tagGay MaleMy Journey with Daddy Ch. 03

My Journey with Daddy Ch. 03


After spending the entire day with daddy. I became exhausted. So, as a result, I slept like a baby the entire night.

I didn't notice how many hours have passed while I was sleeping.

I woke up to a pleasant surprise. I felt the bed moving before waking up. As I was about to get up from the bed, my chest bumped into something soft but heavy.

As I clearly overslept last night, I was having trouble opening my eyes properly. When I opened my eyes, I saw daddy was practically straddling me over my body. His magnificent cock was already half erect in front of my face.

"Wake up sleepy head." He said. "You need your beauty sleep, but oversleeping is bad for you."

I was still gathering my thoughts on how long have I slept and what was the last thing that we did before sleeping.

"Good morning, daddy." I greeted him.

"Enough greetings. Start working on my cock."

As he said that he moved his cock a little closer to my mouth.

I slowly took my hands from the side of my body as they were trapped by his legs. Then I started stroking his cock slowly. Then I lifted my head to take the tip of his cock in my mouth. I worked my tongue over the tip of his cock.

He noticed that I was having trouble blowing in in that position. So, he took another pillow from the side and told me to put it under my head.

I did as I was told. Although I was still feeling uncomfortable in this way. However, I didn't want to lose a single opportunity to have his load in my mouth. I also didn't want him to be disappointed in me.

He was getting pretty excited by my blowjob and started moving his hips. He started talking dirty and humiliating things to me. He gets this way whenever he gets too much excited.

After a while, he told me to get ready for his load. It hadn't been long since I was blowing him. I thought that since he hadn't cum before sleeping last night, he was going to shoot early this time.

"Alright, get your mouth off of my cock." He commanded. "I want to paint your pretty face."

As he said that, he pulled his cock from my mouth and started jacking off furiously. I didn't know what to do while he was jacking off. So, I started talking dirty to him.

"Yeah, cum for me daddy. Cum on my face." I started encouraging him. "You would like to put some makeup on me, wouldn't you?"

I don't know if my dirty talking worked or not but he let out a loud groan and shot his load on my face. For some reason, it made me really excited and horny.

"Hold on for a minute." He said. "I want to take a picture of my baby while looking like this."

After that he quickly brought his mobile phone and took a few pictures of me. I posed for the pictures eagerly.

"You look beautiful." He complimented. "Now go take a shower and clean yourself."

I quickly got off the bed and went to the bathroom. I started jacking off as I couldn't hold myself any longer. I a short amount of time, I came into my hands. I started to lick it off my hands. I still couldn't believe how quickly my relationship with daddy is moving. My own perverted behavior was escalating with the passage of time.

After cleaning my own cum off from my hand, I looked at myself in the mirror. Daddy's cum was starting to dry off. It was scattered all over my face. Then I washed off my face clean. After taking a long shower, I didn't know what to wear for the rest of the day.

Then I suddenly remembered what daddy told me about my clothing. Remembering that, I went downstairs naked. I saw that daddy was preparing breakfast for me. I guess he already had his breakfast. He was wearing a navy blue suit with tie. He buttoned the top button of the suit. It made his chest look wider. I just realized that I was staring at him.

Sometimes he had to go to various meetings around town for work. Although his main job was on the internet, he had to meet up with a lot of people for these kinds of jobs.

When he looked at me, he seemed content.

"I see that you remembered my instructions." He said. "I will give you a list that says what to wear throughout every day of the week."

"Now come over here and stand besides me." He continued. "I will be out for the rest of the day so I thought that I would make you cum before leaving."

I was terrified upon hearing this. However, I moved and stood beside him. He then put his right hand on my flaccid penis. At first he squeezed it gently. It didn't take him long enough to realize that I just masturbated in the showers.

He exhaled deeply and looked down at the floor.

"It seems you have already pleasured yourself." He said.

I couldn't say anything as I was really ashamed. He then stood up from his chair and moved behind me. He started fondling my nipples. They were still soft after the shower. After fondling them, he pinched them tightly. This made me moan.

Then he started to twist my nipples. I felt a mixture of pain and pleasure with this. I started to move my hips and tried to grind my ass with his cock.

He moved away and didn't let my body touch with his groin. After five more minutes of this, he I had a raging boner. Noticing my hard-on, he let go of my nipples and moved away. He didn't even touch my penis.

"When I come back home." He started talking. "You will be thoroughly punished for pleasuring yourself without my permission."

"If you masturbate in this time, I will punish you and put you in a chastity belt for a week."

I was shaking with fear. Why did I have to masturbate? Daddy would've made me cum anyways. The thought of putting on chastity belts made me terrified.

Daddy left for work soon after that. The whole day was left in front of me and I had a boner. First of all I wanted to jack off right then and there. There was clearly no way for daddy to find out that I masturbated or not. Then the fear struck me and I restrained myself from doing that.

My whole day was quite uneventful. I had my breakfast after daddy left. Then I worked out for two hours. After having lunch, I tried to sleep for the rest of the day as I knew that if I stayed awake, I could get distracted and start watching porn.

Alas, I couldn't sleep. I thought about going for a run in the park. But my workout left my body completely exhausted. Then the idea of playing online games struck me. I started playing a video game and lost myself in the game.

I didn't even realize that it was night time and daddy was going to be home pretty soon.

Nearly after 8.00 pm, I heard a car enter our garage. I was startled by the amount of time that has passed.

I got of the PC quickly and headed to greet daddy. I was hoping that he forgot about my punishment. He looked at my body from top to bottom. I was still naked and on full display for his pleasure. He examined my penis for a while and told me to get our dinner ready.

I quickly got in the kitchen and heated up the dinner that I prepared for us during lunchtime.

After getting the dinner ready, I sat down at the table waiting for him. He was taking a long time to finish his shower. It must've been a long day for him.

After almost 30 minutes of taking a shower, I heard him come out of the bathroom. He came downstairs with only a towel wrapped around his waist. I couldn't help myself and wanted to get that towel off of him and start sucking him off.

He noticed me staring at him. He didn't say much during our dinner.

After finishing the dinner, he told me to follow him to his bedroom. I followed him like a puppy. After entering his room, he let the towel fall on the ground. Then he sat at the edge of the bed.

"Come over here." He said. "Sit on my knees."

I knew what was about to happen. I figured out that he was going to make me cum again. Oh how was I wrong. I didn't anticipate what he had in mind.

I thought it was going to be like last night. When I sat on his lap, I tried to get comfortable there. He was completely naked this time and I felt really hot the way our body was touching.

"Now I am going to begin your punishment." He said.

This made me quite nervous and I shuddered at the thought of spanking.

"Please daddy, I will listen to you all the time and I'll never cum without your permission." I begged him.

"I made up my mind. You will take it. Now your best course of action should be to learn to like it."

I didn't know how I could like getting spanked. However, I thought that he wouldn't spank me too much because he already had a semi erect cock. I thought he would not be able to control himself and make me go down on him after five or six spanks.

He made me lay face down on his knees. My chest was against his knees. My legs were touching the floor and my head was hanging in air.

"Get ready for it." He said as he started slowly rubbing his hands against my ass. He rubbed and squeezed both of my ass-cheeks. As soon as I started feeling comfortable he said. "Keep counting, fifty for each side."

I was terrified at the thought. Fifty is just too much to take. I possibly couldn't hold myself for that long.


His hand started struck my bottom with a quick blow.

"Aaaah" was all I could mutter at the suddenness of the strike.

It stung really badly. He didn't give any attention to my scream and he kept spanking me.

After five or so spanking, the pain escalated on a whole other level. I felt heat coming off from my ass.

"Will you" SMACK "Disobey me" SMACK "Again?" He kept talking.

Tears started rolling from my eyes as I couldn't mutter any words and kept screaming from the spanking.

"Answer me" SMACK "When" SMACK "I am" SMACK "Talking to you."

He increased the pace of spanking. He was smacking my ass really fast.

"Please daddy, don't spank me again. I'll be good for you. Pleeeaase."

He stopped spanking me. I thought that this nightmare was finally over. He kept running his hands on my ass.

"Now, can you tell me how many spanks did I give to you?" He asked.

I didn't know the answer. I couldn't count from this excruciating pain.

"Please daddy, no more."

SMACK "That's not the right answer." He said.

"I already finished of a hundred spanks on your ass but since you didn't keep counting, I'll add twenty more spanking."

Tears kept flowing from my eyes as I didn't know how I could take on more of this.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentler this time." He said.

How can a gentle and slow spank be better than this? He kept rubbing my ass. I felt heat coming off from my ass. This excruciating pain left my ass red hot.

Then again came his blow on my ass. This time it felt he was going to enjoy and take his time with this.

After a single spank, he rubbed my ass for a while.

"You'll learn to love it soon." He said.

I was perplexed. Does that mean he plans to do it more often? This thought made me panic. As a result, my butt cheeks got tighter.

"That's more like it." He spoke.

I was getting more and more confused. All this pain made me lose sight of my surroundings. After five more slow spanks, I realized that daddy had a raging boner.

He held me at the edge of his knees, so I didn't realize this.

Seeing this took me by surprise. I guess I had a lot to discover about my daddy.

On the other hand, my own cock was shriveled and really small.

He didn't keep any attention on my cock and kept working on my ass.

After 20 more painful spanks, he told me to stand up straight. I did as I was told. Then he stood up from the bed and stood in front of me. I was not short by any means. But standing in front of him made me feel like I was standing in front of a giant. He was only 4 inches taller than me. What made me feel so tiny was because I had a slender body. On the other hand, his body was sculpted with muscles in all the right places.

I was still crying from the pain. I couldn't look at him in the eyes. He came closer to me and wiped my tears from my eyes. He caressed my face for a while. I would feel great and glow from this action in any other given moment. But, heat was still coming off from my ass and I thought I wouldn't be able to sit properly anywhere for the next three days.

I didn't know what was going through his mind. What was he about to do now?

Suddenly my eyes went to his raging boner. Spanking me made him horny. He felt good from doing that to me. How could someone like getting spanked. Numerous thoughts were racing through my mind. Thinking this kinds of things made my own cock go hard. Noticing this, he pulled my hard cock for a while.

"Go lie on the bed." He commanded. "On your chest."

I was too scared to ask him anything and did as I was told. He went to the bathroom for a while. After a couple of minutes, I heard him enter the room again. He opened up a bottle of something. Then I heard him pour some sort of liquid on his hand. I figured he brought a lotion for my ass. I thought he was going to loosen my ass to fuck my ass right now.

The fear struck me again. This is not how I imagined to be my first time getting fucked. But, I was terrified to defy him at this moment. I just wanted this to be over.

To my surprise, he didn't go for my asshole at first. He rubbed the lotion all over my ass. He was massaging my ass. He kept a steady motion of rubbing and squeezing my ass thoroughly. I started feeling good after a short period of irritation.

He slowly poke his ring finger inside my sphincter. It made me jump with surprise. He didn't go far though. He just kept an inch of his finger inside and twirled it around. To be honest, I didn't feel good from this. That was irritating and I felt like I had to poop.

After massaging my ass for some time he commanded me to lay on my back. He told me to bring my head over the edge so my head was hanging from there. I knew what was about to happen.

Then he gave me a pillow to put under my lower back. After doing so, I understood that he gave that to me so that I didn't feel much pain in my ass. He was still being considerate of my body.

I positioned myself in his desired way. He slowly came closer to me. His cock was hanging in front of my face. Instinctively I proceeded to kiss his cock.

"You just can't resist, can you?" He said.

I didn't care what he said. I kissed his cockhead and licked it.

"All right now." He continued. "This time, I will be fucking your face. You don't need to use your hand on my cock. Hold tight to the pillow. Keep your mouth wide open."

After opening my mouth, he proceeded to fuck my face. He reached the back of my throat easily. After pushing it slowly, my gag reflex worked and his cock was drenched with my saliva.

"This should help." He said.

Then he slowly started pushing his entire length inside my throat.

Soon enough, his balls touched my nose. His entirety was inside my mouth.

He pulled out in a slow motion. He kept pulling out until only the head of his cock was in my mouth. I gripped his head with my lips and swirled my tongue around it.

"Give that tongue of yours a little rest sweetie." He said. "I'll do the work now."

Saying that, he started a slow fucking motion in my mouth. My saliva ran all over his cock and dripped down to my nose. It was a messy scene. He picked up the speed for a while.

"Get ready." He declared.

Then he pulled out from my face and shot his load all over my chest. I was gasping for air for a while.

I slowly got up from the bed and started to go to my room.

"Where do you think you are going?" He asked.

"To get cleaned up." I meekly answered.

"You don't need to be cleaned up." He said. "You will sleep with me from now on."

I wanted to jump up and down from the sheer joy of this news. I restrained myself from doing that. My face was covered in my own saliva which was starting to stink. My chest had daddy cum all over it. He still wanted to sleep with me like that.

I was too happy to resist this offer. if the smell didn't bother him, it wouldn't be a problem for me.

We went to sleep together. He was spooning me from behind. I could feel his muscular pecks against my back.

I drifted off to sleep and forgot about the spanking completely.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I felt his boner against my ass. He was grinding his cock between my cheeks. I checked the bedside table to see the clock. It was 3 am.

I tried to look at him to check if he was awake. He was fast asleep and got a boner while grabbing me in his sleep. A feeling of joy filled me up.

I wanted to put his cock in my mouth and release his pressure. But, he was grabbing me tightly and if I tried to get loose, he would wake up.

So I did the only rational thing I could think of. I started pushing my ass back against his cock and grind him harder.

It was an awkward motion for me. But if it made him feel good, I couldn't be happier. After grinding my ass on his cock for a while, he grabbed me tighter. Then he started to move his body in his sleep.

After five minutes of this, he came again. This time, he shot his cum over my ass and lower back side.

I completely forgot about the pain and drifted off to sleep again.

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