tagLoving WivesMy kind of Turkish Delight

My kind of Turkish Delight


Last autumn my husband and I visited Istanbul. It was primarily a business trip for him and he was away most mornings at meetings. I didn't mind having the morning to myself as it meant I could have a lie in and a slow, leisurely breakfast.

In the afternoons we would take in some of the sights of Istanbul. One day we went to the covered market - a huge, sprawling site with hundreds of shops and stalls. We were vaguely interested in getting a Turkish rug; if nothing else it was a great opportunity to chat and barter with the shop owners.

My husband spotted an interesting looking carpet shop, so we wandered inside. It was run by two men, obviously brothers, and the older looking one, a tall, handsome man probably in his late twenties welcomed us to his shop in quite good English. I noticed that he gave me a keen look all over and his cool appraisal and faint knowing smile made me wonder whether my thin summer dress didn't do enough to hide the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra. Anyway I had him down as slightly vain and a bit arrogant, though I had to admit that his good looks and charm did at least give him an excuse.

After he had shown us several items in the shop he explained that they had an upstairs store where they had more stock and he would be happy to show us some of them. We agreed and he guided us to the back of the shop and up a narrow wooden staircase.

The upstairs stockroom was long and slightly gloomy. Rugs and carpets were everywhere; some were stood on their ends, others were piled one on top of another on the floor. We wondered round looking at items, and all the time I was aware of the shop owners cool gaze following my movements, though my husband didn't seem to notice anything.

"Look at this Kim" my husband called across to me. I went over and was about to comment on the striking colour of the rug when I realised that what had attracted his attention was the design. It was inlaid with dancing girls and in each corner was the figure of an older man making love to one of the girls.

"Ah yes" said the shop owner coming up behind us "This is an older design, which they are not allowed to make nowadays. It shows the sultan with his concubines - sex slaves" he explained, with a glance at me. My husband made a few saucy remarks and we carried on looking.

I went behind some tall rolls and down a rather narrow stretch between yet more carpets. The shop owner said, "Excuse me madam" and went to pass behind me. I pulled myself in to let him squeeze behind me. Shielded from the view of my husband he grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me back against him. I could feel the rigid arrogance of his erect prick pressed hard against my bum.....then he released me and carried on as if nothing had happened.

I stood for a moment, out of sight to both my husband and the shop owner, and recovered my composure. I didn't know what to do, but thankfully Paul came over and asked me if I was ready to move on.

"There's nothing here I fancy," he whispered in my ear.

The shop owner expressed his regret that we couldn't find anything suitable. As charming as ever he held the shop door open for us.

"Come again sir" he called after us. "Come again madam, I will be happy to serve you".

Cheeky bastard I thought. Well I'm not ready to be served by that particular Turkish bull. But I had to admit that, after the initial alarm had died down, I was left with an undeniable thrill, and I could feel a definite moist arousal between my legs. Firstly I was flattered that a young man in his twenties could find me, a married women in her thirties, attractive. Then there was the undeniable fact that it was something very different, a real change in the routine.

I should explain that I was a virgin when I met my husband and I've always been faithful to him, and I had certainly never come across such a direct sexual proposition before.

I did toy with the idea of telling my husband. I had a suspicion that he would actually find it a turn on, because he loves to talk about sexual fantasies. On more than one occasion he's asked me whether I regret the fact that he is the only man I've ever slept with, but I've told him the simple truth that I don't.

Anyway I didn't tell him and the following morning I found myself breakfasting alone again. Back in my room I looked at the brilliant morning sunshine, changed into a light cotton dress with thin shoulder straps, lacy white panties and went out and hailed a taxi.

Five minutes later I found myself back at the main entrance to the market. I paid the cab driver and headed into the teeming alleyways. As a lone Western woman I attracted a few stares, and several remarks, but I ignored them. After a bit of wondering around I was approaching that carpet shop again. I walked towards it with my heart beating unusually fast for a woman interested in buying a rug.

To my disappointment I saw the owner was busy in conversation with a couple of elderly tourists so I carried on past the shop. Round the corner I decided it was a sign that I wasn't destined to call there, so I kept on walking. But after a couple of minutes I chided myself that I was a chicken hearted fool and I shouldn't be afraid of going back to that shop and making it clear to the owner that I hadn't been intimidated by him.

I casually breezed in through the door and was met with an effusive smile from the owner.

"Madam, I am delighted you have returned. If you want to look at the rugs you were inspecting yesterday then please continue upstairs to the stockroom. I must finish with these kind Danish people, then I will attend to you".

I headed past the elderly Danes who gave me a watery smile and went up the stairs and into the stockroom.

In the morning sunlight it looked quite different. Some parts were brightly lit by the slanting rays, the rest was in deep shadow. I made a token display of inspecting some of the rugs, but really I was listening to the sounds of the shop below.

In a very short time I heard the slam of the shop door and then footsteps on the stairs. With my heart beating rather fast I turned to face the door, quickly rehearsing the put down I'd thought up.

The owner stepped into the room, shutting the door firmly and quietly behind him. Then with a smooth push he slid a bolt home, locking the door from the inside.

"So madam" he said. "You have returned to be my concubine".

I was completely lost for words. My pre-rehearsed phrases had evaporated and as he moved towards me I was overcome by a sense of panic. I began to say that I had to go, but he put a finger to my lips and shushed me.

Taking both my arms by the elbow he raised them so they were above my head, then he lifted my dress off and casually tossed it to one side. Next he knelt in front of me and slowly and very gently peeled my panties down. With them out of the way he nuzzled into my pubic hair, seeming to love the smell of me, before delivering a light kiss to my pubic mound.

Then he led me to a pile of soft sheepskin rugs in one corner. He gestured for me to lie down. Things had gone much further, much faster than I imagined and I felt completely out of my depth and weakly did as I was told.

Standing over me he pulled his shirt off to reveal the broad firm chest of a fit young man. Then he took his trousers off, kicked his sandals to one side and pulled his shorts down. A large erect prick sprang into view. I'm not one of those women who is hung up on size, but you do look don't you and there was no question he was well endowed.

He lay down next to me and taking my face in his hands he began to kiss me gently. Then his mouth went down and began to suck greedily on one of my nipples.

"In Turkey it is normal for a concubine to begin by pleasuring her master with her mouth" he said.

"With my mouth" I repeated blankly, not cottoning on. So to make it clear he slid his fingers into my hair and pushed my head down until my mouth was almost touching his prick end. I like to think I'm as good as the next woman at oral sex, but to be faced with only my second ever prick at such close quarters was very intimidating. Still I did my best and after a few initial slurps to get the head of his prick lubricated I tried taking him deep into my mouth. But it was clear that he was a size, if not two sizes, bigger than my husband and I was literally gagging on him.

So I moved astride him and just hoped that I was lubricated enough. I rubbed his prick head against my cunt lips in an attempt to get more lubricant on him, then slowly, gingerly I began to lower myself onto his impressive Turkish column. He grunted his approval as he began to penetrate me and I gasped as I stretched to accommodate him. Slowly, steadily his prick disappeared inside me, until finally with an incredible plugged up feeling I realised that I had taken him all.

I began to move up and down on him, but it soon became tiring for me and I think he realised that. So he rolled me onto my back and began to shaft me with slow, deep strokes. The sensations were incredible and I locked my legs round him and urged him to go faster.

I must admit that you can have all the gentleness you like, I prefer a good hard shag and he didn't disappoint. He pounded into me, pushing me down amongst the rugs, and as I felt the unmistakeable waves of a major orgasm approaching I pushed back against him and told him not to stop and to keep fucking me.

As my orgasm racked through me, he locked his arms and thrust deep into me, and I felt his prick jerk and jerk as he shot his sperm into me.

We lay there gasping for a while, and then he gently eased himself off me. He disappeared round the corner and I looked round in the gloom for my clothes. Now that we had done it, all I wanted to do was get dressed and go.

I heard him coming back or so I thought, but instead I found his brother standing over me. Anxiously I rummaged round for my clothes, but they were nowhere to be seen, so I did the next best thing and put one arm across my breasts and covered my pussy with the other.

In the few seconds it had taken me to do that, he had stripped out of his clothes faster than you could say abracadabra.

"Madam" he said. "You are in Turkey now - the man is master" and with that he took firm hold of my wrists and pulled my hands away so that my tits and bush were displayed.

"Please madam" he said, and placed one hand on each knee and pushed my legs apart. Then he mounted me. His hand went down and he positioned his prick against my fanny. I gasped as his erect prick found its way between my fanny lips. I gasped again as he pushed deeper, then he thrust powerfully and I cried out as the full length of his hot, hard cock penetrated my cunt.

He shafted me for a while then got me to turn over resting on my elbows and knees. He fucked me hard from behind and rubbed my clit until another orgasm pulsed through me. As I cried out he made one final thrust into me.

First thing that morning you could have put a sign on me saying one careful owner, now, as another load of sperm was fired into me, the sign read three careful owners.

I lay and rested for a while, and then I got up and found my dress and knickers. Leaving his brother laid on the rugs I headed downstairs. The owner greeted me with a particularly welcoming smile, "Madam is a warm and generous woman".

As I went past him he slid one arm round my waist from behind.

"Please call again you are a most welcome guest and your husband must come also". I should add that all the time he was saying this one hand was fondling my left breast and the other was exploring my rump. Fortunately we were in the small office by the stairs, so no one on the street could see.

"My husband!" I exclaimed.

"Of course" he said. "I am sure he would love to watch and see what a sensual woman you are".

I tried to wriggle free, but instead of letting me go, he rucked up the back of my dress, stuck his hand inside my knickers and began to give my bum a good feel. Obviously turned on he reached forward and slid two fingers into my cunt, which was very wet and squelchy.

Then he pushed me face down across the desk and began to pull my knickers down. I wriggled and struggled and shouted at him to stop, but in response he slapped my bottom and told me to lie still and keep quiet.

He fed his prick into me and began to fuck me again. It's a good job no-one came into the shop or they would have been greeted by the rhythmic creaking of the desk and my gasping and groaning as the owner slid his big, fat prick in and out of my quim.

Then he shouted something in Turkish.

"I'm sorry", he said. "Madam does not speak Turkish. Let me translate - I asked my brother to bring some oil for the ladies bottom".

I hadn't a clue what he was going to do, but I didn't like the sound of it. His brother duly appeared with a small bottle of olive oil, and the owner took that and poured it down the crack of my arse. Then he began to work it into my asshole and I realised that he meant to fuck me up the arse.

"No, please don't" I gasped. "No one has ever done that to me".

"Ah excellent" he said. "A bottom virgin".

His prick was really too big for my back passage, but he did manage to penetrate me, before shooting his load up my arse.

Slowly, sorely I straightened myself up and felt his spunk trickling from my non-virginal asshole.

I walked back to the main road with a very sticky feeling between my legs and sperm running down my thighs. Sat in the taxi I discretely dabbed at my thighs and mopped some of it up.

Back at the hotel I showered, changed, flopped on the bed and promptly fell asleep for half an hour. Paul was late back, so there was no afternoon excursion. Instead we went to a city centre restaurant and enjoyed an intimate meal.

I was still pretty hyped up after my experiences in the morning, and towards the end of the meal I slipped my shoe off and used my toes to discreetly massage Paul's lap. He looked questioningly at me and I made it clear that I was up for some fun if he wanted to head back to our room. He willingly took the hint and we were soon back at the hotel.

In no time at all I stripped him naked, pushed him back on the bed and went down on him. He was soon rock hard, so I climbed on top of him and slipped his prick into my fanny. Rocking up and down on top of him I casually asked him what he would say if I told him that earlier today two young Turks had enjoyed the cunt he was now fucking.

He shot bolt upright. "What!!!"

I pushed him back down.

"I said what would you say if I told you that earlier today two young Turks had enjoyed the cunt you're now fucking. Would you be mad? Disappointed? Or excited?"

"Jesus Christ" he said, and I felt his prick jerk inside me as he shot his sperm into me. It was all the answer I needed; I had nailed his secret fantasy firmly on the head.

Having come once he usually takes a while to get hard again, but this time he was stiff again very quickly. He pushed me down, got on top of me and thrust his prick back into me.

"Do you think I'm a tart?" I asked.

"Yes I do", he nodded. "A gorgeous, loveable, fuckable tart. Now tell me more about your sexual adventures".

So I told him what had happened behind his back yesterday and how I had gone back this morning and got more than I bargained for. He told me to slow down and tell him all the details. He asked whether they had made me orgasm, whether I had allowed them to come inside me, what their cocks felt like compared to his and so on.

I asked him how he felt about it, and he said it was the most exciting thing that had happened in our relationship.

"What do you mean" I said.

"Have you never guessed that my private fantasy is to watch someone else fuck you?"

"I didn't realise that it was quite so blatant, but I had guessed that the idea of me taking a lover turned you on. To be honest I wondered whether it was just so you would have an excuse to take a mistress"

"Oh no" he reassured me. " It's not that. Don't ask me to explain it, but the thought of watching someone else fuck you is a big turn on"

"You mean if you'd been there this morning you would have quite happily watched them fuck me"

"Yes I think I would" Paul admitted.

"Well if you'd stayed to the end you would have seen one extra thing" I admitted.

"Go on" he said.

"Well right at the end the big guy pushed me over his desk and fucked me up the arse"

"Wow" said Paul. "You always told me that was a no, no"

"I told him that" I ruefully admitted. "But he's not a good listener. Anyway he was too big for me and it hurt, so I'm not doing that again in a hurry"

We fucked and talked some more, and I tried to get my brain round the fact that my husband wanted to watch someone else screwing me. I thought that men were supposed to be jealous and possessive, but he explained that wife watching (as it's apparently called) is a very common male fantasy.

The next afternoon we did a standard tourist tour of some of the older, historic mosques. It was OK, but after all the sexual shenanigans it was a bit of an anticlimax (if you'll pardon the pun).

The following day, Wednesday, was our last full day, as we flew out on Thursday morning. Paul had a meeting in the morning and wasn't sure what time he'd be back, but in the event he returned just before lunchtime. We had a light lunch on the hotel terrace, and then chatted about what to do next.

"What do you want to do" Paul asked.

"I don't mind. You've been working, you choose"

Paul looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I asked him what that meant, and he laughed and asked whether I fancied a trip to the market.

"What you mean is that you do" I said.

"Well to be honest I can't really remember what that guy looks like. I'd like to see him again. I'm not expecting you to do anything; it's just a viewing trip. I want to have a good look at the guy who fucked my wife"

"Alright" I said. "But strictly on the understanding that I'm not going to do anything"

So half an hour later we were back at the entrance to the market. We wandered down the alleys heading for that shop. When we got there the older brother was stood in the doorway, surveying the sparse trade. When he saw us he waved us across, but I told my husband I was staying over here.

"You go chat to him if you want, but I've nothing to say. I'm staying here"

So Paul went across and the owner greeted him like a long lost relative with a hearty handshake and then a hug. They stood there chatting away, and I felt a bit peeved because to look at them you would have thought they were old friends.

Eventually Paul came back to me.

"He sends his regards to the most beautiful woman in Istanbul"

"Bullshit" I said.

"Agreed" said Paul. "Though he does seem to be genuinely impressed with you. His brother can't send his regards because it's his day off. Anyway he's invited us in for a Turkish coffee"

"Just a coffee?" I asked a trifle sarcastically.

"Actually no" laughed Paul. "He says I can watch while he pleasures you again"

"No way" I retorted sharply. "I'm not having him banging away at my arse again"

"Well I've cleared that with him already. I've told him that your arse is strictly out of bounds"

"Paul" I said. "I told you earlier I wasn't doing anything"

"Oh come on Kim" he countered. "I know it's asking a lot of you, but think about it, we're on the plane tomorrow and will never see this guy again. I would really like to watch someone fuck you and this is the ideal opportunity"

He pleaded some more and eventually, telling him that he owed me big time, I agreed to go across.

When I crossed the road the owner (Paul told me his name was Kemel) looked like all his Christmas's and birthdays had been rolled into one.

"Madam is most welcome again. Please go through. My brother is away, so I will have to lock the shop"

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