tagMind ControlMy Keeper Ch. 01

My Keeper Ch. 01


I feel alone...

Alone with what seems like a hundred other people.

Despite the crowd it is as if I am in total solitude, trapped inside myself watching something I am not part of. I'm not entirely sure how I got here but I don't care enough to try to remember.

For a few moments I cannot feel anything much, just a gentle buzzing through my body. My head seems impossibly light as though it may float off my shoulders at any moment but the rest of my body is weighed down by an unseen force.

The room is dark, humid and swarming with strangers. I breathe in the thick air and it filters warm clouds down my throat and into my lungs, filling me up.

The walls are stark white and give of a fluorescent glow beneath the velvet black motif that curls itself around the room, I trace its path with my eyes. It pauses at the glowing fireplace before snaking its way to the other side.

The fireplace is bigger than any I have seen. It is painted glossy red outside to match the raging fire inside resembling something like the gates of hell and I find it hard to tear my gaze away from the mesmerizing blaze inside.

I find myself positioned on a deep seated red velvet arm chair. Unsure if it is curiously large or I am extremely small, the scale of everything in the room seems skewed. The plush softness of the fabric bristles gently into the bare skin beneath me and feel like a caress more than a seat.

The music is so loud that its rhythm has replaced my pulse and the vibrations pump so strongly that I can feel them pass through the floor, enter at my feet and strobe their way up my legs making my entire body feels alive with energy.

I am involuntarily motionless, sitting as if I am part of the throne beneath me but on the inside I am anything but still it's as if I am caught in my own body, my energy bursting to get out. I gradually absorb my surroundings as they present themselves, drinking them in.

The people I can see are shrouded in a gentle haze, making them appear like part of a dream and just like a dream the further away they are the hazier they become, more like shadows than people.

I notice that some of them are trying to talk, finding themselves caught in a very intimate position to be heard, lips pressed to ears and hands to faces to catch any escaping words, a closeness usually reserved for lovers... perhaps they are?

As I take a wider view I realise most people seem tangled in some way like tree roots in the forest as if they have been here so long that they have begun to grow into one another. Some are swaying gently, like a metrical breeze was compelling them to do so while others are intertwined in a more aggressive motion grinding against the other but somehow they all seem to keep the same beat, the same beat that is throbbing through my entire body.

I want to stand but everything is heavy and unresponsive, I sense someone close to me but cannot turn my head to see. I lower my eyes and observe the rise and fall of my breath, the rhythm is slow but so deep that my chest is expanding to the point that it looks like my breasts will spill over the unfamiliar looking corset style dress below me, black and strapless, I am certain it does not belong to me.

I wonder if I am really here or if perhaps it is a dream after all?

Suddenly there is a voice, so close I can feel it before I can hear it, the scratch of stubble on my cheek and soft moist lips grazing my ear. The smell of musky cologne penetrates my senses and draws me further out of my altered state. The energy that courses from within seems to find its way to the edges of my body, bringing with it a tingling sensation in my fingers and toes. They are waking up!

This is not a dream...

"You cannot move, not yet. You cannot speak either. You can just watch... and be watched."

The voice is so deep it is almost inaudible. With each word comes a rush of breath that slides down my neck and causes a chill to rise leaving a trail of goose bumps behind it. Then they are eaten up by the warm lips and the wet tongue held between them, as the voice licks a path from my ear to my shoulder. Then the guttural voice comes again, so impossibly close to my ear that it feels like its inside my head, like part of my own internal dialogue.

"Very soon you will be able to move but only in response to my commands, you will do exactly as you are instructed."

I shift my eyes to the left trying to glimpse the face that belongs to the voice but all I see is my bare arm and the large tanned muscular hand of the man who's presence I find myself in. It rests upon my forearm and I observe as he gently turns it over, exposing the pale flesh inside of my wrist and elbow. I am aware that my breathing has become more rapid and the bodice feels like a cage across my chest. I feel imprisoned.

"This won't hurt as much as you think."

A sharp sting registers with some delay as the strong hand plunges the tiny syringe into my exposed vein. It is like watching a movie as I see the pretty amber liquid disappear from within the vile and it takes a moment before I remember it is me I am watching. Suddenly the warmth and humidity in the room seems to wrap me up in its suffocating embrace and the pain quickly subsides.

My eyes close softly and it is as if I am falling away in to a deep sleep then without warning they spring open again and all of the energy that was being held inside my captive body erupts, overflowing into my every fiber, I have the overwhelming urge to run but my limbs continue to remain defiant. It is torturous.

"You can move... now."

Like magic his words seem to unlock me from my powerlessness and I twist my body immediately to the left to lay eyes on the man that is attached to the hand, to the voice, but no one is there, only darkness and the haze that drapes itself around everything in the room.

"Remember that I am your keeper" the voice says distantly.

His words float about in the fog of my mind and somewhere deep inside I sense a feeling of panic but my body doesn't respond to it. In fact my body feels completely unfamiliar to me, like I am learning how to use it for the first time.

I rise up slowly from the giant chair and step unsteadily towards the figure closest to me hoping for help or an escape though I'm not sure what from. I am aware that he is watching me intently. His eyes are hungry and feasting unashamedly on my restrictive attire. Is this my keeper?

"The fireplace" says the voice but the Watcher's lips don't move. It is not him.

Instinctively I switch direction like a train on a track, being diverted at the last second. The gates of Hell are to my right. The fire is raging and I am drawn to its heat, I stop directly in front.

"Hold the mantelpiece above."

My arms stretch out wide and reach up obediently so that one hand grabs each corner of the wide ledge and my body bows in towards the flames, my bottom pushing out into the room behind me and I feel the rim of my dress slide up higher.


I am just inches away from the inferno, and the temperature becomes almost unbearable as it dances up my bare legs as far as my hips and to the spaces in between.

I feel a body move in behind mine, the Watcher I guess. Hands on my hips, fingers delving roughly into my flesh, pulling me backwards but I cannot move. I am frozen in place.

"Stay" the voice is more insistent this time.

I dig my fingers into the mantle and although the Watcher's hands remain the pulling stops and after a moment I receive a sharp slap on my behind, then another and finally a third all in quick succession causing a loud clap as his palm makes contact with the leather dress stretched tight across my buttocks. I hear a frustrated growl and the aggressive hands start to work upwards from my waist inching ravenously towards my breasts which because of my stance are now only covered to just above the nipple, the rest bulging outwards. The heat isn't just from the fire now. I feel the space between my legs begin to grow hotter from the inside and my skin stings and tingles beneath my outfit.

"Go. Now."

I don't know what 'go' means but my body reacts on command, skillfully sliding out from under my perpetrators hands, I stride towards the mass of tangled people, mastering my legs at last.

"Dance for me" the thick voice is in my ear again.

I try to speak but the words won't come. Where is the voice coming from? I place a finger to my ear.

"Don't touch" his voice is sharp and my hand drops away at once.

As my body winds around effortlessly, arms above my head, knees bending softly I feel as if I am in slow motion, caught in a surreal nightmare of sorts, but by now I know I am not asleep. As I sway and spin I survey the crowd and spot a man in the red velvet chair, my chair. Only it doesn't look so big on him.

He is wearing a black suit with white shirt and bow tie, his hair is dark and short and it spreads down the sides of his powerful face into a perfectly manicured covering of stubble that cuts around his generous mouth.

I realise he is staring at me, but as I look around I see he isn't the only one.

"They are watching you, all of them" the voice says with a hint of amusement in his tone.

The man in the chair smiles ever so slightly and my already racing heart quickens, I think it may be him but before I can even attempt to head in his direction I get spun around by another set of strong hands and all I can do is continue to dance as instructed, frustrated that my body is refusing to accept any of its own desires.

I find myself facing an imposing man. Towering above me he must be at least 6ft tall his eyes are so dark that they seem to have no colour at all and the whites are missing altogether, his jaw clenched like he is biting back his craving. He places one hand firmly on my lower back and one on the back of my head, my long hair cascading over his fingers and he wraps them tightly in the strands weaving them in so I cannot pull away.

"Press yourself against him."

My body responds dutifully and my partner not needing any more of an invitation puts his head down towards mine and kisses me insistently, I find myself enjoying his passionate embrace and as he takes one hand to mine and places it on his bulging crotch the wetness between my legs grows again, he moves my fingers rhythmically up and down over his rock hard pants and pulls my hair back with the other hand exposing my neck, his kisses make their way greedily down my face and onto my throat and when he bites down hard I scream on the inside but the sound that escapes my lips is muted. I feel a trickle of moisture run down the inside of my thigh and it occurs to me I am wearing no knickers which only heightens my arousal. His hand works its way between my legs and starts to explore my wetness, my stomach clenches and I give myself up to the sensation of his fingers on my bare silken pussy. My eyes roll back as he dips his into me.

"Go" the voice tears me from my pleasure state.

I try to shout out "No" because I want nothing more than to remain in his grasp allowing him to investigate me further but I have no voice and submissively I am dragged by the invisible force of my Keeper, away from the dark eyed stranger who he tries in vain to hold me in place. Once again I wriggle free and slip expertly away.

My legs feel weak and shaky and my breath is so rapid that I sound like a panting animal. I try to see the red chair but there is a sea of people crashing about like waves on the shore. I push through the bodies, not sure where I am going, I feel hands and lips and breath everywhere. My whole body is switched on. Every touch is like electro shock jolting through me, turning me on more and more until it seems impossible that I haven't climaxed yet.

As I emerge from the crowd I find myself pressed up against a bar with mirrors all around and I spot my own reflection, my hair is a long dark mass of loose curls, my black leather mini dress and matching heels are unfamiliar to me and my makeup is heavier than I would normally wear, dark eyes and red lipstick, my cheeks are flushed pink in contrast to the rest of my complexion which is milky white.


I am confused but I surprise myself by repeating the single word to the bar tender and he complies as if it is not an unusual request at all. He sets a short glass of ice on the sticky bar looking at me with curious eyes and moves on to his next customer.

"Put a piece in your mouth and suck on it." He dictates smoothly.

I obey and the gesture seems to attract attention from the man beside me instantly. I can feel his eyes on me and notice him shift his stance so that he is leaning into the upholstered front of the bar stool.

The ice is deliciously soothing and I am immediately overwhelmed by thirst. When it has dissolved I am relieved to hear the familiar voice in my ear.

"Pick up another piece."

I am eager for more and grab the largest chunk of ice putting it towards my lips he speaks again.


The torturous feeling of thirst and arousal combined either of which I am able to satisfy is almost unbearable. The man beside me has not dropped his gaze once and is not so subtly rubbing himself on the bar stool and staring at me longingly, the look of raw passion in his eyes is disconcerting.

"Rub the ice on your breasts" my Keeper's voice has taken on a gravelly tone as if he is thirsty too.

I follow as instructed because I can do nothing else and rub the freezing ice across my bust, my eyes flutter a little in response to the exquisite sensation and unexpectedly the man from beside me scoops me onto the bar stool in front of him, he pushes my legs apart and stands with his hands behind my hips, leaning into me forcefully.

I am frightened but helpless to deny his advances. His cock is so hard I can feel it pressing into my thigh through the fabric of jeans and as he reaches up to kiss me I am aware that he is undoing his fly with one hand and inching me towards the edge of the stool with the other. Despite my fear I am so desperate to release that even though I know I probably couldn't resist without my Keeper's command, I don't even try.

The tip of his penis rubs along my soaked pussy and he is clearly provoked by the fact that I am ready for him. He kisses me intensely and prepares to ram himself deep but before he can the voice comes again.

"Bite him" My keeper instructs breathlessly and I sense urgency in his voice that makes me feel alarmed all over again.

My teeth come crunching down on to my pursuers bottom lip and I taste the metallic tang of blood. He jumps back his eyes wild with a combination of anger and desire, my instinct tells me to run but of course I can only sit there with my legs spread wide, totally exposed to the swirling crowd. He draws his hand back to slap me and a wide smile spreads across his face and his teeth are bared like an animal. I close my eyes preparing for the blow... but it doesn't come. I hear a commotion and a thud. When I look up I see the guy out cold on the floor with another man standing over him.

"Come with me" this time the voice matches the lips I see moving before me and I recognise the chiseled features of the suit in the chair.

I slide off the stool and follow the man aware that there are many sets of eyes on us. He stops at the red velvet chair and commands me to sit.

It was a bit like coming home at the end of a long day, it was a relief to be back in the chair.

The anticipation of what would happen next was terrifying and thrilling at the same time.

I had no idea who this man was or how he came to be my Keeper but I had a feeling I was about to find out.

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