tagBDSMMy Lactation Slave Ch. 02

My Lactation Slave Ch. 02


Authors note: Please note that the Dom's perspective is in normal Print and the submissive's in italics.


Transformation time

I opened my eyes to the sound of Master Jack's heart beating under my ear. His strong lean arms held me against his well-knit naked body under the sensual material of the black satin sheets as the first rays of the sun cast a warm glow across the sky. I took a slow easy breath as I recognized the delicious ach that accompanied rigorous sexual activity.

I had to admit that Jack was not only living up to my expectations as a Dom, he was well on his way to transforming me into a totally wanton whore. The past twelve hours had been one sexual adventure after another under his firm, yet enlightening control that had left me spent and delightfully exhausted. There was little doubt in my mind that I was in for the time of my life under his control and in spite of the fact he was relatively new at dominating a woman he had made it quite clear he was more than up to the task at hand.

I had been given the grand tour of his lavish home after a quiet candlelight dinner in his dining room where I had modeled some of my more sedate lingerie. He had been both commanding and yet gentle catering to the fact I had been driving for several hours. His strong hands had caressed my womanly form with raw desire and I blushed remembering how wantonly I had begged him to take me.

Jack had simply smiled and teased my lush milk swollen breasts teasing my thick dark nipples tugging at them as I shuddered under his touch. I didn't want to admit it but I was completely under his spell and my heart was his for the taking. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to have to work extra hard to keep my place and keep still about my feelings until such time as I could properly convey to him that my commitment to him went beyond the contract I had signed. True I had confessed my love to him after a fashion but to what extent I had not declared to this point.

Jack was a far cry from my first Dom, Tom had been my husband. We had mixed my lactation with the D/s relationship and at the time it had been quite acceptable. However, from the day we had met in KC Jack had pushed my limits and molded me into something that was even now far outside the scope of what I had experienced before in some respects. Jack understood my need to be humiliated and used not just as his sex slave but as his human cow and just the memories of my first session secured in the milking stantion out in the barn made my hairless cunt seep.

I lifted my head from Jack's broad chest and looking up discovered he was still asleep. I had given him a small sample earlier in Kansas City of what it would be like living with me as his slave and I smiled knowing that it was my duty to care for him and pleasure him in any way he so desired. My creamy pale E sized udders were fully engorged with milk and with great care I eased from his side and burrowed under the covers to carefully find his magnificent curved ivory shaft that was fully erect and pulsing with virility.

I carefully grasped his thick stalk and using the tip of my tongue I flicked it across then around the dark red crown before easing my pursed lips down around it knowing full well I was not able to take all of him in my eager mouth. I gently applied suction as I eased back and his loud inhalation told me he was enjoying this. His hand found my head under the covers as he held me in place and seconds later the satin sheet was tossed aside as he groaned softly, "You shameless whore, are you that hungry that you need a pre breakfast snack?"

Her soft giggle around my shaft brought a smile to my face as she bobbed slowly on my morning tuminesence, my god she was so damn eager to please and it was taking every bit of resolve I possessed to maintain control. I had fantasized about waking up like this with her for weeks now and even after last evening when she had never even hesitated in offering me her lush udders to discipline with the flogger I knew that Melinda was a very special woman.

The fact that she had signed the five year contract to be my sex slave/cow had made my day and I was determined to do whatever it took to make that five year period just the opening salvo in a bombardment of sexual bliss that she would crave and not be able to live without. True she was older than me by about three years but her seemingly never ending need for sex had me almost convinced she was an undiagnosed sex addict.

I rocked my hips upwards and she sighed in bliss around my cock as she sucked on my thick hard shaft with total abandon. I found her left breast with my fingers and her soft whimper as I toyed with her nipple told me she was fully engorged. With a soft smile I spoke;"Alright Big Tits, impale your tight cunt on that cock and feed me those sweet udders of yours; I'm thirsty."

Jack's use of my new slave name sent a shiver through me, he had no idea how long I had secretly desired to shed my identity and become a total slut with but one purpose in life, to please my master. I drew back keeping suction applied to his thick glistening shaft letting it "POP" from my lips as I eagerly eased my womanly form astride his masculine hips and reaching under me guided his thick hard shaft between my swollen outer labia.

I looked down into his rich blue eyes as I let my body lower impaling me on his rod. My mouth opened in a silent cry as I cupped my milk swollen udders in my hands and brought my right breast to his waiting mouth.

Melinda's soft low voice pleased me as she whispered sexily, "Oh Master Jack, drain my udders please? This unworthy cow begs you breed her for your pleasure." I gripped her slender waist and lifting her up pulled her down hard on my thickness as she gasped squealing in delight. I took her thick dark nipple in my mouth and without any hesitation gripped it with my teeth tugging at it almost savagely as she begged, "Please master show mercy, my poor nipples are so tender!"

Ignoring her pleas I tugged on it as she gasped and moaned, then she groaned a low, "YESSSSSS!" as the sweet warm nectar of life squirted from her nipple into my thirsty mouth. Her hips lewdly rocked on my thick stalk as she gave herself to the pleasure radiating in her pussy. I could tell even now that in spite of the voracious way I was attacking her breast she was relishing in the mixture it brought to her senses. I grasped her thick rubbery nipple in my mouth and bit down hearing her gasp , relishing in the anguish at the increased discomfort I brought to her. Instead she seemed to relish in it and I was both amazed and delighted at her vigorous efforts.

Once again I found myself lost in a fog of sexual bliss under Jack's control, I knew that I had never felt this uninhibited with Tom and to be quite frank about it I was a bit ashamed and frightened by my actions under Jack's domination. But on the other hand I could not even imagine not giving him everything I was. I could feel the thick tip of his man root graze the entrance of my womb with each stroke as his tight balls grazed my parted labia. I focused my efforts on making sure his mouth drank from my breast as he took his fill of my womanly essence.

I recalled the way I had felt earlier when I had locked myself into the milking station in the barn and how the feelings of humiliation had swept over me as Jack had used the switch on my swaying udders. The tenderness of them combined with the stinging strokes had blended into a kaleidoscope of sexual sensations that I had never even thought possible. It had been there that I discovered that simply being Jack's human cow was not enough, I craved and needed more, much more.

I had found the inner strength to deny myself and ignore the anguish in my breasts allowing it to again I found myself lost in a haze of sexual bliss. I accepted the discomfort, letting it build and intensify the pleasure of the buzzing egg in my pussy. Then when Jack had forced his thick man pole up my tight semi virgin ass I had made a shocking discovery. I wanted him fucking my asshole, I was his exclusive property and I had to tell him of my need to wear his rings of ownership through my areoles, just behind my nipples and through my outer labia as his symbols of ownership.

I eased away from Big Tit's now drained udder and switched to her left breast tugging at her tender nipple as she gasped loudly and rode my cock with total abandon. My fingers found her glistening nipple and with a firm grip I slowly twisted it making her groan in anguish as I tormented her lush body. I waited for her to instinctively draw away but to my utter surprise she pressed her fat milk bag into my hand as if silently begging me to hurt her even more.

Without any hesitation I obliged her twisting even harder as she groaned and whimpered, "Yes Master Jack, thank you for hurting my big fat udders. Abuse them as you like!" Her plea pleased me immensely and without hesitation I bit her nipple making her squeal in anguish. She sobbed in agony but never attempted to stop me as I teased her tormented nubbin with my tongue before resuming my draining of her delectable udder. I was slightly taken back by her total lack of inhibition and her craving for more intense torment of her lush body.

However I had to admit that it only served to enhance my lust and desire for her. I felt assured that she had never been this way with her late husband and her eagerness to accept my increased discipline only served to prove my theory that she was indeed a closet sex addict.

I pulled her down faster on my thick shaft feeling her inner muscles ripple the length of it as she rode me with a frenzy of raw need as I drained the last drops from her lush tits. I pushed her back and she sat up her lust glazed eyes meeting mine as I ordered, "Stand by the bed slut!"

My master's verbal command sent a wave of humiliation through me as I accepted his order as fact. I was a slut and a whore, his slut! Without any hesitation I eased my cock hungry cunt upwards off his thick glistening shaft and scrambled off the bed my breasts swaying under my chest like ripe melons. I waited in breathless anticipation as he moved from the mattress to stand before me his hands cupped my empty udders as his powerful fingers dug into them making me whimper in pain as he demanded, :"Who's udders are these whore?"

I bit my lip against the discomfort as I whimpered, "They are yours Master Jack, this whore is your total obedient slave." His hands released my udders and seconds later his open palms landed on them soundly slapping them across my chest as the pain radiated through my torso. I closed my eyes and sobbed in anguish at his unexpected assault of my creamy E's. I placed my hands behind my head and thrust out my bouncing udders for his pleasure as he continued to punish my generous breasts, the aching need in my cunt growing by the second.

His voice raw with lust decreed;"Kneel on the bed you shameless whore, offer me that tight asshole!"

A thrill coursed through me as I scrambled to obey. He had taken my ass upon my arrival in the barn yesterday while secured in the milking stantion and I had relished in his total possession but now I was doing so with total obedience knowing that I was giving him my most virgin orifice for his pleasure should he so desire.

I lowered my head to the mattress lifting my pert womanly ass to him as his hand descended on it with a solid stroke that made me groan with pleasure accepting his discipline like a lover's caress. I accepted the even dozen strokes to my pert ass thanking him for each one, proclaiming I was indeed his whore and deserved this for my disobedience from the previous day. Upon delivering the last stroke he reached under me and finding my freshly drained tits he grasped them firmly in his hands and drove his rock hard man meat into my tight cunt.

I had been fully prepared to accept his scepter in my tight ass and his thrust into my pussy brought a soft cry of delight as he slammed deep into my sheath. I wiggled my buttocks against his hips feeling the heat of his spanking radiating through my body as he savagely pillaged my hairless cunt. This was not just sex: it was raw animal need and lust taking me beyond anything I had ever imagined. I only knew that I was Jack's total focus and anything he desired I would give him.

My poor cunt was like one massive nerve ending and I whimpered in desperation for permission to cum knowing I didn't have the self control to hold it back, no matter how hard I tried. His voice responded giving me permission and I felt the love I held for him multiply a dozen fold at his generosity. Only a man that truly knew me could understand my need to cum like this and Jack was so much more the man than I ever had thought I would belong to.

Her shrill scream of release triggered my own and in seconds I was blasting her tightness with my scalding hot seed as she shivered in my grasp. I smiled with pleasure watching her hips shudder as she milked every drop of cum from my tight balls, God she was such a slut!

Even as I relaxed and eased my semi hard staff from her still sucking tightness she looked back over her shoulder at me and with a soft warm smile she scrambled from the bed to kneel before me. Her soft hands found my glistening shaft and in seconds she had it in her mouth as she dutifully licked the residue of our coupling from my rod. I patted her head gently as she finished then looking up at me she smiled and whispered, "May this slut start your shower Master?"

I nodded and she turned on her knees to crawl across the plush carpet to the corridor that accessed the master bathroom. I sat down on the bed and watched her delectable ass sway as she made her way into the bathroom and smiled, who would have believed that by placing a mere ad in a adult website would get me this! I was indeed one lucky man and by god I was going to take this to the very limit!

I listened as the water started in the large shower stall and heard some sounds that I didn't recognize. Concerned for my slaves well being I stood and made my way past the closed doors of the twin walk in closets and peered in the open doorway of the bath room to discover that Melinda had placed a sturdy wooden stool in the center of the large spacious enclosure and she was kneeling under the spray waiting me.

I crossed the floor and stepping into the shower drew the smoky glass door closed behind me as Melinda looked up at me and smiled as she softly asked, "Would my master please sit down so this slave may bath him?" I looked her for several long moments as I heard her unexpected suggestion then I sat down and waited.

She remained in place her hands behind her head, shoulders back. Her lush udders thrust out for my inspection until I smiled and quipped, "You may bathe me Big Tits."

Her soft smile expressed her eagerness as she whispered, "Thank you Master.

I waited under the warm spray as she moved around behind me and reaching up she gently eased my head back against her lush ripe bosom as she took the hand held sprayer in hand and wet down my thick dark hair. Her fingers skillfully worked across my scalp making sure it was thoroughly soaked. Then hanging it up she shut off the water and taking my shampoo she poured some in her small hand and started working it into a rich lather atop my head.

I had to admit that at this point I was totally into this Master/slave thing. Having a nude, big- breasted brunette shampooing your hair is such a turn on. I was hooked, no doubt about it; damn if I had known this was part of the deal I would have found a slave years ago! This was even more erotic than what she had done in Kansas City.

I looked down at Jack's closed eyes as he relaxed under my skilled fingers and blushed. He had no idea just how long I had waited to find a man that wasn't intimidated by my sexuality or that I craved to care and pamper the man that I loved. The feeling of his soap slicked head against my full ripe udders was so sensual and erotic. My poor cunt was again soaking wet and I knew that by the time I finished my task I would be all but begging him to fuck me again.

I shook my head in wonder and disbelief as I tried in vain to figure out what it was about this situation that brought this side of me to the surface. I knew all too well that I felt things for Jack I had never felt with Tom and I wasn't sure what that meant at this point. Pushing those thoughts aside I reached for the spray nozzle and carefully rinsed the lather from Jack's hair working my lacquered nails gently across his scalp.

I glanced down at his rapidly swelling manhood and unconsciously licked my lips knowing that in a minute or two I would be kneeling before him washing his lean well-knit body and perhaps I could get that magnificent monster in my mouth and ultimately in my cock hungry cunt. I took the wash cloth in hand and carefully washed my master's face, careful to avoid any soap in his eyes as I rinsed it off. Then easing him forward I took the shower gel and using my hands washed him from neck to toe kneeling before him to gently clean his now firm ivory shaft.

Even as I rinsed away the froth from his skin his hands were cupping my heavy creamy udders. I trembled at his touch as he teased my dark throbbing nipples. Biting my lower lip I remained focused on the task at hand even as every nerve in my body screamed out for him to push me up against the wall and take his pleasure with my body.

I smiled ay Melinda as she moved the hand sprayer across my shoulders and chest. She was going far beyond what I had expected of her when she agreed to be my slave and yet for some reason I figured that there was a reason she was doing this. What it was I wasn't too sure of at the time but I was going to figure it out to be sure. I squeezed and fondled her heavy pendulous udders in my hands and teased her thick dark nipples as she moaned low in her throat.

There was no way I could hide the fact that she was having a profound effect on me. I had never had a woman share my house before and the past eighteen hours had been an eye opening experience for me. I watched as she ran her hands over my thighs and worked lower to make sure all the lather was gone. She eagerly returned to my groin letting the spray land on my thick man root then she cupped my tight balls in her soft hand as she looked up at me and asked, "Master may this unworthy whore pleasure you with her mouth?"

I directed a light swat to her pert backside as I quipped, "Big Tits, you are far too eager. You just want a sound fucking!"

She blushed and confessed," True Master, I have no control, please forgive me."

I nodded and said, "I need to shave slut, perhaps later!"

She smiled and quipped, "Of course Master Jack. That is part of my duties, remember? Allow me, please?"

The next several minutes was a wonderful experience for me as she dried me off and then sitting me again on the stool before the large mirror she took my shaving gel and worked a layer of lather across my jaw. I was pleased as she took my safety razor in hand and easing my head again back against her damp breasts she proceeded to scrape the lather away. She managed most of it from behind me then again squatted down before me keeping her knees wide allowing me an unobstructed view of her hairless pussy as she worked under my chin.

Let me tell as a man that until you have a beautiful naked woman shave you, you have missed it. I let her rinse away the residue and then without any hesitation I seized her wrist in my hand and told her to straddle my lap. Her eyes glittered in delight as she complied and I had her cup her udders in her hands and offer them to me as I thrust two thick fingers into her tight cunt.

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