tagLoving WivesMy Korean Wife Ch. 03

My Korean Wife Ch. 03


She starts humping me a little faster. "I crean house, wash sheets then go shopping. I feel naughty, so I wear short dress that made for summer. Very thin, very roose and can see nipples through. I go store I never go before to get groceries. I walk down row and see my frien Soon Ree coming other way. I embarrassed, but no not what to do. I see, that she see, I naked under dress."

"Soon Ree say, yo bo say yo Hea-ew. She not Korean, but she know hello in Korean. So I say, yo bo say yo Soon Ree. Soon Ree speak better Engrish than me.

"That's a pretty dress you have on Hae-ew. Are you looking for someone to fuck you? She giggle."

My face turn red, but I raff too and I say, "Feel naughty today so I wear this. I glad you rike."

"Then Soon Ree say. Your dress looks very hot on you Hae eu. It Make me think of old days in Taiwan."

"You prostitute in Taiwan?"

"She say. "Yes, I fucked many GI's before I get married. Now sometimes when my husband is gone I too go shopping for cock. I sometimes need more dick than husband can give me. Are you shopping for cock today?"

I tell her about Green and Tomkins and what they say I must do.

She raff and say, "That very hot story Hea eu. You think your friends would like two pussy's to fuck?"

I say, "What man not want more pussy. They be back my house fi clock."

"I'm not doing anything now, can I come to your house and wait. We can get some wine and talk till they come back."

I say "Ok but I have to be naked in house when get home."

She rike this very much, she clap hands and raff again.

My wife stops telling me the story and is panting from the effort of fucking my cock in her ass cow girl. I roll her over onto her back and hook my arms under her legs and put the crook of my arms behind her knees bending her almost double, bringing her ass up so I can do the fucking. Then I start pounding her ass in earnest.

"Oh yesssss husband, That much better." She squealed as she came and cunt juice squirted all over my groin.

Her ass tightened around my cock as she climaxed and I quickly lost my nut and pumped my load deep into her beautiful ass.

We were both exhausted from the effort and just lay there panting. When our hearts and breathing slowed to a reasonable rate Hea got up and disappeared into the bath room. I heard her turn on the bath water and figured that the story telling was over for the evening.

I was almost asleep when she called to me. Groggily I staggered to her.

"Retts take bath together." She suggested.

I slipped into the hot water and groaned as the fragrant bubbles surrounded me. She sat between my legs and leaned into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her. She sighed.

I thought at that very moment that I could not love my wife more than I did right then. My hands roamed over her body and her hand wormed its way between our bodies. She wrapped her tiny fist around my deflated cock and fondled it gently.

"I rove you so very much my husband."

"And I rove you so very much also my beautiful wife." I said mocking her accent.

"You not mad I fuckee you friends?"

"I'm not mad at you my loving wife. I am upset with my so called friends. They knew that I wasn't home and they took advantage of you."

"Do not be mad at them my husband. If they do not it maybe someone who not your friend fuck me instead. Is it not better that your friend do the fucking?"

I sat and mulled that thought over in my head and the more I thought about it the more I agreed with her. It was better that my friends had satisfied my wife's horney urges. She readily admitted that I clearly was not giving her enough cock, not that I ever could have.

She had become accustom to getting drilled anywhere from four to twelve times a day for many years and it was totally unrealistic for me to expect that she would be able to give that up. Her sexual deprivation was probably a big reason she has been so unhappy living in America. Sure she missed her friends and family, but I think she missed the orgasms more.

So I snuggled next to her ear and said. "Your right my love, it is better that my friends are fucking you rather than someone that might do you harm."

"So it ok that they keep fuckee me?"

"Yes. It's ok. They can fuck you whenever you want them to."

"I rike better they jus fuck my pussy when THEY want."

"Ok they can fuck you whenever they want."

"You terr them it ok fuck your wife when they want ok husband?"

"You want ME to tell them?" I said surprised.

"Of course my husband. I terr them they think I lie just to get cock. Then they stirr worry that you get mad if you catch."

She made sense, although her making sense wouldn't make it easier telling Tomkins and Green that my wife's cunt was theirs for the taking.

The water in the tub was getting cold so we stood and showered off, re-soaping each other's bodies. After drying we went back to the bed. The wet spot was on my side, but we were both too tired to change the sheets so I got a dry towel and covered the offending area.

"I finish ter-ring you story tomorrow my husband."

I grunted, already half asleep not really understanding what she had said.

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