying, "Let's make each other feel good Erin. I'll take top after we get each other hot and bothered standing."

Since it was my second time to be eating her; I followed her lead.

To move the story along we managed to get each other off. Sunny spun and we kissed, exchanging the flavors on our lips and then she whispered, "Let's kneel and let the guys rake us to a better cum. They are ready and I love cumming with a cock in me."

We knelt next to each other. I tensed a little knowing my first black cock was going to soon make its presence known as I took her right hand with my left as I felt the bed moving as the guys were taking up positions behind us.

Jerry placed his right foot flat on the bed, his left hand in the center of my back, and using his right hand placed the purple bulbous head at my pink, wet pussy opening. I felt pressure as he was shoving it slowly forward. I was gripping Sunny's left hand harder and harder as my pussy door was stretching to let the invader in.

When the head popped in and the mouth encased around the hard cock, I let out with, "Ohooooooo, fuuuuuuck, easy, easy."

Jerry began with slow humping. I was shocked at the feeling of his cock pulling my clit into my pussy and rubbing it on the way out. God, the length of it was going deeper and deeper with more and more clit stimulation and the walls of my pussy were getting hotter and hotter, never being rubbed before.

After I felt his balls on my thighs, he lowered his right foot and placed his hands on my hips and began to fuck me with increasing speed.

I was approaching my first orgasm induced by a black cock and was mumbling, "Yes, Yes, oh god yes, mmmmmm...mmmmm...oh god I'm going to aaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaa...ooohhhoooooo," as the cock was stimulating nerves I did not know existed in my vagina.

My pussy walls clamped onto the hard cock and the orgasm rolled through my whole body even causing me breast to harden.

I was shocked when Jerry then spread my ass cheeks when I started to calm down and managed to bury his cock deeper into me. The ride over the entire length of his cock was now causing me to reverse and go for another orgasm.

He pounded deep, long and hard into my hot pussy and his balls were hitting my thighs with force.

I needed to vocalize the feeling and moaned again as before as the orgasm was reaching the crescendo with, "Oh, oh, oh, yes. Oh, god, I'm there, oh going to cccccuuuummmm, oh, fuck me, fuck me, I'm coming!"

During my cumming, Jerry lifted his right foot again, planted it on the bed, reached with his left hand for my pony tail, and under me for a breast and pulled the hair, squeezed the breast, stiffened with his cock buried as far as he could get it in, growled and pumped his semen deep into me, warming my playground.

All that sent me to another horrendous orgasm, which elicited from me, "Yes, god yes, fill me with your nut juice, Oh my god, oh god, they won't quit. Yes, yes, don't stop fucking me, more...more...give me more!"

We both collapsed forward; panting like we had run an Olympic dash. Jerry's cock was still hard and flexing, shooting out the last few drops of the sticky baby making stuff.

After regaining our breath, Jerry rolled us to our side with his cock still impaled in me. I was facing Sunny, her dad had an arm over her massaging one of her breasts and she said, "Awesome feeling isn't it?"

"God yes Sunny, Jerry needs to introduce me to some of his friends and I need to make eye contact with a hot guy at the gym."

We fell asleep and I woke up o a hard cock flexing in my pussy and a black hand massaging a breast. When I squeezed my pussy walls around the hard cock, I heard, "May I do your ass Erin?"

I replied with, "Yes but slow and easy to start."

"Sure babe, and let's do it lying like this on our side. We can make it last forever this way."

I lifted a leg as Jerry extracted his hard cock.

He inserted it slowly into my ass, placed his right arm under me so he could massage a breast pulling me tight to him and lifted his left arm over me to massage the clit softly and then more rougher to bring me to climaxes.

I was being used and being made to feel good at the same time.

With the slow pace and allowing me to recover without clit stimulation and the restarting I lost track of the orgasms.

Harry and Sunny were not in the bed. I had no idea when they left Jerry and me.

I then heard, "Babe hold on I need to cum. Ride my cock and make it shoot my fresh made juice deep into your ass so it leaks for hours."

Jerry began some serious thrusting with me moving my hips so he could get deep as he pulled me tight to him, massaging my breasts and clit. He was panting then stiffened and moaned as his cock erupted sending hot man juice deep into my dark tunnel.

I heard, "There is nothing better in the world than a white ass and pussy. Thanks for sharing Erin."

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and swimming. Saturday night Harry fixed me up with other guys for one on one sex.

To be continued

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