tagInterracial LoveMy Kaitlin's Soul is on Fire Ch. 02

My Kaitlin's Soul is on Fire Ch. 02


Kaitlin felt decadent when they arrived at the club, the valet parking Attendant that opened the car door was a very young man maybe late teens, and he blatantly stared at her with an obvious hunger in his eyes, next she felt like the entire hotel lobby where the club was located seemed to take notice of her, or was it the outfit, probably both!

A grand entrance indeed. Diane hooked her arm in Kaitlin's and proudly escorted her shy young friend with pride through the busy lobby and down a hall to the dance club. Diane guided Kaitlin through the large elegant nightclub as if she owned the place, as one of the attendants smiled and unclasped a velvet rope pointing Diane in the direction of a table in the VIP section of the club.

Seated at the table was Jack's old friend Bob with his young bride Daisy, with them was another stylish late thirty-something couple Kaitlin did not recognize, also two black gentlemen that appeared to be in their late twenties, and she saw Lamont sitting at the end of the table by himself.

Lamont stood up and walked towards them first greeting Diane with a rather forward, but quick kiss. He then grabbed Kaitlin's hand and bowed; surprising her with a sudden gentle tug he pulled her close and delicately placed a tender bite on her exposed upper back between her shoulder and neck. Lamont proclaimed in a whispered voice. "Girl you look good enough to eat tonight, yes you do, and I could eat you up."

Kaitlin uncomfortably smiled at his bold behavior. Then Lamont said. "My friend Curtis is going to owe me big when he gets here, and I introduce you as his date."

Kaitlin tried not to show her displeasure, but she thought Lamont was crude and a bit vulgar. In next to no time everyone at the table started making introductions and engaging one another in conversation.

Before long the club rapidly swelled with a lively mixed crowd, probably sixty to seventy percent African American, more single men then ladies, although there were more than a plentiful number of couples, some mixed, some white. The music lured a collection of people onto the dance floor with some enticing rhythms.

Diane poured Kaitlin some champagne and lectured her to drink lots of water to keep hydrated, warning the hangover could be severe if she failed to drink lots and lots of water.

Kaitlin was impressed by both the clubs light show and sound system, creating a terrific ambiance; maybe the best party atmosphere she ever experienced. It was as if she could actually feel the musical vibes penetrating her body.

At that moment Diane whispered in Kaitlin's ear. "Here comes your date, you lucky girl. Would you check out that body."

Kaitlin looked at the young man walking towards them. He was young, and tall probably at least 6' 5" tall, very muscular but thin, in fact his torso was a V. He was dressed in a nice pair of dress slacks and a trendy lightweight crew neck shirt. His hair was a bit long and wild, styled in dreadlocks. His skin was dark, very dark. He soon smiled and it was disarming and made him appear quite pleasant.

Lamont rushed over to great him and soon the two men were engaged in conversation, as Lamont gestured boisterously with delight. Lamont's over-animation almost appeared to be some kind of performance. Diane whispered in Kaitlin's ear. "Tell me what you think of him" then laughed claiming, "Loosen up girl; you know that I get a kick out of teasing you, it is what we big sisters do."

Kaitlin replied. "I know you think I am wound to tight, but I embarrass easily."

Kaitlin thought to herself all this talk of 'your date' would make any married woman uncomfortable. The fact that her 'date' was black, possibly contributed to her angst. To muster her courage Kaitlin finished off her first glass of champagne and refilled her glass.

Kaitlin had never met any black guys that appealed to her in a romantic way; she had a few girlfriends that had firsthand knowledge, back in college her friend Cindy, was one in particular that sang the praises of all the Blackman stereotypes and myths during a torrid sexual affair that Cindy carried on with a star basketball player, behind her white boyfriends back. Cindy once made a comment that after being stretched out all night by his huge black dick, that she had actually passed out from Cumming so hard and so often. Kaitlin herself simply had never given interracial relationships much thought.

In an over exaggerated manner Lamont pulled Curtis in the direction of Diane and Kaitlin. He proclaimed. "My ladies your Prince Charming's have arrived, allow me to introduce Master Curtis Lord of Flatbush, ha-ha" overly amused with himself and continued. "I think you know my Fair Lady Diane the Countess of Nobush, and now allow me to present your pairing for this fine evening, the Lovely and Virginal Duchess Kaitlin."

Both Kaitlin and Curtis were a little uncomfortable with the corny dramatization performed by Lamont. However they exchanged polite greetings and shook hands. Kaitlin immediately was distracted from the conversation, she was astounded that her firm handshake was simply enveloped in Curtis's enormous hand, his hands were so gigantic and massive, and his touch made her feel peculiar.

To calm herself she polished off her second glass of champagne. Nervously Kaitlin grabbed Diane by the arm and yelped. "I love this song, come on it's time for a girls only dance."

At a heightened pace she practically dragged Diane to the dance floor. After dancing to a couple of songs, the music and motion had a calming effect on Kaitlin's touchy nerves. The loud, thumping, dance music felt cathartic, it seemed to penetrate her soul, and she chilled out, way out, wow she was feeling good. She thought there must be magic in that champagne. Kaitlin proclaimed. "Oh Baby! Feel that Rhythm, yes I do."

Back at their table in the VIP section, more champagne flowed and a much more relaxed Kaitlin found herself enjoying a conversation with Curtis. He had a deep baritone voice that she found soothing and gentle. He actually was a little bit shy, and it was endearing, considering at 6' 5" tall with the build of a linebacker he was physically imposing.

He was polite and reserved, unlike Lamont who was overtly flirtatious. Curtis was 26 and since graduating from college had been working his way up in an Ad Agency, he was some type of video-graphic specialist. At one point Curtis actually apologized to Kaitlin acknowledging that Lamont's prior introduction was crass, and that he fully understood they were not on a date, with her being married, especially.

He explained he had met Jack and Diane more than a year ago, and thought they had genuine class, they were nice people. Curtis went on to explain that he had a somewhat limited social life, and he thought tonight might be an opportunity to hang out with some fun successful folks for a change. He claimed that he had higher aspirations both professionally and socially, considering where he came from, and offered, "The Hood is a tough place to start out in life."

It turned out that Kaitlin thought that Curtis was sweet, kind and intelligent. She was particularly touched by his earlier offer that he would discretely disappear if that would make Kaitlin's evening more comfortable. She graciously declined his offer, but admired his display of chivalry. Whispering into his ear Kaitlin slurred. "Diane and Lamont think it is amusing to tease me, because they think I am uptight and don't know how to have fun, well maybe I am a bit uptight, and sometimes, yes I guess I am. But, not tonight. I feel too damn good Tonight." They toasted with more champagne.

It impressed Kaitlin by what a good conversationalist Curtis turned out to be, she felt completely comfortable and they both spoke freely on a host of subjects. Sports, Fashion, her new house, John, jobs, careers, they even shared a few people and clients in common. They spoke in detail about an upcoming event at an Art Gallery. Their conversation seemed to flow.

The thumping rhythm made Kaitlin recall her many years laboring in the jazz and ballet dance studio, but tonight the music seemed extra special, to really connect with her on multiple levels, almost with a psychedelic quality. She was feeling every note. Kaitlin realized that she had been so engaged in the music and in her conversation with Curtis, that it was just dawning on her that the two of them were all alone at the table; she had trouble grasping how much time had passed. But the Music was making her jubilant! She grabbed a hold of Curtis's big hand and shouted. "Let's Dance."

Initially Kaitlin and Curtis moved slowly through the crowd on the dance floor, she had never loosened her grip on his hand as she guided him to a spot that allowed them to start moving to the music.

The first song they were both holding back, just a little bit. As the next song started they moved closer and in unison began to counter the others lead, by the third and fourth songs they were a team each one continuing to up the ante. Their response was natural and fluid, coordinated, in rhythm, step for step they matched each other.

All too soon for Kaitlin the music slowed, and she felt flustered realizing if they continued dancing then the next song, a slow song would put her in the arms of another, a man who was not her husband John, but into the arms of a Blackman. Not wanting to show her fear, she slowly moved into his arms, and gradually enjoyed his very light touch; they moved with ease, it felt comfortable.

As the night progressed, she danced almost exclusively with Curtis, when they took brief breaks they laughed guzzled champagne and threw back several tequila shooters, but always quickly returning to the dance floor. At one point Kaitlin calculated they had been dancing for over an hour straight with no breaks.

She could feel her perspiration, there was no longer any inhibition, she and Curtis moved together effortlessly, as one; hip-hop, salsa, rumba, jazz, transitioned to the next, as the night moved on their connection progressed. Kaitlin found it exhilarating; there was now a definite sexual undertone to their every touch and movement. They became bolder and more suggestive, increasing the rubbing, the bumping, and the coarseness; they were not vulgar, but their evocative innuendo was visible for all to see.

Kaitlin was more than satisfied with her 'date', she was actually turned-on! Kaitlin's face was aglow with that high excitement, her lips parted—smiling! She was smiling, on the edge of laughter—spinning and swirling so fast her lovely thighs gleamed like wet bronze. She was a picture!

Kaitlin picked up the flirtation, she almost felt like it had reached a level where she was having an out of body experience, she was pushing the limits and was over stimulated, almost psychedelic, she had never felt this energized before, however her sense of time seemed distorted, her focus on Curtis had clarity and purpose, but her perception of everyone else and the club surroundings were fuzzy and warped. Every time Curtis touched her physically it was stirring her sexually.

Kaitlin knew her mind was effected by the champagne, tequila, and 'energy drink' that Diane continued to insist she ingest. She kept feeling inappropriate emotions towards Curtis, very strong, and very inappropriate for a married woman.

She was having trouble processing all the people surrounding her; in her confused mind she was observing many couples being overtly sexual. At one point she thought she saw Daisy kissing and being groped noticeably on the dance floor by some young black man, and just off the edge of the floor her husband Bob, was watching Daisy and this man perform lewdly. Bob was smiling at her, and appeared to enjoy her immodest performance.

In Kaitlin's blurred mental state most everyone seemed to be sexually charged, including herself; causing her to dance even more aggressively and provocatively then before. There was an animalistic quality to their grinding moves and countermoves, their grinding provided a sensual simulation with ever increasing playful contact.

At one point as they moved together Kaitlin backed herself into position so Curtis's hand rested on her ass, she shook and pushed herself against his giant black hand craving the contact, as his hand gently cupped and stroked her gyrating ass. It thrilled her to be so wanton. Feeling so alive, a congruence of her Mind, Body and Soul! Integrating her dark lustful thoughts and amplifying her corporal display of wantonness.

After several more songs Kaitlin and Curtis returned to the table, had some shots and champagne, followed by several return trips to the dance floor, each additional song and dance with Curtis, in Kaitlin's mind was better than the last, at one point thinking to herself this must be what people are talking about when they reference an 'endorphin rush', because she was flying high! The champagne continued to flow! Kaitlin and Curtis definitely had their groove on!

Seated and relaxing with more champagne, and comfortably situated back at their table Kaitlin and Curtis were soon joined by Diane and Lamont, they all toasted together clinking champagne flutes, soon the two 'couples' drifted into their own private conversations.

After a few minutes Diane interrupted the private moment between Kaitlin and Curtis; Diane kept insisting Kaitlin needed to drink some more of the 'energy drink' and pushed the small bottle which rolled across the tablecloth in Kaitlin's direction finally stopping just before reaching the edge of the table. Shortly both couples returned to their previous more intimate private one on one conversation.

Kaitlin was enjoying the innocent playful banter as Curtis enlightened her with some humorous stories from his college days. As she laughed and readjusted her position closer towards Curtis she clumsily knocked both her clutch handbag and the little energy drink bottle off the edge of the table, both items fell to the floor rolling beneath the tablecloth near her feet.

She reached down to retrieve them realizing that her clutch had opened spilling its contents, in her less then sober state she carelessly retrieved her personal items stuffing them back into her clutch hastily, she did not see her iphone which had fallen all the way to the base of the table. Out of her reach was the little energy bottle, so she knelt on one knee and twisted herself under the table to gather it. What Kaitlin saw left her flabbergasted, it was scandalous! Lamont had his arm and hand between Diane's parted legs; there was no doubt about what she witnessed, Lamont was fingering Diane's pussy, and she was allowing it to happen.

Kaitlin in a swift motion gathered herself nervously rearranging her clutch and champagne flute on the table. Gathering her clutch in hand and standing she quickly excused herself to Curtis and impatiently made her way to the ladies restroom.

Kaitlin stared into the mirror, she was bewildered and confused attempting to process Diane's behavior, she felt dazed, as several other women entered and exited the restroom, she half heatedly pretended to go through the motions of reapplying her lipstick. When she saw Diane enter behind her she cringed. Diane loudly but cheerfully said. "There you are, you could have invited me to accompany you."

Kaitlin turned and with a deadly serious look grabbed Diane around the wrist and pulled her into the hallway and walked to a place where they had some privacy, then sternly stated. "How could you do something like this to Jack? I saw Lamont and You are un..."

Diane interrupted her and asked to explain. "Look this is not the place to have this discussion; there are too many people around so I'll keep it short and sweet."

In the hallway to often interrupted by others in passing, in a hushed voice Diane discretely attempted to explain to Kaitlin her situation. Kaitlin was unable to process everything Diane shared partially due to her impaired sobriety, but mostly because the whole subject matter was so foreign to her.

Diane spoke softly. "First of all Jack not only knows about everything, it excites the hell out of him! Lamont has been my lover for almost three years. I cannot begin to describe for you how much all three of us enjoy our relationship.

Jack loves to watch me getting fucked by Lamont's huge black cock, and I love behaving like a whore Cumming all over that big black cock as it ravishes my white pussy in ways Jack never could, and Lamont gets a kick out of corrupting my married white pussy in front of Jack. Lamont makes me call him nigger, and makes me tell Jack that I love his big nigger dick in my white married cunt as he pounds me deep and hard, sometimes he even makes me tell him to impregnate me with his black baby as he fills my pussy full of cum. We all love it!

"As crazy as it sounds it has made our marriage stronger and better. Jack has become a better husband; he is more attentive and appreciative since we became involved with Lamont. Every aspect of our life is just so much more exciting and satisfying."

Diane stared hard into Kaitlin's eyes and in a hushed tone continued, "It is hard to imagine that my husband loves me so deeply that he willingly invites a well endowed Blackman into our bed, so that I can receive the incredible pleasure that Lamont's black cock provides to me. I give myself to him completely and allow him to fuck me and dominate me in any way that pleases him, I do not deny him any request, he literally owns my pussy, ass and mouth, and my husband not only approves, but loves me deeper for it.
"His magnificent black cock has changed our lives forever for the better. I cannot begin to describe how hot it is when I fuck Lamont in front of my husband, performing for both of them Jack visually and Lamont physically I behave like white cock-crazed slut that adores her black lovers ability to fuck me like no white man ever could."

Diane looks around to assure their privacy and explains, "The 'lifestyle' or 'IR scene' whatever you want to call it, well it is more prevalent amongst white couples and black men, then you could ever imagine. Most of the people here tonight are well,.. I guess- you could say involved, turned on by interracial activity. Girls like me are referred to as a 'Hotwife.' Let's just say you would be surprised at the ever increasing number of white couples that participate in the lifestyle, everyday there are more and more white women being truly satisfied by a skilled nigger cock... some girls even go exclusively "Black Only' reserving use of their pussy to only superior black lovers."

Kaitlin interrupted. "What--- I mean, I don't und...."

Diane continued. " Most of the white ladies here tonight are married, some just dance and flirt, others just make out a little, some are into blowjobs, most I would guess are going to get fucked real good tonight. Some are crazy like Daisy, into the extreme—like gangbangs, that freaky girl is not happy unless she has Black Cocks Cumming in her Pussy, Ass and Face all at the same time!"

Kaitlin inquires. "What about the husbands are they...do...whe...."

Diane smiles and in an emphatic tone claims, "A lot of white men love to watch their lady be with a Blackman, some are active participants others are voyeurs. For a white man it is their greatest fear and biggest turn-on all wrapped together!

"You know the classy white PTA wife and mom in public, becoming a whore in the privacy of their bedroom allowing a strong powerful Blackman to possibly impregnate her, committing the ultimate act of infidelity in their marital bed.

"Other husbands may just want to hear all of the details about the ladies black dalliance when she comes home. Many of the husbands greatly enjoy eating their wife out; you know, after she has....been well filled, –- Has Been With The Blackman! I guess each couple, or each person has their own particular Kink."

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